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These are very brief extracts from Susan Schwartz’s and my recently published book “Aging & Becoming ~ A Reflective Enquiry”. Susan E. Schwartz is identified as SES and Susan Scott as SS and italicised. Chapter:Ultimatum & Unconsciousness.

SES: Aging is an ultimatum. Obviously. Time calls. The unconscious calls us to attend to the unfinished and the undone. If our focus insists on only moving forward, we might resist the slow and steady and undermine the world of the present that lies in front of us. We become lopsided, a one-sided emphasis that looks to speed rather than thoroughness and the slow building. pg 118

Joan D. Vinge

Throughout the ages, stories with basic themes have recurred over and over, in widely disparate cultures, emerging from the goddess Venus from the sea of of our unconscious.

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  1. A great reminder to look back as we move forward. Every stage in life has its rewards as it has its challenges. Thought provoking post, and beautifully articulated.


    • Thanks Nilanjana! These were co-author Susan E. Schwartz’s beautifully articulated words. Always, there is value in looking back as we look forward; we are after all the sum of our past. The beauty is we can look back, be present as we look forward

  2. well said susan – I do not want to get so lost in thinking of aging as the ultimatum that I forget enjoying the present moment. I am grateful for all that was and every situation and experience that has led me to where I am and I would like to believe as I move I do not want to miss out on all the expereinces life provides…..

    • Lovely to see you here Courtney. The words you’re referring to were written by Susan E. Schwartz, co-author of our book ‘Aging & Becoming ~ A Reflective Enquiry’. I hope she gets to see your compliment re her! Yes, the quote by Joan Vinge in green ..

      I tried a while back to get into your A-Z using Discus via FB (as requested) with not much luck but I’ll try again.

  3. Hi Susan – yes oooh … I certainly hadn’t thought of the end of life quite like that – it’d be helpful if it could put a time frame on it – please!!

    That photo is pretty foreboding though … but what will be will be … and when I can I will make my plans – til then I’ll plod on forwards living in the moment and as I can … but boy what a thought – cheers – should I say ‘cheers’ it is after the yard-arm … Hilary


    • Yes, it was pretty direct and the photo too. Is it foreboding? Does it have to be? Maybe a call to live in the moment reflecting on the past ones too. Both, not either or. And looking forward! Thank you for coming by Hilary! Cheers – after the yard arm!

  4. Wow – I’ve never thought of it quite like that, but aging certainly is an ultimatum. I’m going to have to sit with this for a while – I suspect something fundamentally shifted with this new perspective.

    While I know I’ll be digging deeper as I move more carefully through your book, these short excerpts have been quite helpful and evocative. I’m leaning into holding aging as my noble champion – urging me into ever-more nuanced integrity and coherence.

    • Thanks Deborah – how lovely to view aging as your noble champion. I hope others will read your comment. Aging is highly nuanced – as is life and all else in between as you say so well in your wonderful posts. There is such a quiet energy in moving into coherence.

  5. I hate thinking of aging as an ultimatum, but it is… the veritable end. I have lots of day to day issues to keep me living in the present rather than looking forward. I’m sure the end will catch me when I’m least expecting it.

    • Remember the joys also Gwynn. The issues keep us going in our lives whatever they may be and keep us grounded and in the world. Thank you for coming by.

    • There is that too Jacqui – it seems like a command to do it now, or else. Yet, as Susan says below, a means of remembering the joys also and as Deborah says above … the comments always make me think!

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