I bought this pot plant – amaryllis – about 2 weeks ago and have been watching the buds blossom. I had no idea how beautiful it would be. I’d bought another one about 3 weeks previously but I gave it away as a thank you to someone who was very kind about delivering something at no charge – a new mattress actually, for my housekeeper. Such a nice man, Mr. Clifford Lyons of Lyons Wholesale. What a pleasure to have it on hand (bought by me, for me, that morning) and give it to him – I hope his bloomed as beautifully as mine – he said his wife loves gardening so I am sure it brought them both joy.

Last evening I was outside in the coolth of the night wondering if I would put up a blog post today for New Year’s Eve. I didn’t really want to say about this past year which has had wings of its own supercharged aerodynamic batteries. I would have had to put my thinking cap on to look back – and the batteries are now flat. I was thinking of some lovely books I devoured e.g. ‘The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry’; ‘The Light Between Oceans’; ‘Girl on a Train’ and several others … then I was thinking of music and my Willie Nelson CD’s that I play sometimes when I’m at my desk. I’m a country gal at heart.  What really is my most favourite song? Leonard Cohen’s ‘There’s a crack, there’s a crack in Everything’. I was pretty sure that I didn’t put up a blog last New Year’s Eve but I went to have a look – and indeed I did! Similar title!

My son Mike helped me ’embed it’ – (whatever that means). I love the sentiment of the crack – that’s how the light gets in. There are so many ever-widening cracks in our world these days yet I find it hopeful that this allows for light. And without researching it properly, I do know that ancient pottery was the more valued for the cracks it had which were painted over with fine gold – not to hide, but to emphasise – and value –

Many of us are missing loved ones who are no longer with us. It’s more sad and sore over this festive season and New Year when the bells ring in change. The longing for those who are no longer with us can make the crack a little deeper …

‘Ring the bells that still can ring

Forget your perfect offering

There is a crack in everything

That’s how the light gets in’ –


 Dave my younger son, Juté his fiancé, Mike my elder son – taken in early December. Dave & Juté marry in March 2016.
IMG_0724 6

I took this photo today of Mike and Toko, his old prep school buddy. Toko and his family is and always will be a treasured part of our family. They were setting off for golf with Neil … still to change their shoes and golf shirts …

IMG_0741 3So, the New Year is upon us – may the bells ring how they may and make beautiful music. May our hearts and souls continue to deepen and take root and blossom. May the path with its cracks lead to peace, joy, fulfilment, compassion, creativity – within and without –542591_620348161315085_803962571_nAll my very best and warm wishes for a blessed 2016!

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  1. Somewhere in the beginning, everything was darkness, so it has been written. Thank you Patricia and Susan, for creating light to shine on this series of comments and replies. Biblically, light came later than darkness, and this is also replicated in the lives of each of us as well. Long Live Garden Of Eden Blog! “The Crack In Everything” is a great teacher!

    • Thank you Joseph! It’s good to remember this i.e. light after darkness! And thank you for your kind comments to Patricia and me …

  2. My editorial comment is not in reality about something exterior to me. The comment is really a review of changes that have begun in my perceptions at the beginning of this blog and how these 53 generations of comments/replies appear to me now. I love to introspect why “I” am never “myself,” and to wonder “who” I will be later.

    • That is A-okay. If we don’t introspect we will never learn about ourselves and clear the way for growth to take place. Nor will be able to visualize who we will be later. It is in visualization of our future that we gain courage to be more than what we think we could be.

      • Courage as we introspect yes! A little apprehension maybe also … but a clearing for future ongoing growth – thank you Patricia for your comment to Joseph!

    • We are always ourselves Joseph, though attitudes & perceptions change as we traverse this this thing called life. We also let go of ‘stuff’ that no longer serves us …

  3. Editorial Comment:- . . . In the beginning, The Genesis of concern about the metaphorical crack was pain, discomfort, or discontent. Interesting, at 52d generation of comments, we read all the new experiences reported, with lingering negative feelings and blossoming positive feelings that linger as well. Yes, this is real change! And this is an example of creativity the way new inventions of thoughts flourish! Long Live Change and Creativity!

  4. Join the club, Country Gal! I’m a country fan at heart too. Coming from the Deep South I was raised with Country, Blues and Soul Music. When we visited the States for six weeks in 2008, we had the privilege of attending the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. I flipped out!! It was marvelous.
    I like your title. There’s A Crack In Everything. On one of my CD’s I recorded a song written by Nina Simone, titled Everything Must Change, Nothing Remains the Same.

    It’s exactly like that Crack in Everything, sooner or later change comes and when that happens we know nothing will ever be the same again.

    Your article, the pictures of your family, and the events taking place in your family speak of change; there is a crack. But the crack is of hope and increase. If there is no crack, your new daughter-in-law could not fit in. Your circle had to crack to enlarge and that is a beautiful feeling. Everything changes; nothing remains the same.
    Sending you belated New Year’s greeting out of good old Europe.

    • How beautifully you say about the necessity of the crack Patricia! I’ll let Jüte know also – no crack, no possibility of increase!

      Yes, those country and blues songsters knew a thing or three. If anything can tweak my heart strings they can with their soulful music and accompaniment on various instruments –

      It’s lovely to get belated New Year’s greeting Patti thank you!

      Shalom to you, Susan

  5. Thanks for defining —tropism! Might we all get a laugh over this? In an e mail July 2012 from Doctor Harold Raley, who is a Best-Selling- Author, Professor, Speaker, Linguist, he wrote to me, ” Thanks for your comments about my work. Your obvious generosity of spirit is a mark of those who have an inclination to seek understanding, what my mentor philosopher Julian Marias once called a ‘tropism for the truth.’ ” Well, I now understand that the dictionary allows for the reader to seek towards the truth OR to veer away from the truth. Context Decides!

    • Well, it’s almost a month late in my responding to your comment above Joseph and I am sorry it passed me by. It happens only very occasionally but when it does I feel mortified. My apologies! I hope this finds you and Anita well …

  6. I didn’t receive notification of this post either. I loved all your pictures of your family. I have filled in my name and email again. Hopefully, I will receive notification of your next posts.

  7. Happy New Year! Thanks for sharing Cohen with us. So lovely his words, and I’m sharing this on Facebook. I like Willie Nelson’s music too. I woke up one day and realized I like country. Kind of grew on me over the years.
    Your sons are quite handsome 🙂

    • Lovely Joseph thank you – I looked up the meaning of heliotropic and it means as you say – looking towards (or away) from the sun!

  8. Bowing to you, Susan. This is the very blessing I needed tonight. The Song that comes to mind for me is Leonard Cohen’s “Dance Me to the End of Love.” I heard it at a few Marion Woodman workshops. Blessed New Year full of peace and Willie Nelson.

    A young woman friend brought me a Narcissus in a pot. I watch the flower bud as it pushes it’s way out to the light. I often had Amaryllis in the past and many pots of forced daffodils and croci (is that right?) I miss them.

    • Hello Elaine! Yes, Dance me to the end of Love is one of my favourites too! As is David Bowie’s Sorrow. Janis Joplin: Me & Bobby McGee (or Kris Kristofferson) .. and Willie anytime anywhere.

      I’m missing my amaryllis right now and wonder how it’s doing in my absence. I wanted to bring it down to Plettenberg Bay (where we are right now) on the plane. I wish I had. I took a photo of it on my cell just before we left – with MORE buds about to bloom. So, here’s to cracks and croci, narcissus and narrative …

      Thank you for coming by Elaine – you know how much I appreciate this …

  9. Hi Susan, what an inspiring post, love the flowers that bloomed. Enjoyed the song, there’s a crack in everything.. listening for the first time in all silence and quietness, today being Sunday. I am more relaxed and calm and this song was very inspiring, loved the music which was very soothing. congrats for your son’s wedding in this year. Both Dave and Mike look great in the photograph and also Dave’s fiancée jute looks so simple and nice. Thanks for sharing such an inspiring post, you are a wonderful writer and I admire the way you present the post. Wishing you and your family a great year ahead. Sending you my love and Gods abundant blessings:) keep shining spreading your light.

    • Thank you Genevive for coming by and I am glad you found the post inspiring. And that you listened to Leonard Cohen. Thank you also for your very kind comments about my blogs, I so appreciate this. As I do your very good wishes; of which the same to you dear Genevive – all God’s richest blessings to you and family.

  10. Theme of “The Crack” has diminished as well as augmented connotations. I think positively of the crack that allows brilliance to shine outwards upon everybody. Mike and Dave have had the grace of this light that came upon them from their mom. Mom is, in a sense, “Godly.” Psalm 36.9 could well be referenced to you, Susan. “For with You is life’s fountain; in Your light we will see light.”



    • Glad you see the positive connotations of ‘the crack’ Joseph. And thank you for coming by and commenting. I finished a book, novel, given to me on Eve last evening and this affirms my knowing that we are all sons and daughters of Eve and thus godly and this includes you Joseph as does the lovely Psalm …

      Shalom, Susan.

  11. Willie Nelson and Leonard Cohen–who would have guessed. Two of my favorites also, along with a new love for Adele (well, my daughter introduced me to her years ago on a road trip we took across the country. That filled many hours!). Something about music does what nothing else–including writing–can.

    Glad to have you as an efriend, Susan. See you soon!

    • Ha! So pleased re the music 🙂 !! I know of Adele (who doesn’t) but I’m not really familiar with her music. Give me a Willie or a Leonard any day with their soul sounds and words!

      Pleased too Jacqui to have you as an efriend!

      • Adele is that soul music also. A haunting musty voice, so clear, lots of sad themes. Here latest–Hello, it’s me–has turned into a meme.

        • Yup, I may investigate – I know that she’s an incredibly talented artist with the voice of an angel .. thanks for prod – one day –

          sad about Bowie … his “Sorrow’ is one of my very favourites …

  12. Hi there dear susan…. The song is beautiful and so are the pics of your sons… Handsome, both of them…
    The year went by so quickly and now a new year is ahead, as many possibilities are awaiting…
    Beginnings are always exciting… Renewal and change are, I guess.
    Sending love and all my best wishes. Aquileana:D

    • That is so kind Aquileana, thank you for stopping by and saying! I LOVE the Leonard Cohen song and all those lovely singers! Yes, my sons are handsome, I’ll tell them you said! They will glow even more!

      Yes to a new year and new everything …

      My love to you and all best wishes, Susan 🙂

  13. Thanks Sis – another great post. I was so happy to see this photo of the amaryllis. When Janet and Emma were with me from Johannesburg 6 weeks ago, she gave me the white one, and I enjoyed watching it open up hour by hour, to reveal its beautiful white petals. So sad when it dies down, but Janet says if looked after, it will bloom year after year.

    • I was loath to leave my beautiful amaryllis at home this morning. I wanted to bring it on the plane down to the sea. I took a few photos of it before leaving…
      Lovely to get yr comment thank you Sis

  14. A lovely post, Susan, thank you and a very Happy New Year! The amaryllis is fabulous, and you have a wonderful family. I enjoyed seeing the photos, thank you for posting them. …I love the idea too of the cracks in ancient pottery being painted over in gold. I am intrigued by this. The celebration of imperfection. I guess they thought it was far better to accept the flaws, appreciate the opportunity they gave for change, and make them into something which was even more beautiful. It’s a message of optimism and hope, from the past.

    • Thanks so much Sharon, lovely to see you here and for your wise words. Yes, the celebration of imperfection – and acceptance of flaws –

      May your writing continue apace this coming year and life itself bring you you joy and creativity, good health and cheer. I so want to finish your novel on my Kindle .. perhaps this time round when we get to Plett tomorrow!

        • Thanks Sharon, much enjoyed what I’ve read so far – over half way through! Life got in the way a bit, couldn’t find my Kindle bits and bobs to charge it 🙂 Now sourced and about to pack!

  15. Hi Susan – Happy New Year and days ahead .. sounds like happy times with Dave and Jute’s wedding coming up … how lovely to see the photos and mix of peoples. Wonderful song this – I love Leonard Cohen’s work …

    Lots of cracks now – but on the other hand more light can get in in and around the edges, into the middle … wonderful analogy … I must get out my Cohen CDs …

    The Amaryllis is gorgeous .. I’ve only ever had red/pink ones – I quite fancy a white one!

    Enjoy Plett … we have beautiful seas – rushing cruel, stormy waves … but the coast is gorgeous … so much to be thankful for … and looking forward to reading more of your posts as 2016 moves along … cheers and hugs Hilary

    • Hope you’ve had a happy New Year’s Day Hilary and may 2016 bring you much wandering and wondering! – and much more besides. Glad you enjoyed the song..

      I must say I’m only familiar with the red amaryllis – not sure I’ve seen a pink one.

      I can’t wait to get down to the seas again the lonely sea and the sky .. I only hope it is cooler down there although I’ve heard otherwise.

      Looking forward to your future posts too – always a treasure trove!

      xx Susan

    • So pleased T.J. – midnight approaches in our neck of the woods … may your last day be great and may the bells ring for you in 2016!

  16. Beautiful, Susan. I’m so glad you posted today!
    I hope to return and comment more fully than I have time for at the moment…!
    Blessed New Year to you – Pam

    • Thanks Pam – we’re just back from being out … midnight approaches and the sky is already being lit up – may the light continue in different ways for you this coming year! A Blessed New Year to you too. Susan.

    • That’s lovely Beth! – and thank you for coming by! We’re just back from being out and there’s about 3/4 hr to go still … all best wishes to you for the coming year and for always!

  17. Dear Susan, A beautiful, heart-warming post here at year’s end. This ‘liberated sheep in her post shepherd world’ very much thanks you so for all your wonderful support and inspirational encouragement on my poetry/Jungian blog these past few weeks. It’s wonderful to see all your family pics and most especially that beautiful last image.

    Btw, I can highly recommend the follow up book to ‘The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry’ it’s twice as good! As the New Year approaches us with hopes anew, here’s to wishing you and your family a wonderful year ahead. Happy New Year! Blessings, Deborah.

    • Thank you Deborah! I can’t wait to re-read and comment on your latest post on those two dreams.. always so full of depth and beautiful writing ..I’ve had an initial read but want to read again to savour when things are quieter!

      I’ve heard that the follow up to Fry is excellent – thank you for reminding me. Will seek it out for holiday reading!

      So, blessings to you and loved ones … and here’s to a fulfilling 2016!

  18. What a heart-warming post, Susan. I relaxed reading it – beautiful flower indeed, and the lyrics from the song are one of my favourites! You have a beautiful family, so lovely to see them doing well. And I’m taking notes of books you’ve enjoyed this year. Many blessings to you and all your loved ones!

  19. Lovely sentiments Suzy. Thank you. I wish you and the family a fruitful 2016 filled with many moments of joy.

    • Thank you dear Di-dee … hope to see you soon or at least that we have a chat before you set off on trekking … we’re off to Plett on Sunday/

  20. And a very happy NEW Year to you Susan. Much gratitude for your constant support, interest and friendship ( and today through the Plett news of Mike’s success a photograph to send my daughters of THE place they have heard me speak- ad nauseam’!

    • Thank you Phillipa! We’re off to Plett on Sunday – I’ll send you delicious photographs … off to braai at friend’s home this evening …

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