Bloggers from around the world post a good news story on the last Friday of each month. Today is the 17th month of “We are the World Blogfest” #WATWB. The intention is to spread a little light and joy on a world that too often appears to be lacking in this resource.
We’ve been down at the coast for the last several days. It’s been wonderful, whales in the bay, crisp clear sea air. What’s also been wonderful to witness is the love people have for their animals, walking them on the beach, talking to them, seeing their tails wagging, seeing them jump in the sea with such exuberance.
The link I’ve provided is a sweet story of a man’s love, thoughtfulness and responsibility towards his two dogs. Too often are pets are not given the love that is needed. Can the measure of a person be taken by the way s/he treats animals? I think so … this is the link: https://www.goodthingsguy.com/people/spca-praise-family/


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  1. Hi Susan
    What a inspiring, uplifting and feel good story. Thank you for sharing.

  2. This is a great story, Susan. I wish all pet owners would take their responsibility seriously. These two men are role models. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this uplifting story Susan! On my recent trip to the mountains we passed by many animals with and without their human companions. At times, the love I felt between these two beautiful spirits was incredible. Love and light, Deborah.

  4. That’s such a wonderful story. How thoughtful and responsible of Mr Bheko to go the extra mile, literally and figuratively for his dogs! This story has warmed my heart ♥

  5. Abraham Lincoln also said that – that you could determine a person’s character by how they treat their animals. Much more eloquently than that, of course, but same principle. :0) Have a great day, Susan. ox

  6. Thats so sweet Susan, appreciate this man and his thoughtfulness and sensitivity, thank you for inspiring:)

  7. It’s good to know people all over the world care about their companion animals. The wheelbarrow reminds me of friends who got a large baby carriage to take their aged, arthritic and beloved dog on walks. I agree about the measure of a person being shown by how they treat animals.

    • I know many who talk to their animals as if they were human. They seem to understand and answer in wise ways, whether a meow or a bark or a look. A special kind of love. There is no video Jacqui, I think you meant photos? … have a lovely weekend and thank you for coming by ..

  8. Hi, Susan – I also agree that the measure of a person can be found in how they treat animals, and how they treat other human beings who are currently less fortunate than they are. This is a wonderfully uplifting story all around. Thank you for sharing this. Enjoy your remaining time on the coast!

    • Thanks Donna! It’s been lovely here – lush and green and whales leaping about which are in sight from where I write! What more could a gal want? Have a lovely weekend!

  9. This is a wonderful effort. When I think of a story, I’ll try to participate. Newsmongers tend to air the bad, and the scary. Thank you for promoting the light, Susan!

    • Thanks Marian, it’s a sweet story. I’ve been off news for the last few days but have kept abreast of all that is happening here and abroad. We live in interesting if rather scary times… have a great weekend.

  10. Needing something uplifting today… we are so close to the tipping point to reach a place of justice (racial, gender, environmental) but just not getting there….so a Good News Story helps…

    • I’m glad it helps in lifting the tipping Beth. You will get there even if it seems hopeless. The tipping can take a long time. There is more awareness, it’s not too late …

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