The only constant is change

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I’ve changed my mind –

I changed my mind about my theme being about heroes and heroines and heroic acts although I would have loved to have written about eg Irene Sendler or Anne Frank or Helen Keller or – Cybele, Hermes, Persephone, Demeter, Ishtar – but a gal can change her mind –

My posts from henceforth will focus on Change – from C – Z – this is my C post

So, Change – sometimes slow and imperceptible sometimes fast and furious –Β 

I suppose the question is what are our thoughts and feelings about change. But of course, it’s a huge question to which there is no short answer – nor should there be –

We could look at it from many perspectives I suppose: change on the outer level as in eg climatic change, economic change, political earthquakes, whatever – we’ve just had such a one in which our President was found to be in violation of ourΒ Constitution, by Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng, last Thursday. It was gripping listening on the radio as I delivered my son and new bride to the airport to return to Cape Town; they’d spent a few days with us after their honeymoon in Mauritius. Change I thought! Hallelujah! Ripple effects! Calls for his impeachment or at least that he resigns. Zuma addressed the nation on Friday night – he apologised for the drama (saying he didn’t know what was going on), and has not acknowledged his wrong-doing or complicity. The fall-out is coming –

We can approach it as well in another way and ask of ourselves Β – what are the changes that are happening to me on an inner level as I traverse this particular stage of my life. Who and where am I at this particular stage of my life? No short answers to those questions either nor do I intend to provide any –

This is the approach I will taking in my posts – a psychological one. For D tomorrow (pre-scheduled) I’ll probably do Dark and the potential for change in it. E probably Energy and how it is never lost and always transformed. ..

This is my own photo of a cheetah taken in Plettenberg Bay 2 years ago – small head and tear lines –

20141012_cheetah plett_resized

And, I messed up badly, the below is a LEOPARD (by me) taken in Oct 2014 in the Sabi Sand! O my, having to change the photo!


The image at beginning of post is a caduceus – an embrace of the masculine & feminine principles inter alia

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  1. Buddhist ideas of impermanence and change always made the most sense to me philosophically. Change is what I know as the teacher and the trouble-maker. Lots of trickster T words here, so I’m getting ahead of you.

    • The Buddhist philosophy of impermanence and change works well for me too Elaine – psychologically too as I know it does for you ..

      mmm, re T for trickster, teacher, trouble maker … that would be a lovely post by you! I think it’s on tomorrow’s A-Z post at the end, for H, that there’s a strong mention of Hermes, guide, psychopomp, messenger .. plus a picture.

      Thank you so much for coming by, I so appreciate it! πŸ™‚

  2. I like your Creativity in this Challenge. It Certainly is fun to read about it. I also wrote about a C-Topic: Conscious, http://mindfunda.com/conscious/ one of my experiences with a low blood sugar level or hypo glycemia (file that one under H). But it is another one of our synchronicities πŸ˜‰

    • Synchronicity at work again Susanne! I saw your lovely post (what a scary experience though) and FB’d it – hoping that many more get to view it ..

      Thank you for coming by – πŸ™‚

  3. I love this, Susan. I’m so glad you’re going to deal with psychological issues this month and am really looking forward to your next posts!

    • Thank you Jeanie – because it’s the A-Z they have to be short, so it is a challenge to say something in few words.

  4. Love the change πŸ™‚ in your posts Susan.. very reflective post, yes made me think of changes in progress currently, a lot of initiatives taken both at the personal level, wanting to be healthy and bringing in small changes in life style and also professionally .. exploring and searching for that one specific reason for what I am meant to be doing… like the pictures and look forward to hear from you, psychological perspective in the coming posts.. I will not miss your posts.. I learn so much, thanks πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Genevive – those small changes bring about the bigger ones as you’ve reminded us, so thank you for that too ,. have faith in those small important changes – I’m reminding myself also

      Thank you for your kind words πŸ™‚

  5. Change is good; change can be creative.

    But if you need another C, then don’t forget “C” is also for Cookie, according to Cookie Monster. πŸ™‚

    • A cookie would change my life right now Merril thank you! But I ain’t got any! πŸ™‚

      Thank you for coming by, much appreciated!

  6. Susan, I am enjoying the spontaneity of your posts! A pretty accurate reflection of life, the need to switch gears midstream and look in a different direction.

    • Thanks Beth! I love the metaphor of switching gears! From 1st to 5th and all the others in between and back to cruise level at times, each with a different view – πŸ™‚

  7. Change — sometimes the inner changes or changes in habits or patterns are subtle and we look back and wonder, “When did I change that brought me to this?” But, the key is adapting to change, and that often is not easy.

    Love you cheetah and leopard photos. Wow. I’m excited when I get a photo of a deer or a marmot.

    Thanks, Susan. Your posts — and your commenters — are fascinating, as usual.

    • Thank you dear Samantha – and for saying how subtle these changes are – like ageing is what immediately comes to mind. Or lengthening shadows .. and the key is as you say, adapting. It’s how we evolved after all …

      You’re right, the comments are always so so interesting! Like yours for example. They broaden me in a real way …

  8. Change, and oh how it brings us to the point of agony because so many times we do not want to let go. We hold on and like your situation in South Africa with your President, we refused to let go and move on. We refused to admit that it is time for change to come.
    Thank you my dear Susan.
    Patricia @ EverythingMustChange

    • Thank you Pat – ‘…to the point of agony because we don’t want to let go’ – how true that is. We need to fall into that cave from where the treasure can be found – a Joseph Campbell quote, rephrased.

      Shalom to you dear Patti, Susan

  9. Wow, those are amazing photos!

    I usually embrace change. Negative changes will set me back for a week or two, but once I give myself time to grieve, I’ll always find the opportunity in them.

    I hope you’ll still be mentioning Botswana! I want to hear about your trip. πŸ™‚

    My heart aches for Africa. Such a beautiful place, such lovely people, but so much corruption.

    • Thanks J.H. I embrace change when it’s for the better but those negative changes also happen. You have the right attitude. Thank you for your empathy re Africa … corruption is a curse (yes I’m popping over to yours shortly!)

      It’ll be hard to say much about Botswana right now but I hope to get brief somethings up on my prescheduled posts while there – we’ll see.

  10. Life is in a constant state of change. Even things that seem set have a way of changing, and I think that’s good. I heard about your president’s trouble on the radio. Pretty severe.
    Great new theme, Susan. We grow through change.

  11. The only thing constant is change – an idea I subscribe to at least in the temporal world. I see your creativity blossoming here again.

    Change keeps us young in heart, cutting edge.

    • Thank you Marian! There’ve been a few lovely A-Z posts on creativity (ones that I follow) and how one can make it happen and its benefits on many levels!

      Cutting edge indeed.

    • Thanks for coming by Juliette! Walking is the best; I find my thinking & feeling clarifying and changing as I take those steps .. πŸ™‚

  12. Go Gal, Change your mind, it’s OK. You’ll still have lots of Change left in the Container of your head and you will easily Comply with all the Commandments of the A to Z.

    • Thanks Joseph! The container of my head feels a bit sieve-like at the moment! I’m sure one of the commandments of the A-Z is not to misrepresent creatures as I did …

  13. Learning to CHANGE and to accept CHANGE can be tough. I have always preferred security, but it is a HUGE mistake. Change helps us grow and keeps us healthy. Is it ever too late to learn?

    Excellent post and reminder for me!! Hugs!

    • Whoever said it wasn’t Gwynn … I agree it’s tough …and no, it’s never too late to learn. Keep your courage up dear Gwynn … you’re a trouper … xxx

  14. They say most humans are against change. Understandable, but a lot of good can come out of change. I enjoyed your post, Susan. Thanks for sharing your thoughts…and the photos.

    • Thanks for coming by Marna! I hope you saw the post with the dinkum cheetah up – the larger one is a LEOPARD!

      Oh well, so I had to add to the post, and leave my error in. Bad mistake breaking rules that shouldn’t be broken – i.e. misidentifying animals ..

    • Thank you Jacqui! I must apologise – the photo is NOT of a cheetah – I was called out! See AJ Vosse above! But I have now put up a dinkum photo of a cheetah – this was a silly rule to break, misidentifying creatures. I hang my head in shame.

  15. May I be just a tad forward… if I’m not too bold!
    There’s an old saying… a leopard can’t change his spots!
    Zuma and your cheetah may have the same problem!! πŸ˜‰

    • Ouch!!! It’s a leopard!!!! My husband has just come home from work and I asked him – it’s a 1000% a leopard he says!

      Oh dear, what shall I do … thank you AJ, about to change the photo immediately! Lovely thought about Zuma and his inability to change his spots … thank you for your comment and calling me out!!! πŸ™‚

      • You’ve done a superb job at illustrating the differences between the two!! Cheetah and leopard that is… as for Zuma… I don’t know about him being able to change his crooked, corrupt, criminal carnage!! πŸ™

        • Thanks AJ! Kudos to my husband! None to JZ … your descriptive ‘c’ adjectives are wonderful! He spouts his cant believing we’ll not see the cowardice of those others who creep behind him.. Their cover will be blown – soon I hope ..

  16. I love this new theme and everything it holds. So glad you changed your mind! And cheetah is splendid!!!

    • I’ve just added a photo on the post of a cheetah Gulara. The one you saw is a LEOPARD! I messed up! Actually I often confuse a leopard with a cheetah – cheetah has small head and tear lines ..

      • Tear lines? Black GT stripes!! πŸ˜‰ I mean… they are the fastest land mammals… they need the paintwork to go with it! πŸ˜€

        • Now that’s a great way for remembering – the race machines need the paintwork so they can be seen even as a flash when streaking like lightning …

  17. Nothing Gold Can Stay

    Nature’s first green is gold,
    Her hardest hue to hold.
    Her early leaf’s a flower;
    But only so an hour.
    Then leaf subsides to leaf.
    So Eden sank to grief,
    So dawn goes down to day.
    Nothing gold can stay.

    Just lately I’ve thought a lot about change … and how a true change of heart can lead to healing. Robert Frost’s shamanic words remain with me all through this shifting day. Many thanks Susan for changing your mind! Blessings, Deborah.

    • These are shamanic words indeed Deborah – I so hope that many others read ‘Nothing Gold can Stay’ – I’m tempted to use it in my G post – acknowledging your source and RF obviously.

      I’ve prescheduled a post on Heart for H – and it’s Capacity for Change. Yes, changes of heart can lead to healing, thank you for saying so ..

      How lovely to be thanked for changing my mind, thank YOU!

      Blessings to you too, thank you for yours, Susan

  18. Though I like the regular and the routine, change is something that I know is inevitable. So accepting it with grace, making adjustments and moving on is what I believe in. That’s an amazing capture of the Cheetah, Susan! It looks annoyed! πŸ˜€

    • I also like the regular and routine too Shilpa! That first cup of coffee – may this never change

      O dear, the cheetah does look a bit annoyed, poor creature, now that I look at it! Maybe I’ll be able to photograph a blissed out one while in Botswana ..

    • Thanks Skip – yes there is something about the hero’s journey that is overworked! – there’s been a bit of a backlash lately I’ve noticed. But it is nevertheless about change – inner changes to those who undergo the journey.

      • Ah, yes! The necessary transformations of the psyche are an important aspect of the “hero’s journey,” if only we would teach that to men and women other than them’s knows. We would certainly save a LOT of anguish in the world!

  19. Hi Susan – Change is always happening … we never seem to get away from it … but enjoy your change with Botswana coming up … Love the Cheetah – they are amazing creatures ….

    I certainly hope Change occurs to the present happenings in politics in South Africa … and happens soon …

    All the best – Hilary

    • Thanks Hilary, and I think of you with imminent change in your circumstances in the air. And all my good wishes are with you in these challenges.

      All best to you, Susan.

  20. C is for congratulations too Susan! Good for you for listening to your inner voice and going with it in this A to Z challenge. I look forward to your posts on change and will C for continue to follow, if you change you mind yet again!

    • Thanks Stephanie! Please C for continue – I’m battling a bit but onwards we go! Am on O … O for change? πŸ™‚ Or, O! for change? (politically) ..Maybe I’ll be able to put up a photo of the Okavango ..

  21. Everything is change and impermanent, the day, the moon and the whole thing. It is so hard to really grasp as it leads to the absolute and the unknown…

    • Thanks Susan, perhaps there should be no grasping and just let it be – and change as it will …

      The whole catastrophe – Zorba – a wise man.

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