Sing up for We Are The World Blogfest!
We Are The World Blogfest
 “If we are facing in the right direction,
all we have to do is keep on walking.”
The quote is from Joseph Goldstein’s The Experience of Insight
I love these words, not just for their simplicity, but what they evoke. I love walking – it’s a time that I put ego aside and just enjoy nature. Nevertheless, thoughts do come unbidden to mind and I often find a solution to whatever has been on the threshold and troubling me. And, I wonder, am I walking in the right direction?
If it takes a year, or sixty years, or five lifetimes, as long as we’re heading towards light, that’s all that matters (same author).
Please join us if you would like to, and spread the word by adding your own personal story or some other enlightening event. Let’s set about diluting/dissolving the negativity around the world and bringing in the light. This is the link. – this tells the story of a young boy in Cape Town who was on his way to buy new shoes – and he saw another without ..


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  1. Yes, a wonderful initiative, Susan. Thank you. I’d take part, but I have to stay focused. I have two articles with May 1 deadlines, plus my son and his partner are moving here on April 14. Looks like they’ve found a place to rent nearby, but they’ll be staying with me for a while which will be wonderful, but not the most conducive for focused writing. I hope to have the most challenging of these articles together before they arrive. I trust the Muse will help me if I stay with my confusions about it (a common issue when I write about dreams). Wishing you well on your A-Z challenge. I’ll respond when I can. The first one on Aging draws me in…

    • I wish you well with your work Elaine … it’s lovely having people to stay, especially family, but invariably it’s not conducive to one’s work. Plus Easter is around the corner .. you’ve got a few weeks. Keep those creative juices going –

  2. I am amazed by this noble boy and other children and teens who set their minds to accomplishing great feats of kindness and caring. This gives me hope that many young people around the globe see the virtues of helping others rather than helping themselves. And it gives me inspiration for a future WATWB post.

  3. What an inspiring story! And the Goldstein quote is wonderful as well. I think it may well be the perfect reminder of what WATWB is celebrating.

    • That’s great Kate re posting stories on FB – I’m doing that too – went by your blog – lovely art work, couldn’t see an actual #WATWB?

  4. Hi Susan, Love Joseph’s quote, so very true! Pulling on my walking boots is often the best way forward whenever I feel I need to think something through … sometimes I walk for miles! Yes, never knowing I’m walking in the right direction either … ha-ha! That is until I chance upon a country tearoom! Good luck with your #WATWB will look out for your enlightening posts. Hope the day finds you well. Warm wishes, Deborah.

    • The sight of a country tea-room would fill me with joy Deborah! I’ll be posting #WATWB only once a month, on the last Friday; I’ll share others’ stories on the limited social media I’m part of, but not on my own blog page as I’m not set up for that. I’ll check the link I provided for the #WATWB to see if its working – you could if you wanted see what others post … (A-Z starts tomorrow)

  5. I am touched by the caring things that people do to help our world. It is wonderful to hear about the love in the world instead of the hate. Thank you.

    • Thanks Gwynn – and most times in the most ordinary of us, performing simple acts of kindness… giving someone walking in the rain a lift in one’s car, donating good quality clothing to those in need, or a purse for a homeless woman or man containing a bar of soap, a cloth, tampons, a comb, a snack bar or three, a piece of fruit, fresh underwear –

  6. The Goldstein quotes are wonderful; I had not read them before.

    As we sift through papers in my Aunt Ruthie’s house, we find points of light, the latest being a handwritten copy of n encouraging speech my grandmother L. delivered to people in a retirement home decades ago.

    • I read that lovely letter of forget-me-nots in your recent post Marian – that could have stood as a #WATWB post all on its own. I remember my heart softening as I read your post. Thank you for coming by.

    • Thanks Susan – the reality of the darkness is so real – I doubt you’d believe what’s been happening in our country in last few weeks – these beacons of bright help offset the grimness of everything.

  7. I’m in. My inaugural #WATWB is up, I’m on the official list– and I’m planning on going on a blog reading binge this afternoon. Great idea. Thanks for making me aware of it.

    • I’ll check you out shortly Ally Bean … glad you’re in. Heavens knows but we need some spots of solace somewhere ..

  8. Hello,
    I hadn’t heard of the WATWB. It sounds like a blog festival of encouragement. Your quote is also inspiring and encouraging. They are words to seriously think about.
    Have a great weekend.
    Shalom aleichem,

    • Hello Pat – thanks for coming by. You too have a great weekend – I wish I knew about your blog hop re the book “I am Still Here” – it’s on my Kindle and I look so forward to reading it.
      Shalom to you, Susan.

  9. Hi Susan – a succinct post for WATWB … love the Goldstein quote … walking forward facing the light, while it encourages us on. Brilliant idea of shoe collecting … children bring the new ideas … so often. Cheers Hilary

  10. This is such a great initiative, Susan. I congratulate you on doing your bit to make the world a brighter place for all.

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