Gold in the Dream

Becoming familiar with one’s dream world is akin to finding gold.  What could be finer than being one’s own authentic person, more in tune with our god given nature, able, stronger, to withstand what life throws at us, tossed and turned like flotsam on stormy seas. We can feel a sense of growth within, from the time and effort we put into it to become more conscious, adding a ray of light onto the darkness, gradual it may be.

The dream is a gift, following its evolutionary impulse towards growth. Like our gardens, the more we give them our care and attention, so will our garden yield its fruits, and the more the dream will yield its gems. Like mother’s milk, the more the infant feeds at the breast, the more milk is  produced. So too with our dreams, those night time visitors, looking for the gap in the garden to plant the seeds so we grow towards wholeness and psychological health.

I am always grateful when a dream presents itself even if I have no clue what it means, even if it is banal or grim and gross in the extreme. Even a nightmare is a gift –  through willing and conscious re-entry into that dream in the light of day to get to its genesis even if it takes forever, is a gift for the message it brings. It’s quite something to step in the gap between night and day and ask for the key …

Dreams offer us a glimpse of the ground of our being, of our unresolved conflicts not only with ourselves but collectively too. It points out, sometimes not so gently, the repair work that needs to be done. 

The dream is always on your side, in guise, as guide, waiting in the wings, wanting to yield its gems in the garden.

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  1. Alchemical Gold. My dreams always feel like gifts, even if they’re upsetting. My dream notebook is right next to my bed, waiting to capture the fleeing images. Yes, the posts do feel like dream messages. Thank you.

  2. Your message that dreams are positive, for our benefit, continues to sink in. I know this intuitively, but need to hear it for some reason. Thanks Susan.

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  3. I love what Sara (above) said about your posts themselves being like dreams. It’s very apt–each time I open one of these posts, I approach it as I would a dream, carefully, gently, allowing the words to wash over and into me, accepting them on a deeper than rational level. As the challenge progresses and I internalize more and more of your dreamy messages, I’m finding myself remembering more and more of my dreams. Such a gift–and I thank you for it, Susan.

    • Thank you Kern. What did Einstein say – ‘Logic gets you from A to B. Imagination gets you everywhere’. Lovely that you’re remembering your dreams more. They’re such a gift. As is your comment, thank you again.

  4. Absolute gold, Susan. And, I suppose the truth lies in the process of mining it.

    Love these dream posts. Bits of wisdom, findings for thought.


  5. A glimpse of the ground of our being — that’s why it’s akin to finding gold. I would love to be able to look deep inside of the internal eye of my being, any being. Thoughtful post, Susan. Makes one think.

  6. I love you calling dreams “Gems in the Garden.” They are gold especially when I figure out what my dream is telling me.

    I have my daughter and granddaughters here visiting. So I’m having difficulty keeping up with everyone’s posts, etc., and life. Thanks for the delightful post.

  7. I found gold in the garden today, all because I was observant and paid attention. A bit of daydreaming didn’t hurt either. As usual and expected, I thoroughly enjoyed this post today, Susan. Your thoughts on dreams and the true gift that they are make me smile. I always overthink them, but I’m never disappointed when I do 🙂

    • How lovely M.J. to find gold in the garden!! Amazing how attentive observant attention pays off and rewards!

      Thank you for your comment – much appreciated. 🙂

  8. Wonderful post. It is amazing what your brain and psyche can do when you let them run free. Interpreting what they are trying to say is the interesting and challenging part for me.

  9. Hi Hilary, I can’t resist, the ‘…sunk in…’ part. Looking for sunken treasure is what comes to mind.

    Your wonderful posts on Cornwall make me long to visit. It was a long time ago that we briefly visited.
    Thank you for commenting and saying about September being tourist free.

  10. Hi Susan .. you are certainly stirring everyone’s imaginations here .. and when I start dreaming, or remembering them .. I’ll be back to re-read – the series has sunk in …

    You asked re a visit .. and I suggested early – mid September: still ‘warm’, but mainly tourist and children (school’s back) free …

    Cheers Hilary

  11. There is much to ponder in this post, Susan. I like your metaphors, particularly that discovering our dreams is like finding gold. I suppose try to remember dreams is then like the process of searching for gold. I, too, am grateful for the gift of a dream–although some more than others. 😉

    • Thanks for commenting Merril. Some dreams I have are not nice, a few are potentially better!
      Whichever way, they’re a gift. I like how you say trying to remember a dream is like searching for gold. Intent is the first step for any explorer I guess.

  12. I will try hard to reframe my boring, repetitive dreams as gold, Susan. I had another about confusion, losing stuff, trying to find it. Like that story about the child stuck in a room filled with horsesh**, knowing that meant there was a horse somewhere. I’m digging!

    • Thanks for your comment Jacqui. Confusion is hardly boring! Keep on digging, maybe you’re both the horse and the child, kicking up horse**** looking among it all for the gold. The lotus blooms from its origin in manure or the darkest places. The orchid also survives and blooms in spite of lack of attention. At least this is my first reaction.

  13. Such beautifully prosaic sentences and sentiments. Something to wrap my mind around, in due time. Thanks for the gift of your thoughtful way of processing and writing.

  14. Today’s introductory message about our “god given nature” and “evolutionary impulse towards growth” reflects the pleasure our Creator expressed in the Book of Genesis.

    “And on the seventh day God finished his work which he had done. So God blessed the seventh day from all the work he had done.”

    You brought out a deeper understanding of the ongoing provisions by the Creator, which is, “evolutionary impulse towards growth.”

    • This is lovely Joseph thank you so much! Yes, I am fully with you on this one. Thank you for highlighting this in your comment.

  15. As I read your post the Simon and Garfunkel song Sounds of Silence came into my head – “Because a vision softly creeping, left its seed while I was sleeping. And the vision that was planted in my brain, still remain”

  16. “It’s quite something to step in the gap between night and day and ask for the key …”

    What an eloquent and thought-provoking line. I feel like your posts are a lot like dreams themselves. So much information that I’m not sure I understand yet, but I enjoy exploring what you have to offer, all the same. 🙂

  17. I once heard that nightmares and other “bad” dreams are the trash dump of the mind, cleansing the mind of the negative, by syphoning it away.

    You last statement really resonated with me: It points out, sometimes not so gently, the repair work that needs to be done. (A recent dream reinforced what I already knew, and empowered me to “soldier” on.) Your dream series here has really struck a chord with your readers. Great work, Susan.

    • Thank you so much Marian, also for saying that ‘a recent dream reinforced what you already knew and empowered you to soldier on’. This is a powerful affirmation of the/your dream.

      I’m very grateful for your comments, and grateful for all comments by others. I truly learn that much more – I love responding back! If it strikes a chord and some of us are inspired to look at our dreams a little more closely, then I am very grateful indeed.

  18. This quest through letters is like an invocation to remembrance.
    Dreams, guides and guardians in disguise, greening meaning as we give them the light of our attention.

    • Thank you Ashen so much! “…guardians in disguise, greening meaning as we give them the light of our attention’. This is so beautiful! – thank you.

  19. “Dreams offer us a glimpse of the ground of our being, of our unresolved conflicts not only with ourselves but collectively too. It points out, sometimes not so gently, the repair work that needs to be done.”

    What can I say, but Amen! The above sentence says it all.
    Thank you.

  20. After reading your post on dreams, I made a decision to recall my dream and reflect; so last night I dreamt of my mother(who is no more now) and both me and my mother visited a distant place where my cousin sister lives; my mother takes me to this place, without letting me know where we are going and then after reaching the place, I see my mother expressing her anger and getting into a fight with my cousin. I woke up suddenly and kept revisiting this dream to find meaning…. glad to read your post, its a useful information and thank you for sharing…

    • That is very powerful Genevive, thank you for sharing it with us. When one says YES! to the psyche as you did last night in making a commitment to listen to your dream, it responded. And it is there to support you. Hold your dream with love and care. You don’t have to have any answers to it any time soon … let it unfold. Thank you again.

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