“I truly believe it is time to go in and in and in, finding a level of inner sustenance, a means of being connected to the greater whole, mentally well, physically as adept as possible, emotionally stable and thus increase our capacity to hold the space for the light to shine in every soul.”

Sandra, faeriembassy.wordpress.com in my last post Taking a Break.

All of your comments on that post were so heartwarming and encouraging and my thanks and gratitude are deep. My connections to you all are real and valuable.

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last night’s full moon
Inspirational Yin Yang Sun Designs | LoveToKnow
wikipedia – imgres – the sun and moon – equinox, the moment of balance –

I’ve spent less time on my phone, more time on writing and re-thinking my painting. I’ll probably go back to my original thought. I made a mock up of it the other day on an A4 black card using oil pastels. Which I never use. The canvas is 10X larger and has been painted over several times.

I’ve been walking a fair bit. The lagoon is about a 15 minute walk away. from my home. At low tide I can walk on the sand banks. The sea is on the other side of the dunes. I often do that walk too. This side of the lagoon I snapped an oyster catcher (I could not get its red beak) and a crane.

snake while out walking with son Mike

One day, I’ll walk the whole Robberg Nature Reserve peninsula again. It’s a 4 to 5 hour hike in total. This last Sunday my husband & I walked a small part of it. Some clambering up rocks and a rest awhile.

So, in honour of the full moon, the Equinox and you the reader, this is a brief post. Thank you for reading. May the Force be with you. Be safe and well, keep your centre.

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  1. So pleased you are getting to do the things you wanted, and are enjoying them. The full moon was beautiful here too. Enjoy life!

  2. Glad to know that you are doing well, and the new habits are showing the results. Away from the phone and the walks … all good. I guess, the trick is to be always occupied with something that exercises either our limbs or our mind, or maybe both.

    • Your posts and your appreciation of what you see in Nature as you go a’wandering are always a delight Damyanti. Hope you get back to it soon!

  3. Sending blessings and grace to you, Susan. Thanks for checking in. I wish you deep rest and inner connection. May you bathe in the beauty of Nature as spring comes to you in South Africa. Sending love as summer ends here with a few cool soggy days.

    • Thanks Elaine so much … I’ve just had a wondrous hike in Nature, in a place I’ve never been before. It was wonderful to see the natural bush (fynbos) fully recovered from the awful fires of 4 years ago. Trees charred and not alive but stark in their charred beauty. It actually is the Equinox today so blessings to you dear friend. The Spring weather is very capricious as if it can’t make up its mind … still cool. Sending love, Susan.

  4. Thank you for the reminder, Susan. I think a walk out in nature is definitely in order today as is going in, in, in. My phone tells me daily that my screen time is up or down from the last day and I’m always amazed at how much time I am spending on electronic devices, from staring at a computer all day to my phone to the TV, waaaaay too much. Time to adjust. Happy Fall Equinox. En-joy.

    • Back a little while ago from a walk in Nature, a place I’d never been to before. It forms part of the Robberg Coastal Corridor and goes it is said all the way to Knysna. A good 10–15 kms away from my Sunday hike. To Knysna it would be about a 30 km hike. It was glorious and completely refreshing! Today is actually the Equinox so Equinox blessings to you Pam πŸ™‚

  5. You know how to take care of yourself. I admire your experimenting with art more fully and your attention to walking and noticing the scenery, which for me is always refreshing.

    I know I can count on you to mark the times and the seasons here. We in this hemisphere have just turned to fall, one of my favorite seasons. A few mornings ago I saw the full moon in the morning, just before sunrise. I called it “moon-set.”
    If you are on Instagram, you can see it there.

    With a heart full of gratitude, I extend autumn blessings to you, dear Susan.

    • Thank you Marian. I hope this response to you comes through, merely the 4th time on my side but been having a few computer issues for a bit this morning.

      It’s actually the Equinox today so Equinox blessings to you, Spring blessings on my side to you and Fall ones to you too. I know this season is your favourite.

      This moon is known as the Harvest Moon which makes me think of you and the harvesting that you do. For this I have gratitude to you, for who you are. May you continue to harvest Marian. A few of my real life friends saw the rising of the full moon in the early hours the other morning when they made a bathroom visit. Streamlight pouring through and a sight to behold.

  6. Hi Susan – lovely post for our full moon – that keeps us all happy. Gorgeous photos … you’ll enjoy your spring and summer at the coast. I’m in a big sort out – much needed … so plenty to do. Thankfully things are happening again here – though other outside things pervade … I try to separate myself from them. It’s good to clear one’s mind and keep things simple … take care and all the best as you adjust to a life of a little less, yet more it will be as you’ll have time for expansion. Cheers Hilary

    • Thanks for coming by Hilary. A few of my friends in real life are making plans as much as they can for uncertain futures, made more so by our inept government. I watch the British news on TV from time to time, the US news too and I wonder how we’re going to move forward out of the sorry mess we find ourselves in. Careful and peaceful planning is so needed, not only for us individually but for all. Good luck to you as you sort through things. Like Ariadne … All best, Susan

  7. I am glad you are finding your focus again, Susan. It just takes a little discipline in respect of your phone’s siren song. I’m glad you are still posting. I would miss your posts.

  8. HI Susan! I was just thinking about the full moon tonight – isn’t it nice that we’re far away from each other but we have that in common? Not a new observation, of course, but nice to think about. Great to see your post and what great and scenic walking choices you have!

  9. I haven’t thought of oyster catchers since we moved seven years ago. It was impossible to get that red beak to show in a photo. You have several great walks to choose from. Keep moving’!

    • I have to say that social media is also a stimulus and stimulating sometimes Gwynn, it’s just the amount of time I spend on it! ‘..peace, beauty; and love in nature…’ – ne’er a truer word spoken!

  10. Happy to see you are finding the balance, dear Susan. It’s full-moon and we have fully clouded sky! Have a good time and please send my regards to the Mother Moon πŸ€—πŸ™β€

  11. Beautifully written, and I loved your photos Susan. Hope you’re enjoying spending less time on social media and more time walking and writing. Last night here in the UK, I opened the bedroom windows at midnight and there she was Mother Moon, shimmering high in the night sky, holding centre court. Sending you Full Moon Equinox Blessings across the oceans between us, Deborah.

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