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My post for this month ‘We Are the World Blogfest’ post is different this time round. I am not linking to any story, but just saying that last Wednesday, 14th February, I heard on the radio, close to midnight, the president of South Africa, resign. In his own words. For the last several weeks we’d been on a roller coaster, wondering  what would happen. The tension was palpable. We had been hoping that Jacob Zuma would either resign or be forced out – and face the charges brought against him. His resignation was the best Valentine’s gift I could have received.

For me and the citizens of South Africa, this shows the power of protest in civil society, the justice system, the voice of the ordinary person. Saying NO MORE to State Capture – unbridled corruption. State capture is the capture of state-owned enterprises eg our national airline, railways, power grid. Government gives tenders to preferred suppliers and receives from them HUGE kickbacks to go into their pockets. Needless to say, suppliers that offer better services at better costs are overlooked. Billions of rands have been lost to services that require this money – education, housing, health – 

So, Zuma is OUT and we have a new president, Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa sworn in last Friday. We anticipate a sweeping clean up of government ministers who have failed in their duty to the peoples of South Africa. There is a new sense of hope and unity in my country. I am inspired as I hope you will be too; although the wheels of justice grind exceedingly slow, we CAN use our voice and protest and say NO.

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  1. This is good news … best of luck to the new president Mr Ramaphosa … I think it is remarkable that the previous commander in chief decided to resign before political impeachment. I wish the same happened over here in Argentina… The previous president had many causes of corruption … the new government favors the rich and illicitly enriches through evasion, economic favors and … well, corruption … I am glad for you & South Africa, dear Susan.
    Love & best wishes 🙂

    • Thanks Aquileana – change happens so slowly. MUCH still to be sorted out here. The new president has a lot of sweeping still to do. And not just under the carpet 🙂 All I really know is that power corrupts. But Mr. Ramaphosa knows that South Africa CAN rise again, and will do his best to ensure that we don’t go so low again .. love and best to you –

  2. Governments seem to have a way of going astray. I think it’s true that power corrupts. But it also makes those in power complacent and less willing to do things that might cause change for them.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    • We’re keeping an eye on things with interest Arlee … what you say is true – but we do think our new president means business and betterment for all. Thank you for coming by –

  3. Cynical me says that although this is good news that one corrupt official is ousted, it’s still too early to celebrate that real meaningful change will occur. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

    • Yes, too early to say plus other stuff is coming out of the woodworks and it’s not pretty … we have to wait and see. Thanks for coming by Joanne –

      • Is it ugly stuff about the new guy or the old guy? I’m hoping it’s the latter because it’s much too early to get discouraged with the new.

        • some cabinet ministers have either resigned or told to vacate their their positions by the new pres. It is those and a few remaining in cabinet who are still to face the courts of law ..

  4. Congratulations! This is fantastic news, and god knows we’ve needed some. Hopefully this is the dawn of a bright new day for South Africa.

  5. That is indeed a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift for South Africa! I hope it brings along with it a fresh new change and lots of good cheer to you all!

  6. Agree that this was the best Valentine Day’s gift for the citizens of South Africa. More power to Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa and here’s wishing that he brings around the much needed change and prosperity to the country!!

  7. May this new beginning truly help your people, Susan. Most especially may it help drought-affected and poor persons in your land find new hope and more expedient aid. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I think that was definitely the best Valentine’s gift!
    Never underestimate the power of the collective civil voice!
    There does seem to be a strong sense of hope and renewal sweeping our shores…
    I too am hopeful…

  9. Dear Susan, Thank you for sharing this positive and promising news! Like many, I am looking forward with renewed hope. In pure synchronicity and returning briefly to your recent “Limbo” post, I felt sure something had to give yet the speed of this, surprises all! What an amazing, inspiring day for South Africa on her “Day of Hearts!”

    And yet, to quote your own prophetic words, “it’s a thought that once things start moving, that the energy of filling the vacuum happens fast … nature abhorring a vacuum, that sort of thing. That’s the normal course of events.” Your knowing, wise words, are filled as always, with deep karmic Crone wisdom. Warm and wild blessings, Deborah.

    • lovely to hear from you Deborah. Well, the euphoria is fast fading .. the finance minister in his first annual budget speech last week basically said ‘well, we stole money from you now you have to give it back’. Yes, I know this doesn’t make sense – Increased VAT and other unhelpful measures. The poor will get poorer. I’m in anarchic mode – but don’t let me get started. Our new pres must deliver firstly by removing many fat cats from the cabinet – we have one of the largest cabinets in the world if not the largest, deputy this and that, advisor to the deputy, adviser to the adviser and on it goes and all their perks paid for by a very small % of tax payers .. See, I got started …

      But I’m feeling a little better hearing from you, thank you dear Deborah. Warm and wild blessings to you, Susan

  10. What an excellent Valentine gift. Thank you for spreading good news which is in short supply these days. I wish the best for South Africa and its new leadership.

    Voices of ordinary folks are being heard these days. In our country, the women spoke of abuse and were heard, and now the children are rising up against school violence and demanding something be done.

    Thank you, Susan!

    • Thanks Marian for your good wishes for South Africa and its leadership. Yes, our voices are to be USED for positive action. There’s something magnificent about the ordinary voices –

  11. This is very inspiring, Susan. As you say, it is a perfect ‘Valentine’s Day Gift’ and it is also a fabulous WATWB post. Wishing South Africa a very positive future ahead!

  12. I’m celebrating for South Africa and you. Yes, we’ll wait to see what happens, but at least a step has been taken. As you know, we’re trapped in a horrifying it’s my way or no way debate in this country about assault weapons. I hope there is some movement. I hope the kids don’t give up on the adults. I’ll attend a walkout at a local high school to stand with students in support. They will sit silently outside their classrooms for 17 minutes–one minute for each student killed in a Florida high school. The least the adults can do is stand behind them and with them. Sending you gratitude and love.

    • Thank you Elaine. It’s heartening to see the action being taken by youngsters and others in light of the tragic shooting in Parkland Florida. I stand with you. The euphoria is slowly dying down here post zuma’s removal – there’re plenty more that need to be removed from the cabinet. But it’s a start. Love to you and good wishes for your planned vacation!

  13. I am keeping good thoughts for your country, Susan, that the political climate will turn with your new President and that corruption will be thrown out of the government. It seems that people around the world are recognizing that we have a voice and we need to use that voice to effect change.

    • Thanks Mary for coming by – it’s a start, much yet to put into action. There is a world-wide recognition I agree that the general population is pretty fed up and they are using their voice and ACTING – to effect change. I applaud all who protest.

  14. Hi Susan – good to read your post and yes isn’t it wonderful finally South Africa can look forward with hope. Long may it last and long may South Africa develop in the way it can do … cheers HIlary

    • Thanks Hilary … one of the many tasks facing Cyril Ramaphosa is to get rid of many crooks in the hugely over-bloated ministry – one of the largest in the world. Susan

  15. Nothing better than the gift of freedom. And standing up and using our voices is necessary in this world. Just look at the US. 🙂

  16. I heard some of Zuma’s resignation speech on TV, Susan, and knew you’d be pleased from your previous posts. I hope the new government does well and that some of those kick-backs can be recovered. Wishing you and your country a wonderful future.

    • Thanks Norah so much! We’ll wait and see – much still to worked out! But, we are more positive than negative … thank you for your good wishes …

  17. I am delighted that your country made a clean sweep of the negativity in South Africa’s political office. I truly pray the same will happen for our country. I have my fingers crossed. Have a Lovely Summer!!

    • Thanks Gwynn for coming by – I won’t say we’ve made a ‘clean sweep’ – MUCH still to be attended to but it’s a good start. I hope too that the wheel will turn – as it does – for the better in the US. Summer here is actually turning – a coolth here right now. As you may be experiencing a turn towards winter?

  18. I, too, was inspired and celebrated when I heard the news Susan. This is a powerful reminder of the the importance and efficacy of collective civil protest.

  19. I’m glad that things are getting cleaned up where you live, and in a way that gives you hope. I agree that this shows the power of protest and the fact that good people never give up.

    [I was thinking of that saying just the other day. Fascinating that you’d use it on this post.]

    • Thanks Ally Bean – there’s too much going ‘for’ our country to not ever give up … same as in the US I would imagine … we’ll keep on fighting the good fight ..

  20. This is indeed great news, Susan! Hoping for the best for you, your nation and the people. Wishing our legislative and executive gov’t would take such an encouraging turn.

  21. Hi Susan ! congratulations to you and am glad about the valentine day gift for the country:) I pray and hope that the new leader will bring in positive changes and the future looks hopeful… wishing you happiness and harmony:) Thanks for sharing your feelings…

    • Thanks Genevive – there’s ‘talk’ about making Valentine’s Day a Thanksgiving Day! Lovely wish thank you for happiness and harmony – I wish the same for you and India …

  22. I so hope he will be a wonderful leader for you. It’s jarring to have your leader resign, no matter the reason. I known South Africans are strong and will get tthrough this.

  23. I hope this is the start of something new and good for you and everyone in S. Africa, Susan. I remember seeing your FB post about how this was your Valentine’s wish. How wonderful that peaceful protest of ordinary citizens led to this result!

    • Thanks Merril. I’m convinced that the ordinary wo/man in the street is a voice to be heard and listened to and ACTED upon … it adds up for meaningful protest!

  24. First, congratulations. I’ve been following this story of hope and celebration in our news here and thinking of you. Second I’m thrilled to read of the We Are The World blogfest and will join happily. I’ll write you with further questions in a day or two. I’m grandmothering (as my husband, home with the chickens, puts it) in Ohio this week and my time is not my own.

    • Thanks for coming by Janet, much appreciate it. We’ll wait and see what happens – the annual budget speech given recently by our minister of finance leaves much to be desired. Enjoy your grandmothering weekend! Great to hear you may join the #WATWB!

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