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Brett Lindeque is our good to go to guy here in South Africa. This appeared the other day on social media. His energy and love for South Africans is palpable. The links give fuller stories for you to check out whenever you can or wish to. Of course, since I live here in South Africa, I’m more than happy to showcase these briefs. I’ve highlighted in colour and/or bold in the post the salient points.

14 Feel-Good Things Happening in South Africa Right Now!

BY BRENT LINDEQUE@BRENTLINDEQUESEP 22, 2021 385 1Photo Cred: On File | Supplied 

“Since we only have 14 Fridays left of 2021, I thought I would give you 14 feel-good reasons to be happy right now!

Johannesburg, South Africa (22 September 2021) –

It’s nearly Heritage day, which means we have a really short week to look forward to… I mean, tomorrow is kind of fake Friday, and that means the weekend is even closer, and there are only 14 of those left for this year.

Yup 14! Just 14 Fridays, Weekends and Sunday Fundays left of 2021!

We can sometimes get overwhelmed with sadness, but I want to remind you that good things are still happening right now. Even during this tragic time.

And since we have 14 Fridays left, I thought I would give you 14 reasons to be happy right now!

14 reasons to Feel-Good:

14. The regulations have changed, and our favourite locals can trade for longer, which is great news for them as a business…, but the really good news here is how South Africans have started seeing “support local” as more than just a catchy phrase. We are realising that by helping each other, we are able to rise. Flip, that’s beautiful!

13. Katherine Heigl – that incredibly famous actress from 27 dresses and Greys – shared a South African Vet’s campaign and helped her reach her crowdfunding target in 48 hours! What is the money for? To pay for sterilisations, vaccinations and de-worming for communities who can’t afford it. The target hasn’t since increased, but the public just keeps giving. Big love for this story!!!

12. We found out that Two Oceans Aquarium Education Foundation weigh their rescued Turtle hatchlings every Monday – to make sure they are growing and healthy, and making their way to eventually being released into the wild (when they are old enough). It is possibly the cutest thing and a reminder that Mondays are truly what you make of them!

11. We finally have Britbox in SA; Disney+ is set to launch next year, Dear Evan Hansen comes out this weekend, after almost 3 years of waiting, the new Bond is being released in a couple of days and the Matrix is back this December (after 22 years). Oh, and we’re in Marvel Phase 4!!! Lekker vibes!

10. A group of South Africans spotted an exhausted dog in the middle of Harties Dam and rallied together to save him. Guys, a whole bunch of humans, collectively worked together to save a little pup from drowning. That is humanity in action!

9. The country started the vaccination roll-out on the 18th of February 2021, and to date, over 8 million South Africans have been fully vaccinated!!! Whatever side you are on when it comes to the vaccine, there is no question that they are bringing a huge slice of normal to parts of the world that have a higher percentage… yes, I’m looking at you, UK, and I’m hoping you’ll take us off the damn red list!

8. People shared the most hopeful messages after asking what some of their post-covid goals are”. The most common… hugs. Just lots of hugs. And it’s already happening. It feels like we are moving forward. It feels like we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and good grief, it’s like a breath of fresh air right now.

7. 109 South African Firefighters have just arrived back in the country after spending weeks helping Canada with the wildfires. The Canadian government cannot stop speaking about how professional and brave they were. So proud of all the men and women who flew our flag soo high!

6. It’s exactly 70 days to the 1st of December, but realistically it’s already started. Summer is here, and no one does December vibes like South Africans… even in a global pandemic. I would actually pay to watch a Documentary about our December culture. It is fascinating!!!

5. A story about Djo BaNkuna (also known as the Cabbage Bandit) has garnered so much traction that City By-Laws have come into question, and soon, we could all be planting veggies for our communities on our pavements… legally! Imagine looking back a year from now and finding our country in a position where we are helping feed the nation by using a square meter of our pavements to grow food. THAT WOULD BE EPIC!!!

Photo Credit: Djo BaNkuna – Facebook

4. Chaeli Mycroft has just released an inspiring book about her life… and it’s a beautiful read. I got my copy yesterday and cannot put it down. From summiting Mount Kilimanjaro to being the first athlete in a wheelchair to complete the Comrades Marathon, winning the International Children’s Peace Prize, to founding the Chaeli Campaign to champion a more ability-focused and inclusive world. Such a lekker feel-good book!

3. A Cape Town Pizzeria has been voted the best in Africa… the awards come from Naples – the home of Pizza and Massimo’s in Hout Bay took first place. And you know what I love even more about this story? Massimo’s is also one of the most charitable restaurants in our country; the owner has just got the biggest heart!

2. Little Mighty Mack is heading into her 3rd round of chemo with the support of a nation behind her. This little human is a miracle in every sense of the word, and every time I read another update, I get more inspired. You got this girl! We are sending you all our love and strength!

Childhood Cancer
Photo Credit: Mighty Mack – Facebook

1. We’re here, and even though we have all faced massive traumas in the 545 days, we are getting through this – somehow – and I kinda feel like we’re moving in the right direction.

Yes, friends! We are here, we are surviving, and even when it might feel like it’s all bad, there are good things happening all around us.

That’s it. Happy 14. I hope you find some good things today.

Okay. Love you. Bye.”

Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful weekend. May the Force be with you. May Peace prevail. In Darkness be Light.

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  1. Thank you for not one but 14 examples of Happy News, Susan! It lifts me up to know that people are continuing to do such kind and caring things in the world. Wishing you a Happy Hallowed Evening tonight and a fabulous November.

    • Thank you Barbara – glad you’re uplifted. All well here thank you – hope same with you 🌺

  2. Glad to hear vaccines are rolling out there. I know it has been very slow going in Africa. In my morning news from the LA Times this weekend I read that the owner of the LA Times, Dr. Patrick Soon-shiong, grew up in South Africa and is donating $213 Million to build vaccine producing facilities in your country.

    • Thanks for the link Deborah, and for commenting. Yes, he’s SA born and a very successful man. I’ve heard of him and his plans to set up our own vaccine producing facilities. We have excellent scientists , researchers . It’s a sign of his confidence. Many of our extremely well trained medical people live in the US and Canada .. our loss, your gain!

    • Thanks so much for coming by Donna – I double checked this startling bit of information 14 Fridays to go … now it’s 13 – before we know it, we’ll be in single digits! Have a great week 🙂

  3. Love your post, Susan. So uplifting. What a great share. Only 14 weeks left! Where has the year gone? Enjoy every moment.

  4. Thank you, Susan. Inspiration in the midst of hard times is the best medicine of all. Thank you for a health giving dose. I love the image of the man weightlifting melons or squash. Here, more people are turning their front lawns into vegetable and flower gardens. It’s a gift to the people, insects, birds, mice, and plants of the world.

    • Glad you saw it as inspirational – as a health giving dose of medicine Elaine. Now that I think of it, that is exactly what it is. We’re all rallying behind Djo BaNkuna – the Cabbage Bandit, and just hope that the bye-laws can be by-passed and that his perseverance and everyone else’s pays off, for the good of all. And lovely that you say that it is a gift to people, insects birds, mice and plants of the world. That is so wise and lovely thank you.

  5. I love your list of 14; I could probably add some more. I just visited Debby Geis’s blog where she featured Book Dash, an initiative for South Africa.

    Yay for Book Dash. What a worthy cause. Reading is the gateway to a lifetime of information and entertainment. South African children are most deserving of literacy and book ownership, that’s for sure!

    As always, thanks for sharing upbeat news — and gratitude! 😀

    • Thanks Marian – I saw Debby Gies’ post. Reading is such a necessary skill for everyone to acquire, the earlier the better. Here in South Africa the emphasis in education is on reading literacy. Book dash is remarkable- 1 million books in our 11 official languages!
      Have a great weekend.

  6. Just what I needed today! And I appreciate the reminder that, similar to “It’s five o’clock somewhere,” it’s summer somewhere! Moving into our winter season really hits me hard. So perhaps I can remember that the festivities of December in South Africa are happening at that same time!

    • That’s a nice saying – it’s 5 o’clock somewhere so let’s have a drink. Although I think I heard it’s 6 o’clock somewhere! Thanks for coming by Beth. Have a great weekend.

  7. How refreshing to see a positive list of goodness going on in South Africa, Susan. Ironically, my post this month is about something else good going on there. Hugs x

  8. Thank you for your lovely variety of Happy News. We ought to challenge our News stations and papers to writing something Happy for a change. It is great knowing that people are doing kind things in the world. Have a Happy Weekend!

    • Many many years ago there used to be The Christian Science Monitor which, if I remember correctly, was non-religious but it supported good news. It was around for a lonnnng time (US based I think). No sight of it. It’s always lovely to read about something constructive, positive, heart warming. Happy weekend to you Gwynn and thanks for coming by xx

        • Funnily enough, DGKaye commented on my post. I went to check hers and her post for #WATWB – an initiative by Book Dash for the necessity for early reading – uses The Christian Science Monitor as its source.

  9. Susan, thanks for hosting this month and for sharing so many instances of good news in South Africa. I’m going to comment on three things: 1) Yes to shopping small/local business. The local organic grocery store that I shop has been nothing but helpful and kind to its customers through the pandemic. It’s more than what I can say for some of the big box stores. 2) Yes to HUGS. Lots and lots of HUGS. I was so happy after being vaccinated that I could hug a few special friends. 3) I chuckled over the streaming TV excitement. I think this has been a lifesaver when going out for entertainment has been iffy or non-existent. We all need our escape, especially when the good super heroes defeat the evil bad guys. Some days that gives us hope for a better world.

    • Thanks for coming by Mary and glad that you highlighted the ones you especially enjoyed! We still mask up, social distance etc. We’ve supported local take-away places who had to resort to this when no restauranting was allowed, and it was such a pleasure. A win-win. Likewise the smaller independent shops. Let’s hope for a better world. HAve a great weekend 🙂

  10. That’s so nice to see and read the words: Feeling Good, in these days! And I am happy about all these good things that happen in South Africa. Have a wonderful weekend, dear Susan.

    • Thanks Elizabeth – you may remember Heritage Day, today. Braai, boerewors, lamb chops, spare ribs the whole bang shoot … (potato salad made by me .. a bit suspect)

  11. Hi Susan – wonderful range of reasons to be happy through sharing with others; the one that particularly rang out for me – were the firefighters … I’m always amazed how far overseas services go to help out in other countries at times of destruction/major challenges.

    The cabbage bandit – sounds amazing … and it’s good to see he’s being encouraged by the public, while the local government should also be encouraging him as he seems to be providing food for his locality.

    People are just wonderful at helping others … if we’re all positive and encouraging that so helps those that aren’t so positive. We are certainly in challenging times and need to pull together. Thanks Susan – a thoughtful post for us to remember and to act on … we all need to help where we can. Great #WATWB … Hilary

    • I hope some of my Canadian connections see this Hilary … our firefighters have always helped in different parts of the world, as do so many other countries when the need is there.

      And the Cabbage Bandit! I’ve been following his story on social media. There are by-laws to be observed but I hope govt. officials can see beyond this and people be encouraged, for themselves and others. I remember some time ago posting a #WATWB (I think) where a man’s whole pavement was covered in vegetables and people could take what they needed.

      It’s Heritage Day today, so a braai is in order. It should be called braai and boerewors day. We’re having some people over. I’m tidying like mad! Thank you muchly for coming by .. I look forward to seeing your post in due course. All best, Susan xx

      • Enjoy the day … so pleased friends are going to be with you. I’ll be back to answer the rest … cheers! Hilary

          • Thanks Susan – so pleased you had a happy time … and now walk at the end of the day. We have a petrol shortage, so the bus and I got caught in a lovely long queue – just as I was going to help out as a Committee Member at a meeting – meant to be early. C’est la vie!
            Yes I realised about the by-laws etc … but … but … ah well things will work out … cheers HIlary

  12. Yay! This has to be one of your cheeriest WATWB posts to date Susan! For its bursting at the seams with positivity and heartfulness. Thank you so much for helping to spread more light in these dark times. As you in the southern (hemisphere) turn towards spring, and we in the northern turn towards autumn, I sense hope at the cusp of this powerful time, which hopefully will help to change the world in positive ways. Love and light, Deborah.

    • Yes, it is cheery and energetic Deborah! Supposed to be ONE story but … no buts! People can read the links at leisure. I love them all …

      It’s Heritage Day today, a public holiday. We’re having people for a braai (barbecue), so I’m busy tidying and making things … weather a bit tricky.

      Thank you so much for coming by … am upstairs in my study which I must tidy. Neil will surely bring people up to see the view ..

      Love, Light to you in this change of seasons, Susan

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