‘Aging & Becoming ~ A Reflective Enquiry’

co-authored by Susan Scott & Susan E. Schwartz Ph.D

Susan Schwartz in Paradise Valley, Az. and I are promoting for our book for a week in which we offer it at a reduced price for the paper back. T’is the season for gifting and for readers there’s nothing nicer than an book! Or a gift for one’s self. Or for book club? From $12.99 to $6.55 for the paper back.  It’s the lowest price that Amazon would accept. Other currencies eg the British pound, Euro etc. also show lowered prices. The kindle deal is another story – it will take a while.

We address much in our letters to each other and offer our personal in-depth psychological reflections on this stage of life. The issues women face are similar to those of men – life, death, body issues, health, psyche/soul. We explore the unsaid and also challenge the view that the aging woman has little to offer. Rather, aging is an opportunity to express a more rounded out personalty. Growing older one feels the pull to be more authentic, finding freedom and a widening of the lens.

A few selected Amazon reviews:

 Elaine : ‘…The authors approach difficult issues with honesty, clarity, and insight, leading the reader into a more meaningful relationship with growing older… The book also helps clarify the benefits and insights gained in the aging process… I especially enjoyed the excellent sections on grief and loss which are commonly experienced by the aging, but rarely discussed with such honesty and hope’.

JF: ‘The thoughts and musings of two intelligent and articulate women on the problems of aging. And, even more critically, on the notion of being. One read is not enough, once more, but slowly this time’.

Daniela: ‘There are some books that catch us unawares, as they open up to us in unexpected ways …The territory explored … in this book…is about the process of the beginning and the end of life and what happens in the middle, but the way this process is described is very original and fresh…I highly recommend it for people who want to experience this stage in life in a deeper way, and learn how to find and appreciate the gifts it offers.’

Deon: ‘…The kind of book that is filled with wisdom and deep insight on such a wide variety of fascinating topics. I like the combination of personal sharing with theoretical acumen, astuteness and understanding of Depth Psychology – a winning blend indeed’.

I plan to put up a blog post in the next little while. We motor down to Plettenberg Bay on Thursday morning for our Christmas break. In the meantime all good festive greetings to you all. In these strange times in which we live, may your centre hold –


Thank you for reading.



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  1. There’s nothing nicer than a book that brings light to the reader. Thank you. Blessed Summer Solstice to you, Susan. And, yes, may we hold our centers and pull back the forces that seek to pull us about.

    • Thank you for coming by Elaine! Happy and blessed Solstice day to you too. I’ve not yet seen the new moon .. I wonder when we’ll get a glimpse of her …

      Yes to the centre holding …

  2. I’m not surprised with the comments at all—I’ve benefited from your friendship and wisdom over the years Susan, and even though I often lurk on your blog, I want you to know I value you, and your writing.

    The book is in my list to be ordered from Amazon— I order a bunch at a go to save on shipping costs to Singapore!

  3. Hi Susan – it’s ordered and I’ll see how the Canadian postal system works! Good luck this weekend … with all the ramifications of political life … have a love family time over Christmas et al –

    Jenny has just had a delivery from Babylonstoren! (a present) … lucky her … I hope she keeps some for us to try …we’ll see … cheers for now – Hilary

    • Hi Hilary,

      yes this weekend will be interesting and we can only hope that zuma’s ex-wife of same name does not become the preferred potential pres.

      Babylonstoren! Anything from there is lovely.

      Hope all is wonderful and creative on Vancouver Island Hilary and that your work there is fruitful and exciting!

      Thank you for ordering the book! I so hope that you find something of value in it!

      Have a wonderful and merry Christmas. We’re down in Plettenberg Bay, people coming and going but right now it’s not busy …

  4. Dear Susan(s), Yours has to be one of my favourite books this year! I was deeply moved by your rich, profound reflections on ageing and becoming that I felt called to write an rare amazon (UK) book review. I hope you don’t mind me including those words below …

    “Wow! I have never read a more brilliant book in all my days! Everything I’ve ever wanted to read about or question in terms of “Aging & Becoming” is held with the beautiful pages of this collaborative soul missive. Put simply, this is an extraordinary enquiry and exploration of life, death and everything in between. The depth and flow of conversation between these two long term (several decades!) students of Jung is astounding! The A to Z topics they touch upon feed mind, body, spirit and soul. I feel this is a must-have book for all Jungians, psychotherapists, healers and for those dedicated to their own soul evolution.

    Here is a book about knowing oneself and reflecting on life. You could literally open this inspirational book at any page and begin reading, and this is what I shall be doing again and again for the inherent wisdom, depth of beauty and profound truth found within these pages is remarkable! Dear Susan’s, know this, I shall be feasting on your work for many years to come, for one cannot savour such richness in one sitting alone! You give us so much meat on the bone! Totally unique in its presentation, a book bursting with grace, and one that looks at home in the midst of many Jungian titles, presently residing next to the Red Book itself.”

    A beautiful and truly unique present for Christmas! Warm and wild blessings, Deborah.

    • Well, Deborah, my heart is (again) split wide open to bursting because of your generosity of spirit in being so fulsome again about the book! Do I mind? Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can’t tell you what this means to me. Warm and wild blessings to you Deborah! And thank you again 🙂 xx

  5. Your book, AGING AND BECOMING, is a delightful read. I loved reading the variety of comments and experiences about aging. It is an insightful book. Well Done, ladies!

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