Easter, Pesach, Equinox –

yinyangimagesa time for reflection – to deepen faith –

a time for redemption – to deepen faith –

a time for renewal – to deepen faith –

Pesach – Passover – commemorates the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt led by Moses out of 400 years of slavery into Israel, the land that God had promised on oath to Abraham. The Promised Land was finally reached, His promise fulfilled. It’s a time of looking back to the going forward – a joyous celebration indeed!

Easter – Pasch – a remembrance of the carpenter from Nazareth and his wise teachings, told most times in parable form. A reflection on His resurrection 3 days after his burial. Did you know that when Christ was crucified and there then was an earthquake? It’s a recorded fact. A remembrance of His love for the sinner who truly repents and the saint, reminding us that we too can put aside our hates and enmity even in these troubled times in which we live – and experience the renewal of our faith in love –

When I write above – to deepen faith – what do I really mean? I mean a faith in our potential wholeness, for those of us who can bear and carry our own particular cross as consciously as we possibly can. And to allow a conscious experience of ourselves being torn between the opposites of e.g. joy and sadness, love and indifference – to find our own individuality. We have our own crosses to bear, our own crucifixions, and to bear them consciously, to experience them as truthfully as we can, and therein to find our unique and individual life means deepening our faith in the mysteries of life –

And the equinox – I’m never truly sure of it’s exact date in March – 21, 22 or 23 – today is the 23rd and I do know that it is full moon tonight. Here in Plettenberg Bay where I am (leaving tomorrow evening for Johannesburg), the tides will be very high. Right now, out on my balcony, the sea looks calm. All is fresh and lovely. I looked out at the moon last night, almost full, sliding behind night clouds from time to time and then peeking out and revealing her light and beauty. We in South Africa are now in the autumn season officially and already I have seen yellowing leaves on the ground and on trees –

below, balcony view taken today, the Tsitsikama mountains off to the left –

balcony view

And for you in the northern hemisphere – Spring! How lovely! Such a wonderful time to visibly see plants and flowers beginning to bloom, the air fresher, the weather milder, maybe a little warmer! A time of renewal – in ourselves, the land, Mother Earth – a celebration indeed!

My Easter and Chag Sameach love and good wishes to you all! May it be a blessed time – Β 


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  1. It is interesting that my “renewal” will be our move from a big home with yard to a small apartment with no yard. Where I will miss my space, I won’t miss having to deal with a yard. Yes, this is a time of renewal… I will be rejoicing, especially when I can climb out of spring’s dirt and BLOOM!!

    I hope your Easter is GLORIOUS!! Hugs to you and your glorious family!! I do so wish you lived closer!! Hugs!

    • We’ve had a lovely relaxing Easter so far thanks Gwynn!

      Amazingly Davey & JΓΌte who return from their Mauritius honeymoon will be stopping over in Johannesburg for a few days en route back to Cape Town!

      Is the move on track? Have you found somewhere more suitable! This is very exciting indeed and it so great that you have a positive attitude to this!

      ONE day, we will meet! A huge hug to you!

      • We have not officially signed the paperwork for the new apartment, but will tomorrow. John and I had a heart to heart as to what was important to us. This apartment is in the city of Kingston, close to the ferry that I take. Also, it is close to where I currently live so I can still stay connected with my friends and my walk in Poulsbo. I wish the apartment was a bit larger and had two bathrooms instead of one, but somehow I will survive. I AM still hoping to win the lottery though!! πŸ˜‰ I’m delighted that you had a wonderful Easter. Ours is quiet, but I did Skype with my daughter and family! YEAAAA!!! Hugs!!

        • This sounds the most important thing Gwynn i.e. to be close to all that is familiar and dear to you,,, good luck with the signing and may the new doors open up to you in positive and delightful ways – do let us know! xx

  2. “buona Pasqua,” as I say to my Italian mother-in-law. I love the perspective from your world, Susan. Thank you for writing so beautifully about what faith means to you and helping me consider what it means to me..

    Some years, such as 2015, my area has snow in late March, but this Easter weekend it’s warm and sunny. Flowers pop out of the flower beds and the streams run strong. A bluebird couple courts out on the pasture railing and looks over the nesting boxes. This is the time of year when I become less a philosopher and more a nature mystic.

    • Thanks Elaine! I’ve seen some photos of yours on FB from your back yard of Nature spilling out all over! Nothing else seems to matter when we’re reminded of the beauty around us –

      And I’m pleased thank you that my perspective on faith helps you to consider what it means to you πŸ™‚

  3. Faith in our wholeness is the key to living life more fully, growth and happiness. Beautiful post, Susan. Thank you!

  4. Loved your expressions Susan. So easy to remember the 3 R’s. Reflection,Redemption,and Renewal. These are the punch lines of your post. I am glad to read today as I too reflect the meaning of cross, crucifixion consciously experiencing and moving towards Easter. My Good wishes to you and your family too.. may every experience deepen our faith.. helping us give new meanings that is relevant and evolving..

    • Thanks for coming by Genevive and I’m glad that my post resonated with you. May you and family have a blessed Easter weekend.

  5. They say you learn something every day. Well, I learned that we don’t share the same seasons. I never knew. Enjoy your holidays.

  6. Hi Susan, Sometimes we read just what we need to read. The truth and wisdom therein glow upon our faces, and the only thing left to do, is to wholly surrender to them. This Easter, this Pesach, this Equinox I see that I face yet another crucifixion, a long-awaited one. Your inspiring words today reawaken my faith in myself to be able to endure this trial so that I may find the necessary strength and courage to carry my own cross as consciously as I can further along life’s open road. Bright spring wishes, Deborah.

    • Hi Deborah, sometimes or maybe always, surrender is our only choice or option left open to us, when faced with our own crucifixion. May courage and bravery walk alongside you at this time Deborah as you bear your cross and may the road widen and narrow, curve or straighten as it must as you walk your path …

  7. Susan, I love the way you weave interconnection among the three. The world needs more of that. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Beth – I made a mistake though, I thought Pesach and Easter occurred at the same time but as I’ve been informed, Pesach begins 22 April. Nevertheless the interconnection is what matters as you point out. have a blessed Easter.

  8. Lovely. Happy Easter, Susan, to you and your wonderful newly extended family.

    Happy Equinox. The full moon two nights ago conjoined Jupiter was quite a site. Surely must mean some kind of beneficent expansion (and not just seeing my dreams reflected in a large mirror).

    I have inquired today about renting a piano. The store I contacted, and have been in contact with for a few years, is offering affordable rental (w/option to buy) prices. I probably won’t get a Steinway baby grand for that, but we’ll see what we can do. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Samantha for Easter wishes. Best to you too. And may the expansion of the moon reflect your desire to have that baby grand in your sitting room, filling it and surrounds with your deepest love.

  9. You have expanded on the blog post I just published today which is mostly about Passion week on the Christian calendar, a moveable date dictated by lunar phases, I believe.

    Thank you for helping us reflect and appreciate the power of renewal, redemption.

    • Thank you Marian – a touch of synchronicity at work? I’m hard at work this full moon evening catching up on posts and such and am so looking forward to getting to yours on The Passion.

      Have a blessed Easter weekend …

  10. Hi Susan – wonderful post – restoring me as we await our Spring .. but lighter days and a lightening heart, despite the challenges around us.

    The full moon and tides … they really stretch out here … and your view is stunning – love it.

    You’ll miss Plett – yet more to come soon in other ‘tidal’ arenas …

    Have a good Easter and I’m so pleased the wedding was such a joyous affair … cheers Hilary

    • Thank you Hilary! Yes, many challenges are right on our doorstep on so many levels .. a lighter heart always helps!

      Am still to get to posts of yours and others that I know I have missed – am slowly working my way through them. And, believe it or not a post will come up later this evening on the Theme Reveal .. have you put up yours?

  11. Spring has arrived here in NJ. Over the past week, our daffodils have burst into bloom, along with some other spring flowers. Some of the trees around here have lovely pink blooms, and other will bloom soon. It makes my heart sing.
    It makes me think the world is full of possibilities, as long as we don’t destroy it and each other first.
    Passover this year is not for another month, beginning Friday night, April 22. Wishing you and yours a happy Easter.

    • O Merril I can just imagine! Spring – to make one’s heart sing!

      Ooops re: Pesach – big error there! How did this happen? I don’t know – but thank you for pointing this out to me! Thank you for your Easter wishes! πŸ™‚ And enjoy everything!

  12. Thank you, Susan. I love how you bring this back to basics. I feel cleansed simply understanding the root better.

    • Thank you Jacqui – that is a lovely comment that truly warms my heart (my own root I suppose, though I’m still learning). πŸ™‚

  13. “When I write above – to deepen faith – what do I really mean? I mean a faith in our potential wholeness, for those of us who can bear and carry our own particular cross as consciously as we possibly can.”

    Well said, Susan. One of the things I find most hopeful this spring (here in the northern hemisphere) is that this message about our individual responsibility for becoming conscious of our own inner opposites is finally being seen by more people than ever before for what it really is and always was: a spiritual path toward wholeness and enlightenment.

    With the help of the internet, humanity is beginning to get that faith is not about strict belief in a particular culture’s religion, but about living out the essence of all true religion in our own lives: about developing our potential for the transformation and renewal of our soul into a conscious, responsible being of light, compassion and love.

    May this be a blessed time for all of us, no matter what season it is…..

    • Thank you Jeanie, so beautifully put! I think the message is getting out – at last – that the microcosm affects the macrocosm so that individually we are responsible to a great extent for what happens collectively. As above so below, or, as below, so above. Such potential we each have for transformation and renewal – may our souls continue deepening and thank you for your ALWAYS inspiring and beautiful posts.

  14. Nice post. I love the positive wishes you sent out. I hope the world does turn toward the positive a bit. Every little bit would help!

    • Thanks Debby very much! May your spring bring warmth and joy and positive blessings. And for you yourself to continue to help in turning the tide …

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