It’s hard to believe that it’s the last Friday of this month 2020! January is whizzing by at the rate of knots, like much else that is happening in the world.

airplanes with SAA flag

I wonder every day what this day will bring. Uppermost in mind is the safety of us all in this troubled world.

#WATWB is now in its 4th year, initially begun by Damyanti Biswas and Belinda McGrath as a way of tempering darkness and shining some light onto it to make the darkness leas fearful. To this end, bloggers from around the world post something that has inspired them, some action whose ripples are felt, which show and remind us of humanity at its best and which inspire us to do whatever we can, some random act of kindness or a planned community initiative. The stories are always amazing and uplifting so do pop round and see them, and drop a line – we’d love to see you there –

Here in South Africa we have millions of ordinary folk doing extraordinary things for others. As well as The Gift of the Givers, an extraordinary organisation here in South Africa that delivers whatever what is needed throughout the world. It is hard to select just one story. But since there are parts of our country that are facing severe drought with the lives of farmers and animals in dire straits, I’ve chosen this one. There’s been some lovely rainfall in recent days, but not enough.

The link below shows how women, men joining in too, started small, baking cookies to sell to bring in much needed relief funds for those in the drought stricken Karoo. Small became big! I love these kind of initiatives and the biscuits look delicious!

Our co hosts this month are below, and our thanks to them –

D. Biswas –  (Damyanti)

L. Hartz – (Lizbeth)

S. Garg – (Shilpa)

M. Giese – (Mary)

S. Stein – Sylvia)

Thank you for reading.

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    • I’m sorry for the milk dog gravatar that shows in the below responses – it really is me, tho mikado get hosts this site. It happens when I’m NOT on my laptop.

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  1. Beautiful words, Susan, “shining some light” “humanity at its best.” A heartwarming story of “ordinary folk doing extraordinary things.” A great reminder how we can all make a difference in some way. Thank you for sharing and have a good week. 🙂

    • Thanks so much for coming by Erica. It is a lovely story isn’t it – you too have a great week.

  2. What a great initiative, Susan. I love this story of people helping others. A small beginning that grows and grows – the ripple effect. I didn’t have time to join in this month. Hopefully, next. Have a wonderful year!

    • Thanks so much for coming by Norah. I truly hope those fires come to an end pretty soon. We honestly find it hard to imagine such devastation on such a scale. Our hearts are with you all.
      You too have a great year Norah …

  3. Hi, Susan – Great to hear from you. I’ve missed your posts. I like the WATWB story that you choose today. It is a great reminder on how small acts of kindness can become big acts of service!

    • Thanks Donna, glad you liked it! Your comment makes me wonder if it is a requisite for things to start small in order to grow big? I guess so …

  4. That’s a delicious looking bucket of biscuits/cookies that I would have purchased in a heartbeat. What a great project to help victims of the drought and how awesome that it became bigger than what anyone expected. I hope that the Karoo community finds relief soon, in the form of rain, while they munch on their biscuits. Thanks for sharing, Susan, and participating in #WATWB.

    • Thankfully the Karoo received a good amount of drenching rain recently Mary. I am not sure its enough but every drop was so welcomed! The video clips of rivers running for the first time in years was incredible. Yes, that biscuit baking is a great initiative and believe me South Africans know how to bake! Nothing like a home made cookie. Thank you for coming by and also for being a co-host this month in the #WATWB.

  5. It is a challenging world, Susan. I so hope you stay safe and positive. It’s good to see that people are rising to the challenge.

    • We are known for having our backs to the wall Jacqui through the ages! Somehow we pull through even if it takes its toll. Thank you for your good wishes, and for coming by –

  6. Such a lovely success story, Susan. I enjoy seeing all the ages and genders involved in saving what they love. We need “vote blue” biscuits in the US to raise money for the election this year. It’s a worrisome time here and throughout the world and the positive local projects matter. Sending love to South Africa and the Karoo.

    • I love that idea of bake (vote) blue Elaine! Maybe run with it in the States? I watch the impeachment trial with interest but I’m not that hopeful that it will have its desired effect. Too much of this sort of thing happens here in SA in politics which reminds me of a quote I came across recently – ‘The duty of a patriot is to protect his country from its government’ Edward Abbey an American essayist besides much else.

      We’ll be travelling through the Karoo early next week and I will indeed send your love to this magnificent country.

  7. It’s heartwarming to see people pulling together for a common cause. This is a wonderful initiative! 💖 Congrats to WATWB for spreading hope and light every month. The world needs more of that.

  8. In this world of woe, it’s heartening to see so many good deeds. I’m also happy to learn that WATWB blogfest is in its 4th year. What an accomplishment. I notice our friend Debby Gies is highlighting this initiative as well.

    Thank you, Susan!

    • A world of woe and a world of wonder; is it a paradox that the two live together or is it just simply how the world is –

      I’ll be checking out Debbie Gies’ WATWB post and others too over the weekend. It’s always lovely to have a jolt of good news reminding us of the ordinary good people who do extraordinary things in times of crisis.

      Thanks Marion for coming by, so appreciated by me.

    • I’m sure you would Pam! I’ll be travelling through the Karoo early next week en route to the highveld and I plan on sourcing a bucket or 3! Thank you for coming by 🙂

  9. I’m glad that WATWB has been the success that it has. Nice to know that a bit of monthly light is appreciated around the world. I love the photo of the stacks of buckets of biscuits with the stuffed toys on top. Is one of those toys Eeyore? Looks like it might be.

    • I wonder if they’re Eeyores? I do know that the sheep were made to sell as a fund relief initiative. In fact I’ll be going to a shop tomorrow to collect something and when I went there yesterday to order said something, I saw the most darling knitted sheep. Now I’ll look more closely tomorrow – I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re from the Karoo and I’ll buy one or two – I have a few friends who are grandparents, and I’ll buy them with the kids in mind and as a support. Thanks Ally Bean for coming by!

  10. I do like the theory of knowing what’s going on in the world – all too often the media present us only with disasters and I therefore avoid world news in general and follow events only as they affect those I know, scattered all over the world. This is a more positive way to see events, thanks for the intro 🙂

    • Thanks Elizabeth for coming by. It’s extraordinary how South Africans come together in troubled times, as do so many communities when disasters happen. Hopefully you’ll have a moment to check out other posts – they really are inspiring!

  11. Thank you again Susan for sharing another wonderful, uplifting story in these dark times! Whenever I read your heart-warming #WATWB posts I’m always amazed to see how one tiny idea can grow to feed, educate and support countless (farming) communities. What a life-saver and game-changer these amazing initiatives are! The photos themselves speak volumes, especially the one with what looks like the whole packaging process going on in a room filled with love and light. Impressive!

    I look forward to checking out more #WATWB stories over the weekend. Thank you for holding your lantern high and shining light on this encouraging story! Warm winter wishes, (and cool, summer ones to you!) Deborah

    • Thank you Deborah for your lovely fulsome comment! I’m glad you checked out the full post and saw those photos which speak a 1000 words!

      We’ll be travelling through the Karoo early-ish next week up to Johannesburg for various reasons and will check out where we can buy a bucket or 6 to take to friends and keep one for our own enjoyment as our small way of contributing.

      We’re in the middle of summer here down south but no doubt it’ll be just as hot up on the highveld (hopefully a thunderstorm or 2; the non-destructive kind), so from both south and north I send you warm summer best wishes and a bright lightning bolt (the non-destructive kind) from the highveld. Thank you again, Susan

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