Sing up for We Are The World Blogfest!
We Are The World Blogfest

It’s the last Friday of the month; the 2nd time the We Are the World Blogfest is spreading a little light to alleviate the darkness in which we find ourselves.

Ongoing and recent events leave me constantly troubled not only for what’s going on in our neck of the woods but all over our precious planet. There is no need to itemise them. Here in South Africa we are rebelling against all that is corrupt and we’re pulling together on all levels not seen in a long time.

There are so many stories of people and communities coming together in the face of tragedy. And if not in tragedy, then in all sorts of small, kind, gracious  and meaningful ways which, like a pebble tossed into a stream, continues making ripples, spreading ever outwards..

Here’s a map of the world from a very ancient atlas. I occasionally put my hands over this map and ask for healing of our world –

The photo below is one I took a while back of the garden at night where the little solar lamp in the centre throws off shards of light.

I’m imagining that the lamp is each one of us, casting light into the darkness.

May these circles of light encompass each and every one of us, Mother Nature and all her creatures, our planet.

Please join us if you would like, and spread the word by adding your own personal story or some other enlightening event. Let’s set about diluting/dissolving
 the negativity around the world and bringing in the light. We are about 73 people so far around the world taking part on the last Friday of each month.
A quick checklist of guidelines:
Keep your post short, 500 words or less. Your own story or a link to a story

 that shows love, humanity and brotherhood in action.

This is the link to which you can add yours.


There’s a crack, a crack, in everything, that’s how the light gets in. Leonard Cohen.

Thank you for reading. May the Force be with you.

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  1. I love this, Susan… Yes, the #WATW hop sounds fantastic, and I’ve signed up to join you as of the June edition. That quote of Cohen’s you used is my absolute favorite, and it’s such a beautiful way to close your post with hope.

    Much light to you, my friend 🙂
    Guilie @ Quiet Laughter

    • That’s wonderful re joining the #WATWB Guilie – your dog stories are so heart warming! I look forward to seeing them as will others too! Thank you for coming by – and light to you, dear friend 🙂

  2. May the Force of Light and Love be with all of us. In the so-called United States, the government and all we’ve fought for in terms of social justice unravels while we divide into us and them. These dark times will pass. They always do, but meanwhile there is so much hatred and unkindness when a whole country acts out the Shadow. It’s difficult to be compassionate toward the “other” side, but it’s the only way. Susan, I appreciate your loving contributions to the world.

    • Thanks Elaine for coming by. Like you, I believe that the shadow is operative in all that is happening in the world. Here in SA we’re facing unprecedented issues, but somehow we remain resilient and aware of other forces that seem hell bent on destruction. It’s pretty tough – and hard to be compassionate to ruthless and unbelievably corrupt people in all political spheres. I’m going to try to source a globe to put on my desk. Easier that way rather than hauling out a very old atlas – keep it on my desk as a constant reminder of keeping the light and love alive …

  3. Thank you for such a heartwarming post. The image of hands over a world map and asking for healing really resonates with me. We are a world hurting indeed.

  4. Beautifully said, Susan. I’m happy to live in a country that is less corrupt than it’s been in a long time, though that doesn’t mean we’re problem-free. But it’s a good start.

    I’ve stopped watching or listening to the news. It seemed like there was a crisis or shooting or terrorist attack every day. Sometimes we need to step back and remember all the positive things.


    • I agree Holli – too much that is murky and horrible. I’ve given up on the TV news. I have my small snatches of radio every now and then.

      Thank you for coming by 🙂 a hug to you! Good luck for 1st June if I remember the date correctly!

  5. That is a very noble and uplifting sentiment, Joining hands to help humanity. Let the light forever shine and enlighten each one of us. 🙂

  6. Dear Susan, Thank you so much for illuminating the darkness that feels so close in the wake of the devastating Manchester terrorist attack this week. Let me join hands with all here, let us spread healing throughout the world and join you in your prayer for peace and harmony.

    I can relate and fully understand Pat’s feelings towards certain groups, hence I have faith in in the beautiful love and strength of the individual. It’s remarkable what one person can do! We Are the World Blogfest is a wonderful way to separately, yet together create more light.

    Love all the images, most especially the solar light in your garden. Worthy of poetry! As the illuminated soul radiates in all directions. A mandala of light! In pure synchronicity today I’m finishing The Star (Tarot) poem, following inner starlight. Blessings always, Deborah.

    • Thanks Deborah so much for your thoughtful comment. Manchester is on everyone’s mind – all healing thoughts in this dreadful tragedy. Sometimes it’s close to home, sometimes far away – healing is needed throughout the world and I agree it starts with each and every one of us. From the micro to the macrocosm …

      The #WATWB does much for me personally to keep me from feeling totally swamped. People and organisations do extraordinary things in helping others.

      Inner starlight! How lovely is this! I’ll get to your post soon, always depthful and beautifully poetic. It’s such a gift you have. Thank you for your blessings – another bit of starlight and here come some to you too :).

  7. Beautiful representation of the In Darkness, Be Light aspect of #WATWB – thank you so much for sharing these images and the requests for healing of the world as well as being one of my teammates on this venture.

    • Thank you Robbie – I feel the same vis a vis you! Have a lovely week. Let’s hope that the rain comes soon in the western cape …

  8. This is a superb post, Susan. Your words light up the word, like the solar light in your back yard. May they spread far and wide.

  9. Hi,
    It is amazing what one person can do. One person has the strength to change a nation if he or she has a vision and the faith that accompanies it. Sometimes I’m weary of groups because sooner or later they fall into entropy and what was once powerful becomes dead and unmoving. I like the concept of your WATWB posts, so keep at it. You’re making a dent in a society that has long forgotten what humility and truth are.
    Shalom aleichem,

    • Thank you for your comment Patricia … and for your encouragement. Working together can achieve much if the purpose or aim is mutual though as you say the danger is falling into entropy or apathy – maybe even hopelessness.

      Shalom aleichem to you dear friend, Susan.

  10. Hi Susan – the world as it was … but sadly we all need to move forward. I wonder what we’ll (well them!) be thinking about our era in 100 years or 200 years time … However – now we need and would like to live in certainty and peace … it’d be good if our leaders could work /prepare/ think for the long term and not short term … there are inspirational people out there …

    did you read Michelle’s post… number 7 on the list …

    Love the connections you’ve made here … I sincerely hope your light beams resonate positivity right out into the world … cheers Hilary

    • Hi Hilary … wasn’t Michelle’s lovely? Am slowly working my way through and being inspired all along the way! I’m so so sorry for Manchester … and for Egypt and for Syria and the US for ourselves and and and … I believe the UK is experiencing a heatwave? Have a good weekend 🙂 Susan

      • Hi Susan – I think they are … down here it’s not so hot – but I am right on the coast … and we’ve had some rain thankfully … let’s continue to join together and help each other … with thoughts H

    • Thank you Peter and thank you for yours. An extraordinary story. I think you’re co-hosting this month. I’m afraid to say I didn’t thank the #WATWB co-hosts or add their links – not from lack of trying. So my thanks to everyone! Have a lovely weekend.

    • Are we listening is a good question Jacqui – there are none so deaf as those who will not hear – at times I’d rather be very deaf indeed. Thank you for coming by.

  11. Susan, I LOVE the idea that bloggers around the world are writing positive stories as otherwise all we hear is sadness and anger on the news. The world needs so much help. The latest tragedy in Manchester breaks my heart. Then today I received a warning about samples of scented items, diapers, etc. as terrorists are sending them out as a way to kill people. The warning came from a police department. So I definitely am joining you in praying for our world as it definitely needs help. How in the world did so much anger develop?

    Thanks for your lovely picture of your light fixture in your backyard. It is like seeing a beautiful universe!

    • Thank you dear Gwynn for coming by. You’re right, the world needs help – and all its peoples too. I heard that story a while back re poison being put into everyday household items. I don’t know how true it is? I do know that Monsanto and some of its fertiliser and seed stuffs are slowly destroying foodstuffs directly and indirectly ..

      The photo – a beautiful universe! – how lovely thank you! I hadn’t thought of that ..

  12. What a beautiful practice Susan of map prayers. And what a lovely photo – that mandala of light is a beautiful reminder of the power and spread of a single spark can have.

    • Thanks Deborah so much – I guess we could hold the globe in our hearts and minds which of course is also a mandala as I think about it. Just crossed my mind now … see how your comment leads me to another thought –

  13. That is one cool photo there. The darkness contrasted with your perfect little light is a powerful image. I like that you heal the world via an atlas. Such good thoughts here. Thanks for sharing your various kinds of light.

    • Thanks Ally Bean so much. The little solar lamp is a bit weak these days o/a it being winter and the shadows and coolth come early in the afternoon, but it still throws and shows its circles of light at night.

  14. Hi Susan! So glad you have taken up blogging again, i missed your wisdom 😉
    When I was a little kid I imagined god to be all the light in every human being on earth combined. Your photo reminded me of this childish conception of the collective unconscious. (Maybe childish is the wrong word, maybe I should use child-like? asking you as the word-smith you are)


    • Thank you Susanne … such a kind comment. May we all have that child-like innocence that sees G.d in the light and as we become adults see also the dark, being reminded that the light is there, that the sun will rise again after the night has passed 🙂

  15. I would like to join you in praying for healing in the world… and when i find inspiring stories to spread light I will join here..

  16. Wow ! Susan hugs to you; I just loved both pictures you have displayed which are so beautiful, i loved the concept of the globe and placing your hand asking for healing, such a generous soul and a lovely gesture. The other picture of solar lamp is also too good and speaks volumes about spreading light in darkness; thanks for sharing 🙂 have a great weekend.

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