R – Reflection

These are very short extracts from Dr. Susan E. Schwartz’s and my recently published book ‘Aging & Becoming ~ A Reflective Enquiry’. Susan E. Schwartz is identified as SES and I am SS, in italics. From ‘Reflection & Renewal’.

SES: We refresh our relationships, till their soil, make happen what we formerly gave up and repressed. The regrets remind us. The old is the fertilzer that nourishes and rewards and brings renewal to fill in the present. pg. 106

SS: We may rue the choices we made in our lives …. all those steps we’ve taken, the threads, the barely discernible pattern, have brought us to where we are, now – an older time, one that has its own wisdom and beauty. And, the rewards are not inconsiderable.ย pg. 107

She wants to live for once. But doesn’t quite know what that means. Wonders if she has ever done it. If she ever will.

Alice Walker

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  1. Looking back I see the ‘threads and the steps’ that formed the person I am today. I would have predicted a different outcome, but that’s okay. I’ve enjoyed the surprises along the way. Thanks Susan for your insights!

    “Female Scientists Before Our Time”

  2. There is not much in my life that I rue since there is little to nothing that I can do about what has gone by, but I do often reflect on the things that have been. “What if” is a thought that never lasts long in my mind while “what was” may bring a smile, a shrug, and a passing moment of wistfulness.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    • Thanks Arlee for coming by. That is so expressive how you say ‘…”what wasโ€ may bring a smile, a shrug, and a passing moment of wistfulness”.

  3. “An unexamined life is not worth living” is a famous quote and it makes a lot of sense to me; to pause every now and then and reflect upon my life….. not that I get all the answers ๐Ÿ™‚ but to be grateful for all the learnings and see myself evolving… growing… and finding fulfillment.

  4. It’s hard, sometimes, to reflect on the different choices and actions one has made. All part of the learning process though, and it makes up who we are. And that’s a good thing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hi Susan – we can learn from reflecting … and sometimes it happens at a specific period in one’s life … it occurs and we can pull the threads in somewhat – and make sense of some things … however I know there’s no point in dwelling on the difficult areas found in reflecting- they happened and are part of our lives- we can learn as we go forward, but not dwell too long … and have a good weekend – cheers Hilary


    • Hi Hilary – I wish I could find more time to reflect, it’s valuable to me when I do. I like Susan’s response below. For example, on the macrocosmic level, I feel that if we as South Africans reflected more on our past, and from where we’ve come, this gives us a sounder base on which to be in the moment and to go forward. From the macro to the microcosmic and back again to the macro … Hope you’re having a lovely weekend! Susan

  6. When I read these words, I am reminded of the underside of a tapestry: full of knots and mere hints of a design. Our lives as we live them are rather like that, lacking sense until we can see the big picture, perhaps near the end of life or in eternity.

    I realize the tapestry example is the opposite of what is intended here as reflection, but that’s what came to mind as I read. You two always make me think!

    • That is so lovely Marian thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ A wonderful analogy! Somewhere in the book we write about life and its threads being like a tapestry, but the underside we didn’t ‘mention’. I wonder if I can slip that in for the letter T with your permission and credited to you, obviously. Please keep on thinking – and have a lovely weekend with not too much thunk.

    • Thanks for coming by Philip .. much rules our lives it seems ๐Ÿ™‚ – time especially! Somehow to find the time to reflect …

  7. In my opinion reflection is one of the most valuable tools we have. And upon reflecting we can decide if we want to renew or compost whatever we’re considering.

  8. I do love your thoughts here. Yes, reflection can refresh our life. It can provide a new route for us to explore. Happy Friday!

    • Reflection – in my view necessary to take the time out. Thanks Gwynn – and to find new routes or ways of looking/exploring at things!

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