Equinox – yesterday

I always like to acknowledge the Equinox – a time when things stand still for a moment and the Earth’s axis is neither away from nor towards the Sun, but is rather perpendicular to the Sun’s rays. 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness as conventional wisdom decrees. For those in the northern hemisphere you’ll be welcoming Spring and judging from photographs on various media, Mother Nature is greening and showing off her newness and freshness. Here in the southern hemisphere I can feel the change of season – it remains hot during the day here in Plettenberg Bay, though there’s a distinct nip in the air as evening approaches.

21 March – acknowledging the Sharpeville riots in 1960 –

A stain on the history of South Africa – commemorating the unprovoked shooting by the apartheid police of unarmed men and women attending a peaceful protest of the infamous pass laws. 69 people were shot dead, many more wounded. It is a public holiday today. We were saying earlier today that this day would be better named Sharpeville Massacre Day. Call it what it is …

It’s been a ridiculously busy month one way or the other. I was trying too hard to accommodate to others’ change of plans that had me in a tizz, so much so that a week or so back I lost my voice for several days which developed into bronchitis. Which meant several nights of a hacking cough, which meant my husband slept downstairs and which meant a course of antibiotics, the last of which I took this morning. Several days of not moving from my home and feeling poorly. No seeing of my son, daughter-in-law and grandson, though they gifted me with photos of baby Sam every now and then.

Sam at 7 weeks

This morning David called and said they were off to the Keurbooms Strand for a walk. He picked me up and we met the others at the beach. It was a bit of a hike on the boardwalk but I managed it just fine. The scent of fynbos is a smell like no other and always lifts my spirits. It’s a childhood memory.


JΓΌte’s mother was there with her dogs. Mikhael, JΓΌte’s brother visited for the long weekend and to meet his little nephew. Pablo, Dave & JΓΌte’s dog, still a puppy but such a clever little pooch. Oh it was lovely to walk on the beach, watching Pablo catching the frisbee, the other dogs going after a branch thrown into the sea.

I carried baby Sam for a good while, well covered because of the sun, snoozing peacefully, snug as a bug in a rug, and this grandmother’s heart filled with joy at holding my grandson.

Picasso:Guernica, an anti-war painting, portraying the suffering of innocent individuals.

Here the Ukrainian flag

The National Flag of Ukraine features two equal horizontal bands of azure/blue (top) and golden yellow.
blue sky, yellow wheatfields

Thank you for reading. May the Force be with you in these uncertain times.

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  1. You have reminded my of the Fynbos, that most spectacular and beautiful of landscapes, that I had the rare privilege of visiting. Its impact will remain with me forever.

    • Thank you for coming by David – and letting me know you were reminded of the fynbos.

  2. Hi Susan, I am sorry you have been ill. Covid has been doing the rounds of my family this past week and Greg and I also ended up with chest infections and are on antibiotics. I don’t know why people think Omicron is nothing because it certainly is not pleasant. Sam is a beautiful baby with a stunning smile.

    • Sorry to hear you and Greg have been ill with Covid Robbie. I hope the rounds in your family pass by quickly and that you feel 100% well again. I didn’t take a probiotic with the antibiotic – I’m going to get probiotics this afternoon. I mention this because it’s a good idea.
      Omicron – an anagram of moronic. He is such a sweet baby – have spent part of this morning with him and parents here, uncle Mike as well, listening to Mozart. All was so still and quiet …

  3. What a beautiful post Susan, i loved all the images you posted; the best one was your grandson and his cute smile brightened me, Sorry to hear about your cough. hope by now you will be much better, take care, glad to see that you had gone out with family and the picture of the beach is so awesome. My prayers for Ukraine its so sad to read and to see so many lives destroyed… hope for peace in that region.

    • Lovely to see you Genevive – you appeared in a dream I had a few nights back. I reached out for your hand – a little more to the dream but as in all or most dreams I take another person to reflect a quality in myself. Yes, this is a troubled world we live in – Ukraine is tragic beyond words. I hope this finds you and family well xx

  4. Hi, Susan – Baby Sam is absolutely gorgeous. What better pleasure than to snuggle him tightly as you walk alone the beach.
    I hope that the antibiotics have done their trick and that you are now feeling better!

    • Thanks Donna πŸ™‚ I tried by the way to access your last post but couldn’t. ‘This post cannot be found’ or words to that effect? Did anyone else have that problem? All well thank you, it was great to END the antibiotic (tho it’s left me with burny lips) – hope so too with you and yours πŸ™‚

  5. Happy Equinox, dear Susan. I love the pics of you and your grandson. I hope the cough is better and the world, too. Perhaps the equinox will be a turning point — from power struggles between people and nations to peace.

    • Thanks Pam – Peace is an operative word isn’t it – like love … operative … I wonder if peace is possible. Maybe only when we each have peace in our own hearts. I hope all well with you and family xx

  6. Hi Susan – thank you for remembering the horrors of Sharpeville, before my time … but still affecting people’s lives. I have some details produced by Drum magazine … one day I hope to ‘do something’ with them. We are living in ghastly horrific times – I just hope someone can bring this to peace and to an end … very soon.

    So pleased there’s happiness nearby for you – and you’ve been able to see and share some time with your littlie – he looks just delightful … and having the family nearby must help. Plett is a wonderful area … and you can get up to Jhb to see Sam there …

    I was interested to learn yesterday … that someone was telling me about their gas reading which they do by phone … she insists on speaking to someone – I was somewhat amazed that she said it was to South Africa she was sent!! Not India – that we so often get sent to …

    Life is life at the moment isn’t it – I feel so much for Ukraine and the horrors that are happening there. I’m learning a little re Russia in the 19th/20th century – the Revolutions going on then. Keeping that balance for oneself is essential – I count my blessings at having had such a varied life …

    This comment isn’t the best – too many other things ticking away … but SA is always in my heart – and now I’d better get on – Spring is a-coming here and I thank the seasons for the coming seasons … get better and take care – cheers Hilary

    • Your comment is lovely Hilary thank you – I know what you mean when one thinks it isn’t the best.

      I bought a book 2nd hand (it looks 4th hand) called ‘Russia’ by Edward Rutherford … he writes great big huge novels … ‘Paris’ is one I read a while ago. But there are a few of them. They start from a long time ago and aside from the tales told, are historically so interesting.

      Yes, it’s a messed up world. Pretty much here in SA too – SA is part of Brics – Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa. SA’s president is not denouncing the invasion to my (and our collective) shame. Wonder what the 1.00 pm news is – have just got home from my pottery class. Not sure I want to check it out – in the words of Dorothy Parker – ‘What fresh hell is this’. All best to you. Have a good week. Susan πŸ™‚

      • Thanks Susan – it’s often so difficult to portray one’s thoughts emotionally sufficient … so much goes around. I must remember the Rutherfurd books – I mean to read them … and hadn’t realised he’d written one about Russia.

        I’d ‘forgotten’ about BRICS … none of them have denounced Putin … our democratic organisations – UN etc … seem to be out of kilter right now and it seems no-one knows what to do … the devil is out of the bottle.

        ‘What fresh hell is this’ … horrific – yet what a leader Zelensky is, in so many ways … an unbelievable man – as too his wife …

        I hope recovery is full now … and you can relax and enjoy your Autumn – cheers Hilary

  7. I’m glad you’re feeling better and that you got to go to the beach and enjoy grandbaby snuggles, too. With all the horror in the world, there is still love and family, and the change of seasons.

  8. You got the best job at the beach and Sam is an adorable boy. I’m glad you’re feeling better, Susan. Overextending can make us so sick and I struggle with that often as I acclimate (with protest) to what I can and can’t do with Meniere’s Disease. Today I’ll take a beautiful afternoon walk in the forest. It’s good to be back in the big trees again. The melt is on and I’m grateful–although I see light snow in the forecast in a few days. That’s March in my part of the world, but with all people are suffering in this world from bombs, covid, drought, war, and flooding, I won’t complain about a little March snow. Love to you and your family.

    • ‘Best job at the beach’! I love it πŸ™‚ Thanks Elaine, it was a grim few days and I can track from when it started. If I were to relate all that happened I’d be writing for a good hour or so. But I can put this behind me now, while catching a big wake up call as to my limitations. As you well know with Meniere’s. I hope your walk was wonderful, no doubt it was as you anticipate the melt and welcome the greening. Even if there is further snow forecast. I agree, a personal discomfort seems so small considering what else is happening in this messed up world. Have a lovely week Elaine – love, Susan

  9. Such a lovely post. What special times. Appreciate the reminder of the Equinox.

    • When humanity is at its best, it is lovely. Again, we see humanity at its worst – when, if ever will it end? Thanks Susan for coming by.

  10. What a lovely day and wonderful meeting with your beloved ones, especially on human rights day, which ironically is so rare these days. πŸ€—β€οΈπŸŒΉ

  11. I’ve felt off-kilter this month, too. I appreciate how you pay attention to the change of seasons, making me more aware of them too. Which makes me feel more balanced. Your grandson is adorable. The photo of you two together is wonderful. I especially love his little feet.

    • Aren’t his little tootsies so sweet! I gave them little massages every now and then, feeling the smallness and delicacy of each little toe. Thanks for coming by Ally Bean – may the kelter return soon … variant of the word kilter which originally meant good health, good condition!

  12. What a lovely post. Walking your boardwalk looked magnificent especially with your beautiful sunshine. Plus, your grandson’s smile added to the beauty of your world makes your day absolutely amazing. You are lucky to have such a splendid family and day. <3

    I'm especially jealous as Poulsbo's boardwalk is closed as it needs lots of repairs and that may take quite some time to happen. Will you lend us your boardwalk so I can get my walks along the bay in — PLEASE?!! πŸ˜‰

    • Your boardwalk will come Gwynn as will your walks around Poulsbo! I am counting my blessings believe me. You’re going into Spring, we go into Autumn – although I quite like Autumn capricious as it is. Have a lovely week and thank you for coming by πŸ™‚

      • Yes, our boardwalk will return but we hear NOT for many months. I absolutely miss walking along the bay on our boardwalk as it is my meditation! I too love Autumn and Spring as they are beautiful times of years. Enjoy the beauty of your year.

  13. Good morning, Susan. I see I’m first to comment here, which almost never happens. I can count on you to acknowledge the changes of seasons, which God has promised will remain intact as long as the earth spins on its axis.

    Governments gone crazy seem to keep us off balance, and we have to work hard to restore equilibrium. Baby Sam, what a bright-eyed sweetheart, is helping you do just that, a very good thing. Thanks for the reminder to pray for Ukraine and to enjoy special moments with loved ones! πŸ˜€

    • Thank you Marian and also for being the first πŸ™‚ and happily not the last. You’re 100% correct that these moments of joy are essential for keeping the balance amongst this collective madness we’re all experiencing. I find it hard to keep the balance sometimes. I want to not watch the TV news but at the same time it’s important to know the depths of depravity that we are capable of even if vicariously. Have a good week.

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