My apologies for Tuesday and pushing publish instead of preview. This post is entirely refashioned and much of what was mistakenly published no longer appears, though I’m still focusing my attention on revolution – and chaos.

Last week my sons, husband and myself were having a quiet lunch on the balcony overlooking the sea. Mike asked me, do you have any new year resolutions ma? A dreaded question in its way. So I thought for a minute. I said no, not resolutions, maybe revolutions. (photo below is my husband who, while smiling, was actually a bit anxious about my stating revolutions, not resolutions).

Increasingly, ‘revolution’ has come up these last several days on social media and I’m pleased that the word revolution is coming more into conscious awareness. A revolution in our way of thinking and feeling, a way of looking beyond all the chaos that is happening in our world.

But what is chaos? Can we imagine it? Or re-imagine it? Can we trust chaos? Do we have to throw our hands up in despair? Can we suffer it thereby allowing it? Can we bear and endure it? Is chaos the other side of order, neither exclusive to each other?

I wish I’d noted the source at the time, but I didn’t. But the notion stuck firmly in my mind, i.e. that for there to be good or ‘worthwhile’ suffering, there has to be an allowing of suffering. Allow the suffering. Allow it. Which means I guess acceptance of it. It does no good surely, to turn aside from the real suffering of the world, the planet, its inhabitants, human and otherwise, plant and otherwise, above ground, below ground, ourselves. But suffering in the sense that I mean it is a way of acknowledging it, re-cognising it, and the suffering of it means that we allow our suffering to be real, deep, true, tragic –ย  we feel it at the core of our being –

Is chaos a necessity of order, and if so, can we then understand that there is the possibility of movement away from utter chaos? But surely it does not mean a great rush towards order which in itself can be suffocating? Chaos stirs things up adding flavour and vitality to order – who does not know the aftermath of peace and quiet of a violent storm or fire and feels blessed indeed when Mother Nature calms down; or the vitality on awakening after a deep and restful sleep; or even the vitality of a hectic dream, disturbing our sleep to be sure, yet knowing that the dream holds vital clues.ย 

I feel at the core of my being that the feminine energies are rising to take their place in the world. I suspect the clash of erstwhile masculine and patriarchal energies with all that is good about rising feminine energies also invites chaos to the process. That what has been rejected is no longer allowed invisibility. The wheel is turning, and what has been formerly seen as obstacles in restoring the feminine and all her energies, dark and light, can also be seen as the path.ย  The feminine energies call for our honouring of Mother Earth not for the mastery of her. The feminine energies of nurturance and care, protection of all that is sacred and mundane are present in men as well. There are so many obstacles on the way to the meeting of the feminine and masculine – but the obstacles are the path. Both the outward and inner world are frightening, awful, destructive, painful, confusing, overly uncertain. So for me, a revolution in my thinking and feeling is required if I am to allow what is. Can I use my experience of chaos in a revolutionary way, just sit with it and not run away from it? Can I suffer it, allow it, trust that chaos gives rise to order? Can I re-imagine chaos and re-cognise it? That’s my resolve, or my resolution .. I wonder if it will be a revelation –

We went walking down at the lagoon the other evening. It was indescribably beautiful.

There’s a full moon today and an eclipse I believe. I’ll be looking out for it and will honour her phases and all she represents – her fullness and emptiness and even when not visible, she is there as a guiding light.

Thank you for reading. May the Force be with you all.

Computer-generated image of the sun’s “lines of chaos,” emitted during the eleven-year solar magnetic cycle.

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  1. Watching myself approach (or avoid) certain To Dos this year (clean office, work out), I noticed how mental it all is. The behavior starts in the mind.

    Beautiful scenery you enjoyed, and from the sound of it, lovely family.
    You are blessed.

    • Thanks Diana for coming by ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, to being alert at all times for those โ€˜triggersโ€™ that start somewhere – some of them are perfectly unconscious which has to be the hardest thing – in the mind? Probably or possibly … Hereโ€™s to a lovely weekend.

    • Thanks Shirley so much. Iโ€™ll check the link tomorrow – weโ€™re travelling right now. Thank you for coming by and blessings to you ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. I have no answer to your philosophical questions, but have found from personal experience that the order that comes after the chaos is worth going through the chaos. But on a global scale… I dunno…

    • As I know from personal experience, now having a tidy desk and a FULL waste paper basket. I can breath a little easier. Thanks for coming by Ally Bean ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Very interesting post Susan:) so many thoughts to ponder – I loved all the pictures you posted, you and your husband look amazing. I liked the word Revolution and its fitting for the current scenario in our country and also the world at large… with so many problems plaguing our country – from everyday rapes, murders, suicides, lynching – with the poor becoming poorer and the rich richer.

    Those who are raising their voices against the government, questioning their decision s are branded as anti nationals, and there is so much of chaos – forces that trying to silence the voices of the youth, and all those who fighting for justice… Revolution is required and needed and in this process there will be a chaos which will lead to some clarity and I pray for peace to prevail in this universe. I believe we do our bit with what ever capacity we have in being the voice of the voiceless and taking a stand against all forms of violence and destruction.

    I watched the full moon it was simply beautiful – I captured that in my eyes and sat in silence for few moments before i went to sleep. I am glad to connect here after a long time, there is always so much to learn from your post – i enjoy reading the comments too. Thanks for inspiring! Love and hugs to you – May 2020 bring in good health, peace and harmony to you and your family.

    • Thank you dear Genevive for coming by and your thoughtful comments, so much appreciated. I agree the comments are always interesting. I honestly wish sometimes that I could be an ostrich and dig my head in the sand and not look up, but I also sometimes think that the ‘good and true’ is worth fighting for, although that’s a strange thing – to fight for peace. If I said it another way I guess I’d say that the truth will out and the good will prevail in spite of the clamp down on those who give voice to the injustice.

      In my country too, so much is happening that is simply awful. It simply can’t go on, but go on it does until the dat comes that it all collapses – maybe then we’ll wake up and simply not allow it any more …

      all blessings to you and your family Genevive – keep safe and continue being your blessed self. Susan, with love.

  4. Hi Susan – a very philosophical post and one I really need to study. I hope we can see the seeds of revolution occurring … bringing some sense back into this world … it’s an interesting, yet worrying time … take care and the Wolf Moon was just amazing … cheers HIlary

    • Glad that you saw the Wolf Moon Hilary – she was really beautiful, in the night before as well as afterwards. Revolution has happened all throughout history I guess, and sometimes brings about worthwhile change. Thank you for coming by – Susan

  5. Chaos is sometimes necessary as is looking beyond it! Inspiring post and lovely photos too.

  6. How can we not love the chaos related to your unintentional release of this posting and its relevance to the topic within ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Your post is very inspiring. Sadly, it seems we have to endure chaos for change to take place. People become too lethargic unless something spikes their emotions. The world definitely is in the midst of chaos. Hopefully, women will bring more thought to the issues inspiring change and peace. I’m hearing more feminine voices but the masculine voices have not decided to let go or backdown yet. However, there is hope, but we definitely ARE experiencing chaos. I’ll be curious as to what changes take place this time. Thanks for your great post, Susan.

    • Sorry my response may seem long in coming Gwynn – unsure what happened but I did respond yesterday but now that I’ve returned to my blog I see it is not here!

      Glad to hear you’re hearing more feminine voices, even if they are sometimes quashed amid the thundering noise of the male voice. You’re so right about our apathy and lethargy – all the awfulness is in danger of becoming normalised, if not already.

      Thanks for coming by Gwynn ..

  8. In my protected live, I still have uncertainty and chaos–and I’m not good at trusting the outcome, so I practice riding the waves of fear that come over me when things go wrong or the White House does one more horrible thing. I fondly remember all Marion Woodman had to say about a transition toward more balance between Masculine and Feminine–and how hard the Solar side would fight to hang on to power. I hope this chaos leads to something good, but it’s hard to find that now. I walk in my forest and hug those Big Mama Goddess trees almost every day and they’re legally protected, but I can’t protect them from climate change. (It’s like April here today with strong south wind and warm temperatures–and no snow.) Nature is locally beautiful, although many species of trees have died off or are weakened. We need to protect what remains.

    Chaos is a powerful idea in physics and philosophy and psychology, but I went from theory to puppy chaos which shakes me down every morning. I love her as she wakes up with an explosion of energy. She’s learned to play in her crate until I wake up, so the chaos begins when I open the crate door and she runs downstairs. The cochlear implant pushes me toward wanting to control my environment and sound. Disco the Dog pushes me in every other direction. I needed this and she needed a home. Local chaos is good sometimes.

    • Thanks Elaine. Uncertainty is surely something we have to learn to live with and embrace. How boring life would be if all was predetermined and orderly. It would be perfectly stultifying.

      Imagine Solar and Lunar energies being in harmony! In ancient times, Nature was worshipped by the Mother Goddesses, but the wheels turned and the sun became the dominant ruler.

      Extraordinary that you’re having warm weather. It’s worrying when the weather seems out of kilter and how it can change from day to day, hot to cold, cold to hot. The trees no doubt welcome your embrace Elaine. Right now all is green and lush evidencing good health. And even when we had those awful fires in the area two years ago (nothing on the scale of Australia or California or the Amazon), Nature re-asserted herself.

      Good on the good chaos that Disco brings! A wonderful example of explosive energy!

  9. First, for some reason, Susan, when I hit “like: it doesn’t leave my emoji. I updated my Mac’s operating system and it’s caused some glitches in WordPress so don’t think I’m not enamored of this post because I am! I agree wholeheartedly that the whole patriarchal dominance of our world thing is falling — too slowly for me, BTdubs — out of favor and the rise of the feminine is imminent. There is always chaos in the interstices of change and when it means such a massive upheaval as night becoming day (women stepping forward) and day becoming night (men stepping back) there is bound to be repercussions, hence the rise of authoritarianism around the globe to try and put a lid on it (because putting a ring on it didn’t work out the way man had intended). It’s crazy chaos, too, and my hope is that we can make this change without much bloodshed and with greater compassion and understanding, and that we can evolve rather than revolve because evolution serves a greater good and revolution sometimes just sends us “totally round the bend” again. And I’m not saying women need to be in charge now, just that women should serve equally, have the same rights as men, not be defined by their men, have an equal voice at the table, etc., etc. What’s everyone so afraid of anyway. Didn’t most men love their mothers and find them to be wise and capable caretakers and decision makers? It remains to be seen how it all plays out, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the peaceful, proper outcome of equality for all. Also, great photo of you and the hubs!

    • I love your analogy Pam of night becoming day – women stepping forward; and day becoming night – men stepping back. There is no question that patriarchy has dealt us all a mean spirited hand for aeons and the ‘interstices’ of the clash as is clearly happening as women step out and forward, is having repercussions. I’m glad to have your affirmation of this. For me it’s perfectly clear, that the battle of retaining power is a very real one. I see it here in my country, where the pigs will not give up feeding at the trough. There is some truth that the formerly oppressed become the oppressors as is happening in our country but with greater zeal it seems to me.

      Re men having love for their mothers – I wonder sometimes. I wonder if there is not some residual hatred for being born into this mad world. Towards mothers who bore them and their putting up with having absent husbands and therefore fathers who are not good role models. A drastic statement I know. The wounds are deeply embedded in those who do not have good positive role models.

      My wish is for the divine energies of the feminine and those of the masculine to find each other and unite. ‘Equality’ will then manifest in the most wondrous of ways.

      Thank you for coming by :). Re the ‘like’ emoji … I know that when I use my phone or Ipad as opposed to lap top that posts I want to show ‘like’ don’t take my ‘like’ … and that I have to jump hoops to get there and most times can’t. No problem on my lap top ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. What a philosophical, inspiring and uplifting post, Susan. Into your resolutions, revolutions and revelations, I read the situation we are confronted with here in Australia as much of our country burns and mourns. I think it is time for a revolution. Resolutions have been too long in coming and now the result of inaction is clear. Something must be done. I hope this is the turning point but I’m sorry it had to come to this.
    The photos of the lagoon are beautiful and give a sense of peace and hope.
    Thank you.

    • Thank you for your kind words Norah. As Merril said below, an evolution is being called for, which I would say calls for a revolution (or a revolt) in our way of thing and feeling, towards an evolutionary one, one in which we confront as wisely as we can, and feel the trauma of ourselves and our beloved planet and all that inhabit it. And mourn, deeply, the desolation that scorches our earth by way of those terrifying fires. And mourn deeply all else that is happening in our world.

      Please may these fires cease not a moment too soon. I know there have been rains in Australia; please God may there be more blessed rain; our tears are mingling with the rain Norah. All my heart felt wishes for restoration, and a passage through this dark night of the soul.

  11. Beautiful images and a picture of the two of you too! There certainly is a lot of chaos–evil too. Daisaku Ikeda, reflecting on the writings of Nichiren Daishonin, recently noted this: “Great good can come of great evil. But this will not happen on its own. Courage is always required to transform evil into good. Now is the time for each of us to bring forth such courage–the courage of nonviolence, the courage of dialogue, the courage to listen to what we would rather not hear; the courage to restrain the desire for vengeance and be guided by reason.”

    It is a revolution, a human revolution.

      • I guess we never know Dianne until we face that which needs courage … but there are plenty examples among us of somehow finding the courage which we didn’t know we had. I often wonder if I would find find courage when needed.

    • Thanks John, and for the quote. Courage in spades is needed.

      I remember CG Jung on evil – he wrote a great deal about it – he believes that man or the human him/herself is the greatest danger. And that we have to confront our shadow, all those unknown disliked parts of ourselves projected onto others. And all the good parts too .. but finding those unknown qualities in ourselves takes hard work and courage in facing them. A revolution indeed, to withdraw our projections and to own them .. projection therefore has value if used as a mirror –

  12. Revolution is as difficult as chaos and both are needed for change. Because they are so hard, maybe people back off from their challenge, and beauty.
    Lovely picture of you and Neil…

    • Thank you Susan … we were never promised a rose garden or that life would be without challenges. Every day is a challenge, even if only to find the beauty in it. Although sometimes it’s not hard to find the beauty!

      Thanks for saying about the picture! I hope it can’t be enlarged on this post ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Happy New Year, Susan! A great segue going from resolution to revolution to revelation! All thought patterns are welcome, to help us look beyond the chaos. I am not comfortable with chaos. I donโ€™t think many people are. I appreciate your positive spin on how chaos stirs things up, and possibly holds clues. I love your description of the feminine energies.

    It is very interesting to me how you use the word โ€œtrust.โ€ This word continues to surface for me, and I need to pay attention. Thank you for a very thought-provoking post.

    • Happy New Year to you too Erica and your family. Thanks for coming by – just as well I didn’t add the word ‘relevation’ which is now obsolete and which means ‘raising up’ ๐Ÿ™‚

      Yes, it’s hard to trust the process, whichever one we are in, whether relationship matters; political ones (which is many times unworthy of ‘trust’); weather ones (Nature knows best, or so I like to believe) – but maybe the first thing to trust is ourselves. Which is probably the hardest.

      Have a lovely weekend – and thank you again.

  14. Worthy worries, Susan. I don’t have an answer but I know I’m not yet ready to give up.

    • Good on you Jacqui – but just wondering about the ‘not yet ready to give up’ ? I can take that in any number of ways. Be never ready to give up all that is dear and precious in yours and our world …

  15. A very thoughtful post–and beautiful photos, too. A revolution is also a circle, so night to day, chaos to something new–and better, one hopes.

  16. I believe it was Deepak Chopra who said, “โ€œEvery great change is preceded by chaos.” I believe that to be true, mostly. I can think of our moving three years ago and the chaos that ensued. Now things are mostly settled. However, current events in the world are another thing entirely. I’m not sure some changes are for the good.

    You are fortunate to have a husband (handsome, by the way) with whom you can discuss philosophical matters. Ha!

    Incidentally, through the women in my family I saw the feminine face of God, not to be overlooked as a strong, steady influence in our relationships.

    May you walk through 2020 with clear vision, Susan.
    Another wonderful post!

    • Thanks Marian so much … for the Deepak Chopra quote as well. There’s truth in his words. I like him – he’s a wise soul. And, some changes are frightful, but let me not go down that path right now …

      Yes, the Feminine Face of God. You’ve reminded me. I’ve just pulled that book, from my shelves. With my name in it, Dec 1999. The Feminine Face of God – the Unfolding of the Sacred in Women. Sherry Ruth Anderson & Patricia Hopkins. I remember loving it. And Sophia too, consort of God. You were fortunate indeed to have such strong and beneficial examples of such women in your family.

      Clear vision – lovely wish thank you. You too Marian. Onwards!

  17. What a joyous photo of you and Mike! Thank you Susan for sharing this thought-provoking post. I agree by allowing ourselves to genuinely suffer and not defend ourselves against despair, would indeed be revolutionary and one we could all benefit from contemplating on.

    Chaos and order, revolution and stagnation seem to go hand in hand, despite at first glance seeming to be in opposition with each other. In fact when I think of stagnation times in my life, itโ€™s always been when something needed to give and I was resistant or fearful of change.

    Oh, I love your idea of a New Year revolution rather than resolution. I hope it catches on! Here in the UK weโ€™re having a clear night and the full moon rose an hour ago, and she looks incredible! First full moon of the year and the new decade! Warm & wild blessings, Deborah.

    • Ha ha! The photo is my husband Neil! Mike is half his age – a tiny bit more than half his age. (Wonder if Mike will see this post).

      Thanks for your affirmation Deborah of chaos and order, stagnation and revolution. I’ve also had that sense of being in the darkest of dark yet miraculously the tide turned; something had to give …

      It’s still light here in Plettenberg Bay, though the light is slowly changing. If the moon looks anything like last night when she was almost full, and the skies clear, it will be magical. Talking of tides turning, there will of course be a spring tide o/a the moon, high tides for sure. Enjoy your full moon – ๐Ÿ™‚ and warm blessings to you too ..

      • Oops! Naturally I meant Neil! Ha-Ha! I’m not sure if you listen to Michael Meade’s podcasts (Mosiac Voicws) they’re excellent Susan! You might (if you haven’t already) want to listen to yesterday’s titled “Between Two Fires” it’s really good. I’ve left the link on my twitter profile. Enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • I really do want to listen to this man, I know of him – I’ll look into him tomorrow, thanks Deborah. Between Two Fires .. I am much intrigued!

          The moon came up from behind the mountains some while ago – golly she was magnificent. A gorgeous deep orange, now she is quite high in the sky .. brighter, lighter ..

  18. Beautiful photos.
    A revolution to the way you think, to your perspective – I like that. I’m a big believer in the power of perspective. But you’re right. There is so, so much chaos in the world. Too much tragedy and hatred and hurt and destruction. It’s hard to stand back and watch it unfold, knowing there’s little to do when it comes to the big things.
    Caz xx

    • Thanks Caz for your comment. Too much chaos in the world I agree that affects us on every level. But we’re called to be witness to it and not turn away from it. We can say, this I do not accept, not in my name … but by starting small the big things are changed. Like ripples going outwards the effect is felt …

  19. An interesting post, Susan. I don’t think women will make any difference in what the men decide to do with regards to war mongering. Most of the women in the world are still suppressed and some even denied an education. The few of us that are emancipated don’t really count and some powers are looking to reduce our rights and nothing is being down about it.

    • Thanks for coming by Robbie. The suppression of women and rights is a grave issue and for it to properly resolved will take some time but headway is being made even if slowly, but incrementally. Along with the clash – which is messy, sometimes unjust, unfair, violent. Each voice for the rights of all does count of this I am sure even if at times it seems hopeless. We can each start by standing up, and protesting …

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