Time marches, waiting for no one …

Today is the Solstice, Christmas Day next week Tuesday – and a week later it’s New Year’s Day!

  I’ve blogged about the Solstice and the Equinox in years past on those days. I like to acknowledge them – the the earth and the sun are in particular relation to each other. I feel that Earth: Eros and the Sun: Logos ‘meet’ and that there is balance and a stillness however momentary.

For those of us in the southern hemisphere, tonight will be the shortest and for those of you in northern climes your winter night will be the longest. Our nights will grow imperceptibly longer as daylight shortens, and in the north the daylight lingers longer as nightlight shortens.

Little turnings on the earth’s axis as night and day increase and decrease is, I believe, meaningful in that it indicates change, no matter how imperceptible the changes are. I guess it is the stillness worldwide as the changes of seasons are heralded that appeals to me as well as Eros and Logos meeting, the meeting of the divine Feminine and Masculine energies. Also, tonight will be a full moon worldwide, and I believe a meteoric shower will grace our skies. Celestial events indeed!

I took a photo the other evening from my study – it was still light but the growing full moon was in the sky –

Personally, change is very much upon me though being my usual self, I’m slow in processing and digesting. It suits my temperament to not come to any definite conclusions about anything – what the future may hold for example. Change happens both fast and slow. I know that as I’ve been traipsing up and down the stairs to attend to my new study and then down again with arms full of boxes to be discarded, that one false step and I could land at the bottom with twisted ankle, broken arms and legs or worse. Grim fantasy I know. But it is infinitely possible – so I am extra careful and enjoy the going up and the coming down. Traversing two worlds as it were – and grateful that as each day passes that I’ve been working hard physically, that so far, so good – 

My study is coming along. A few nights ago my son Mike and Neil my husband helped me re-arrange the furniture. The following day I unpacked many of my books and arranged cushions on the sofa, found a very pretty embroidered throw from our Johannesburg home that I’d unpacked and put that on the small and rather uncomfortable one. It’s almost done – my books are fully unpacked on the shelves as is my art stuff and plenty of files in a large enclosed yellowwood cupboard, none of which is visible in this photo. 

We’ve been down in Plettenberg Bay many times over Christmas and usually attend a service at an evangelical church whose pastor married my younger son and his wife in the converted barn at the Bramon Wine Estate nearly 3 years ago. Anton always brings such a special message to the Christmas service of Christ’s birth. Oh how those words of his messages ring so true. And the full throated singing by members of the congregation. I feel my heart swelling until fit to burst. Especially when we sing ‘How Great Thou Art’.

Yet another baby tortoise that my husband saw when coming up the outside steps after a morning game of golf on Wednesday, in a quite different part of the garden. This no larger than the palm of my hand. Even smaller than the baby I saw a day or so ago but was unable to photograph. Do you see the two hearts? One on the left, the other on the right – And all the other markings, thoroughly intriguing to me. Tortoises live on the land; turtles are sea creatures though they lay their eggs on the sea-sand. They’re very closely related though.  I’ll fashion one in the next little while – I was happy to see a block of clay I unpacked.

My younger son David and his wife Jüte arrived safely last night ex Cape Town. My elder son Mike is here too while his own home in Plett is currently being airbnb’d. The family occupying his home until early January arrived last week. The wife was especially hassled. But the news from the managing agent a few days ago is that they couldn’t be happier! So that is good news – they’re loving his space, the garden and pool and being in Plettenberg Bay.

So we have our two sons and daughter-in-law with us. All is very fine indeed! Jüte is a superb cook and baker – we’ve had a brief talk about Christmas lunch. She’s been accepted into Silwood in Cape Town, a 3 year diploma course in fine cooking and baking and learning about the source of foodstuffs – e.g. mushrooms and truffles – and how to find them. Probably sustainable cooking as well. Meeting with the finest chefs viewing demonstrations of their skills to the pupils, and the pupils showcasing to them, theirs. And more besides! How lovely to have a chef in the family! She’s talking about making a rooibos icecream for Christmas … (the rooibos plant is indigenous to South Africa – we are famous for our teas and the healthful qualities of rooibos) –

Thank you for reading and thank you for coming along to my every-now-and-then blog. I so appreciate it and love to receive your comments. I love the connection. It means a great deal to me!

Happy Solstice Day to you! A very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 

Especially, as we head into 2019 I wish us all joie de vivre and joy, peace and prosperity, health and happiness, love and light. May the Force be with you and loved ones, everyone everywhere –

Blessed is the season that engages the whole world in the conspiracy of love: Hamilton Wright Mabie

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  1. Happy 2019! I trust your December was wonderful and that you’re enjoying your newly updated home study and warm weather. May your summer days be lovely.

  2. Susan, I didn’t have time to read your post fully before Christmas and have just done so now. What a beautiful post. I sense your serenity and joy and wish you and your loved ones peace and happiness in the forever future.
    I love what you wrote about the solstice. Being one with the universe if obviously important to you.
    Your new study looks beautiful. I’m behind in reading so am not sure of the move you have made. Perhaps I will catch up on your news soon.
    I love the baby tortoise. I didn’t see the hearts, but I saw people talking. Open discussion and understanding is a precursor to love.
    Love, peace and joy – these are the gifts you share with the world. Thank you for being you.

    • Thank you for your lovely comment Norah! All is coming along nicely – a new 2nd hand armchair for me alone and some more re-arranging 🙂

      Please have a look for the hearts on the tortoise again – at 10 to 2 at the top!

      Thank you for being you and all that you do and are – 🙂

  3. A cook and baker in the family! How lucky you are!!!

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your family and I can almost taste the rooibos ice cream 🙂

    Best wishes for 2019!

  4. Thank you, Susan. I love noticing those orbiting planets and the changes in our relationship to the sun. I had a beautiful 5 am experience on Dec. 24 with Venus in the east and the setting full moon in the west. We’ve had few clear skies and I just happened to wake up to a break in the clouds.

    My sons and daughter-in-law and their 3 dogs came for 4 days and everyone’s gone now. Anthony to play music in California for 10 days and David and Liz and the dogs back to North Carolina. It was wonderful and intense. I love watching my sons love each other. I hope next year will be easier because I will be able to hear without needing so much help. I did fine but was happy to return to silence and less food.

    The going up and coming down is good for body and psyche from my perspective. I’m also dragging books around in boxes (with care on the stairs). I’ll send them to the library for the big spring used book sale. It’s challenging to give up Vic’s books, but it’s time to let go of the shelves of books I’ll never read. A good time to let go of many things. Blessings and Happy New Year to you.

    • Interesting the similarities in some instances Elaine – I so enjoy seeing my two sons interact with each other with warmth, affection and humour. My younger son David has been away for a few days playing gigs up the coast, due to return this afternoon for an evening gig at the polo club here in Plett and then off again tomorrow for gigs further afield. Mike the elder son is away in a quaint little arty town up country – Prince Albert – with friends for the new year so I too am enjoying a little peace and quiet – and less food 🙂 But the intensity of it all over teh Christmas period was lovely!

      Up and down the stairs – three levels in this house! The ones to my study are not so bad – doglegs every 5 steps. The ones from the living area to the garden need careful treading – I once slipped some years ago, carrying a tray. I did a massive clear out of books some weeks ago – tons to the library (luckily they fetched them) and a 2nd hand bookdealer came by some weeks ago to take and pay for books – it’s not easy but a job that has to be done.

      The New Year is almost upon us … all best New Year wishes to you Elaine. What with the cochlear transplant and workshops coming up this is already a good start! Love, Susan

  5. With best wishes to you and your family for a wonderful Christmas season, Susan, and all you wish to achieve in 2019. I look forward to catching up again in the new year.

  6. HI, Susan – Now seems like the perfect time to share with you how meaningful your posts are for me. They always resonate so strongly and amazingly seem to zero in just on what I need to read right then. Thank you so much for this. Wishing you and your family a safe, happy and healthy year ahead.

    • Hi Donna, lovely to hear from you! Thank you for saying that my posts seem to zero in on your own state of mind at the time, that is so encouraging and is music to my ears!

      All best wishes to you and family over this festive season Donna – will you be with family? I suspect so! Have the best time and for the year ahead. 🙂

  7. It sounds like you have a wonderful Christmas celebration coming up, Susan. I love your office, it looks peaceful and user friendly. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, Susan and all the very best for 2019.

    • Thanks for coming by Robbie – yes, it’s a lovely space, which I look forward to settling into. Have a wonderful Christmas – am sure it will be wonderful too!

  8. Change is in the air and It could happen quickly, but my experiences have shown me that everything hangs on a time scale that we humans have no control over, and it is good that we can’t hinder, prevent, eradicate, speed up change.

    I personally believe that in many ways we have to learn to move, to throw out, to get rid of things, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually that we clammer to. We have to released things that we never used and therefore don’t need. The freedom that we receive when we cleanse ourselves outwardly and inwardly signifies letting go and moving forward. We become calmer, more patient, and more caring.

    Thank you for sharing the changes that you’re experiencing in this important part of the year and may you and your family enjoy the time that you spend together, as you find yourself together in the same house. That is a special privilege that might not come again.

    So, I wish you the joy and the feeling of total contentment as you move into the holiday season, moving toward doors that will open for you in 2019.

    God be with you, Susan, and take care.
    Shalom aleichem,

    • Thank you Pat for your lovely message – time is indeed not in or under our control. We’re a little too fixated sometimes about having things in our control or being in control –

      I love what you say about releasing that which no longer serves us, and thereby making space for what is important. Not your words but that’s the underlying message for me! Doors open that were otherwise closed …

      Contentment – such a lovely word. I wish this for you Pat and family. Joy and peace, and good health. Shalom Aleichem to you, Susan

  9. Rooibos ice cream sounds divine (I love the tea) as does having a chef in the family. Your new study looks divine as well, Susan. May you have wonderful breakthroughs there, spiritually, intellectually and emotionally.
    Personally, I am slow to change, too, but I think that helps with my assimilation. And I have also been in church at Christmas time, listening to a fabulous gospel choir, hard to find in Central, PA and I don’t remember the circumstances surrounding me being at that performance. I was pregnant at the time and I remember that every cell in my body was caught up in the rapture of their melodious, earth-shaking sound.
    Oh, and BTDubs, we had a GORGEOUS full moon last night and I did howl at it upon your recommendation. :0)
    Lots of love for Christmas, the New Year and beyond. oxo

    • Thanks for your lovely uplifting message Pam … breakthroughs of the kind you say would be wonderful! (my study has for the last while been appropriated by my family – they like it so much there!)

      I agree that there’s something quite earth and person shattering when the choir and/or congregation is in full flow and voice. I can feel my blood corpuscles expanding – and my heart bending –

      O good on the full moon last night – howling is of course a form of full throated singing! Am sure it did your lungs a power of good.

      And all best wishes to you Pam and family for a wonderful Christmas and the best 2019! With love from me to you ..

  10. Hi Susan! So nice to read all about your life and what is going on in your part of the world. I also think about the imperceptible changes, as they are with the shortest and longest days of the year, and how they gradually lengthen and shorten. I enjoyed your description as it applies to our lives very much. Merry Christmas!

  11. I enjoyed reading about your settling into your new study. Our grandson arrived last night — the one studying culinary arts in college. You are right — it’s lovely to have a chef in the family.

    • Thanks Anne for coming by – how lovely to have your grandson with you! May he spoil you with his culinary treats! For me, having a chef in the family is an extra special blessing though it may mean I might feel impelled to up my game a bit … cooking et al is NOT my strong forte..

  12. Your study is such a cozy place, furnished with things I would choose: books, cushions, and embroidered throw, and a spectacular view.

    Thank you for your lovely Christmas reflection here. It made me think of a carol about bells that is hauntingly beautiful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nk77EOgapg

    Joie de vivre, love and peace to you ~ and a very Merry Christmas to all! 🙂

    • Thank you Marian – also for the youtube link – Burl Ives – rich, melodic and very feeling full with his message. St. John quoted at the end –

      I know that your view at your home is lovely too … calm and peaceful with water and ducks. We are blessed indeed.

      All best Christmas wishes Marian to you and family -may it be a joyful time!

  13. Dear Susan, I’m listening to that olden (yet golden!) “Ring Out, Solstice Bells” (YouTube) by Jethro Tull as I type. His music and lyrics always gift me such a wonderful Christmassy feel with many a drums and set of bells ringing in Solstice-time! Oh, how the moment of the Solstice is now upon us! The excitement and tension have been building for weeks and here we are at that still, turning point.

    It’s wonderful to see your beautiful room with its stunning views out to sea! I did laugh when you mentioned books, because my first job whenever relocating has always been to get my books sorted out first and then everything else came afterwards. Ha-ha! All is right with the world as long as my books are unpacked first … then I relax and slowly unpack everything else at a more leisurely pace.

    Oh how I resonate with your ascents, descents and traversing two worlds! Then what joy to read of your heart bursting with love when reflecting on previous Christmas church services. Coming together as a family feels just perfect at the end of 2018, which has been a huge year for you and your husband (big birthdays I remember!) … I recall the glorious European trip you took and the email you sent of the golden, Black Madonna.

    What an incredible year of change it’s been above and below! Much love and light to you Susan in this truly magical time of the year, Deborah.

    • Olden & Golden indeed and joyful! Thank you Deborah – I listened!

      I laughed reading about the first thing you do when unpacking! Books first! Then all else follows at a more leisurely pace. Such a joy to look at them anew! A treasure house –

      You gave me the idea of traversing two worlds in my going up and going down … and now as I reflect on this, I’m reminding myself of climbing Kilimanjaro which was extremely difficult going up, but the going down was even harder! Greater care in the going down, also very much psychologically –

      It’s been a big year for sure – I wonder if I’ll do some journal writing about this. It will take me forever though! It’s been a big year for everyone one way or another, changes happening around the world rather rapidly. May the changes yet to come all be for the best or better –

      Love light and many blessings to you Deborah – and love …

  14. The light and everything changes as you said, Susan. It is a time of year that ends and begins and hopefully that does not get lost in frenetic maneuverings. The tortoise reminds us to slow down.All best…

    • Thank you Susan – I needed that reminder of tortoise reminding us to slow down. Now that I remember I sat and watched the tortoise for a long time, feeling time slowing down –

  15. I love the inside and furnishing of your new home. Excellent Job!! Enjoy it as the world changes. You do have a lovely area. Good luck on the stairs as my body no longer likes steps, so be kind to yourself. Plus, how exciting to have a lovely chef/baker in your home. Christmas will be scrumptious, I’m sure.

    Well, here in the Northern Hemisphere we started our winter with a bang as the power blew from a horrendous windstorm. The devastation around town will be interesting to see. It definitely WILL bring about CHANGE for the New Year and life in general.

    Now, I wish you and your very lovely family a VERY Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New Years, and may the Force be with you. Hugs!!

    • Thanks Gwynn for coming by and for your lovely comments re my newly organised study – and for being the first responder! I’ve just come back from the shops and among other things bought a lovely potted plant for my study – a Gerbera.

      I’m sorry to hear about the power being blown due to a terrible windstorm. That’s awful. Is it back on again? We’re anticipating power outages over Christmas due to many people holidaying here and perhaps doing their cooking and baking on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day. And very busy restaurants.

      Thank you for your Christmas and New Year wishes! May the Force be with you! xx

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