It was an extraordinary journey for me … very time consuming but so worthwhile. I only wish that I could have read many more posts but it was impossible. Not only responding back to those who commented on mine, but responding to theirs and checking out and commenting on my neighbours who interestingly, did not do likewise save for a few.

I am not computer savvy by any stretch of the imagination and I am sure there were easier ways of doing things. I know that the blogger ID did not work, that many looked at my posts but when that blogger ID came up it said ‘no posts found’. I could not rectify this sad to say. So my apologies if anyone was irritated.

Also, I was awarded a few awards from different sources – I had no clue how to put them up on my A-Z blog, though obviously thanked those who so kindly gave them to me. Hopefully when there is more time I can put them up.

I am not even sure that I have added the correct link to this reflections post. Which reminds me of the mess up I made right at the beginning of the A-Z; some kind soul rectified this for me at the request of my son who lives far away. My sons put up the 2 musical links in 2 of my posts, from a distance.

It was so gratifying to be a part of this. I met so many wonderful people from all parts of the world, from my home here in Johannesburg, South Africa. I so enjoyed their posts and it was a thrill to see comments on mine. I am keen to get this off now before deadline and would like to mention them all by name, but am nervous of messing it up.

My sincere thanks to all of you at the A-Z for inspiring us. Thank you thank you thank you!

And to all of us who finished it, so well done!

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  1. I’ve loved reading your posts, Susan, thank you. I awarded you a Leibster before I read that you had already received a few awards. The details are on my blog if you haven’t yet had this one.

  2. Your writing style is lovely. I would never have guessed that you had troubles and I’m so glad to have met you!

  3. Susan, I totally understand feeling overwhelmed after A to Z. Especially at the end, with some of the other things going on in my life, I just ran out of time to go to other blogs and follow those who followed me. I’m trying to catch up a little bit now.

    This was an excellent reflection and one that really resonated with me.

    Hope to see you in the blogosphere!

  4. Congratulations on completing the Challenge, Susan.

    Thank you too, for the visits and comments. I do hope I responded to them. I try to ensure that I always do.

    Best regards


  5. Congratulations on getting through the challenge. I know how hard it was keeping up with the commenting so thanks for checking in when you could. Good luck with your writing, I’ll be checking in.

  6. Practice makes perfect, but your content is good enough to forgive techno fails. It was all very time consuming but worth it for all the fun we had 🙂

  7. Congratulations, too! I love reading your posts because they always are inspiring and thought-provoking! 🙂

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