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Miriam Makeba: Age is getting to know all the ways the world turns, so that if you cannot turn the world the way you want, you can at least, get out of the way so you won’t get run over.

I’ve signed up for the 2014 April A-Z blog challenge! I did it last year – it almost did me in, but I enjoyed it hugely. Meeting people from different parts of the world via their posts and commenting on theirs and having reciprocal ones on mine was such a treat and made it all worthwhile. Son Mike in Cape Town put me on the list last night with all necessary links. Thank you Mike.

This year, Dr. Susan Schwartz, Jungian Analyst in Phoenix Az and I are collaborating on this. Each will do alternate letters though the posts will appear on my Garden of Eden blog. Aging & Becoming is a topic of particular interest to us as we both fall well within the radar of aging.

We’ll be approaching this in a very psychological way. Our posts will not be ‘how to’ or ‘self-help tips’ but we hope that they’ll provide a way of looking at Aging in a depth-ful and meaningful way.

I’ll be visiting the States from home town Johannesburg South Africa. I leave on March 20th (9 months exactly after my horrible car accident, and the day before moving from old home to town house) and arrive on March 21st – the equinox. There is something serendipitous about that! I’ll be visiting my bridesmaid in NJ, then Susan in Phoenix, thereafter my sister-in-law in San Francisco. Susan and I plan to put to the finishing touches to our book on this subject in the few days that I’m there. We’ll also schedule our posts for the A-Z so that they come up on the day. We both hope that some of your comments may be used in the book, with your permission of course.

So, the challenge begins on April 1st. For every day (except for Sundays) we will be posting   on Aging. B will be ‘Body’ ..

What are your thoughts on this? Please let us know .. we’d appreciate your comments, thank you! And please share, if you will. Thank you.

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  1. Dear Susan;
    What a lovely introduction to the work we will continue when you are in the USA. The continents and their opposites come together, like the writing every other letter of the alphabet. Thank you for doing all this and for helping me get more savvy about the world of bloggers. I am a bit leery about blogging due to my work as an analyst but perhaps that is not being ‘au currant’. I will see and you are a bit of the guide.
    All best,

    • I found the ‘missing comment’ Susan – thank you for making it – another example of lost and found.
      I wish I was more au courant with blogging – but we will work it out. There must be some value in the blind leading the blind .. companions in the dark and unknown helping each other out. I wonder if I should ask son Mike to come along for the ride ..

  2. I’m so happy you found my site through the challenge! I’m slogging my way through links right now (it is time consuming), so I’m glad I have yours bookmarked in advance. Your series on Aging and Becoming will be of particular interest since I just turned 31 and had a minor, if silly, meltdown over it.

    I hope you enjoy your trip here in the States. San Francisco is gorgeous this time of year.

    • How great that you stopped by thank you! No melt down is silly and may be an excellent opportunity to reflect on the why’s and wherefore’s of it.
      May this next decade be a great one, and all the ones after!

  3. Hello Sue,
    Lovely to touch base with you again and yes exciting times ahead I see. A lovely theme and I am looking forward to your take on it. The Two Susans, go gals go!
    Bon voyage and happy journeys both physically, creatively and spiritually.
    PS Found Miriam Makeba’s comment amusing but wise.

    • Thanks so much Julia!

      I popped into your webpage and was delighted to see your wonderful paintings there some of which I have seen. I note a viewing in Senate House early March … please keep me apprised of this and I will spread the word.

  4. I stopped by to check out your site and wanted to leave a comment.

    Your theme for A-to-Z sounds interesting, exploring the mindsets of aging. Generally not something you really can know until you experience it yourself. I will be certainly checking it out during the month of April, hoping to learn something.

    Also good to know someone of Arizona is writing. I live here close to Phoenix and don’t know many who do write. I think it is an author/writer deadzone. I’m sure I am mistaken on that.

    Best of luck to you.

    • Thank you for stopping by Christopher, I appreciate this. I agree, aging is to be experienced (in whatever way – whether dismissing/repressing it, facing the challenges, embracing them etc) but like all ‘life stages’ it is our journey after all!

      Have you checked out writer groups in Phoenix? I must say I haven’t here in Johannesburg South Africa, although I do know there are organisations that offer writing courses which are costly.

  5. Dear Sis, this is going to be great experience – your trip and the topic of aging. Susan’s Rilke quote is very apt. One of your above readers mentioned that she feels as though she is still very young, but the mirror tells her another story. I can so relate to that! Not just the mirror gives me a fright, but my body does too. Looking forward to this blog, dear Sis. What also scares me somewhat, is that the weeks and months go by so quickly,( and of this I am tremendously aware), that I have to remind myself that the extra wrinkles that appear on my face and wobbly skin on my body are a natural process!!

    You have so many wonderful invitations to meet your friends in the States – have you thought of extending your trip?

    Much much love to you

    • Thank you so much dear Sis!

      Yes it can be scary to witness aging in bodily form … it’s not the end of the line though as there are so many other areas in which we can also continue developing. This time seems to be a worthwhile time to pay attention if we haven’t already.

      I would love to stay longer and meet with those I haven’t before!

      Love to you dear Debora.

      Sister Susan

  6. Hi, Susan, it’s lovely to catch up again on our news. I hope your hand is much better. I would love to take part in the A-Z this year but I honestly don’t know if I will have the time. I’m still thinking about it. I’m busy helping Tom in his gym and trying to write my novel in between those times. I’m aiming also to put together a compilation of poems if I can. The blog as it is takes up quite a bit of time too. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to reply directly to your comment on my last post. Google + isn’t letting me post replies now in the main section! I hope you have a lovely time in the States, it sounds like a wonderful trip. I will be eating chocolate later today. Happy Valentine’s day, my friend.

    • Thanks Sharon! Put up some of your poetry for A-Z? Sort them now as per alphabet and schedule them to appear on the day – maybe?
      Time – I sometimes wish there were more hours in the day – and the night!

      • Thank you so much, Susan, for the encouragement and great idea about the poems. Now I’ve thought it through I could also do a few posts on the background to the novel and there is always so much anyway to write about. I’ll be registering later today and am looking forward to reading your posts. I hope you have a good week!

        • How great is this Sharon! Good luck in getting it up! Don’t forget the badge on your blog web page ..

          And you could start forming them now for future scheduling …

          I posted a blog a half hour ago ..

          You too have a great week – hope the weather is improving over there.

  7. A lovely post, Susan, thank you. The A-Z Blog Challenge is a great idea. I remember that’s how we met last year. I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts and hearing about your new book. Have a lovely Valentine’s day!

    • Thank you so much Sharon! yes I remember that was how we met and the computer difficulties we had. Your son helped you and mine helped me – both very busy sons but to our help they came! Are you doing the A-Z this year? I looked on the list but could not see…

  8. Thank you so much Lesley! I so appreciate your comment and you say so well how good can come out of the bad. I love your encouragement thank you again. And welcome back from your sojourn – I much enjoyed your last post and learned much from it. All your posts are impactful – to me and those who ‘see’ them.

  9. Susan, What a wonderful plan you have put into place. I look forward to yours and Susan’s look at this subject. I love the quote at the beginning of the post as it applies to all those who have put their experiences to good use throughout life. Some people see good times as the best and bad as something to forget entirely, failing to see the good things that can come out of bad experiences. You are such a great proponent of the necessity of both and that my friend has had such a great impact on me. Bon Voyage!!

  10. So looking forward to having you with me here in New Jersey and to many fruitful discussions on the topic of ageing, a process I am finding distressing, I must confess. I have faith in your wisdom.

  11. I’m looking forward to reading your A to Z posts and facing the challenge again myself. Here’s to the alphabet!

  12. I am excited to follow you and read your posts on this topic, Susan. Aging … well, it comes with wisdom, so will take it. Not that we have a choice. I live an hour north of downtown Los Angeles if you’re in the area. That would be super. Safe travels.

    • Thank you Sylvia for commenting! Yes, whether we like it or not, aging is a reality! Wisdom is not necessarily the prerogative of aging; though wisdom can accompany us on our journey of ‘becoming’. Perhaps there we do have a choice?

      Yes, it would be terrific to greet and meet in LA … thank you for your good wishes.

  13. Dear Susan,

    I love the Jung quote and the butterfly. I believe this is why we’re here — realizing and becoming our true selves. And I love Susan Schwartz’s Rilke quote.

    The Feb. 4 conversation between Charlie Rose ( and Sandra Bullock (promoting the movie “Gravity”) speaks to this subject, too. Sometimes when you go to meet your intentions, something comes along and knocks you off your path. There’s a reason for that, worth exploring: this may be showing you where you need to go to move deeper into self-realization and actuation.

    I am so looking forward to your and Susan’s 2014 A-Z.

    And, I do hope you will have time to visit me when you are here in the States. There’s the sitting on the front porch and all that. New Jersey’s just across the river from me; and Robert lives 15 minutes away, so he will come to meet you, too. I have a guest room, remember.

    Thanks for this inspiring post.

    With love …

    • Carol, thank you so much and I will check out the charlierose,com. I agree when we get too settled the fates can come along and toss up upside down.
      I wish to sit on the front porch with you and Robert and drink red wine, and stay over. I said to Inki my bridesmaid how far is Delaware. Not so far she says. She could drive me there? But maybe there is another way… By rail or river ..
      Thank you dear Carol, MAYBE we can meet!!!!!

  14. My DEAR Susan, I can barely keep from screaming my happiness that you’ll be in the same country as I and that there are, how many of us who would love to see you someplace in the states. I cannot wait to read your offerings to aging people, throughout this planet. As much as I study, meditate, pretend to be young, read to lift my attitudes, I am a sissy concerning aging. I look forward to your offerings. You are a wonderful influence, teacher and writer. Love you!

    • Marsha! Thank you so so much for your extremely kind words – I am grinning like a cheshire cat as I write back to you! Join the club re being a bit of a sissy but have courage dear friend! Life is such a journey isn’t it – no maps to guide us except our inner selves! Which is how Susan and I will inter alia be approaching this …

      Just be you Marsha – you are so valuable.

      Thank you again and with love ..

  15. Yes, I imagine it often Gwynn! And I know that Poulsbo is like Norway .. An added reason to come as my paternal grandmother was Norwegian …

  16. Oh Susan, I’m SO excited to read your A to Z challenge regarding the “lovely” subject of Aging. As Robert posted, “it ain’t for sissies.” You may remember my story regarding my mom and my husband’s parents and their style of aging. Of course, then there is me… I STILL think I’m 20 UNTIL I look in the mirror!! 😉 I have learned that my body and mind argue on the topic of “Aging” so I can hardly wait to hear what you have to say.

    Shucks… I sure wish San Francisco was closer to Seattle. I would LOVE to meet you. You definitely would be welcome to stay here.

    I look forward to your intelligent thoughts and insights.

    • Thank you so much Gwnn!

      Believe me I thought of catching a flight to Seattle and imagined meeting you! Going where you walk and talking to strangers etc., sharing thoughts on aging … I’ll be only 3 days in SF …

      Yes, I remember your story about your parents. Now it’s our turn … perhaps a different way that provides more succour to the soul –

      • Ohhhh my, I have sooooo many thoughts on the subject of aging, particularly in light of what is going on in my back. I think you and I could have quite a conversation. Plus, I know you would LOVE walking the Poulsbo waterfront and town with me… you would think you were in Norway and not Washington state!

        Believe me, should you change your mind let me know. I would be “tickled” to have you here!

  17. Wow..I remember that AtoZ CHALLENGE from last year. A is for AGING. B is for Body…my mind drifts to B which also should include BREAST CANCER..(I run for that cause every year). And then in keeping with the format C would be CANCER. So many people are not taking care of their aging bodies, and finding out that CANCER is so relevant. And that it can be prevented or stopped in its tracks. Susan I loved your A TO Z challenge last year. And Patricia’s from Germany… Just my thoughts!!!!!

    • Your thoughts are lovely Linda thank you so much for stopping by and commenting! Much appreciated! And yes many of us ‘give up’ when we grow older. It is a new phase of life and one to be embraced in spite of all difficulties.
      Hope the weather in NY is improving for you all – strange weather here in South Africa too.

  18. Salute to the two Susans…..a big cheer for deciding to handle a subject that has such negative attachments and needs re-mapping rather badly…..loved Rilke’s quote. Big love

    • What a lovely response Di-Di thank you! Yes, it’s a challenge and a half! It is a powerful quote by Rilke isn’t it.
      Big Love back to you Di-Di.

    • Lyndy, I know! We’ll be writing about that I promise! 2nd April … watch this space! ‘B’ for ‘Body’. There IS loss as we age. We will address that.

      Are we to be defined by age? Short answer – no. And we do not have to accept the outside world’s view of aging either ..

      Thank you for stopping by Lyndy, I appreciate this.

  19. Dear Susan;
    What a lovely introduction to you, our topic and us doing this together. I look forward to the whole experience and what will evolve. I am just looking at Rilke who says, “The work of the eyes is done. Go now and do the heart-work on the images imprisoned within you.” I think that sums up this project so eloquently.

  20. My dear Susan,

    I’m looking forward to reading all your posts.

    Aging ain’t for sissies.

    Safe travels; come see us on the East Coast if you can.

    All my love,


  21. Good morning My Dear Friend,

    I look forward to reading your blog postings in A to Z Blog Challenge. Your posts last year were so meaningful and motivating and I know this year’s posting will be fantastic.

    All the best on your upcoming trip. I truly hope you enjoy it.


    • Thank you so much Patricia! How exciting to get home now and see your encouraging response! Will you be A-Zing? I always so much enjoyed your posts – and learned much from them!

      You know that I was thinking about coming to visit you in Germany? Time …

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