Many years ago I woke in the middle of the night from a dream. For me it was very powerful and I knew, just knew, that I would remember it. How could I forget it – it was very vivid and very mystical. I went back to sleep.

In the morning, it was gone. I tried as hard as possible to recall it, but could not. I was so mad. A missed opportunity, this I knew. I was very upset.

Some days later I was driving out of town somewhere admiring the scenery. Music was playing on the radio. All of a sudden I remembered my dream and stopped the car and wrote it down immediately on the only piece of paper to hand in which some food had been wrapped. This is the dream:

I am in a large underground cave, lit by candles. I don’t know what I’m doing there. There is a large wooden table with benches surrounding it. The atmosphere is calm and friendly. There is some sense of anticipation. Annie suddenly appears in the cave, We are both wearing robes. She is tall, very fair, very beautiful. She approaches me – we greet each other. I give her a beautiful sparkling Faberge-like egg, which she accepts, and then she leaves’.

I had often thought and wondered about this dream over the years. I know Annie in real-life, not very well although she is part of my larger social circle. She had never appeared before in a dream. I had no reason to be dreaming of her. I had not seen her in a very long while. She also happens to be a Gemini as I am and I used to wonder about this ‘twin’ – tall and fair as I am not. It worried me over the years, my giving away a valuable jewelled egg. I was aware of the symbolism of the egg – it speaks for itself. What part of me – a part that I perhaps did not value sufficiently – was I giving away to this other person in such a strange place, clothed in robes as we were? Was I giving it away to the ‘other’ in me for safekeeping, until I was ready to take it on? I really had no clue but it bothered me in a real  and disturbing way –

Now, many years later, a few years back, I was at my usual monthly art class at Monika’s home. Margaret, a member of our group, led us in meditation before the class began. While our eyes were closed, she painted a mental picture for us leading us through the various chakras from the bottom to the top. The others and I had, while in meditation, visited a sparkling lake, a forest, a field of flowers, some rocks, crossed a few bridges – all rather pleasing nature scenes. Then I came to a building, into which I entered by the front door. Then I approached another door. I opened the door, and entered the room. To my absolute amazement, there was Annie. She was holding the same Faberge-like egg in her hands that I had given her in my dream in the cave many years back. She gave it back to me.

I was stunned. We came out of our meditation soon after and I was left with a feeling of ‘completion’ in some way .. of something coming together, of my taking back for myself that which I had given away.

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  1. Susan I enjoyed this post of dream and meditation.. I also read all the comments which are also meaningful… I have had dreams of distant cousins who I have not been in touch for a long time; due to some ill feelings about certain situations, and I seemed to be amidst them in my dream. This was repeated a couple of times… and I felt very strange. After a few months, a diagnosis in their family, changed everything. they started reconnecting with my family and gradually I let go all the ill feelings I had about them. In a way reconciled to them…

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  3. Susan, I absolutely love this. I have always believed, when the student is ready the teach appears. Things we thought we should have learned early on, at times evade us, and are brought back to us when our understanding is able to particiate in those actions. You deserve to have that egg, for reasons you may or may not know currently, more will be revealed, as they say.
    I believe everything is cause and effect. I do no believe in coincidence. I may not know the “why” of a thing but I know in time it will become apparent.

    My losing my beloved ranch to the greedy bank was the second most heart wrenching experience of my life. As much as it pained me at the time, I realized there was a greater good involved at some point.

    I spent so much time working on and living with the ranch and all our animals, I had no time to devote to my writing and thus a life’s dream was not realized. I am a steward of the land, I find my greatest joy in nature (other than my husband and children), and it is there I am always refreshed.

    The past two years have allowed me to delve into things that would bring about great change in my life. I have no formal education but people seem to like what I have to say in words and it has allowed for great healing of issues once unresolved. I have been a writer since I was very young, but never thought anyone would be interested and so I kept it to myself. That is different now and I feel nothing but gratitude for that occurance. So, I must thank the experience of letting go of my scared place and be grateful for where I am now.

    I am so happy to have been led to our group and look forward to one day meeting you and the others in person.

    I appreciate your style of writing, I know we would be great friends in the material world. But for now, cyber will do. Love to you, dear Susan

    • What a lovely comment Dianne thank you so much! You write very well and I too am happy about the cyber space world and our meeting. One day we will all meet. It is a lovely dream. It is true, more is revealed – as long as we are open to receiving.
      And I love what you say about gratitude – life can be so hard much of the time – yet sometimes when we look back we can discern a pattern that somehow seemed to have meaning in it and led on to the greater good.
      With Love,

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  4. Hello Lesley! Thank you very much indeed!
    I thought about this for a good while this morning … and wondered. And do you know there is truth is what you say. It DOES tie in in terms of the time period – i.e. as to when I actually had the dream and its much later meditative (part) resolution … and I will be pondering a lot more on this. It was a conflicted time in relation to a particular girlfriend.
    Thank you thank you!

    • Have you ever thought about adding a little bit more than just your articles? I mean, what you say is important and everything. However think about if you added some great graphics or videos to give your posts more, “pop”! Your content is excellent but with pics and video clips, this website could certainly be one of the best in its niche. Wonderful blog!

  5. I am a pragmatic type of person sometimes so I am going to hit this with that side of me. I also get very strong visions (don’t tell) You did something you regretted. Years later you forgave yourself because you had the patience to find out that what you did was the right thing even though you were uncomfortable doing it it at the time. You have since realised that even in your regret (perhaps it didn’t go over too well) that to have taken another path would have, while being easier not have had the positive effect, long term. And for this you deserve to get your Egg back 🙂
    How’s that for dream reading? Is there any event close to the two time periods that would explain my analysis?

  6. I’m still learning from you, while I’m trying to reach my goals. I definitely enjoy reading everything that is posted on your blog.Keep the aarticles coming. I loved it!

  7. Good morning,

    Dreams often point me to a reality that is going to take place in my life some time in the future, and there have been times when I have reached a certain place or moment in time and realized that I have seen that or done that or been there before.
    At this present moment, I have dream that is still not resolved, but I know it will be. I just don’t know when.
    As with you, I write my dreams down. Once or twice I have decided, because of the comfortableness of my bed, to not get up and record them. Those are moments that I have regretted. Sometimes, the dream will come back, but more often, it leaves me because of my wrong decision. The dream world can be very harsh, in my opinion. Dreams don’t force you to record them or pay them any kind of attention. At the same time they don’t make promises to come back. When they do return, they come back out of the graciousness of their own characteristics and traits.
    Just this morning, I woke up from a dream of my uncle that was chaotic. It disturbed me because his house was not in order. He had done so many things that had hurt orthers and I saw him lying there in hospital, unable to move, unable to speak, unable to say I’m sorry. I have to admit here that I received a call that he had had an accident last Thursday and is lying in hospital in a trauma. This is an uncle by marriage and the only living uncle I have. When I visited my family the past four years, he was never around when I wanted to visit him. I went by his home and tried to call but he wasn’t there. I heard a lot of things about him and what he was doing–things my family didn’t approve of, but since I was looking in from the outside, I didn’t criticize him. I just wanted to stay in touch, but that did not happen. Last night, I receive the news and the possiblity of staying in touch has dwindled to possibly saying goodbye from afar. I believe my dream that I had after hearing about his accident showed me how much my own desire to stay in touch with him was hinderd from his own chaotic life. I don’t know. I have recorded the dream here, because I am still pondering over the meaning. Again I say, it is a meaning that I know will come.

    So my dream world has become for me one of my sign posts, and I have learned the hard way to get up immediately and record them. Dreams will punish you when they think you are disinterested and have no desire to move further with your life. That is one of the reasons that my iPad stays by my bedside.

    Getting back to my own dream that is still unresolve, I will let you know when it is resolved. I know one day I will walk into it because I have had a similar dream about this same event three times.

    My dear, I enjoyed reading your article. Again, your article came at the appropriate time. It helped me to resolve something about my uncle that popped up in my dream world after I had received the news of his accident.

    Take care, my dear, and Keep writing. You are doing an excellent job.


    P.S. By the way I am enjoying my book about Jung and dreams.

    • Morning Patricia and thank you very much for your reply and I am so pleased that it had resonance with you, and that it came ‘an appropriate time’. I love what you say that ‘.. one day you will walk into it’ … and that you know that the meaning will become clear/er.

      Thank you also for sharing about the lack of attention in writing down the dream because of being too comfortable! This happens to me too .

      And you are so right – a dream that is ignored can respond in kind. And it can happen outside as in Fate. I will find Jung’s actual statement about that and put it in … Yet, sometimes it can by its own grace and traits, return ..

      Again I am reminded of those pertinent sayings:

      Talmud: an unexamined dream is like an unopened letter –
      Socrates: an unexamined life is not worth living –

      I learn so much from the comments you post Patricia and this is true of others’ comments as well. I so appreciate this.

      Shalom to you dear Patricia.


  8. Boy, Susan, what a fascinating dream. Did it feel cathartic too, when your realized that you had gotten back, that which you had given away? With all your stories about dreams, I am dreaming more and more. I always feel as if I am dealing with something that I hadn’t dealt with before in life. Dreams are intriguing. Thanks for your post.

    • Thank YOU Gwynn! If reading about dreams is spurring yours on, then that is so great! And yes, it is a sure and true and valid way of dealing with who you are and what may have not been given sufficient attention.
      Cathartic is perhaps not the word I would’ve used when I got back what was mine; completion in getting it back was my sense of feeling about it all. Wholeness had returned, at least for that time . When ever a sense of wholeness is retrieved, it is a good feeling. It doesn’t happen all the time but when it does it is a good feeling!

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