It’s been a long while since I’ve posted anything. I was in Cape Town to see my sister mid-October. I saw a few friends, somewhat curtailed on account of bad flu (was concerned it might have been covid) right in the middle of my 12 day stay. But it was lovely. My sister looked after me so well, chicken broth, just like our mother used to make it. I have to post a photo of Table Mountain which I took while there – an unusual view of it from Rondebosch when I went walking –

We drove up to Johannesburg from Plettenberg Bay at the end of November overnighting in the Karoo to break the trip. We usually stay at the same place, a working farm. It’s the first time we’ve stayed there at the end of November; usually it’s February or June/July/August. All was so green.

Prior Grange Springfontein Nov 2020

The purpose of the Plett-Johannesburg trip was two-fold. One, our corporate rental had come to an end, so we had to consider what to do about the townhouse. The second reason was to see a few medical specialists, all now done and all in order. The amazing thing is that my son David who lives in Cape Town with my daughter-in-law Jüte, both want to come and live here! So they’ll move in at the end of January probably! David was here for several days while we were here – 3 gigs inter alia – and fell in love with the townhouse all over again. Photo below is from my Johannesburg study. I suspect David will turn the study into his studio – and Jüte will make a name for herself as a highly qualified chef, as she already has in Cape Town.

garden lhs, cut roses on rhs which I gave to a friend in the complex

We’ve seen friends and it’s been wonderful to catch up. Neil has golfed his heart out. The other day someone came up to his group who were having a beer on the verandah of the golf course, holding out a hat and saying that he’s collecting money to pay for an airticket for Neil to fly back to Plett asap. Enough already for winning so many matches –

Neil at townhouse as chirpy as anything

I’m looking forward to our return to Plett tomorrow. This time we’ll leave in the early hours and go all the way through. It’s been a good 3 weeks up here on the highveld.

Last Sunday we went to the Wilds Nature Reserve with a friend. Oh it was lovely to walk along this recently restored special nature spot in the middle of Johannesburg. For many years it had been a crime hotspot.

Unbelievably, irrationally, inexcusably, the president and his council have imposed lockdowns on certain beaches including Plett! For the festive season! We are reeling from this – yes, it’s true that covid appears to be in a 2nd wave and most of us agree with some of the measures (gatherings like funerals). But beaches? It’s true that some beaches get overcrowded especially on public holidays but not in the western cape. There’s a big outcry about this. Not only because of the potential effect on businesses, restaurants, but just the sheer awfulness of denying us the pleasure of walking on beaches while wearing masks, keeping social distance etc … It’s true that there are many other lovely things to do in my neck of the woods. Before we left to come up to Jo’burg, Neil and I went to Nature’s Valley, some way away (30 kms or so) and did a lovely hike after we’d had a delicious lunch with the most magnificent view of the crashing waves right in front of us. Urgent applications to the High Court are being made for the government to relax the ban on beaches …


It’s a few days until the solstice on Monday 21st December where we will have the longest day and shortest night, and vice versa in the northern hemisphere. I hear that this solstice is particularly eventful and rare. Jupiter and Saturn will be so close together that they form a star, now being hailed as the coming of the Star of Bethlehem.

What a year 2020 has been. May the end of it give us 2020 vision where we see more clearly a 2020 (perfect) vision for a better world, a safer more peaceful one. It is said that healing begins only after the trauma … so it may be a while yet. But with hope in our hearts and a desire for a better world coupled with the ability to make it happen, it is very possible.

To you all, a blessed Christmas and New Year. It’s been a tough year for many of us. I don’t have to enumerate the sadnesses and difficulties we’ve all experienced in one way or another. May you be well and stay well. Thank you all for your support to my blog, I appreciate it more than you could know. My love and good wishes to you all –

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  1. Walking helps my buzzing mind so much. Walking on the beach is my favorite activity, but not possible here in New England in the winter, for sure. But yes, to me walking anywhere outside with mask on to be safe for myself and others, helps keep me sane and light-hearted. Hope you can walk easily again soon.

    • Thanks for coming by Pam. Where would I be without walking I wonder. It’s a wonderful way to let the mind wander and get out of head stuff and just enjoy nature. Luckily I’m getting back into it, and now it’s not my toes but a muscle in my calf that’s giving me a bit of ‘trouble’ but this too is easing! One day the masks will be a thing of the past.

      • Can’t wait to be mask-less. Take care of your calf. I find that stretching before a walk helps . . . as well as weekly yoga. (Just my own insight, not trying to be a nurse here, or physical therapist). ;-0 xo

        • I’m taking your comments to heart Pam. My late mother was a yoga teacher, but I haven’t done any for a lonnnng time. Just this afternoon, I was playing bridge and at tea time I checked my phone and saw your message and then blow me down if a few minutes later one of the bridge girls said to me about the yoga classes that she attends and was I interested. Your message and Fiona’s hard on each others’ heels make me pause. Time for me to get back into yoga! And a stretch before walking is sound 🙂

          • I don’t believe in “coincidences.” I think that was a strong message! I Zoom my yoga classes now and they’re gentle, but they make a world of difference for me, my muscles, my flexibility, my strength, and my balance. <3

  2. What a lovely post Susan. Glad to connect here after a very long time, feeling so happy,positive and smiling as I type this comment; because its so nice read your post. I am able to access this from my office computers; home computers i have problems in accessing your blog. I loved every picture you posted they so beautiful and glad to hear about your trip to Wild Nature Reserve with your friend, its always great to go out with friends – i too love to go out for long walks especially nature walks are so therapeutic.

    Due to Covid i am just moving around within a range of 100 kms in the city exploring what is some space to walk around and recently went out for boating right in the heart of the city with my nephews family on the new year day. Nice to hear about your sister who looked after you and made the special chicken broth like your mom.. food has memories. Agree that 2020 was not so great but we have learnt valuable lessons which we would have never learnt otherwise. Wishing you a wonderful New year 2021 ! May this year bring your good health of mind and body and give peace and harmony all through. Thanks for sharing your post, enjoyed reading:) Love and hugs.

    • Lovely to see you here Genevive thank you so much for coming by. I’m hoping to get back into walking soon but after bashing my toes 3 times I still cannot wear a walking shoe! But they are getting better thankfully, and next week I hope to go walkabout.

      When you write 100 kms in the city exploring, I wonder if you meant 10 kms within and around the city. How wonderful to go boating! (Not allowed here, no beaches, swimming etc while lockdown is still underway and further extended).

      May 2021 be a wonderful year for you and family, colleagues and friends. One of health and joy, love and compassion, creativity and wholeness 🙂 xx

  3. Sending love and endless good wishes for a 2021 that brings blessings and comfort for all. I’m trusting that this year we will begin to unfold some of the visioning we’ve all been doing, and begin creating the better world we know we are being called to.

    • Thank you so much Deborah. I wish you all the very best as this year gets underway and indeed for all of us. Yes, that visioning is already beginning to pay off I think and hope.

  4. Hi Susan, we’re all taking breaks from blogging I see. On and off. Such beautiful places. I feel like I’m there through your pics. Thank you for sharing. I hear you about locking everything down. Looks like the beaches could be safe, with people keeping their distances. Some of our beaches are closed too, mostly because of the young, careless partygoers, ruing everything for everyone. Be safe and a very Happy New Year to you!

    • So great to see you here Silvia thanks for coming by! Heaven help us all … more lockdowns anticipated in my my neck of the woods for much the same reason as yours. You too keep safe and well, and may 2021 be a great year for you and family 🙂

  5. Hi, Susan – I’ve dearly missed your posts and was very happy to read this one. Your words always make so much sense to me. I am very sorry to hear about your beaches. I share your frustration with inconsistent COVID restricitons. In British Columbia, we have a Public Health Order (until January 8) to not socialize with anyone whom we do not live with, including other family members. We are not allowed to have non-household members in our homes or backyards. While I understand the rational, my heart breaks in so many ways — especially at this time of year.
    I loved your focus on the positives of the new year ahead — and join you in those very positive thoughts!

    • Lovely to hear from you Donna. I must say the weather in the last few days here in Plettenberg Bay (since we got back from Johannesburg on Saturday night) has been misty, rainy and cool. So beach walking has been out anyway! hopefully you can get out and about in your beautiful country for walking in Nature.

      I wonder if the clouds will part when we go to a higher place in about an hour at sunset to see if we can see the Star from the East, the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn…

      I’m sorry you’ve also been handed those bannings – I do not know what to make of it. Will you be getting the vaccination? Restrictions seem to increase every time I hear something on TV or the radio. We’re expecting son Dave and wife Jüte to arrive by car from Cape Town on Christmas Eve, but i wouldn’t be surprised if all of a sudden inter provincial travel is banned. Flights from SA to various European countries have been banned as have flights to SA.

      A merry Christmas to you all Donna. Hopefully things will be more positive as the year ends and a new one begins.

  6. Glad you had a nice trip and good time.
    Indeed, what a year 2020 has been.
    Let us hope for better tidings in 2021.
    Here in Bengaluru (formerly Bangalore) winter has been a bit colder than previous years. Not sure if that has something to do with less traffic and less pollution.
    Take care and Wish you a Happy Christmas.

    • Thanks for coming by Pradeep. I hope this finds you and family well and keeping safe and that 2021 is a peaceful and healthy year for all. All best wishes to you and family and have a happy Christmas.

  7. I’m so glad to hear everything is going well for you. I love the pictures. They look so normal!

    Yep–get the crazy rules about COVID. Our California governor wants everyone to stay indoors (despite that science says COVID is worse there). Unless you’re protesting so I protest daily to walk my dog. We gotta make this stuff work for us!

    Have a wonderful holiday season, Susan.

    • Thanks so much Jacqui. Seems like the world is in panic mode – as someone said the other day, fear is a killer. There was actually a protest here today in Plettenberg Bay where people met and stood outside with their cool boxes and banners with the cops keeping a close eye on social distancing, masks etc. I had planned to attend at 10 a.m. but after a long drive from Johannesburg yesterday (1300 kms on the clock) and a late night, I decided not to and have just taken it seriously easy today. On one of your posts which I will still get to about tidying up one’s blogs et al, I did have a suggestion – I will still get to yours – and that is to use PIxabay for free images!

      Have a wonderful holiday season Jacqui and take care, keep safe.

  8. I was thinking about you, Susan. I visited your blog in November to see whether I was missing any posts. Scary to get sick right now because of course we imagine all sorts of scenarios. Chicken broth is always nourishing when sick, especially when made by your sister. Interesting view of Table Mountain. I think it was your son, David and Jute who sang the exceptionally beautiful song.❤️ The air ticket story made me smile. Great friends, and obviously says a great deal about Neil.I am also surprised about lockdowns on certain beaches. We had that happen in March and April. Not now. Our present restrictions are to socialize only with the people living in our house. Only my husband and I. We will Zoom Christmas with our children this year. I am glad I had a chance to read and catch up with one of my favourite bloggers. Take care and Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.❤️

    • I was hoping you would come by Erica so thank you! I heard about your restrictions, no socialising apart from members of the same household. This is very severe but frankly it wouldn’t surprise me if similar is effected here.

      There is much that doesn’t make sense eg the Cape Town beaches and others in surrounding areas in a fairly large swathe and which are glorious, are open. There is just a section of the garden route that has banned the beaches, including Plettenberg Bay which is not that far from the border of the eastern cape in which there are serious hot spots. But, now that we’ve returned (last night) we’ll abide by the regulations and there is plenty else available to soak into nature!

      I’m attaching a link – I hope it works! (Not David, but if you what to check him out and wife Jüte dancing in the background and a blind drummer from Turkey, then check out – and the one before that is a parody). The one below is something else –

      I truly hope I haven’t missed any of your blogs Erica. I know that I looked a little while ago! Have a blessed Christmas, and the family in spite of not being in physical presence of all children. Love knows no barriers. If I could do a heart emoji on my computer I would 🙂

      • You are right, Susan, how a great deal does not make sense and also grey areas. I suspect most of our leaders are doing the best that they can with the knowledge of the moment. I am with you “…abide by the regulations…..soak into nature.”

        A huge laugh out loud on the heart emoji. I appreciate your sentence “love knows no barriers”. Thank you for the gift of this song! Goosebumps! Love it!

  9. Hi Susan, thanks for checking in and updating us on all your travels and doings. Wishing you a happy holiday season – better times ahead for us all!

    • Hi Barbara, thanks for coming by! Have a lovely Christmas and holidays. I’ve got a pile of books that I’ve just unpacked now that we’re back in Plettenberg Bay that are going to keep me happy and satisfied for a good long while. Take care and be safe –

  10. Thank You Suzee for posting. Always makes me feel closer to the ‘centre’. Enjoyed this blog immensely. Best love

    • Didee, you’re up late! A lovely surprise to see you here as I’m on the computer catching up! We’ve arrived safely .. so lovely be here and hear the crashing of the waves.

      Take great care Didee – we’ll speak soon. Much Love

  11. I rejoice with you that your son and daughter-in-law will move to your city. What uplift that is: the prospect and the actuality. Thanks for the travelogue that once again includes beauty along with taking are of medical concerns and other property. At the moment, we are trying to sell a rental property; it will be a relief to have that checked off our list.

    Let’s hope and pray next year at this time lockdowns will be a thing of the past. In the US, trucks are rolling out of pharmaceutical companies (Pfizer and Moderna now) to be dispensed to the most vulnerable now. Signs of HOPE after a long, fraught time of loss and apprehension.

    God bless you during this season of Advent and the whole year ahead! 🙂

    • Thanks Marian for coming by. Yes it is amazing that Davey and wife will take over our townhouse in Johannesburg! Not that they will be closer, it’s quite a distance to Plett, more so than when they were living in Cape Town but it’s lovely to keep it in the family and I know they will love it there. Good luck with selling your rental property … may that box get ticked.

      Good that the vaccination programme is up and away, especially for the most vulnerable. This is being planned for SA with some hiccups along the way, especially as it seems that a more virulent strain is now prevalent. Heaven help us all.

      A very merry Christmas to you and family Marian, God’s richest blessings to you all.

  12. So the townhouse and history that goes with it will stay in your family! I say this as my younger son is in the process of buying the land and cabin where he’s lived for 3 years. It’s less than a 5 minute drive from me which is considered next door in the country. Covid is still out of control in the US, but at least the vaccination program has started. I’ve never seen so many doctors and nurses cry with joy. What an awful year it’s been for them. My son who lives a 10 hour drive south of me won’t come home for holidays. We decided it’s too dangerous because of the intense virus outbreaks near him in North Carolina. We’re all advised not to travel. What a sad hard time this is. The schools are closing here again. So many small businesses have lost everything. And our government can’t agree on ways to help.

    On the joyful side, I saw Jupiter and Saturn last night (clear sky!). They were beautiful and so close to each other. Having a clear sky to see the actual conjunction on Solstice would sweet, but it looks like it will be cloudy. I wish you good health and safety and patience with all the inconveniences and difficulties of this challenging time. I’m glad you got through the flu and it wasn’t covid.

    • Thanks Elaine, yes we are amazed that Davey and Jüte will take over the townhouse, which was my husband’s father’s home for many years until his death 15 or so years ago, and then after renting it out for many years we moved into it and lived there for 6 or so years. 5 mins away is next door – so this is wonderful that your younger son will be so close. Sad that your other son cannot join you, but caution is best while the beast continues to rage –

      We’re into the second wave of covid, some (health experts and the govt) say worse than the first. But news keeps on changing every day. We keep on hearing of people we know of, who have died. No-one who we know personally has died, certainly we know people who have had it. We are extremely cautious. In fact we were thinking of not returning to Plett for a while, at least until the peak turned downwards.

      The skies are overcast this night – hopefully tomorrow or the next day – the 21st – we’ll be able to see Jupiter and Saturn blazing away! How fortunate that you had clear skies! I hope to see a photo you put up on FB which I haven’t accessed for a few days.

      So, patience to you Elaine as we traverse these tricky times, health and safety and a MUCH better year all round for 2021.

  13. Hi Susan – life moves on …but you’ve been doing lots – and I’m glad the things that needed to work out – did so … while you were able to sort other aspects, meet friends, find out your son will stay in your Jhb home for now – sounds good to me. Then visit a few favourite African spots – to make us all jealous!! I tried to book lunch with a couple of friends … no way – as we were three … should be ok here – but we’re known so couldn’t risk a run around. Staying as safe as we all can …

    It’s been interesting here … Covid and Brexit – all we need together … We’ve been lucky down here – just very quiet – but that’s fine … some groups have kept things writing etc … so now into reading … and counting down to Easter – when I hope things will be considerably easier.

    Take care … enjoy Plett and those beautiful scenes – I won’t comment on anything else! All the best – and good to have caught up with you – stay safe – Hilary

    • Thanks for coming by Hilary! We’ve arrived after a long and very hot drive! It’s so great to be at the sea again and hear the crashing of the waves. The skies are clouded over so no stars to be seen. Maybe tomorrow.

      Yes, these uncertain times have surely tested us. If anything, we’ve learned to live and accept uncertainty. I must say I was amazed to read of British war ships in the med … and Brexit … well, no comment.

      Stay safe and well Hilary. A blessed Christmas to you. Susan

      • At the moment … definitely no comment … what’s going on is a disgrace to our nation … but so be it … it’s history. I think the British warships were in the Channel, rather than the Med – at least I hope so!!

        We’ve been lucky to have escaped the worst of the lock-downs … I can still go to my brother’s for Christmas Day – which is all I was going to do … so a decent meal and walk into the Downs.

        I hope we get some clear skies – there’s meant to be some excellent star line ups … take care and enjoy being home … glad you’ve arrived safely. Have a blessed and peaceful time – Hilary

        • Ha ha! I knew that as I wrote the med re warships that this didn’t sound right. My brain was/is fatigued!

          And great that you’re going to your brother for Christmas Day Hilary. Have a jolly time, nothing like a special meal with all the trimmings! Ours will be a cold lunch – just hope it doesn’t turn out to be a freezing day and that we can sit outside.

          And hoping for clear skies tomorrow night, today has been cool and cloudy! Warm Christmas greetings to you… Susan

  14. Beautiful photos, and I’m glad you’re all well now.

    Sorry about your beaches. I imagine if they closed some beaches but not all, then people would flock to the ones not closed? I don’t know about where you are, but here there are a lot of people here who don’t wear masks and refuse to consider others. We are not visiting anyone except for outside and keeping our distance. Happy holidays, Susan, to you and yours–enjoy that summer light!

    • Thanks Merril. That slight scare was several weeks ago. There really is an outcry about the closing of beaches of sections of the garden route. We’re imagining that if they continue to enforce it, that beaches will re-open on Jan 3rd.

      The light of the highveld (Johannesburg) and Plett (sea level) and inbetween are all so different and so special. Thank you, I enjoy any place of summer light!

      Happy Holidays to you and family, Keep well, stay safe.

  15. What a lovely recap of the last few weeks, Susan. I am perplexed by the beach closing as well and hope that you can enjoy the garden as a substitute. To my mind, Covid has cemented just how much we need the outdoors in our lives. I hadn’t realized this connection with the star of Bethlehem until just the other day and I have to say that I think that to be an auspicious omen and one I hope the world can rise to. A whole new world, maybe??! Big love for you and yours and I hope your holidays are festive and family-filled. xooxxo

    • Thanks Pam so much! A friend in Brazil says their beaches are closed and she thinks this is good and right. I would agree if beaches were crowded and rowdy – here in Plett (arrived a little while ago) the beaches are never over crowded. But this ban will not prevent people from being outdoors, masking, keeping social distnace, washing hands etc. I have still to see what the shops and pre-Christmas shopping will be like. My elder son who lives here in Plett says the town has become really busy.

      Roll on 2021 and while everything is still uncertain as to this virus, let’s hope that we have 2020 vision and that we all work towards a more sustainable and better decade. Love to you Pam, have a wonderful Christmas – or Happy Holidays as the Americans say! xx

  16. Hi Susan, it’s lovely to see you again. You spread so much light and positivity in your posts. How amazing it will be to see Jupiter and Saturn so close together. I hope it is a good portent of something as wonderful as 2020 years ago. It is great that your son and his partner will stay in your townhouse now. It’s in good hands.
    I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a much better 2021.

    • Thank you so much Norah! It is rather extraordinary about Davey & Jüte taking over the townhouse in which my husband’s father lived for many years until his death about 15 or so years ago … and which we rented out to others and then took it over ourselves, and now Davey and his wife!

      That is lovely that you say about 2020 years ago – good portents!

      A blessed Christmas to you and family, and a wonderful 2021.

  17. Oh, I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t been feeling well Susan but happy that you’re now rested and recovered and returning home. Thank you for sharing your journeys with us. I love the photo of the stately Table Mountain. In stark contrast to all the greys and washed out winter hues here in the UK it’s lovely to see those vibrant greens and summery colours.

    How wonderful it must’ve been to finally catch up with friends and family! I hope your trip home to Plettenberg Bay goes well. I can relate living close to a beach (a ten minute walk away) and would be most upset if I couldn’t visit, so I hope they can relax the ban. The Jupiter and Saturn conjunction that’s taking place on Solstice has been in my diary all year, I can’t wait!

    Have yourselves a merry little Christmas, let your heart be Light! Yes, what a mind-blowing this year has been … they’ll be writing about 2020 in the history books for centuries to come! My year is ending with overwhelming fatigue for my mind, body, spirit and soul. I’m on my knees with the exhaustion hence my fading with Persephone into the deep, darkness below.

    Sending much Christmas Love & Solstice Light across those Living Waters between us, Deborah

    • Thanks Deborah for coming by! We’ve arrived safely back in Plett, leaving this morning in the early hours, breakfasting along the way, admiring the scenery, stopping in at a favourite place later on for tea and buying home made marmalade & other local delicacies (eg olives). Hot as anything! Thank heavens for air con -1300 kms on the clock – a lonnnngggg drive.

      The skies in Plett are clouded over so I can’t see anything. Hopefully they’ll clear so I can see the conjunction! A portentous and beneficial happening – and I hope that this lifts the fog and fatigue and that you are fully restored.

      Christmas and New Year blessings to you from Plett; when I see the sea tomorrow I’ll think of you and those Living Waters. Love & Solstice Light to you. Susan

  18. I love your pictures of your area. It sounds like you will have David and his wife living closer to you. I’m sure that will be lovely. I keep forgetting that you are heading into your summer as we head into winter. However, at least the 21st will be the shortest day of the year and then more sunlight will be arriving. Change happens, and I’m SO looking forward to some serious changes here in the states. I wish you and your family a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Stay safe and well, too!

    • Hi Gwynn. David & Jüte live in Cape Town, 600 kms from Plettenberg Bay. Johannesburg and Cape Town are 1500 kms or so apart. So they’ll be further away when living in Johannesburg, and we’re in Plett!
      The solstice is always significant. A time of being still and then the turning.
      A Happy Christmas Gwynn to you both. And 2021! Keep well, stay safe,

  19. Great pictures of beauty. Wish we could go somewhere. There’s nowhere safe to go within a reasonable radius of our place. We’re safer to stay in our small town environs until late spring.
    We did take a scenic drive for a couple hours in the area and got takeout to celebrate our anniversary in October. No dine-in allowed even then and not particularly satisfying at the few outdoor locations available. We have a better view from our home anywau.

    • Thanks for coming by John. We had the first wave in April-July, and appropriate full lockdown then. Now the 2nd wave is here, with different, potentially more serious variants of the strain, so we were informed last night. WE considered staying put here in Johannesburg, but we’re setting off for Plettenberg Bay shortly … 1278 kms, door to door.

  20. Hi Susan, your blog posts are always a refreshing glimpse into other places and spaces. It’s lovely to hear about your travels and see all the beauty in your part of the world at this time of year. Meanwhile, it’s almost winter here in Central Florida. For us that means pleasantly cool days and occasional cold nights, with plenty of greenery except for the bald cypress trees which are brown now with gray Spanish moss beards, and the Florida maples, sweetgum, crepe myrtle, golden rain trees and some oaks. Wishing you and yours a blessed Christmas and New Year. Jeanie

    • Thank you for coming by Jeanie, and I’m sorry I missed your most recent one, which I’ll re-read when home in Plett in the next few days. The Internet was down sporadically. I’ve taken so many photos to remind me of the beauty all around in these summer months. Though you may not get snow in winter in Florida, I love to see a city like Boston transformed by snow as I did last night on TV. A blessed Christmas to you and family. Hopefully you can have one similar to your Thanksgiving one when you gather round, even if at a distance? May it be joyous!

    • Thank you Donna, I wish the same for you and family. I’ve been a bit AWOL on others’ posts including yours but hope to get back into the swing of things from next week. All best and have a great weekend,

  21. Hi Susan, your garden in your Joburg house is lovely. The way the beaches have been closed is rather weird, but then the way the leaderships of the whole world have dealt with Covid has been bizarre. In my view, either the virus is so bad the beaches must be closed completely so that people can’t gather on them or they should be open and everything as normal. This halfway measure seems completely pointless.

    • There are some beaches that traditionally, on the public holidays, get so overcrowded and blooming disgusting with all the trash left behind .. ie Durban beaches, PE maybe. So these should be closed on the public holidays especially. But other parts of the western cape? Strangely, they’re now allowing the lagoon to be opened as from today. A hop skip and a jump away from where we live in Plett. Halfway measures are ridiculous. Thanks for coming by Robbie … and have a great weekend! And, I think the glorious rain that we’ve been having up on the highveld is making SUCH a difference to the gardens, and its been great fun listening to the thunder ;

      • I agree that it is stupid to close the remote beaches in the Western Cape and in the Eastern Cape. I think they were doing it this way so they can’t be accused of favouring anyone or any sectors of the population. An across the board closure is more PC, but not in a half pregnant way like has been done. Either, this virus is so bad, it is worth totally destroying the economy in order to save people [the risk being everyone loses their jobs and dies of starvation afterwards when the Gov runs out of money to pay benefits and grants] or you trust to the protective measures and let things run their course. Personally, I think the closures are pointless and I don’t believe many of our business will every recover. Our stagnant economy has been dealt a death knoll.

        • The lovely rains in Jhbg for the 3 weeks we were there (including the hail on the Friday we arrived) definitely made our small garden in Morningside JUMP into green and blossom! And the gardens in the complex were just so beautiful! Now back in Plett as of last night and still to explore the garden here, though it looks good from the balconies ..

  22. As we enter our darkest period, I can only trust that we are moving toward longer days and warmer weather. When I saw the winter birds here and summer ones gone, I replaced my initial sadness with the view that there are then that fewer days until the summer ones return!

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