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Nearly there! But golly it’s been a weighty few weeks writing about Freedom everyday except for Sundays when we have a break! I’ve so appreciated your comments, I can’t tell you; I’ve found them thought provoking & broadening and I know that others have too. Thank you all for taking precious time to respond. Come Tuesday it is Z! Ze end!

Nathaniel Hawthorne below

We’re all wounded in one way or the other. Do we feel betrayed when the beliefs we’ve held dear are not so, such as being conditioned to believe in the sanctity and safety of the family, religion, government other institutions and therefore also conditioned to believe in the freedom to be and act only within those limits? We’re betrayed many times, by ourselves, those we love, the society in which we live. We also do the betraying to others. The wound of this, if acknowledged and the inner work done to address it, is a way of seeing or getting to the truth and being liberated and freer and less captive of clutches of which we are so familiar even if unconsciously –

C.G. Jung: “Wholeness is not achieved by cutting off a portion of oneโ€™s being, but by integration of the contraries”.

Coco Chanel: โ€œThe most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.โ€

Ingrid M: My own idea about the word freedom …for me it would be not having to be concerned about the state of the world in general …the environment, the fate of the poor, the wars being fought in so many countries, cruelty to children and animals. That lovely line in Desiderata which used to give me comfort: “No doubt the universe is unfolding as it should” no longer applies.

Thank you for reading and have a lovely weekend. I so appreciate your comments.


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  1. I like the quote by Coco Chanel!
    I appreciate that you have been writing about freedom each day for the challenge! Freedom is so integral. Without freedom, we are no human.
    I like the other quote which says that ‘Love’ frees us of the weight and pain of life. Love in its truest form is truly liberating๐Ÿ˜Š
    Read my W post here Wonderful Woes

    • Thanks Kislaya .. and to you too writing as you are for the challenge! Love – and the power of it – do we even know how to love ourselves, and others, freely? But as you comment, in its truest from is liberating ..

  2. W for Whew! Weep is a good W word, too. Yes, I’m wounded by the unfulfilled promises of my youth in anti-war activism and civil rights causes. I believed we could change. I believed we Would change. Now, I know that some did but the problematic issues are only worse. The political system in the US inches closer and closer to the mafia. I weep that we moved so quickly from Obama’s idealism and hope to the politics of violence and deception. And here we are. This too is impermanent and will change. Thanks for sending incredible quotes and sharing insights. You’re working hard!

    • Thanks Elaine – how things change and impermanence means that the swing will happen towards the midpoint and then towards peace and a better sense of freedom. Believe me, we’re feeling the betrayal of promises not kept and kleptomania by the govt. Will we learn from this when we cast our vote in just over a week and vote in yet again a weak and inept govt?. I don’t deny that some strides have been made – but basic rights are still much lacking ..

  3. This quote by C.G. Jung: โ€œWholeness is not achieved by cutting off a portion of oneโ€™s being, but by integration of the contrariesโ€ speaks loudly to me. It’s what we need today – acceptance of all the bits that make up our world. Sadly, it is more difficult to accept some than others.

  4. I’ve felt the weight of this series of yours Susan. But the weight that says we are meant to carry these considerations, to wrestle with our consciences and our consciousness, and wear our courage as a cloak as we offer our best to the world. Thank you.

  5. What a wonderful read at the end of the week! As always Susan you include many great “Freedom” quotes, I love the wholeness, weight and wounds of them all. Arlee’s inclusion of the word “wild” is inspiring in terms of freedom as I imagine outside of hours needed for survival, feeding and the sharpening beaks and claws etc, that animals, birds and insects must enjoy great periods each and every day of freedom and peace … including basking in the warmth of the sun and perfecting the art of just “being” … pure bliss! Love and light, Deborah.

    • I hope Arlee comes by and reads your comment Deborah! I would have liked to say something about women gaining certain freedoms eg right to vote etc but it would have been a lonnnng post. Thank you for your ongoing support through the alphabet. Have a wonderful weekend !
      Love & Light to you, susan

  6. Another ‘w’ word for freedom that came immediately to my mind is ‘wild’ as I think of animals in the wild being free or a person living wild and free. I’ve tried some wild and free living, but mostly I always retreat into the safety of conformity and tradition. Freedom is best preserved by establishing certain boundaries–seems like a contradiction at first thought but this does make sense when we consider the vastness of the world and its inhabitants and all the differing outlooks the people have.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    • It’s a wild and wonderful world out there Arlee but you’ve got it right – best to be aware of all the different outlooks, cultures and traditions and to have respect for them. I guess we find our freedoms within our own boundaries, contradictory though that is! Have a lovely weekend. And thank you for coming by –

  7. O, how is it when we turn to professionals who train years to listen – yet often when want to reach out to regain wholeness, are suddenly told you are beyong their care and such medicalise. This is not what I felt when reached out in counselling early 40s – it was if could produce a film about my story up to then. Now feel after few attempts for my soul to reach out – professionals are selective, protective as if a doctrine, even worse an ism which Jung felt if lived his life in isms is life would have been as waste. I again look to the Cross and refuse to feel betrayed by Him. Thank you for all your work on freedom – something seldom find in others

    • Thanks for coming by Anthony .. and sorry to hear that professional therapy didn’t serve you well which it sometimes doesn’t as it is not always for everyone depending on many factors. The Cross is a wonderful symbol of bearing the suffering and I think it’s true to say we each also have to carry our own cross and therein hopefully find a sort of freedom – all best wishes.

  8. O, Mary, don’t you WEEP, don’t you mourn. My first thought when thinking of your topic of freedom and today’s letter.

    • This did come through Beth – though where your other one went wondering if you’d pressed ‘send’ didn’t – can you elaborate a bit about Mary weeping – I remember this from somewhere ..

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