It’s the first We Are The World Blogfest for 2019, the last Friday of the month and the day on which we post a snippet of good news that shows humanity in action, and restores our faith somewhat in the common good and decency that prevails. This, in spite of eg the Brexit drama, the US government shutdown, Australia’s crippling heat, the exposure of deep rooted corruption in high places here in South Africa, Zimbabwe on our border in crisis, immigrants worldwide fleeing their places of danger, the planet in crisis with its loss of animals and species, fires, droughts, flooding, trying to distinguish between fake and real news and the general malaise that seems pervasive

Good news always brightens my mood. It takes a little time in the search to select a particular story, but it’s always worthwhile.

I love this story below – it highlights what can be done by one individual initiating a goal while enjoying the natural beauty of Table Mountain in Cape Town. Others are also encouraged in this common purpose.

On New Year’s Eve, Andrew Patterson took his last step in a year long journey – climbing Table Mountain EVERY DAY – that totalled 2429km including 262km of vertical climbing (equivalent to 71 Mt Everests) that took over 964 hours to complete.

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Thank you for reading! Have a great weekend!

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  1. It takes a lot of effort, courage and commitment to achieve something so amazing. Lovely post susan and thanks for sharing:)

  2. Andrew’s story is a wonderful story, Susan. I’m so pleased you shared it – so inspirational. I love these words of Andrew’s: “you can never fully grasp the full power of an idea until you act on it and start to see it blooming.”
    I didn’t have time to join in this month. Hopefully next month. 🙂

  3. Thank you, Susan. It’s becoming a little easier to find hopeful news in the United States–with so much to be concerned about as the background. My favorite is my CA FB friend who tends and helps save and increase CA butterflies so they can lay eggs and survive. Along with human beings, they had a horrible summer of drought that wiped out the plants they need followed by smoke and fire which destroyed huge areas of habitat.

    Andrew Patterson did an impressive amount of mountain climbing. He’s in great shape and he draws attention to the beauty of the mountain and the environment. It makes me feel like a wimp as I put on many layers of warm clothing and face the frigid elements here for 30 or 40 minutes.

    • Thanks Elaine for coming by. The fires are terrible – they seem to happen more frequently in drought conditions as we know in SA only too well.

      You do so much for the monarchs … your stories about them are always so inspiring. I think of you as Madame Monarch Butterfly Elaine ..

      Your days are getting longer, our fractionally shorter. It’s still hot and will be for a few months still.

  4. What a huge commitment and inspiration to do something like this every day, no matter how he feels or what the weather does. It’s got me thinking of what small thing I could do every day to help others. We can all do something, even if it’s a kind word.

  5. Thank you for this uplifting news, Susan. I appreciated Andrew’s story of VALOR and GENEROSITY too. It is true that the media chooses to publish negative pieces as opposed to positive. Why is that I wonder? Are readers more drawn to catastrophe than to positives pieces? I have to constantly be aware of how much negativity I can absorb before I must resist. Your story did the trick. 🙂

    • Thanks Marian for coming by – part of me thinks we’re wired and/or addicted to negative news and that it’s become normalised. It’s interesting (to me) that I started off my post with all the negative stuff happening around the globe.

      Andrew’s story is pretty extraordinary!

  6. That’s fantastic because it not only raises awareness for those causes, but imagine the incredible shape he’s in! So there you have it, the key to navigating the world lightly — 100% service to mankind and AT THE SAME TIME 100% service to oneself. :0) Thank you for sharing this great story, Susan. xo

  7. Hi, Susan – Thank you for sharing this story. It is incredibly inspirational — and a great reminder of the huge, positive difference that one person can make. I’ve already passed this article on to others.

    • Thanks Donna for coming by! Hopefully others that you’ve passed it on to can do the climb when they’re in Cape Town! It’s lovely – I climbed it many years ago – going down was harder than going up! (As I re-learned when I summited Kilimanjaro – going up was arduous in the extreme, going down a 1000 times harder – for me).

  8. Dear Susan, Thank you so much for sharing this positive, uplifting story! As a mountain lover and climber myself, I read in awe (and envy!) at Andrew’s daily climb. What a fantastic year to have been out there with Mama Gaia every day, in all Her weathers, to walk and connect with over 700 shimmering souls and raise much needed funds for charities too! Wow, the conversations he must have had with himself and many others. A year to never forget! This is a truly whole-hearted, inspiring read for I would love to do something like this. How magical and marvellous, as each day the journey would become a new one. I’m truly inspired! Love and light, Deborah.

    • What a lovely comment Deborah thank you! Written in true poetic style! Your words made me come alive just that little bit more! He sure showed grit and determination. I agree it’s a lovely story – and how you say ‘…each day the journey would become a new one’ – as he hikes Mama Gaia – and he’s a nice looking chap as well!

      Thank you for coming by!

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