It’s the last Friday of the month and the day on which bloggers around the world put up good news stories as a way of mitigating the bad news that floods our TV, newspapers, social media and so on. This is the 20th month so far!

We invite you to share a story that uplifts and inspires you and to tell us why it does.
Any story that shows humanity in action towards another person or group, or towards the planet, gets my heart singing. I’ve chosen this particular one among many to show that people do care and take steps to clean up, knowing the consequences of no action.

Ignore, deplore, accuse, tackle. Those are four of the responses of the general public when confronted by the multiple problems of our country.

Willem Snyman of Hennops River tackles. 

Below is the link –

I know that the community is working today at cleaning up the Hennops river which is about 40 mins away from me. If I could be there I would.

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May this post all others nudge us to spread light in darkness!

Have a lovely weekend, and thank you for reading.

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  1. The world needs more Willems, Susan. What a fabulous story to share. I can’t believe the litter I see people discard. They care nothing for the environment. They must care little for themselves. So sad. That anyone would object to others making an attempt to clean up the world is just inconceivable, but sadly true.

    • I’ve thought that those who don’t own property do not have a clue about care for the environment – but as I say that, no one owns the beach or seas or mountains etc and yet even those who own property mess up … strange huh Norah? Thank you for coming by and have a great week 🙂 and yes to all the Willems of which there are many! Including you 🙂

  2. I can’t believe what a mess Hennops River is in, Susan. I drove through Yeoville by accident yesterday [my father had a fit about it] and it is a disgusting mess. I was really shocked. No wonder we get rat infestations.

    • Power outage right now Robbie. Yes, rats at the top rats at the bottom. But there are many who we know who do the right thing – people like Willem, like you, you who keep the flame burning in the darkness. Thank you for coming by – and not too much swanning around in Yeoville 😀

  3. Such a simple act but makes a huge difference, thanks for inspiring susan, together we all can bring in light amidst darkness, love and hugs.

  4. I live bordering a National Forest. In camping season and hunting season, people throw their McDonald’s wrappers and beer bottles (reassuring when they’re toting guns) on the side of the road. I’m good at picking up, but there is less stuff thrown around every year. I’ve found nothing this fall, an excellent sign of an emerging realization that this National Forest is a beautiful place to visit so maybe everyone should pack their garbage out as requested. It’s happening. There is hope.

    • That’s so great that there’s a greater awareness about littering Elaine. I too pick up other people’s trash and my bag’s contents are getting smaller! And there are signs along roads to say don’t litter our beautiful country. I still occasionally see people throwing stuff out their cars – arrrrgh it makes my blood boil! But it’s happening less, so yes there is hope 🙂 Thank you for coming by!

  5. “”Ignore, deplore, accuse, tackle.” I had never thought of it that way before.
    Thank you for another thought-provoking and inspiring post. I’m off to think a bit further about those four responses.

  6. I love that: “ignore, deplore, accuse and tackle.” Yes, there is so much finger-pointing and so little action so it’s great to see when someone does the tackling! What a lot of rubbish in that river! We do a cleanup of the Conestoga River and its tributaries which winds its way around Lancaster County where I live and we have gotten truckloads of trash, tires, pieces of metal, a bed frame, an ATM machine (!), even a toilet (!!) out of the river. It’s amazing what people toss in something so beautiful. Great story, Susan. oxo

    • ATM & Loo!!!!! Yup, fridges and other such ginormous stuff. Pretty sad really when it could be recycled or some of it anyway, and a profit for the recycling made by those who take care. Every day I see on our roads, men wheeling HUGE loads of material clearly for recycling and it makes me heart sing a little. Thanks for coming by Pam – and I know only so well of your great and green efforts xx

  7. Many would see this as a hopeless situation or too dangerous. He is a person of courage and inspiration. Thank you for sharing this!

    • Thanks JoAnna – I guess what seems hopeless at the beginning will always seem so unless there is action. I agree Willem Snyman is inspiring!

    • Thanks for coming by Gail. Aloha! Daunting is the right word. Many are involved in community work in cleaning up man made pollution and they are to be applauded. I just checked your post – I’ll be smiling all day long!

    • I just looked at future crunch Ashen and it is really interesting thank you for it! I hope others go by it – it really shows the strides that have been made.

  8. I applaud this effort to share writing and also a photo of a community of caring souls willing to tackle an eyesore and threat to the environment. You have my wheels turning about a vignette I could share.

    One of the major US networks broadcasts a short blurb at the end of each newscast showing kindness or sharing a happy thought. (If it’s not daily, I believe it’s at least a weekly occurrence.)

    Brava, Susan!

    • Thank you Marian! Looking forward to your vignette! We too have shots of goodness reported on our news every now and then which I sometimes catch which is always lovely and is a reminder of the goodness that is here there and everywhere –

  9. Dear Susan, Thank you for sharing this uplifting, positive story. The power of one comes to mind, how all it takes is for one person to say, “No!” and then tackle (however defined) the situation head on. What a hero this man is indeed, for all can see that the task is going to be long and laborious. Thank goodness there are many others around, willing to lend a hand! Such a beautiful photo of the red roses, makes me think of the “Rubedo” and coming to life. Love and light, Deborah.

    • Thanks Deborah for coming by. Individual acts often have a roller coaster effect. This is an example of a positive action of which there are many examples which turn into collective action – what could be better!!

      I can’t remember if the roses are from my own photograph of them in my garden – I think it is but it’s not a recent one this I know. But it brought home to me the thorns among the roses – gotta have those thorns among a thing of beauty! Love albedo and rubedo to you!

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