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 Lilith, the bringer of Light – into the darkness. I liken her to the leviathan that dwells in the deep dark sea, unseen, hidden yet there.

What loss Lilith must have felt when she was thrown out of Paradise, of all that was pleasant and good, until a lethargy began to set in her relationship with Adam and which she questioned. What loss we all feel at times when personal tragedy strikes. Earthquakes on the inner level. We feel the aching loss of Mother Nature too, when the natural cycles are disrupted by flooding, drought and fires and too often by those in power’s lust for more and more. Our link to her deep rhythmic cycles are broken – and our natural instincts are greatly lessened. This is true for both men and women …

Do we have a universal longing to return to the containment of love being given and returned? Do we sense a disillusionment with ourselves and our lives and the way of the world? Are we so lethargic because we feel powerless? Do we have to pay a price if peace or balance or harmony is ever be achieved? What is that price? I’ll hopefully elaborate on that in a later post.

Legend tells that when Adam and Eve departed in shame from the Garden of Eden, Adam had his arm around Eve, trying to comfort her in her weeping and loss. Lilies sprang up from the ground where her tears fell. Lilies often adorn the caskets of the dead and can be part of the floral arrangements in places of worship where the dead are laid to rest ..

I wonder sometimes if Adam mourned the loss of Lilith, and whether men and woman currently do too. I wonder if he considered her dark chthonic powers and whether that energy that they had between them could have been turned into something more loving and compassionate. Maybe it’s a reasonable hypothesis that he saw Lilith as someone to be tamed and lulled into how he wanted her to be, much like mankind has an agenda to tame nature and make it subservient to his needs – and how much as women we collude in trying to live up to a false ideal –

The picture above is one I took several months ago at night. It’s from my garden – a little solar lamp standing in the middle of some plants. It really is small, the lamp that is, but I love how it casts its glow – may your inner lamp glow and lessen the shadows..

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  1. I love the way you keep me thinking about these mysteries, Susan. Thank you. I agree our connection to Nature’s cycles has been lost. It’s there for us to witness every day, but we have to look. Many people don’t know where the moon rises when it’s full or sets when it’s new. Few look up to watch the cycling planets or look down at the cyclic changes taking place beneath their feet. I feel powerless other than in the way I conduct my daily life, but even there I’m pulled this way and that and sometimes lose my connection. I imagine the whole earth mourns the loss of Lilith, even if unconsciously. When worship of the warrior gods, including Yahweh, destroyed worship of the Great Goddess, they broke our sense of connection and our roots.

    • Thanks Elaine for your lovely comment. There’s much we have to re-evaluate and work towards in bringing our connections back to the cycles of life. Your writings do this so beautifully. I know that feeling of powerlessness … had I read your post before I put up my O post (going up shortly) I would have used that word ‘powerless’ vis a vis my adventure today … actually I may have time to use it ..

  2. Hi Susan – that circle of life … when things go haywire … and I get into lethargy – I know I need to get up and go to get myself back on the path … to enjoy being with others – not sunk in my own furrow … and life over time takes control of that … we all need our obsidian – stone or otherwise – as Andrea describes … cheers Hilary

    • We all get knocked down and get up again Hilary, sometimes no bad thing to stay down for a while until the energy levels are up a bit and we can re-orient again. Are you meeting other people?I see you as a social creature, with a lot of get up and go. Pop over here for a few days if you like? Susan

  3. I loved the image you posted susan, I am new to understanding eve’s tears and lilies springing up… learning … whenever a candle is lit , there is shadow beneath, light vs darkness, joy vs sorrows it takes the opposites to bring about wholeness…it takes sadness to appreciate happiness, ill health to appreciate health, loss to gain… irony in life. Thanks for sharing..

    • Thanks Genevive for your thoughtful comment. Bringing those opposites into play so that we do not remain fixed at one end of the spectrum is exactly what it is about in our lives …

  4. That’s an awesome photo, Susan. Thank you for sharing how you created it.
    Lilith has certainly inspired many ‘L-words’!

  5. Thought provoking Ls all throughout, Susan. Our constant longing for love manifests in so many ways, at times destructive with lust overriding reason. Humans … what can I say. Lilith’s feeling of loss and lethargy must’ve echoed down millennia for many thrown out of different places (their paradise), displaced by greed, power hungry predators, not a far off mentality, I suppose, from the beginnings.

    • Power – of one over the other. It is a repetitive theme isn’t it Silvia from millennia back .. and a mission to overcome it. Maybe in another few millennia? Maybe not … Thank you for coming by ..

  6. Divorce has a tendency to throw us into the dark depths. It can take us some time before we recover and see the light. I am sure Lilith started to return to the light when Eve befriended her. Friendship and support can pull us from the shadows into the light so we can smile again.

    • Thanks Gwynn … so many life events that pull us into the dark depths and, as you say with the support of friendship in these dark times, we catch glimmers of light. Like Andrea’s dream below of the obsidian stone, which in a way I liken to the philosopher’s stone, there are beautiful golden rays.

  7. My memory of it has faded, but years ago, in the space between waking and sleep, I had a brief vision of white lilies growing from my mouth, as if I was speaking ‘Lily’, or trying to. Then a few days ago, I read (or reread) that lily or lotus is the flower of the ‘Great Mother” and is associated with the name of Lilith.

    Eve’s tears turning into lilies would make sense symbolically, since in leaving the garden Lilith would play a greater role in Eve’s continuing journey and flowering. Becoming conscious is like dying a series of deaths, only to be reborn and transformed into something new, as the cycle of death and life begins once again.

    Your photo and garden are lovely, Susan.

    • Thank you LB for coming by – that was an amazing dream! The lily and the lotus – which arises from the mud and flowers into its beauty … yes, they are associated with the Great Mother .. and her ongoing cycles. I like what you say about Lilith and her role in Eve’s continuing journey and flowering.

      And for your acknowledging the leviathan and the photo of my garden … thank you.

  8. Lilith isn’t easy to understand is she? It’s tempting to see her as a victim but not realistic!

    I love your use of the word chthonic. It discovered that as part of my research into rocks. Yours seems to be a more granular use.

    • My understanding of the word chthonic is that it’s verrry dark and underground. Interesting that it showed up in your research into rocks Jacqui –

  9. We have some solar lights like that, too, and I also love the way they share the glowing circle in the dark. I know your inner lamp already glows, Susan.

  10. Dear Susan, Yay! Finally we reach L and the “Wild Feminine,” Lilith herself! She who illuminates darkness. As your Garden of Eden theme continues, I’m thinking Lilith had a lucky escape the day G-d cast her out of Eden, since the price she paid for inner and outer peace was exceedingly high. Hmm, how could it be otherwise! And so (I guess) it is for the rest of us, as “peace” walks hand-in-hand with “war” … much like how Kahlil Gibran’s odd bedfellows, “joy” and “sorrow” sleep next to each other … strange and/yet familiar! The tension of the opposites is always there isn’t it! Love your garden (soul) lamp (light) image, a true mandala! In soul, Deborah.

    • Love your comment Deborah thank you – yes the price was too high in the Garden – languishing there and being obedient did her no favours – as it does not now ..

      Fight for peace, the strangest saying. True, war and peace are opposite signs yet they also belong in some odd way, like joy and sorrow do ..

      It’s the opposites – holding the tension of them is very difficult to do, and a real challenge to see the necessity of this. Glad you noted the mandala! I may use your Wild Feminine for the W post! Thank you soul sister… Susan

  11. Lessening the shadows. A goal in life? Or maybe shadows are there to allow us to grow without the glare of light on us. I’m not a shadowy figure, but from time-to-time I do like sitting in the shadows while I get ready to be the light again. I think Lilith would approve.

    • Well, you make me think Ally Bean – all of what you say I can relate to, staying in the shadows, but wanting my own personal shadow to lessen – ie that which I do not want to own … Lilith would approve! Thank you for coming by –

  12. So many powerful L words in this post Susan. I’ve always loved that the loss of Lilith is fundamental to a creation story (even though it is mostly written out of remembering). I think of our journey here, individually and collectively, is all about folding things back into wholeness. We’ve been masterful at taking exponentially misaligned detours in our journey – that’s for certain. But Lilith won’t let us forget, and we won’t forget Lilith. And wholeness will be returned at some point.

    • ‘Folding back into wholeness’ – thank you Deborah, as per your post on the infinity symbol – lemniscate – and it’s connection at the centre. I hope that wholeness is restored –

  13. Many years ago, at the very beginning of my conscious entry into the dark realms of the deep feminine (Lilith’s world) I had a dream with only one word: Obsidian. I didn’t know what this meant, but even in the dream, the spelling was precise. I learned it was stone from the center of the earth, and I went to a local rock shop to purchase a piece of obsidian. When I looked at the beautiful jet black egg, I thought, ‘how appropriate… I am entering a very dark time…’ but then I held it up to the light and looked a little closer. Inside the egg were golden filaments, shimmering in the depths. A totally different kind of light. I can scarcely describe the feeling in my head when I saw this golden light. Reassurance. Hope. Possibility. Mystery. Peace… I still have this precious egg, twenty five years later and am so thankful for the dream and the message in the stone.

    All this to say, thank you for this post and the picture of the tiny solar light in your garden. Mine has these lights sprinkled throughout as well.

    • That is perfectly breath taking Andrea thank you for sharing this with us. What a dream, giving you a gift from the centre of your soul – and the earth, and being so precise. What an affirming moment when you bought it and saw the golden light. I think I would have sunk to my knees. I have such an image of it in my head now, I will look up obsidian on google. Maybe use a picture of it for my ‘o’ post …

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