Does anyone feel really fit and well these days? You know, fighting fit, glad to be alive, full of energy, full of the joys of life and brimming with good will?

I’m  not sure if it’s the change of seasons here in South Africa from summer to autumn – harbinger of winter – but so many are ill, feeling low, exhausted, depleted, weak. But sometimes I wonder if it is the outer events on the world arena that predispose one – me – to feeling drained, enervated, anaemic, from hot to cold, like the weather, and back to feverish again.

The world near and far seems to me a troubled and dangerous place. I feel anxious when watching the news, hearing flowery, political spin by those doctors about the behaviours of their leaders. All that plotting and planning, depriving the ordinary citizen of their rights, exploiting their hard earned money by way of inter alia higher taxes to fund their extravagant lifestyle – while smiling. I want to withhold my taxes and let them know why and wherefore. My anarchic protest is my way of not colluding. R33 BILLION rands lost to corruption in the last financial year. 700 BILLION rands in last 20 years. Let them know that I will not be bound or bowed by their illegitimate rules and laws, that I am fed up to the back teeth of their fleecing, the injustices, not only on my person but on all of us, in the attempt to render us sheep like, obedient, subservient. We, the tax paying public (only about maximum 10% of the total population), fund their flamboyant flights with families in tow to far-flung places, boisterous parties, sexy shoes, cars the size of their egos, systemic, systematic failure of the government where patronage is the name of the game. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. Parastatals like our power utility service, the post office, our national air carrier, mines, hospitals and clinics in dire straits ‘managed’ by ill educated CEO’s, our education system designed to keep the majority dumbed down…

My husband is a medical specialist and he tells of the sick people he is seeing at his rooms, more so than ever before.  It’s like a malaise that has gripped us all. The parasite that is the government, sucking away at its host. I feel the prison walls coming closer, the power elite sniggering outside. Our beloved beautiful country, being fracked and f*%#@ed, waters and rivers poisoned from mining, fish dying, animals, birds, forests under threat, rhino, elephant poached. This is what misery feels like – and it’s why I am in favour of anarchy. Purposeful anarchy may be necessary for my health if it means freedom from the shackles of a government who does not have my or anyone else’s best interests at heart. They are tyrants who do not know the meaning of being servants of the people. They call themselves the ‘ruling party’ – and this is what they stand and live by, forgetting who it is who pays their salaries.

It’s enough; it’s making us ill.

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  1. It can really get to you. I have that rebellious thought often concerning our government. Watching the news definitely puts me in a worse mood. I try not to watch it often these days and while not in fighting shape (I like my chocolate too much lol) I feel much better about life (until I have to write yet another check to the government oys!)

    Anna @ herding cats & burning soup

    • Thanks Anna for coming by! I used to watch the news avidly but not so much these days. A bit, but not so much, especially with A-Z on the go!

  2. Sorry to hear you’ve been under the weather. I notice my health improved dramatically when I started working at home, but I definitely need to make an effort to be more active again.

    It’s so easy to get sedentary when you don’t have to leave the house!

  3. Hi Susan – I hear from other friends what’s going on – and can read between the lines – if there are any lines left to read – about your so called leaders. Different ills, different countries all with the same outcome: anxiety and anarchy coming to the fore …

    January and February were gray and dull and yes I felt that too .. so I am glad we’re moving into Spring and longer days … they make such a difference. I now need to knuckle under and get on – taking care of myself as I go …peace of mind is so important.

    Cheers Hilary

    • Ha, I love that – ‘so called leaders’. They are in fact here to serve … but that sure doesn’t happen. Leaders – a joke, and a bad one at that.

      Lovely to have you come by thank you Hilary … and may you continue to get better as spring and longer days manifest.

  4. My Dear Susan,
    The problem that you have addressed here is happening around the world and it is time that we the people wake up and start electing responsible people of character whose main interest is not in filling their own pockets with money, but in establishing an honest government.

    Sometimes I believe we forget that the people who are ruling over us are the people that we elected. Every time I hear someone say that they didn’t go to the vote because they are so dissatisfied with the way things are,, I tell them, then you voted anyway. Your not voting help the wrong people to move into a political office.

    These are the things as you say that make us sick and they unknowingly drain our energy because our mind is not at peace. When the mind is not at peace, the body screams, and those screams appear in pain or some kind of sickness.

    Excellent article my dear.


    • Patricia, thank you so much for your thoughtful comment and for the reminder that we get the government we vote for – so we cannot legitimately ‘point fingers’ – also NOT casting a vote is illegitimate as an argument or a protest.

      Your point about the mind not at peace somatsising into the body as illness is true. Sad to say …

      Thank you again dear Patricia.

  5. The well-presented topic of Health and Anxiety, in the context of horrible governance, is fully understood and emotionally challenging! My main course of recommended action now is to restore our health, vitality, mood, energy, and mental focus — this should lead to our necessary and effective expenditure of efforts when we are ready and capable.

    The complexity of the task restoring our potential wealth, by methods so far suggested in this blog is not to be underestimated. This is the exact place we don’t want to put our heads in the sand!!!
    Thoroughness requires that you also buy the inexpensive eBook from, by Peggy Kotsopoulos, KITCHEN CURES, Revolutionize Your Health with Foods that Heal.

    Working on our health is the best place for us to start a revolution!! Arise, All Suffering People!!!

    • We can indeed take responsibility for what we put into our stomachs and hopefully foods that promote good health and wellbeing. Thanks Joseph for the clarion call!

  6. Well said, Susan. The truth and told straight up. This malady has spread the world over. Thank you. I’m beginning to feel better, and your post here helped.

  7. Arlee, look within yourself and try to sense what makes it hard to act on the advice. Is it the same morning, mid-day- evening? Are you a morning person, mid-day-person, or evening person (generally or sometimes)? Does it all come around to sleep & sleep deprivation. Does it relate to too many carbohydrates? See what your doctor thinks. People have exercise-inhibition & there are introspective factors or may be external factors such as weather & season, amount of sunshine, Vitamin D-3. Talk to your doctor. These are my educated guesses, nothing more.

  8. Arlee, I do not want to forget to advise you to see your doctor and have him/her follow you frequently at the same time as you learn about the importance of sleep and stress management. My best to you and all others who have similar symptoms !

    • Thanks for the concern. I check in with my doctor fairly regularly. I do need to take the dietary advice they give and get regular exercise. The exercise would be a big help.

      Arlee Bird
      A to Z Challenge Co-host
      A Faraway View

  9. Arly Bird, Your fatigue and the foods and the stress, and more, are dealt with in Sapolsky’s 24 lectures. Send email to THE GREAT COURSES & you will get a complete list & description of the courses.

    Sapolsky is the winner of a MacAurthur “genius” grant, also won the W J Gores Award for Excellence in Teaching- Stanford’s highest teaching honor.

  10. Interesting post that I definitely relate to. I’ve been reading of similar thoughts from so many bloggers and I’ve been feeling this sense of fatigue myself. Personally I think for me this feeling has a lot to do with my diet–eating the wrong foods, too much sugar, and additives that are in foods. Call me conspiracist but I’m wondering if there aren’t substances in the food and water and maybe even the air that are causing this malaise.

    I have to lay down at least a few times each day to nap or just rest because I get so fatigued. Maybe it’s partly my age and other physical issues, but I am far more tired than I used to be.

    Now with this post I see that I’m not the only one.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    A Faraway View

    • Thanks for coming by Arlee – I also wonder if it’s something in the water and foodstuffs whether by design or not. I think the change of seasons can bring about a tiredness for a while. The pace of life also …

      Meditation may be helpful?

  11. I “hear” from most of us in this blog group that health has suffered from the many evils that exist, and we are troubled with feeling helpless trying to find a remedy.

    Over the many years an increasing imbalance came about with more power and total lack of caring compared with people with knowledge, commitment, and sturdy health needed tip the scales for survival of this planet.

    We need to pause and re-group our energies and strategies. I have focused a little bit on health, and have proposed that sleep is one essential for re-grouping. This goes under the title of “Moods, Energy, and Mental Focus.” We should now stop the continuity of describing the horrendous situation and the results thereof, and build up more tools we need for preparedness with our energies and endurances. The pause we take will be a magnificent investment.

    I think your investment should be the acquisition of a course named “Stress and Your Body,” by Professor Robert Sapolsky, who is from Stanford University, USA Information about this is available from THE GREAT COURSES, Corporate Headquarters in Chantilly, VA, 20151-299,USA, and on-line information @ There are 24 lectures that you can see and hear on CDs (Compact Discs)

  12. I stopped listening to the news. I was active in the Obama campaign and am still active in a few ecological issues, but it seems impossible to make any significant deeper transformations in government. Obama has surprised me by being a war-monger like those who came before. This is where tax money goes in the United States: invasion, bombs, occupation, and the arts of war. While our children live in poverty without health care or good educations. My health took a big downturn a few years ago with Meniere’s Disease. Symptoms are associated with stress, so I protect myself from cultural attacks. Not sure I have enough will to stop paying taxes and deal with the consequences of that, but it’s what we need to do–all of us, every one of us.

    You have a typo in your post (only your friends will tell you): “far-flung laces” or maybe they’re interested in far-away laces as well as places.

    • Thank you Eliane for coming by (and also for pointing out the typo!).

      We have to protect ourselves from cultural attacks and thus from added stress and do what we can which will probably mean a stretch out of our comfort zones. I don’t buy chocolate eg that contains any palm oil, or foods that contains EE’s – here I do have a choice. Likewise limiting my use of plastic.

      Meniere’s is a tricky something – which my husband as an ENT specialist, deals with. I will ask him later when he is home what he recommends apart from medication – ways of limiting the noise or re-training the brain …

  13. You said it, Susan. The corruption in the halls of government … The bloating and waste and nepotism … I fear we cannot ever right the course . When our so-called leaders begin to think their power is more important than serving their constituency, we all become impoverished.

    I’m sorry, but not surprised, you have the same lament that Americans and Europeans feel. The corruption at the United Nations is exponentially obscene.

    • A tiny comment somewhere yesterday – the EU, which had sanctions against Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe) re money, restrictions on travel, has just lifted those restrictions and given Zimbabwe $200 million. I can only wonder.

      Obscene is the right word. Can it ever be righted? Maybe the time for anarchy is nigh. Get rid of the rot. Thank you for commenting Sammy D.

  14. What I feel for you, dear Gwynn Rogers, also applies to our blogging community, and to myself in particular. I am accustomed to overload with demoralization, combined with a dip in biological energy as well. I have found it necessary to defensively detach myself from all concerns and clear the “brain circuitry.” One of the good techniques, to get my point across concretely, is to get myself comfortably to sleep, super-warm blankets, head-covering like old grand-pa or old grand-ma used to wear, absolutely no light, no sound, and only conscious of the surrounds of comfort. The mind should not begin to try to solve problems or make plans for after the nap. This will help the serotonin, a neurotransmitter, provide calmness, instead of relying on a sleeping pill. When people are depressed , they tend to successfully medicate themselves by sleeping. All of this is a metaphor describing how we get back on the horse after falling off, and we go charging after the enemy with great assurance.

    • Thanks Joseph! All hail serotonin – may we all find ways to increase the wonders of it as a great weapon to use! Back onto the horse we go – and hope we don’t fall off.

  15. Hi Susan, there are SO MANY issues involved here with illnesses. Heck, the change of the New Year brought all kinds of health problems to our household. Yes, we are growing older too, so how much is our age responsible for? We too have political trauma taking place. The time change doesn’t help. Heck, here in the states we are being warned about doctors who are more interested in the money than actually caring for the patient. Who do you trust anymore? Here in the states we are going from winter into Spring. Our bodies should be healthy and happy, but I have trouble sleeping at night… so how can I be happy during the day? Or do financial woes create our trauma… the stress… so much to consider!

    Thank you for your thoughts!!

    • Thanks Gwynn for coming by – political trauma does translate into the general population’s health and we feel it on many levels. Recognising it is the first step – and finding some way to keep healthy, not eat/drink anything that is GMO funded –
      Yes, aging has its own constrictions – more than ever we need to be alert to this and work within those constraints.

  16. go susan what a perfectly righteous rant – clear and heartfelt and yes it is echoed all around the world.. I could tell you tales of here in Oz but know that it is the same – it is a global corporate nightmare and we the people the planet the creatures are suffering.
    It is not even subtle anymore it is downright blatant as if our voice of protest is so irrelevant – what to do?
    I weep I scream I rant I loose it and then I remember my resolve to not allow ‘them’ ‘it’ to suck me dry, that I have purpose and voice and pen and heart and mind and they are my weapons to be employed at this time for the good of all.
    keep creating keep the flame alive keep healing the hurts imagining the possibilities and above all else keep on giving us the wisdom of you who are.


    • Thanks Sandra – yes, we hear about Tony Abbott and the refugees and all sorts of horrible stuff. No government- which is like a corporate unto itself – is immune from greedy grabbing for power. And thank you also for saying that we have hearts and minds, and the privilege of the pen and that we must try by all means to let ‘them’ know that we know …

  17. Interesting idea. I wonder… There’s a lot of literature that supports it. As nasty as the economy, politics and danger people are around the world, I’m surprised more aren’t depressed. I’m sad I can’t leave a better world to my children. All I could do was make them strong and competent so they could fight the good fight.

    • Thanks for commenting Jacqui. I think a HUGE lot of people are depressed and on medication for it. As for our children – hopefully they’re sufficiently armed and aware … I wonder how our parents felt under the cloud of the nuclear bomb, the cold war, Vietnam, threat of red under every bed etc ..

      • Good point. Maybe they felt as I do, that they could have done better. Here we still are, under the threat of nuclear bombs, the Cold War re-erupting, a new Vietnam-like war, and an ISIS/BokoHaram thug under every bed. Yikes!

  18. correction to my blog _ – – I meant to write — where writing this kind of blog is NOT tolerated.
    ALSO, we need to keep seeing the bright side of the street– it protects us in health & well-being _ so we can later take strategic actions to solve problems of humanity. Kindness to our blogging group, ourselves, is realizing that MOST OF US will make only a small, but important, difference.

  19. Great post ma. Ya, you’re echoing / articulating the sentiments of a LOT of people I talk to, and myself. It’s really become enough. The system is flat out broken.

  20. Susan at last you can blow your temper just like me! Marvellous darling! I always considered myself too unlady like to be in your calm and philososophical company. I was doing my Sarah Bernhardt screaming about the Health system allowing the increase of Elephantiasis to develop on my housekeeper ( a mosquio born parasite disease) for two years and not treating her corectly. I was so angry then, and still demand proper admisnstrative reaction to the scourge. My housekeeper walked-out and promised never to come back! Until her son told her madam is right. We must get better treatment for you Mum. So we are reconciled. The people of Africa are wonderful, kind and loving but Governments everywhere from the Whitehouse to Paris, to Beijing, or Cairo keep us dancing like puppets on a string! HE is tramping out the wine-press where the grapes of wrath are stored! GO for it SUZZY ! I second you! Gillian

    • Thanks for commenting Gillian. Delighted to hear that YOU can rail like a banshee too. Don’t be fooled by my apparent calm demeanour .. I rant and rave and use language to make a sailor blush.
      Glad that your housekeeper got proper medical attention and is getting better from that awful elephantiasis.
      Yes the peoples of our beleaguered and beautiful country are mostly good and lovely, kind and community oriented, warm and generous …. but o my, it’s those politicians!

  21. Suzie,

    I totally share your anger, and whist i appreciate the comments from those outside SA, I don’t think that they can appreciate what we in South Africa are going through. So much of my anger is that my taxes, which were meant to alleviate the suffering of Apartheid victims have been squandered and misused, so that apart from relatively few numbers of “middle class”, the majority are no better off financially than they were during apartheid days. The stress of SA, especially Johannesburg, is immense.

    • Thanks Lyndy for your comment and recognition of it all. Good to have a South African say so, too. And you as a medical person will know of the damaging effects of negative toxic stress.

  22. I’m in the UK and observe increasingly the ‘can’t cope anymore’ syndrome in counselling clients sent via employee schemes. Unrealistic demands and harassment at work have become common practice due to the pressure of perfomance statistics, together with the fact that in organisations every hierarchical level protects each higher level. The dehumanising going on is tragic. Trouble is, when trapped by financial obligations, anarchy is costly.

    • Thanks Ashen, tragic is the right word for the dehumanisation. And then it gets normalised … it’s what we’ve come to imagine is our due. I wonder if anarchy would be less costly, even on a financial scale, if somehow we can be less trapped, less indoctrinated, less repressed by religious dogma et al and liberated from economic strangulation and individual liberty.

  23. Wow Susan. Nothing like true clean anger! People often fail to understand not only its catharsis but its very real value. It is probably felt more incandescently in SA where there are so many who have already suffered too much and for too long, so that any abuse falls on deep existent bruises. It is inevitable that those in power who already have reason to know better bring greater outrage than the equivalently corrupt or complacent which is endemic in the UK.

    I feel for you. I am far more outraged about the corruption in SA than here. They had so clean a living example from which to draw real moral strength and they have squandered it. Such terrible waste. So sorry.

    • Thanks for the sympathetic and empathetic response Philippa. To me it seems as if it is felt, as you say more, strongly here in South Africa, or maybe that is my projection but your also saying so gives this sense more credibility. We were on the cusp of great things – now it looks as if the abyss awaits.

      • I also realised that it comes doubly hard to the 10% who willingly pay taxes only to watch them misspent on all the wrong things, like Zuma’s palace etc.

        Outrage is entirely justified. What best to do with it, is the problem. It can eat one alive. Cry the Beloved Country is doubly poignant now!

        • Outrage, whimpers, pleas… but never to be silent. The president will never repay (I heard him say so) tax payers money spent on Nkandla..his compound. He says if the police minister says he must, he will … but otherwise he is not legally bound, he said.

  24. Susan, your post makes me realize the world-wide malaise we face, no matter the weather or season; they’ve got us. Here in Chicago, last week it was freezing cold and horrible outside, now it is warming up but we are cautious. We are feeling cautiously optimistic (emphasis on the cautious part). Our world is in a challenged state and it’s up to us creative and spiritual types to continue to call attention to it and try in our various ways to try to make things better or at least bearable. Thanks for the thoughtful post. I always enjoy receiving them in my inbox!

    • Stephanie, in amidst the malaise and the toxicity of it all, we must somehow try to rise above it by keeping ourselves fit and well, mentally, physically, psychologically, spiritually, emotionally. It seems like a tall order … well it IS a tall order. Thank you for coming by. May your spring weather keep on advancing!

  25. Dear Susan,

    I am glad you got this off your chest. Wonderful catharsis!

    The great news is: You are never going to be in a country where writing this kind of blog is tolerated by the rulers. You and all your blog-friends would be in prison instantly!

    I have been under pressure lately, and finding ways to make something good of this. I love animals, pets, cats, dogs. Always wanted a dog. Have several dog books on my Kindle — for example: How Dogs Love Us: A Neuroscientist and his Adopted Dog Decode the Canine Brain. For research permission using hospital’s imaging equipment, the team had to devise a way for the dog to prove his assent to be a subject. They trained the dog to get into the imaging equipment, with the nose up against a rest-stop, and remain motionless for over 20 seconds —the dog’s wagging tail proved he enjoyed being part of the experiment.

    I am writing this because I often need diversion and a few minutes ago Kindle Digital Publishing (Amazon) notified me of a new dog book, All Dogs Have a Purpose: Dogs Love Us Every Day, by Gloria Daniels. Just read a few pages, but this granny-lady in her senior years wrote something that school children would love to read. Cost of book, only 99 cents & no taxes because nothing physical was supplied.

    When I am getting away from academic challenges, this kind of life is GREAT MEDICINE

    I love your blogs!

    • Thanks Joseph for coming by! You’re right, my rant was a catharsis of sorts, I certainly feel a little lighter. Not much, a little.

      Dogs are such faithful companions. We’ve had in the past. Now we have two ginger cats who provide much entertainment. The one is faithful, the other perfectly faithless. Good medicine, having pets. I know about your cat that comes visiting!

  26. Seeing your email notification pop up on my inbox is always a reminder to me that we have opposite seasons. Here in Florida we are heading toward spring. However, our political system, like yours, is full of malaise. I try to watch headlines mostly filtering out much of the gory details. I agree that much of what is going on in the world is toxic to our systems. Civil disobedience may be one way to handle it. And it can start with self-expression like this: “The pen is mightier than the sword.”

    I did not know that your husband is a medical specialist. It’s nice to learn more of your life in bits and pieces.

    • Thank you Marian – ‘malaise’ – such an appropriate word. It must come from the Latin, mal, meaning bad.

      We’re quite robust here in South Africa in our political debate within and without social media … but honestly, sometimes it feels hopeless.

  27. Dear Susan;
    Perhaps to send to the paper and the online paper your comments. Environments affect our health for sure. The corruption is ages old, so is evil. Can it be eradicated? Maybe not but something to be said does count. They might not listen, but others do.
    Be well…

    • Thank you Susan and for the reminder that this is not a new phenomenon. We truly do not learn from history which is why it repeats ad nauseam .. UNTIL such time we wake up and say ‘no more’.

    • Yes, Susan – I agree – send to the newspapers, in the Cape, KwaZulu Natal, NW province, Gauteng, Mpumulanga -all over. My feelings and my health coincide with yours, Sister. I wish I could become an ostrich and stick my head in the sand and not notice what is going on all around us.

      • You’ll get a cricked neck if it stays in the sand dear Sister but yes I too sometimes think that ignorance would be bliss…

  28. My dearest Susan,

    I’ve been blaming my tiredness on working too hard, I think you are on to something here.

    I will say for the moment I do feel better for reading your blog.

    Thank you,


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