This will be the last ‘We are the World Blogfest post’. There was a growing sense among the creators and co-hosts that we were all just too busy to continue to meet the deadline for the last Friday of each month and other issues in these troubled times are taking priority. WATWB has served its purpose well, bringing in a little light among the ever increasing darkness of our people and planet. More and more stories continue to emerge of courage among the bleakest of circumstances, exemplified by the people of Ukraine, inspired by their president, Volodymyr Zelensky.

A blog or two back I posted about thekiffness and his re-mix along with the head of the Boombox band, a Ukrainian living in the USA who returned to Ukraine – raising funds for humanitarian aid in Ukraine. That is still going strong and monies from across the world continue from revenue gained by streaming over various platforms.

Our own Gift of the Givers provides aid across the world irrespective of nationality, race or creed. They are the true heroes of my country. I wish we could have Dr Imtiaz Sooliman as our president. He deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for all that he is, and does. His teams are extraordinary.

Already, logistics are in place for humanitarian aid for the Ukraine from Gift of the Givers based here in South Africa. Apart from food, medical supplies and support teams, petrol, clothing, Gift of the Givers is also helping to ensure the safe return of SA students in the Ukraine. The link is below –

To all our co-hosts of the remarkable and inspiring ‘We are the World Blogfest’, our thanks and deep gratitude for this effort. Damyanti Biswas and Belinda Witzenhausen started this 5 years ago. Ashlynn Waterstone has helped enormously in doing work behind the scenes. We are proud to have been a part of this effort.

Co-hosts this month are Sylvia McGrath and Belinda Witzenhausen –
Sylvia McGrath
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Thank you for reading. May the Force be with you, and thank you for your support over the years for #WATWB

In darkness, be light.

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    • I reckon we’ll always find uplifting stories to post Robbie. Thank you for being a faithful commentator – much appreciated.

      • Thank you so much Susan for sharing this and other positive stories, over the past five years. I am sure like me others found your pages uplifting and their lives a lot brighter after reading them. I look forward to finding any future articles to share on this page and give hope to others who find life stressful. Good luck with all your future endeavours.

        • Thanks so much Sylvia for your kind comments. It was always a challenge to pick a particular story over others – there were so many highlighting humanity in action. As you always so admirably did. Good luck to you too in all future endeavours! (We use a β€˜u’ in some words eg colour, honour etc) all best, susan

  1. Yes I’ll keep going somehow – it’s worth showing what else is out there … and positiveness from around the world always helps, especially as it highlights other parts of the world … fortunately I’ll be seeing you around – take care and ‘see you’ soon – cheers Hilary

    • I’ll be seeing you around Hilary for sure! I responded to an earlier comment on this post – unsure right now if you’ve seen it. Cheers for now, Susan

    • Thanks you again Hilary, thank you over the years for your wonderful comments and encouragement, take care and see you soon ~ Cheers Sylvia

    • It doesn’t stop us from spreading the good news – just listened to Crocodile Harris ‘Give me the Good News’ on you tube. Powerful song, in its way, rallying …
      Thanks for your comment Pam and for your oftimes commenting on the posts – much appreciated as you know πŸ™‚ xx

  2. Nothing lasts forever (including the awful power play by P*tin). For once, it’s not my country being the bully. WATWB has been uplifting and inspiring–and I appreciate the need to move on. Thank you for taking part and being so faithful. May the goodness of the world be stronger than evil. May we not get discouraged but keep doing what we can to encourage the good. With love, gratitude, and peace.

    • Thank you for your ongoing support Elaine. Your ending words struck me: ‘With love, gratitude, and peace’. These are operative words and very powerful ones … and ‘With’, capitalised, gives extra force ..and it implies ‘co-‘ so thank you for that too because it’s got me thinking ..
      I’ve just listened to ‘Give me the Good News’ on you tube … Crocodile Harris … I know you know that song. Your sons too, and Vic too would have loved it … in these times my mantra is ‘Peace’. I will exercise my love and gratitude muscles, though they are also ‘visible’ in one way or the other.
      Yes, the #WATWB monthly good news item was very much a part of my life and I am thankful to Damyanti who was the originator who invited me to take part. The bloggers from around the world really did pull out the stops and showcase extraordinary stories that in some way I suppose gave hope that good will triumph over evil. Lord knows we need hope – the very last thing that Pandora pulled out of the box …
      Thank you for being faithful Elaine – you many times commented on these posts, wisely and thoughtfully .. as did most of commentators who saw goodness in action in the world, even in the most desperate circumstances. Maybe it stirs the little ‘hope’ muscle .. keeping TS Eliot’s comment in mind … hope for the wrong thing (I think he acknowledges ‘hope’ also in the positive sense).
      So, here’s to encouraging the good .. With love, gratitude and peace to you too ..

  3. WATWB has been fun, both to contribute to and to look forward to. But all good things come to an end, or morph into something different I suppose. Perhaps that’s the good news to take away from this ending.

    • Thanks for coming by Ally Bean and for your support for #WATWB. β€˜Morph’ – nice way of putting it, and a good scrabble word. πŸ˜€

  4. Hi, Susan – I too am sad to see #WATWB come to an end. I’ve met some awesome bloggers through this linkup (and you are at the top of that list). I also loved its focus on shining light on the positive news that is actually all around us but is often hard to find.
    I join you in praying for Ukraine, for the humanitarian efforts, and for restoration of power back to the people.

    • Thank you Donna πŸ™‚ Likewise I’ve met some awesome bloggers not only #WATWB people (take a bow) – I was thinking this morning, that’s there’s no reason not to continue sharing uplifting posts and I will continue doing so, in my small way πŸ™‚

  5. What is happening in the Ukraine breaks my heart, so much destruction and the loss of so many innocent lives. So many people stepping up with humanitarian aid speaks volumes to the kindness of the human spirit. Thanks for sharing! Saying goodbye to #WATWB was an extremely difficult decision to make but I know I will continue its mission and share positive uplifting stories when I can. Thanks so much for being a part of #WATWB, it was bloggers like yourself who made it so special! I know I have grown through the experience.

  6. Thank you and all the others for WATWB. Yes, the challenges of getting any of my own projects done amidst the challenges of time and circumstances long ago made my participation in WATWB only an occasional thing.

  7. Susan, your World Blogfest posts have been such an inspiration to me over the years. I admire you and David for your deeply humanitarian spirits and for doing what you can do, each in your own way, to heal our suffering world. Thank you. I’ll miss these posts, but look forward to your ongoing blog musings.

    • Thank you Jeanie so much – the #WATWB has been quite a journey, choosing what and which article to post, always showing the goodness in the world. And the other #WATWB bloggers stories from around the world. Always uplifting. David, since you mention him, is the one to be admired, Mike my elder son with what he does for others behind the scenes. You for what you do with your beautiful, illuminating and affirming posts. Humanity in action πŸ™‚ xx

    • It is sad that #WATWB has come to an end Jacqui. We need to keep finding those bright spots. All is well thank you and I hope same with you πŸ™‚

  8. Susan, I have been amazed at the outpouring of aid and support given to Ukraine since this war started by a madman. I believe the world has shown him that you can’t mess with freedom, democracy and love from the human race without repercussion. My heartfelt thanks for your post and a standing ovation for all you have donated funds and physically supported the fight in Ukraine. It is a testament to a deeply positive spirit that resides in all of us.

    • How perfectly you say that Mary about the ‘deeply positive spirit that resides in all of us’. A lovely reminder in these troubled times. Thank you for coming by and for all your lovely posts in the past for #WATWB. We all keep Ukraine in our hearts and are deeply grateful to those helpers.

  9. Such an uplifting story. It has been such an honor to have played a very small part in bringing light into the world.

  10. Thanks for your kind offerings with WATWB over the months and years, even. And thank you for highlighting helping organizations. This is a time for the “helpers” to appear, shedding light in the darkness as you have done.

    I too have some sunflowers on my breakfast table, a reminder to pray for Ukraine, for the humanitarian efforts, and for a successful restoration of power back to the people eventually. Huge hugs, Susan!
    ((( )))

    • I love the story of the little person who asked his mother about all the horrible things, who replied, Look for the Helpers. So thanks for the reminder there Marian. Thank you for your ongoing support to the #WATWB over the months and years. I’ve so appreciated it. Have a lovely weekend, and hugs to you too πŸ™‚

  11. There are so many things going on, and it’s difficult sometimes to keep projects going.
    Thank you for highlighting some positive things among the bleak, Susan.

  12. Hi Susan, I’m sorry to see that this blogfest is coming to a close, but thank you for providing so many useful resources and providing light during dark times. Best wishes to you.

  13. Hi Susan – it’s very sad … and I’ll be putting mine up tomorrow … and may continue in some format – as I enjoy highlighting things that are inspiring.

    Ukraine is devastatingly sad … so appalling that people in this world need to experience the horrors that occur from these selfish bullies, who call themselves leaders – what goodness examples have they set?

    I wrote about Mandela a few years ago “the man who united rich and poor, black and white, and in the process of leadership, since his release from prison, has taught the human race the power of forgiveness”.

    Thanks for highlighting all these organisations … so many people are helping as best we can … I sincerely hope they can find peace. With thoughts and thanks for being here with WATWB … Hilary

    • Thanks so much Hilary, I look forward to your last post … mmmm, that sounds dire, like the trumpet sounding the last post. Thank YOU for being here for #WATWB. There’ll always be stories that lighten the darkness … Susan

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