These are very brief excerpts from Dr. Susan E. Schwartz and my recently published book ‘Aging & Becoming~A Reflective Enquiry’. Susan E. Schwartz is identified as SES and Susan Scott as SS and italicised. This is from chapter X-Ray.

SS: … It also reminded me of the necessity of putting the x-ray onto my psyche, looking into it more seriously and deeply, paying more attention to my dreams which surely provide an x-ray of one’s inner life. pg 132

SES: Age makes us finally confront from within. pg 133  … Now, finally un-hounded by the anxiety or inner tensions, we are honoring the ground under the surface, the unconscious listened to, an x-ray into the soul. Again, aging puts on our doorstep the responsibility to round out what yet wants and needs to be heard and expressed with a wider and more inclusive perspective. This means hearing the soul, not merely the ego. pg 133-134

Maggie Schien

A Soul is far too large to hide.


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  1. The ego likes to parade and strut but the soul is down deep, rock solid where it all began. Thanks, Susan!

  2. Beautiful susan ! an x ray of one’s inner life; its worth the effort, despite the exercise could be challenging….

    • Thanks Hilary for coming by … ‘…more than a machine’ I like that 🙂 Hope you’re having a good weekend. At my desk this morning doing/playing catch up & putting the x-ray onto my very untidy desk … will swing by you shortly. Susan.

  3. X is always the biggest challenge. I was surprised by the number of words in which it appears in 3 short paragraphs: X-ray, anxiety, expressed. I like the idea of “an x-ray into the soul,” Susan, and the accompanying image is exquisite ♥

  4. Yes, I too see x-ray as a metaphor of the soul. I seldom dream these days, but when I do I always have to search my soul for the meaning. My dream usually has an interesting message for me. Thanks for the reminder and your excellent post.

    • Thank you Gwynn. Sometimes I go through a desert patch of not remembering my dreams although I know that I have dreamed. But the message is always there in some way or another. Even if it is hiding …

  5. As we grow older we have a greater patience for introspection and often we don’t have the energy to do much more than that. A rocking chair can be a great vantage point for looking into ones soul.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  6. Oh my goodness – an x-ray of one’s psyche and soul! This truly is a image that lights me up. It feels like one of those unexpected gifts that you know holds magic. I will be exploring this metaphor deeply Susan, and thank you for opening it up to me.

    • It’s a good metaphor isn’t it. It came to me when I saw a dead tree standing in a pool of water when on safari last year. The skeletal branches and the trunk looked like an x ray of the body, in a way .. thanks Jacqui for coming by.

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