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X marks the spot! This day 25 years ago marks that momentous day when we all went to the polls to vote in our first democratically elected government. I was so proud to make mine for the ANC and for Mr. Nelson Mandela. O that feeling of Freedom for everyone! A collective joy swept through our nation for a long while filled as it was with optimism and hope and equality! And the next time around as well, when Mr. Thabo Mbeki took over the helm. Thereafter when a certain Jacob Zuma took over, dethroning Mbeki in a well planned coup, things went from not so good to worse and desperately worrying.

Today is a public holiday honouring our first democratically held election – it’s a beautiful and sunny day.

In these last few days, freedom of speech, freedom from poverty, economic freedom, freedom from gender bias, freedom from thuggery, freedom from xenophobia and other such have been hot topics on the radio as I’ve gone here and there in my car. Everyone who I’ve heard on the radio was examining and putting the x-ray onto this question of freedom and wondering how far we’ve come in pursuing this ideal. 

Could we put the x-ray onto the inner recesses of our souls? Our psyches may find it hard to withstand what the x-ray may reveal, but it’s a excellent way to start.

Neil S Freedom means to me to not be shackled by any encumbrances, physical, emotional, spiritual or financial.

Thank you for reading. I always appreciate your comments.


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  1. An interesting post, Susan. South Africa is following the path of all African countries. I have studied the economics of Africa for many years and a lot of what is happening now was predicted a long time ago.

    • There has to be a change in the other direction at some stage Robbie – and let’s face it, we’ve been interfered with by other countries who have an agenda …

    • Thanks for coming by Kaddu. 90% of the enjoyment or fun is reading others’ comments I agree – wonderfully widening! And as you say, the caste system entrenched from so long ago. I enjoyed your X post on films in foreign lands 🙂

  2. I hope we’re beginning to eXamine what freedom means in the US and what we want as a country. There’s a hint of a turning toward more reflection. Thank you for the post and thoughts and quotes. As always, Nelson Mandela rings my freedom bell.

    • We’re also examining what freedom really means here in SA Elaine .. different cultures and tribes have different responses. But a re-examination of what freedom really means at a base level would yield much food for thought. Here in SA basic economic freedom eg is not a reality, nor are other basic freedoms ..

  3. Its been 25 years since the historic day. That is commendable and it shows that human spirit and will prevails in the end.
    I like the use of X-ray in your post. We might open Pandora’s box if we all x-ray our souls!
    Read my X post here XYST

    • There is that danger Kislaya of opening a Pandora’s box! But the box must be opened surely – for all the evils of mankind to be exposed, and thereafter dealt with ..

  4. There will always be people who want to take your freedom even after you’ve conquered the hard-earned road to it. Why is this, I wonder? Is freedom of choice that scary to some people that they don’t want anyone else to have it?

    • Well, that’s an interesting question Pam – and could well be a reaction of those who don’t want the other to have it for fear of it being used against those who wish to suppress it ..

  5. What hope you had in voting for Nelson Mandela and freedom. The examination you exposed since doesn’t seem to make a passing grade.

  6. Nice X choice Susan – I wondered what you’d come up with. X-raying our souls – I think that image will remain with me for quite some time.

  7. I always enjoy discovering how A- Z Bloggers end up managing “X” — particularly when covering such heavy topics as yours. “X Marks the Spot” was a brilliant choice, especially when accompanied by Mandela’s very inspirational quote!

  8. X marks the sweet spot on the kindness scan. I like your metaphor here.

    Hurrah for the celebration on a sunny day, Susan. Here’s to freedom!

    • Thanks Marian – truly a lovely sunny warm day. I hope it’s like this on 8th May when we have a very important election.

  9. I love the idea of x-raying our souls as maybe we would find the rainbow of love and consideration for one another. You have done an excellent job with describing freedom. You only have two days left and I’m applauding. Enjoy your weekend and I’m headed to the Seattle side to visit my kids and grandkids today- Freedom of Energy!! LOL! 😉

    • The rainbow of love and compassion – that is excellent Gwynn as is the image. You too have a lovely energetic weekend with family 🙂 🙂

  10. Susan thank you for an amazing journey with you during this month of April 2019…may we find and l believe there are many who still believe we can find the rainbow…

  11. Can it really be twenty five years since that victorious day?! Wow, enjoy your beautiful, sunny celebratory weekend Susan. “X” certainly marks the spot! And if only we could x ray our souls and look to see where our wounds lay within. Another fab post, thank you so much for sharing! I hadn’t heard the quote about Mozart before … x ray of the soul, so lovely and so true! Love and light, Deborah.

    • A quarter of a century! Hard to believe! Mozart – I’ve heard it said that his compositions are so mathematically accurate that no other composer comes close no matter how beautiful it is ..

      Thanks Deborah – love & light to you too, Susan

      • This afternoon I chanced upon a beautiful “mandala for Mandela” in my local park. I’ve posted the photo to Instagram, you’ll love it, looks like a mandala of the soul. xx

        • I love that mandala and mandela are similar – I’ve always thought of Mr. Mandela’s name in that way! The photo on Instagram is beautiful, thank you!

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