I’m writing in Prague. It’s the autumnal equinox here in the northern hemisphere and spring equinox back home in South Africa. Length of day and night are momentarily equal. Each hemisphere swings slowly into different seasons, each with different emphases – one going into retreat and downward, the other rising and outward –

My older son Mike and I surprised younger son and brother in the hotel lobby here in Prague on Tuesday. Mike was in constant phone contact with Dave’s manager so we knew the exact moment he was upon us. Yes, he was absolutely, thoroughly, happily surprised to see us. His show that evening was epic.

We spent the day on Wednesday wandering the streets of Prague, Old Town – beautiful cathedrals, gargoyles, open spaces, gardens. Dave and crew left after breakfast on Thursday for Vienna for his last concert and is as I write driving from Cape Town back to Plettenberg Bay. He’s been missing home, his wife and son. 17 concerts in 20 days. Back in good time to watch the SA vs Ireland World Cup rugby match. Go Bokke GO!!!!

I could add so many photos. Here’s one of me having lunch at a recommended Czech restaurant. Duck pate, fried Camembert, duck, ham… with all sorts of pickles. It was a huge meal for the two of us and not a scrap was left. Mike has a healthy appetite; as his mother, I try to keep up with him.

We’ve walked a lot, averaging 10 km a day. Again, as his mother, I need to keep up! The roads are curvy, the trams and buses are silent, the drivers respectful, tourists are in awe. There is art wherever your eye sees. The one below is the inside of the lift in my hotel.

Prior to Prague, Mike & I spent 3 days in Paris, 7th arrondissement, St Germain. Ooooo, it was so nice. Pretty central to everything. We bused, boated, walked, ate at restaurants, savoured coffees here there and everywhere. Golly, lightness has taken on a new meaning for me. Patisseries soft, delicate, melt in the mouth.

The Norte Dame Cathedral is still undergoing reconstruction from that dreadful fire 3 years ago.

We spent hours in the Louvre Museum.

Everything in Paris was a delight to my eye. Everything works, traffic, traffic lights, pedestrian walkways, plenty of parks. I would have loved to get on one of those scooters and zoomed around, but it was pedals of the human kind that I used.

We fly from Prague on Monday to Rome, from where we take a bus to my bridesmaid about 2 hours north of Rome. I can’t wait! We’ll be with her for a few days, and then further adventures await.

In an hour or so I’ll be meeting Marlon at my hotel … we’ve never met but have been in contact over the years. I always wondered if we’d meet and now we will! In a real way he’s been a meaningful presence.

I hope this finds you all well and in good spirits.

May the Force be with you.

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  1. Your trip sounds fantastic. So wonderful that you could get away and surprise your son like this. I adore your line: “… pedals of the human kind that I used.” Made me smile.

  2. Sounds like a fine fun trip. Hard to believe that fall is already upon us and winter will soon be here.


    • Great to make contact Arlee. I can feel the change of weather in Italy. Hope you’re well.

  3. Dearest Suzzee, thanks for your amazing post. Can almost taste the pastries, a real sense of all you are experiencing. The different aspects of Paris and Prague. Well done and respect for keeping up. ❤

  4. What a delight to travel with family members. It heightens the whole experience of seeing new sights.

    My husband and I enjoyed both Paris and Prague. One thing that stands out in my mind is how artistic the people in Czech Republic are. We enjoyed the light shows and all of the quirky art along the Charles Bridge there.

    Happy equinox to you too!

    • Lovely to see you here Marian thank you. I’ve taken so many photos from Charles Bridge at different times, different light. And, the art is extraordinary.

  5. What an amazing adventure you’re on Susan…and so much art and culture, wonderful. I love the fact that you surprised your son too – I’m sure his face was a joy to behold! Enjoy the rest of your travels and your meet ups with old friends. Warm Autumnal Equinox wishes to you, Lin.

    • Thanks Lin so much for coming by. Dave saw the back of us sitting in the lobby and the hair of mine and Mike’s reminded him of his mother and brother. We were video-ing his arrival & jumped out as he came alongside. Astonishment hardly describes his expression!

  6. Mabon blessings to you dear Susan on this most auspicious of autumn equinoxes! I can’t believe that you’re actually here in the northern hemisphere today of all days. Welcome, I want to say! What an exhilarating trip you’re both having, full of art, culture and cathedrals, and all across Europe too. Paris, Prague, Rome … wow, no wonder you feel so lightheaded and happy! I’m so pleased that you and Mike were able to surprise David and got to enjoy his concert later that day in Prague! Enjoy it all my dear friend! Sending Mabon love and rich autumn blessings, Deborah.

    • Thanks Deborah. I’m trying hard not to overthink this/these experience/s. It honestly seems a bit unreal. Dave is safely home now in plett and we’ve received wonderful little videos of his homecoming. Sam & Jüte are over the moon. Mabo blessings to you❤️

  7. Susan, what a delightful adventure you have enjoyed with your son, Mike. What a pleasure to enjoy Dave’s concert too. You have such a talented family. Happy equinox to you also. Have a safe trip home. <3

    • Thanks Andrea! A very happy birthday to you. A celebration indeed, and here’s to a wonderful year.

  8. Hi Susan, I love the photos of you and your sons! ❤️ You look beautiful! Fried Camembert sounds interesting and tasty. You are now sharing our autumnal equinox. The change in seasons arrived almost overnight for us with Fall colours everywhere. I follow Dave on social media and Youtube and greatly enjoy his unique, creative music. I can only imagine his shows in real life as epic.

    Thank you for sharing some of Prague with us along with your European experiences. An especially priceless trip with your son, Mike, and meeting friends. You remind me how mobility can completely change our ability to experience many parts of life. (By the way, Marlon sounds like a ‘story’ and possibly in a future post?) ❤️ Erica

    • It was such a fabulous meeting with Marlon and his new bride of just over a week. Both very special people.

      The autumnal colours in Paris were lovely too. I took many a photo of fallen leaves. When do yours undergo that gorgeous deep Orange/burgundy/reddish hue?

      Thanks for coming by Erica❤️. This trip feels unreal – I wonder when I’ll wake up.

      We’ve got a HUGE rugby game on in France tonight. Playing Ireland. I’ve already lost my voice (from Tuesday’s concert) but I’ll whisper as loud as I can.

      • Autumnal colours are all around me, Susan. Yet, we are also fortunate with evergreen trees/forests. I am happy to see how you are having an amazing trip filled with many adventures. We will stay in touch, Susan ❤️

  9. Happy Equinox, Susan! We’re in the midst of a stormy weekend here.
    Your travels sound amazing, delightful, and delicious!
    Bridesmaid? Marlon? I must have missed some posts. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

    • Thanks so much Merril! My dear friend was my bridesmaid 41years ago. She’d been living in Hertford Conn for a long while, then Ohio after her husband’s death; now for the last year permanent residence in Italy. I doubt I’ve mentioned Marlon in any of my posts-it is such a crazy story no-one would believe me! (He’s travelled the world with his dog).

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