On the last Friday of each month, bloggers from around the world post an item on good news, an incident that raises our vibrations and which helps towards making the world a better place and restores our faith in humanity.

It can be an individual act; a collective act; an initiative that gets off the ground serving the greater whole; it can be a known act, or an unknown one.

Here in Plettenberg Bay where I live, there are so many people and organisations that help feed the needy, and do much else besides for many communities who live on the fringe of this town. This one took my fancy, this young lad who lives in the UK, and whose grandparents live in Plettenberg Bay

This young hero, 7 yr old Bradley Watson who lives in the UK, decided during lockdown he wanted to raise money for hungry children in Plett where his Grandparents live. He told his family he wanted to run a marathon over 7 days, but with their support completed the marathon in just 4 days. (5 hrs & 32 min). He raised R6000 and chose the Plett Meal Centre as the recipient, who feed 350 children & adults daily from Faris Rd in the Industrial area. Bradley, you are an absolute star. Thank you. #plett_volunteers Knysna-Plett Herald CXpress Garden Route Newspaper

Image may contain: 7 people, outdoor, text that says "UNITED Kingdom King Day Finished 29 July 2020 12,7 kms Ashtead urrey ΑΙΑ DAY 12.7km MARATHON Bradley Watson yrs old- Ran 42 km for Charity-Completed/in 4 days Day 2 27 27July 10 kms FINISHED Start Day 1 13 Kms 26 July Finished Marathon: 42 Km Day 3 28July 28 7 kms AIA SupportTeam Support eam The Plett Meal Centre Eyethu Educare PE MEAL CENTRE &EYETHU EDUCARE"

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Lizbeth Hartz
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Sylvia Steyn

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September is around the corner – hard to believe. Here in the southern hemisphere, we’re turning towards Spring and you in the northern hemisphere, towards Fall, or as we call it here in South Africa, Autumn.

But wherever we are, whatever season approaches or recedes, things are changing. Day by day. There’s pretty much upheaval here, there and everywhere.

Keep safe, thank you for reading and may the Force be with you.

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  1. THIS IS WHAT WE NEED TO READ MORE ABOUT!! People like Bradley. What a fabulous boy. And yes, I know this is why you all write We Are the World. Let’s keep shining the light – and writing about the light in others. Excellent!

    • Thanks Pam so much! It’s such a lovely story and jolly inspiring and so needed among all the doom and gloom. Gotta keep a candle lit and burning!

  2. Hi Susan, finally I am able to log in through another computer and read this post; thanks for sharing such a sweet story this little boy, its so heartening to know how children can get involved in bringing light amidst darkness. Hope all well with you, and hope you are home and safe.

    • Lovely that you came by Genevieve thank you! It also gave me the opportunity to check out my post again and be reminded of all that is good in the world 🙂 xx

  3. It’s so hopeful when kids hear the cries of the world and want to do something to help. Sweet, sweet, sweet Bradley and the parents who helped him pull this off. Thanks for good news in a hard news world, Susan.

    • Thanks Elaine for commenting – sweet boy indeed, with a good and loving heart. I hope he comes here to Plett at Christmas, he is probably familiar with it, given that his grandparents live here …

  4. I like this kid. He’s making the best of things and showing his elders how to do it with style. Good contribution to this month’s WATBA.

  5. Dear Susan, What do you mean it is the last Friday of the month? Where has August gone?

    I knew you lived in South Africa, and now I located Plettenberg Bay on a map. The photos of this area are gorgeous. 7 year old Bradley is inspirational. His story is heartwarming. Tears brimming how our future is in great hands when someone as young as Bradley can make a difference. Of course he is surrounded by a loving, supportive family who models acts of kindness. Walks the talk. Thank you for a heartwarming post. Have a wonderful weekend. xx ❤️

    • I also cannot believe that September is just about here Erica. Glad you looked up Plettenberg Bay, it surely is a haven of beauty. The garden route of the western cape is to be seen to be believed. Other parts of South Africa are also magnificent –

      Bradley is a super star – and 7 years old! Every one must be so proud of him. Even though I don’t know him, I too feel a swelling in my heart.

      Thank you for coming by and have a lovely weekend 🙂 xx

  6. I love this! What a beautiful child. Seven and running 4 day marathon to feed the hungry. Fills my heart that the younger generation are so caring <3

  7. Hi Susan – kids are amazing aren’t they … how wonderful to read about his different initiative for Plett sufferers … amazing and his grandparents must be so proud. I hope he can get out to visit them soon, rather than later. Stay safe – Hilary

    • Kids such as this young lad our definitely our future! I also hope he gets to visit our lovely town as soon as he can – maybe at Christmas. Thanks for coming by Hilary … have a lovely weekend 🙂

  8. Kudos to this enterprising 7-year-old. He has a great start on being a benevolent human being.

    More good news: This past year I have been supporting an organization called Trades of Hope, which gives women around the world fair trade value for lovely items they create: jewelry, handbags, scarves, leather-goods. Recently they are promoting face masks made by women in India. Many of these women would otherwise be victims to sex trade and maids in homes where they are vulnerable to the advances of predatory males.

    Thanks from broadcasting all this good news. I will definitely share this!

    • Thanks Marian for coming by 🙂 Lovely about your ‘Trades of Hope’ organisation and how they’re promoting masks made in India, the end result that hopefully there will less exploitation of women. Here in SA women are making masks using beautiful African cloth and selling them to South Korea and elsewhere. Employment of marginalised women is so necessary. Have a lovely weekend … I think it’s your book signing tomorrow so have a lot of fun!

  9. What a cute young man, and how wonderful that he worked so hard to help others. I’m applauding. I’m sure he will do lots of fantastic things as he grows up. Thanks for the lovely story. With so much trauma these days, it is nice to hear something heart-warming.

    • I wonder if he knows that his deeds in the UK for funds for feeding here in Plett are being broadcast further than a Plett group? I’ll see IF I can put my post up on that particular feed .. Yes, plenty of trauma all about. Have a great weekend Gwynn and thanks for coming by 🙂

  10. Hi Susan – I agree, Bradley is a star 🙂 We’ve had so many changes and things we’ve needed to adapt to, it’s great to see someone young making positive things happen.

  11. Big cheers for Bradley. He is an absolute star. He is also an excellent reminder of the power of one person to make a meaningful difference for others! Thank you for sharing this.

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