Z Zero

A for Autumn … my husband wanted me to see this tree and the autumn colours on the golf course … and Z for Zero …

Thank you for coming along on the ride on this A to Z Blog Challenge through the month of April which has gone like a flash as Aprils always do … I’ve so appreciated your support and comments which always broadens my view and thinking and feeling. 

The last page of Dr. Susan E. Schwartz’s and my book ‘Aging & Becoming ~ A Reflective Enquiry’ ends with Susan’s words: Aging presents challenges that we do not escape at life endings. pg. 140

and with a Zen koan: The ten thousand things return to the one. Where does the one return?

Green Balch

Let us be patient with one another and even patient with ourselves.

We have a long way to go, so let us hasten along the road,

The road of human tenderness and generosity.

Groping, we may find one another’s hands in the dark.






































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  1. Hi Susan, I missed this one at the time. Trying to catch up a little now. Congratulations on completing the challenge. I love the Zen koan you included in the post. Great question to stimulate thought. And the poem is lovely too.

  2. Congrats on surviving another A to Z, Susan! That’s a huge accomplishment. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to get here for all of your posts, but I read as many as I could.

      • Thanks, Susan! I appreciate all the kind words and support, both on my blog and Facebook. It means a lot.

        • And a VERY happy birthday JH for today! it’s shared with both my brother and cousin! On the cusp of Gemini 🙂 🙂 🙂 And of course I so appreciate all your support. Thank you!

  3. This world needs a lot more patience. Thanks for sharing so many great thoughts in your A to Z series. It was a great theme and hope using it for A to Z was helpful to you as well.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    • Thanks Arlee very much – yes, it was great selecting excerpts and receiving comments. Meeting new people and re-meeting usual supporters was also the best …

    • Thank you Mary so much! I’ll be checking up on the #WATWB in the next few days – the A-Z has rather precluded my keeping up to date 🙂

  4. Beautiful autumn tree and even more serenity.
    Your short posts are packed with so much food for the soul, I feel full for a long time afterwards.
    And as Ramdas said, “We are walking each other home.” I will look to you from time to time and enjoy the wisdom of your words to keep me company till my end nears.
    Thank you dear Susan.
    Thank you.

    • That’s such a lovely comment Arti thank you so much – ‘We are walking each other home’. I so appreciate your coming by and am delighted to have met you, although it was only from O onwards … Thank you dear Arti, my heart feels a little fuller –

  5. That is a lovely autumnal tree. You end the challenge with very interesting questions. Where does the one return? I don’t know, but fascinating to ponder. Thanks for a great month, Susan, and congrats on making it through! 🙂

    • Thanks Sara, yes the colours at this time of year are lovely. We have a few solar lamps in the garden and the circle of light is one I took at night a few weeks back …
      Thank you for all your lovely posts on Herbarium … they were so interesting. And congrats to you for completing the challenge!

  6. We definitely need to be patient with one another… and find one another’s hands in the dark to give assistance along the way. 🙂
    Congrats on crossing the A to Z finishing line, Susan!
    Your posts allowed for wonderful reflection.
    See you around on the #WATWB and #IWSG blog circuits.
    Writer In Transit

    • It’s been fun Michelle! Congrats to you too – will catch up on your post today. Much to respond to also on #WATWB circuits – it’s Workers’ Day after all! Sunny here in Jhbg.

  7. Hi Susan – lovely photo of Autumn approaching you … frankly it might as well be the same here … thick black clouds over the Channel, now turned to thick grey misty rain!

    But a wonderful journey with you … and I’ve noted a few posts I need to come back to this week – so my time ahead is invigorated by your ideas here.

    Aging – it will happen and we all twist, turn, spiral, thread together, ever forwards to our ends – that unknown date of days ahead … take care and enjoy Autumn … and I’ll see you around – cheers Hilary


    • Thanks Hilary so much for your ongoing support. I’ll be catching up on yours today. We took my son to the airport this morning, much mist about but it has now cleared and it’s a bright sunny day. Hope same on your side! So, let’s continue twisting, turning, spiralling and threading as we continue on our journeys. All best to you, Susan.

  8. Dear Susan, It’s been awesome, and what a wonderful way to promote your amazing new book, “Aging & Becoming” (of which I’m a proud owner!) … it was so enjoyable reading your entire A-Z, I take my hat off to you and the other Susan (SES) too … just the thing to catch up on, after returning from my Spring holiday. Yay! Huge cheers for once more reaching the glittering finish line! Another beginning in disguise.

    I agree with Marian’s thoughtful comment about being here, at the same time, on this beautiful planet together, yet always in different seasons … with me in England, and you in South Africa. I especially love the Zen koan and Green Balch, which teaches great wisdom. Each line is a blessing in itself. Perfect pitch! Hope you encountered much divine love, light and laughter along the way! Blessings always, Deborah.

    • Thank you Deborah! And again for your lovely review of the book! Nice way to think of it – another beginning in disguise.

      I have much catching up to do this day, Worker’s Day – I think a public holiday in the UK also? Will respond to your Tarot post on Death later – I read it on my phone last night. I look forward to a re-read. Blessings to you and hope all well. Susan

  9. Congrats susan !! that was a lovely way to end; I am sure its not the end … we continue to lift each other. I love the images and I thank you for the inspiration for the whole of April – appreciate you for initiating deep thoughts and discussions.. I am little more wiser after reading your posts:) Love and Hugs and Hats off for the successful completion of this challenge.

  10. So glad for the opportunity to preview your book this month through the excerpts before diving in deeply. Congratulations on a challenge well played Susan.

    • Thanks Deborah so much! And to you for your posts on this challenge – your pronoia posts were/are a delight! Will be catching up and responding to many posts today.

  11. The photo is gorgeous. How fascinating that we on the same planet are experiencing totally different seasons. I have enjoyed your A – Z blog challenge.

  12. Congratulations on surviving the A — Z Challenge, yet another year. I’m taking my hat off to you and applauding. I enjoyed your posts. NOW, you can go collapse!

    • Thanks Jacqui – I’ll miss your posts. Plan to catch up today. Public holiday here – I think international? Certainly in the UK as here in SA.

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