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Days are becoming longer, nights shorter in the northern hemisphere, the official start of Spring; shorter days longer nights here in the summer hemisphere. So easily noted by the lengthening shadows earlier in the evening, sunrise dawning later and the leaves turning golden …

How quickly everything happens – we arrived in Johannesburg last evening from Plettenberg Bay (about 1300 kms away) after overnighting at our favourite place in the Karoo.

My friend Nicki travelled by car with us up to the highveld (2000 mtrs asl). She’d flown down to Plett from Johannesburg just over a week ago to come and stay. I fetched her from the airport and we stopped in at a nursery for coffee and where there is a labyrinth, which we both walked.

It was wonderful to show her how and where I live and take her to the places I like to visit and to see everything with new eyes. She was the easiest guest. I reckon her gift to us and to me especially is that I felt comfortable with her, I was just myself, peculiarities and all, which she took in her easy-going stride –

a long walk on Keurbooms Strand, oyster catchers having a chat
Keurbooms beach
The Arch on Keurbooms – a long walk to reach, keeping in mind a river to cross there and back –
colourful rocks on a walk

On another day, we went to Bramon Estate, the venue where my son David and his wife were married 5 years ago on her 25th birthday, on 19th March. (Jüte turned 30 yesterday; they are celebrating both events at a very fancy game lodge in the Sabi Sand over this weekend. I will TRY to put up a little video they sent me of one of their game drives). But Nicki and I stopped in at Bramon and had a glass of Bramon bubbly in their honour!

A very full glass in the middle of the day
Nature’s Valley-deeply forested
Another day – Sky Villa, just outside Plettenberg Bay.
The lagoon close to where I live in Plett, the sea on the other side of the dunes.
praying mantis on balcony a few evenings ago

I mentioned earlier in this post that we stopped over last night in the Karoo to break the long car journey. It’s the loveliest place, a working sheep farm in Springfontein. Delicious Karoo lamb for dinner. Those stars were so bright, as was the newish moon. Orion’s Belt and the Southern Cross were practically pumping in their brightness. My husband saw a shooting star as I as was looking the other way. Lucky fish!

We’re staying in our ‘old’ townhouse in Morningside Johannesburg which Dave and Jüte are now living in! They’ll be back tomorrow from the bush. My husband leaves from here tomorrow to go the Drakensberg for an annual golf tournament. Dave & Jüte fly down to Cape Town on Tuesday, my husband back from golf on Wednesday and the plan is for us to leave on Thursday for a private game farm up country. No sooner are we back from this, it will be time to return to Plettenberg Bay with the car loaded with ‘stuff’ that Dave & Jüte want removed. It’s all a little too hectic for me, especially as I write this on the Equinox which is always a reminder of the necessary pause for balance as the seasons change.

Roses picked from townhouse this afternoon – they speak the language of all seasons –

Thank you for reading. I hope this finds you all well. May the Force be with you all.

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  1. Lovely post ma 🙂 sounded like a great trip to Joburg 👌 and great pics

  2. Morning Suzeee, loved reading your Equinox blog. Feel quite green that Nicki made it to Plett. It all looks so lovely. Enjoy Jburg and the game park and hope to catch you on the next swing. Lovely Roses……goosebumps

    • Here’s to the next swing Di-dee, soon I hope 🙂 We’re not going to the game farm after all … it will have to be another time. Neck a bit eina, had reflexology this afternoon, acupuncture this past Saturday, and when Neil is back from golf tournament, plan to visit the xray dept at his old clinic, hopefully on Thursday. So pleased to see you here, thank you for coming by xx

  3. Those are beautiful sights. What a joy to share them with a friend. I had hoped to do that with my sister but things got in the way.

  4. Hi Susan – I’m so glad it’s arrived here – fed up with the winter … as I’m sure you now will be: sorry! Beautiful photos and reminiscences … that labyrinth looks fun to wander in … and how lovely Nicki fitted in so easily for you … the beach walks – just beautiful … love the rocks – so colourful.

    Braman estate – how delightful – you look so happy and relaxed – and with a glass of fizz that full – yes a few bubbly questions …??? Congratulations to Jute and David – I’m sure they’re having a wonderful time … fun to see the praying mantis …

    I used to stay in a working sheep farm in the Karoo – can’t remember exactly where – but the details will be here somewhere. It was a great experience and seeing the farm etc … I am looking forward to lamb for Easter …
    How fun to spend time in your ‘old’ town house – must be bemusing … and yes, you have lots going on … but the roses bring you balance – they look ‘delicious’ and full of scent I can imagine …
    Loved the post – thank you … cheers Hilary

    • Winter seems to have arrived on the highveld this very day Hilary! Pretty warm this morning, rain and thunderstorm by 2.00 p.m. and it’s turned cold. And will be for the next several days of our stay here. Of course I don’t have the right clothing ..

      At Prior Grange in Springfontein we had of course lamb for dinner – Nicki who is a very good cook, declared it delicious. Look up Prior Grange … I think I’ve posted some photos of it before on a blog, maybe not – I do know that the time when we stayed over before, end-ish November, they’d had lovely rains and the gardens were so beautiful.

      Thanks so much for coming by Hilary, glad your winter is coming to an end and you’re feeling the warmth creeping in and viewing the delights that Mother Nature brings. All best, Susan.

      • Hi Susan – oh the Highveld can be cold … especially with no sun. Prior Grange looks amazing – brings back memories of those trips and up and down to CT or PE decades ago.
        I look forward to getting out and about again a bit – probably won’t be doing much – but will enjoy what I can do … and keeping away from the beach with its hoards! It is lovely seeing things start to bloom and green again – enjoy being up in the Jhb area … and relax!! Cheers – Hilary

        • Hi Hilary, I imagine Easter will be busy over that period in Plett as it will in your neck of the woods/beaches. Ha ha re relax – from quiet days post the travelling to a hectic day today but much accomplished. Now to relax at long last now that I’m home and the townhouse is quiet. Dave & Jüte flew down to Cape Town today for several days … the visit to the game farm has been put on hold … no bad thing. Take care Susan

  5. Nice pics … Glad to see you had a very joyful time with your dear ones.
    As the season changes, the mercury is shooting up too. Luckily, I am in a city that has a pleasant weather.

    • Thanks for coming by Pradeep. This is definitely a time of weather changes – you are fortunate to have pleasant weather with no extremes 🙂 All best for the coming week.

  6. Sis, a wonderful post, as always, with great respect to the Equinox….beautiful pictures, and good stories of you and Nicki. I too was fortunate to be able to walk long distances on the most beautiful long beaches on the Wild Coast in the past 8 days…a long drive. So sorry about your neck Sis. Perhaps a deep bath with lots of Epsom Salts may help to pull out some of the pain?

    Thank you for your writings


    • So lovely that you popped by Sis thanks! Where are you now, back home in Cape Town or in the Wilderness? Remember that slackpacking we did many years ago along the Wild Coast? Picking up rubbish interalia? Your idea of epsom salts is excellent thanks and Nicki recommended a reflexology treatment! Which I’ll still book for a treatment. Wish it was YOU giving me reflexology.
      Your ever loving Sis xx (yels)

      • I remember the slackpacking very well, Sis, and Trennerys where we stayed this past week, was one of our stays as well. Norris and Peter had a local to help them with bait and show good fishing spots. I went along too, a few times and I showed the Isaac my bagful of rubbish I was taking off the beaches and lagoon. 2 days later, he gave me a sandstone in the shape – sort of – of a fish, and it had a shell long stuck in it, in the area of an eye. Wonderful gift. Reflex next time, Sis – was in painful in the neck of big toes and other toes? xx

        • All that rubbish we picked up all those years ago. Such a lovely gift from Isaac – please send photo on what’s app .. it sounds lovely, I can see it in mind’s eye.

  7. Hi Susan, I knew you were excited to visit with your friend, Nicki, and like you say, fun to see everything with new eyes. Many beautiful and interesting areas to go for walks. Keurbooms beach, fascinating rock formations. The Nature’s Valley photo is surreal. Shooting stars are still a rare thrill.

    You remind me, Susan, how the Equinox is also a reminder of the necessary pause for balance. I need to hear this. Thank you for a fun and interesting update.🙂

    • Thanks so much Erica for coming by & commenting. Monday already, a new week, the month almost over. It’s overcast with the scent of rain in the air. Do you find this year rushing by? Easter weekend next week …

      Anyway, let me not add my anxiety or whatever it is about the pace of life … I plan to have no plans this day, it’s a public holiday here, tho I have some ideas in mind to use this day fruitfully .. have a lovely week Erica 🙂

  8. Very nice, Susan. I smiled as I read. My ideal respite, spending time with a good friend and on the beach. I used to travel a lot here in the U.S., so I envy your drive from Plett to J’burg — well, and especially that tall glass of bubbly. Sweet photo of you. You look so happy. Cheers! –Carol

    • That glass of bubbly was large indeed but it tasted like nectar as it slipped south with each sip – faster than I could have imagined! Thanks for coming by Carol, i’m not surprised you liked it! Cheers to you too as spring your way comes …

  9. Happy Equinox, Susan! Those roses are beautiful, and the beach and arch amazing.
    It all sounds so different where you are–besides the season–visitors and travel are totally foreign concepts to me right now.

    • Happy Equinox to you Merril and to your Spring which judging by your photos is showing herself in all her budding beauty. Your blogs are a kind of travelogue for me which just shows the power of words to carry one here there and everywhere! Which you do in spades with accompanying photos 🙂

  10. Happy autumn days, Susan. And to think you have the Southern Cross as well. I thought it was all ours (not really – but it’s on our flag).
    How wonderful to have a friend with whom you can be yourself. It sounds like you had a wonderful time together.
    I’m sorry you missed the shooting star. I’ve not seen one yet. Maybe that just tells me I need to get outside and look at the stars more. But not tonight. It’s very wet here today with lots of cloud cover.

    • Happy Autumn days to you Norah! I’m sorry to hear of the flooding that’s been happening on the eastern seaboard.

      I wondered when we saw the Southern Cross on Thursday night if it was the ‘false’ cross. But our host assured us when we saw him Friday morning on departure that it is the real Southern Cross. If and when you see a shooting star remember to make a wish! I’ve seen very few and it’s always the best thing to see. The last time I was thinking about my father and wondering about him – and then a shooting star – to say I was star struck is an understatement. Thank you for coming by 🙂

      • The rain we are experiencing here in Australia, especially NSW is incredible. So much flooding and so much damage. It seems to be one disaster after another.
        I’ll try to remember to make a wish when I see a shooting star. How lovely to have one coincide with thoughts of your father – a great reminder of his presence.

        • It’s really dreadful all these extremes Norah and the damage caused. March and April seem to take their time about settling into a ‘normal’ rhythm so I guess we can anticipate more capricious weather. Stay safe … and here’s to a shooting star for you –

  11. Oh, that was simply wonderful! Thank you so much Susan for sharing your joy-filled travels and photos with us … especially the one with you raising a large glass in hand … cheers! It must’ve been wonderful to spend time with Nicki. Like many, here in the UK we haven’t been able to legally travel outside our local area for pretty much the entire year now so it was wonderful to read of your own travels!

    I felt like I was travelling with you under those vast South African starry skies and rich, impressive landscapes! Barely pausing to catch my breath before we set off again touring the beauty of your world. So I’m delighted and deeply thankful that you did pause here at equinox to write this new article. Deep sigh … “Roses speak the language of all seasons” … what a truly beautiful, poetic line! Love and light, Deborah.

    • Thank you Deborah so much! I just checked on google to see if my saying about roses is original or whether I’d memorised it from aeons ago and I’m happy to say it appears to be original 🙂

      Davey & Jüte returned from Londolozi with such amazing stories of their time there. Look up Londolozi Blog on google and be transported. They were treated with such kindness and generosity that Jüte felt quite emotional recalling it.

      We’re in Level 1 of lockdown so there are restrictions and masking and social distancing are enforced. The plan was for Neil and me to go to a non-commercial game lodge leaving on Thursday and I knew I’d be posting a blog about that; but as of this morning the decision was taken not to go – it’s a long distance from Johannesburg and my neck is giving me gyp for which I had acupuncture yesterday which has helped a lot, but bumping around on a Landrover in the bush is not advised. When Neil gets back from golf tournament on Wednesday, he’ll take me into x-ray dept of his old clinic and we’ll see what’s what. And I just HAVE to stop carrying heavy things 🙂

      Love and light to you, enjoy the budding of Spring! Always so joyous!

  12. I agree: roses speak the language of all seasons, Susan. Your photos seem infused with beauty and energy as you embrace the Equinox.

    A church in our city has sponsored a labyrinth during the Easter season, but I have not received an invitation this year, perhaps because of the pandemic restrictions. Nevertheless, nature sings as we move toward the Resurrection celebration. Thanks for this lovely collection of thought and photos! 🙂

  13. I’m amazed by your energy and how much you’re able to do and see. I’m glad you connected with a dear friend for Equinox, because that’s a stabilizing energy. You’re surrounded by beauty! I made an Equinox collage with a friend today. The energy was indrawn and restful. Blessed autumn to you.

    • How lovely to make an Equinox collage Elaine! As you say the energy is indrawn and restful. I’m feeling the need to be quiet but it won’t be like that for the upcoming days .. though being in the bush will be restorative. Blessed Spring to you –

  14. You have such a beautiful area. I especially loved the beach. My, you have a lot of activities to enjoy. I hope your friend, Nicki, enjoyed her visit too.

    Enjoy your change of Season. We are moving from Winter into Spring, and it is so lovely to see the trees and flowers bloom. It is hard to believe that you are experiencing the end of Summer and moving into Autumn.

    Hopefully, all are staying well. We had our first shot and receive our second on April 3rd. I sure will be happy if the pandemic ever leaves us. Take care and Stay well!

    • It is such a treat when plants and trees start their greening Gwynn. Good news that you’ve received your vaccinations … I have no idea when we’ll receive ours. Thanks for coming by 🙂

  15. You’re doing so much out in the world while we wait for our vaccinations. I enjoyed reading about your adventures and long to be able to do the same. Happy Autumn to you.

  16. Hi,
    You’re very busy, but that happens when one is going through change.. Nevertheless, take time to listen to the quiet whisper within you.
    All the best.
    Shalom aleichem,

  17. Beautiful beaches. That is a large glass of wine and a very large preying mantis. Nice to have a visit from someone who you can feel relaxed with.

  18. Hi Susan,

    Your Odyssean wanderings are a wonder to one who hasn’t been sixty miles from home in eight months, and that only to our familiar beach for a day.

    I love the pictures, especially the rock formations at Keurbooms beach, and the stone labyrinth. Did Nicki enjoy the labyrinth as much as you thought she would? Did you receive any insights on this journey within a journey? What a vast continent Africa is!

    Thank you for sharing your travels. They’re stirring up a bit of wanderlust! I look forward to relocating to the Smoky Mountains for the summer.


    • She loved the labyrinth which we did on our own. She reminded me to set our intention as we began it. Re any insights – mostly if I recall just gratitude that this was the way she was introduced to my world and that there is a labyrinth that we could walk in actuality.

      I could have put up so many more photos – 🙂

      Welcome to your Spring Jeanie, and to your upcoming sojourn to the Smoky Mountains … just the name of it is evocative.

      Thank you for coming by. Love, Susan

  19. This is a wonderful post, as usual! As one who has been stuck in the gilded cage for the last 12 months, it’s nice to see the scenery and nature.

    • Thanks Skip for coming by. South Africans are great travellers and while we may not be able to travel abroad any time soon, we get much enjoyment in traversing our land.

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