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LB made a comment last night on my yesterday’s post ‘F – Fear of the Dark Feminine: Lilith’.

LBs comment: ‘We fear her truth because it’s grounded in the beauty of the *real*, and in what’s too terrible for most (men and women) to imagine ~ about themselves, their beliefs, tribes and nations. A conscious and informed Lilith combines critical thought with intuition and visceral knowing, as she constantly challenges the too-narrow doctrine and homogeneous thinking of the group and official narrative’. 

What about the order: you are grounded?

In our once monthly Saturday dream workshop this morning, this theme of groundedness came up in someone’s dream. Again, I thought of it’s opposite, of being grounded, in the negative sense. So, instead of headlining my G post with words such as Growth, Gold, Gnosis, I’m writing about grounded as it pertains to Lilith – in both senses.

What does it mean to feel grounded? Is it to feel that one is on the right track in one’s life, that one is true to one’s self, that there is certainty and predictability in some things and that we can face uncertainty as it comes. That we have a roof over our heads, food on the table, can walk in the neighbourhood, educate our children, bringing them up in stable homes in spite of the normal dysfunction that comes with the territory.

When we are told, you are grounded! – as in: ‘you are not allowed, you may not, you stay where you are, in the corner, do not move, you are not deserving, you are a worthless piece of garbage, do not waste space …’? – what then?

Harsh words … which Lilith faced.

Her descent to the Red Sea, ungrounded from Paradise, gave her time to reflect on her estrangement. I see her in the watery depths, wet also from her tears of rage and frustration, anger and deep sadness at her plight. She sits still and doesn’t move, yet feels movement in the stillness. She feels a sharpening of her wits and a loosening of her bonds. She feels looser yet tighter at the same time. Her perceptions and attitude change – she sees that there is more – out of her grasp for now but worthwhile reaching for and waiting for.

So, she ascends – in the guise of a serpent. To the upper ground. To take matters into her own hands and to ensure that Eve does not suffer the same fate as she, one of sterility, subordination and obedience to the status quo.

 ‘ …A conscious and informed Lilith combines critical thought with intuition and visceral knowing, as she constantly challenges the too-narrow doctrine and homogeneous thinking of the group and official narrative’.

Lilith, both grounded and ungrounded, illustrates that there is a way through the conditioning of mass thinking and way of being. There is light in the darkness. Lilith means among other meanings, the bringer of Light …

Thank you for reading!


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  1. I love thinking about Lilith and grounding in these two ways. Rooted and belonging vs. held down and repressed. Lilith seems to have both sides. Her deep earth rooting is a part of all of us if we have a look. Thanks for helping us see Her Light.

    • Thanks Elaine, both rooted and uprooted by her repression .. all perfectly contradictory and somewhat illogical. But the irrational way of the world I suppose ..

  2. Great post. I often feel the dichotomy of these two extremes at once but I think it’s only when I’m thinking metaphysically. When I’m thinking in the 3-D world 🌎 nothing much special ever happens. I missed a lot of
    Posts here. I need to go back and catch up!

    • Thanks for coming by Pam – I relate well to being ‘stuck’ in the opposites or in the extremes of anything! Sometimes it’s something that seems simple, like a yes no response, but that can be one of the very hardest, in my view!

  3. Hi Susan.
    I’ve been meaning to visit you and yet today is the day I am here! I was meant to read your post, it seems.
    After a gap of almost a fortnight, I sat on my mat this morning for I was feeling a bit restless and the intention I set for myself was to find my grounding, to ground myself, to feel centered, which I did.
    In your words :”There is light in the darkness.”
    Grounding feels akin to birthing to me. Like when a seed sleeps in soil, preparing to branch out when it’s ready.
    I like the way you’re ‘stretching’ (Beth Lapin’s words) my perceived notions.
    Thank you for that.
    H is for Head Wash Day

    • That is amazing Arti about setting your attention to being grounded! I love your analogy of the seed preparing to branch out when it’s ready. It is akin to a birthing … shedding its skin and emerging ..
      Hope you were sufficiently stretched on your yoga mat! I’ll pop by you a little later. Nice to see you’re doing the A-Z! Thank you for coming by mine today ..

  4. This spellwork invokes the powers of the Goddess Lilith to help you carry your life lessons closer to your heart. You will be empowered by this spellwork to feel more grounded, assertive, confident, and logical. The guidance and energy of Lilith over the course of this spell will help to expose and remedy your misperceptions, and deepen your worldview. In the end, you will find yourself to have a deeper connection with yourself and feel more comfortable in your skin. You will have confidence in your decision making, and most importantly.

    • Interesting how you use the word ‘spellwork’ Genevieve. Makes me think of incantations to the Goddess to bring about meaningful changes in one’s life. An awareness of Lilith who is not all dark, and other goddesses from time past and the dynamics in their stories, brings us to a greater appreciation of making that connection to our depths and, as you say ‘…feel more comfortable in your skin’. I appreciate you coming by, thank you! And, I checked you and I like the idea of metal detectors finding hidden treasures!

  5. I love how you’ve juxtaposed the various uses of the word “ground.” To be grounded. It’s been such a positive term in my life for so long. Yet, I do know it’s darker meaning, to have one’s wings clipped. And as parents we feel so righteous in doing so. Hmmm. Much to chew on here. Thanks again, Susan.

    • Thanks Janet for coming by. Being grounded in reality is indeed healthy even though at times it’s unpleasant as in world affairs or in personal matters. So long as we see things how they are and not how we wish them to be, we’re on the right track.

  6. I hadn’t considered the opposite. When thinking of grounding, I think of the good, not the bad. But it is both, isn’t it?

  7. Susan ~ Thanks for using my thoughts and sharing your own. I think what I meant to convey was that adversity affects each of us differently. Some of us recover and return to our former lives, never really getting or else forgetting the deeper lessons these single or cumulative brushes with reality can bring ~ while for others, the collective spell is either suddenly or eventually broken. The serpent rises and we wake up, find our footing grounded in adversity’s gifts of expanded awareness, imagination, and compassion.

    Lilith’s wisdom is a lunar wisdom grounded in this imagination of ‘otherness’. Reborn, sharpened, then softened in isolation (something you also mentioned in your post), Lilith wisdom thrives in dark, descended places, reaching out to the otherness in others . . ., but becomes withered and twisted when overly attached to or enamored of the too-bright light of the solar world of normalized conformity and the “imposed identity” ~ what author, Daniel Deardorff, refers to as “the Wonderful life”:

    “To perform the deep song of the implicate identity ~the blessing of the curse, the fruit of asynchrony~ one has to stay descended and remain in-touch with the abysmal void. Therefore *a hurtful cut is unavoidable* ~ in order that imagination be constantly rekindled and wrested away from the Wonderful life . . .”

    (“The Other Within: The Genius of Deformity in Myth, Culture and Psyche”)

    This book, and Daniel Deardorff’s words, really spoke to me ~ though I understand they won’t speak to everyone, just as Lilith’s dark, outsider ways won’t resonate with everyone.

    • Thank you for permission to use your words LB. Your words today are lovely. Again, thank you!

      It amazes me how overly quickly some put all ‘that’ behind them without reflection or questioning what it really truly deeply means. The almost indecent haste in which some have a need to forward at all costs, seems to me to be an opportunity missed. Collectively of course, history does not learn from the past … and thus the repetition compulsion comes into play, until such time as we take it to heart and can re-evaluate and implement a greater awareness of our roles in life .. as you say ‘find our footing grounded in adversity’s gifts of expanded awareness, imagination, and compassion’.

      I am thinking about saying something about the lunar wisdom of Lilith for L ..

      Daniel Deardorff’s words are wise indeed. Yes, I reckon there is fear of the dark and depths and an unwillingness to confront or engage it…

  8. Interesting way to look at it, Susan. Grounded could be good or make one feel trapped, depending on personality type — a life of never-ending routine. Groundless could allow us to get in touch with a dream state we might otherwise never see, but not ideal day-to-day style. Also interesting as seen through Lilith.

    • I like your words Silvia thank you … and now as I am typing I’m thinking about eg groundless accusations (as in eg how politicians/businesses claim their innocence) or if someone gets overly drunk, we say or used to s/he is groundless. But I like the idea of being grounded in reality 🙂

  9. Interesting alternative interpretation of grounded in relation to Lilith, Susan. I’m learning lots about Lilith, and life, through your posts.

  10. Hi Susan – my eyes and mind are being opened with these posts … I’d have never thought of grounded in this way – constrained – yet it is … and I always walk a different path … I don’t like ‘the expected’ too much … I’ll be back to read through all the posts to put the whole together … thanks for these on Lilith – cheers Hilary

  11. Hi, Susan – I have been very impressed by your knowledge, research, writing and ability to teach. I had assumed that you had written these posts (well) in advance and had scheduled them. Very impressive to read that you wrote this post around yesterday’s comment from a reader, and today’s dream workshop. Incredible!

    • Very much on the fly here Donna 🙂 I don’t know about ‘teaching’ as such though it is said that one ‘teaches’ what one most needs to learn .. but I am very happy to pass on what I know about Lilith. She is an intriguing mythological character who embodies independence of thinking, feeling, and contains the opposites within.

  12. Through the women in my family heritage, I saw the feminine face of God, who transcends gender in my opinion. Thus, I was grounded in my ancestry, able to move forward into the light.

    • That is a gift indeed Marian being grounded in your own ancestry and seeing the Feminine face of God. Sophia, the Goddess of Wisdom is said to be the wife of God.

  13. This one caught me by surprise Susan – I hardly ever think of grounded in the “not allowed” sense. But what a helpful way to expand the Lilith/Eve story in my understanding.

  14. Feeling Grounded and in the Flow…when I feel grounded, I am cohesive within myself (body, mind, spirit) and also connected to everything else in the world — through the earth, the plants, the animals, etc. And when I’m grounded, then I am in the flow… life seems to move well, I feel as though I’m in the right place at the right time…

  15. Dear Susan, There is much to contemplate and reflect on here. As always a great read packed with thought-provoking ideas! I’m not sure if “vocation” and feeling “grounded” actually go together? Yet (for me) I feel a growing security in the knowledge that being a poet and psychotherapist goes hand-in-hand with a rightness I can’t really explain in my life. Does following or discovering your fate, purpose or meaning in life make us feel grounded? I don’t know about others but it seems to do so for me. I love that turn of phrase, “the beauty of the real.” Yes, way too scary for many! “Grounded” and “garden” seem perfect word and image companions. In soul, Deborah.

    • If one answers the call that cannot be denied then surely, if one follows it, groundedness and a sense of ‘rightness’ will follow is what I’m thinking Deborah – reminds me of the saying: Many are called but/yet few answer … risk is involved in following your bliss or what feels right. Many of us are not prepared to hang out out a limb, for fear maybe it will break? Which of course it may .. and we may be ground down, to our essence.

      I was going to write G for Garden today – the need for weeding and the fruits that are borne and blossoms blooming – in another post 🙂 Thank you for your comment. In soul, Susan

  16. Wow what a interpretation of being Grounded, very strong word- we become grounded after all the experiences in life that enables to stand firm and rooted in what we have learnt over a period of time – like the way you are depicting Lilith as both grounded and ungrounded. .. learnt the meaning of Lilith today from you, “bringer of light” Thanks for sharing:)

    • Thank you Genevive – experiences in life are grounding aren’t they .. they can give us a firm foundation after all is said and done, even if at times they grind us down … but hopefully we can retain the strong inner core –

  17. Susan, you amaze me everytime you write. You always hit a nerve within and open my eyes to clarity. I have actually questioned my grounding of late as I consider myself pretty grounded. There is so much to learn in this life and what a wonderful message regarding, Lylith.

    • Pat, it’s a wonderful surprise to see you here thank you for coming by! And for your compliment 🙂 – The earth beneath our feet is not always stable and sound; things happen that shake us up from time to time, our health, our families, loved ones … let alone the outer world and the problematic political haranguing. I hope you are in good health and good cheer.

  18. Great analysis of the concept of grounded. I think of it as being secure and balanced in my decision-making abilities. I’d forgotten about the childhood punishment of being grounded. Yet Lilith embodies both meanings. Something to muse on…

  19. WOW!! Yes, ‘grounded’ does make one think as it means so much. Lilith and Eve dealt with a great deal of grounding, both positive and negative. Maybe the pluses and minuses of life are what makes us grow, otherwise we would stagnate. Sadly, as we experience the various aspects of ‘grounding’ we don’t necessarily think of the positive side until we have grown through the negativity of life. It ultimately makes us wiser. Thanks for your insightful post!

    • Thank you for your comment Gwynn. The pluses in our lives give us a measure of contentment don’t they. The minuses help us to re-evaluate and re-orient ourselves to the realness of our lives —

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