Day 3 of 3 day quote challengeroses-with-thornsFrom: Meditations for Women who do too much: Anne Wilson Schaef 1990.

November 22: Wholeness

May Sarton: Women’s work is always towards wholeness

Anne Wilson Schaef commentary: When we women do our work, we move towards wholeness. The world is in need of wholeness. The world is in need of women’s way of working.

Too long we have doubted ourselves and tried to fit comfortably into a male modality. To have wholeness, we need to make our contribution too. To have wholeness, we need to know our values and value our knowing.

We have ‘welched’ on our responsibility to this society and this planet. It is time that we courageously put our thoughts, ideas and values out there and let them stand for themselves.

When I do my work, my work is wholeness.

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  1. True, true, Susan. True as the rose is to the rose. Thank you. And I like your response to Hilary — the more we also look after ourselves, the more interesting life is. Yep.

  2. Hi Susan – what a lovely challenge. Interesting about how we need to do so much … a friend mentioned that she wishes she felt more valued … and yet she does so much. I’ll be back to chat with her re this at some stage – it was during the first of two very short, frantic visits … so we don’t often get to sit down and chill out together (ex South African mates (friends!) not mates per se?!).

    It’s realising we can’t grump … if we don’t look after ourselves and provide value to others … life is interesting as it progresses …

    Cheers Hilary

    • Lovely to see you here Hilary in between all your busyness, thank you for coming by! And I sometimes think that the more we ALSO look after ourselves, the more interesting life is!

      I hope this finds you well and thank you again,


  3. I never thought of wholeness as related to gender specifically but its an interesting thought. I know we have to do a lot of holistic integration based primarily on gender roles given to us and it is complex and sometimes difficult to accomplish it all well.

    • Thanks for coming by Stephanie and we don’t have to think of wholeness only in terms of gender. But it is work, of the valuable kind, worth the effort.

  4. Hi,
    The wholeness that we seek comes from living out our purpose in life. And as your quote says, so many women, and I would like to say here, men also, missed the wholeness in life because they are not living out their dream. Instead they have settled for second best and have entered the mode of I Wish.
    Very nice quote, my dear friend.

    • Thank you Pat. And one’s purpose can take a long while to discover. Or it can be gently hinted at and/or opportunities turned down for whatever reason …
      Shalom to you.

  5. I much prefer a start and finish–the ‘wholeness’ to which you refer. I struggle if there’s no conclusion.

  6. Reminds me of the elderly women in my family — the effort and concentration they possessed for that very wholeness in their work, something I aspire to as well. Thank you Susan. Such a great quote.
    I just noticed the amazon button for your book on the right side (what took me so long?!). Will put it on my kindle as soon as I get home. Makes for an better reading experience than on the computer screen. Can’t wait!

    • Thanks Silvia for coming by and sorry I am getting to respond so late in the day. We’re just back from the bush, some 550 ams away from Johannesburg. It’s also been my experience that the elderly knew the value of hard work and were not afraid to put their shoulder to the boulder …
      πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ re my book thank you so much!

  7. You are so correct that mankind needs to acknowledge and encourage women’s participation in the world and life. Nurturing is a critical aspect for growth and education. I have enjoyed your wise words.

    I started to post my first day of the challenge last night and I lost my post. So, I’ll try posting on my blog again later today! Thank you for your wisdom.

    • Hi Gwynn, I’ve got some catching up to do. We’re just back from being away for last few days where there was very limited internet connection so my hands were well and truly tied. I wish I could lay claim to the wise words but the commentaries are not mine!

    • Thanks Marian for coming by! I’ll look up the link thanks so much. I’ve got one of books, essays I think. We’re just back from being in the bush and the wildness of nature is such a balm to the soul.

    • Very dicey Internet conn where I am at the moment Genevive thank you for operational link which I’ll check when home.

  8. The impetus toward wholeness is evident in the maternal instinct of providing tender care for all our newborn.

    The rose is a graphic symbol of organic opening up, mothers bestowing love upon mankind, male and female.

    Thank you for sharing this quote, an important reminder to all on our planet.

    • Thanks Joseph. Yes it’s true that the maternal instinct can be symbolic of wholeness for many. The rose is a lovely symbol too with its beauty and thorns.

  9. What a lovely quote Susan and I loved this phrase ” when I do my work, my work is wholeness”… its so nice to affirm oneself and see ourselves in a new light and I can’t imagine a world without women.. .. it would be so boring and uninteresting… we women bring in so much of love, kindness, compassion, joy, laughter, sensitivity, care and harmony… feels good to state this.. thanks for sharing this beautiful quote and once again thank you for accepting my nomination. have a great weekend..

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