Voice of the Dreammoon on waterThe dream’s ‘voice’ uses unusual metaphor and symbols as its vehicle of doing so – its’ way of communicating – unique, and meant only for you. You will recognise the voice, if you want –

Like the stars that come out at night and are visible when the skies are clear yet are so far away, so does the dream seem far away, yet the light is there. There is no darkness without light. That which is dark or unknown can be made visible. 

Who are all these visitors who come in the night? Sometimes they seem vague, no vice, no virtue, no voice, no violence.

Or those vistas in which we find ourselves, climbing mountains, going into a forest, crossing a bridge, being lost in a strange land, a verge, a sunset, a glowing world, drowning, valleys, a child – 

It’s a wilderness down there. 

Our conscious thought is governed largely by the ego, representing a mere tip of the iceberg, underneath which lies the vast reservoirs below, i.e. the unconscious. Leviathans lie deep. This strata is common to us all, the original sea, always adding. It is from here that our dreams come. It is from here that myths and legends emerge and live on. Grandmothers teaching how to make bread, weaving webs, story telling around a camp fire – Persephone and Demeter; Inanna; Hades; Oedipus; Tristan And Isolde; Eros and Psyche – to where we are now, space exploration, instant communication.. It is from those depths that we connect with those archaic ancestral mythical parts of ourselves – and move onwards, backwards, deeper still, always in images – 

Kern Windwraith (The Odd Particle) posted Lord Byron’s poem in her comment a post or 3 back – my thanks to her – his voice speaks clearly, in mystery.

“Our life is twofold; Sleep hath its own world,
A boundary between the things misnamed
Death and existence: Sleep hath its own world,
And a wide realm of wild reality,
And dreams in their development have breath,
And tears, and tortures, and the touch of joy”.

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  1. Thanks for encouraging me to think about dream voices. I love this. They are varied and many–like complexes and other unconscious contents. And one dream figure can have many different voices. My husband who died almost seven years ago still comes often in dreams, including last night, but he comes in different guises. Usually the positive masculine, but sometimes boyish and playful, sometimes romantic, sometimes reassuring me, sometimes helping me out of a scary situation, and sometimes challenging me to do better. And occasionally his voice isn’t positive at all–as he wasn’t always a positive animus in life. Thanks again, Susan.

    • Thank you Elaine, all those voices which animate us in one way or the other. How wonderful it is to have those messengers in the nigh as you note! My late father appears in my dreams from time to time – some years ago he was with me on a bridge teaching me how to fish …which of course never happened in real life. It took a lot of work to re-imagine this image but so worth it.

  2. “It’s a wilderness down there.” Doesn’t that just say it all? Each time we approach a dream it’s like going on a wilderness adventure. We don’t know who or what we’ll find or what we’ll hear; we don’t know we’ll be diving into the deeps or having to untangle webs of jungle vines to reach the heart of our dream.

    I love that you used Byron’s poem here–it’s the perfect echo for your post with its “wide realm of wild reality…tears, and tortures, and the touch of joy.”

  3. Beautifully written Susan. You make the voice very easy for anyone to understand and then open themselves up to their own dreams.


  4. A wilderness, indeed. Thanks for posting the voice of Byron. Thanks to Kern, too.

    I’ve often thought about that passage of time from what the Greeks (and those before) knew and what we know. And I wonder, a millennium or so from now what will they know?

    Will any of us know more about ourselves through the voice in that vast wilderness of our dreams than we already do.

    Thanks, Susan

    • Now there’s an interesting thought – what will people in a millennium’s time know? Will it have any thorough grounding in e.g. 20 and 21st century ‘thinking’ – I think so? Standing on the shoulders of those who’ve been before?

      Thank you Samantha!

  5. I missed that poem. Glad you included it in the context of your post. It is a powerful combination, as are your words, wising us up day-by-day to the influence, potential, power and mystery of dreams.

  6. I am going to miss these posts so very much. I have always loved my dreams and you have brought me so much more interest in the subject. I honestly am hoping this A-Z never ends. The subject of dreams brings so much enjoyment. Thank you Dear Susan.

    • Thank you dear Marsha. I too find it such a fascinating subject to read about by authors such as James Hillman, Marie-Louise von Franz.. actually the list of wonderful Jungian writers is endless …while the A-Z may end soon, your dreaming never will ..

  7. Your post is fabulous as it continues to make me think (scary thought). I do wonder what is hidden deep down in the depths of my psyche and if it will ever sneak out to give me a glimpse. I believe our dreams can be so educating as they speak to us about our life. I now dub you Queen of the Dream World!! 😉 Now we can be Queens together! Hugs, Gwynn

  8. Thank you Susan for your reply, and for your moon image, and your beautiful words about opposites such as darkness without light, and more all in one gulp.

  9. A lovely poem and fascinating post. Ancestral mythic parts of ourselves–it seems like a profound truth that I still don’t understand. Not consciously, anyway. Again, I feel like I need to sit in a quiet room and consider your words. Thanks Susan.

    • Thank you Sara – don’t try to ‘understand’ – let it cook and consider your own dreams, your own myth – within the collective one.

  10. what a great post Susan, which has so much depth.. I loved the image and I read, reread your post, I tried to recall my dreams to see if I had any dream wherein I heard voices, I loved the way you explained wilderness, the unconscious…thanks again for this inspiring post !

  11. One of my most vivid dreams was a bus full of people telling me to Just do it. I still haven’t worked out what I am meant to just do. Or perhaps each time I hesitate to do something, I should just do it.

    • Thanks Suzy. Yours is pretty ambiguous as dreams are. You will know – a bus is a collective symbol in its way, driven by another – let it cook, and track other dreams.

  12. Hi Susan – the voice … an synchronicity of the senses: like the artists and musicians .. it’s such an interesting area of the mind … I loved that poem of Byrons … and those early thinkers and recorders … fascinating series .. cheers Hilary

    • Thank you Hilary – love your series on Cornwall too! We’re winding down towards the end – though I’m behind in constructing last few posts. Susan


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  14. Sometimes my dream voice is extremely loud I’m undecided if it’s about trying to make myself heard, or that shouting isn’t the answer? I’ll work it out.

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