Pregnancy of the Dreambeach from Lookout

Land, sand, beach, sky, mountains, sea, plant life – each and all pregnant with life, pulsing with possibilities.

Like our dream –  also pregnant with potential and possibility –

Our psyche, or soul, or source, or inner beat, that deep rich soil within, provides the compost. 

Like poetry or a painting or a piece of writing or a sunset or sunrise or the sound of the waves or the trill of a bird that speaks to the soul, we feel the pull, the tug, some visceral reaction to a dream.  We pause when a dream or an image presents itself, whether in paradox or more clearly. Our psyche is penetrated, some passage is opened, a page is left opened for further study. There is purpose, though dimly seen.

Most often, the dream presents a puzzle to us, or to me in any event. But, with patience, putting those pieces of the puzzle into their rightful place, sometimes incorrectly, even misplacing the pieces of the borders, and seeing the pattern finally emerge, not necessarily to completion, is uplifting. 

Laying out the pieces of the puzzle requires preparation; the table needs to be clear. For my night-life some planning helps. Before I ‘turn in’ for the night, I ensure that my small torch is clipped to my dream journal. I often look at previous dreams to see if I can discern a thread – or give some sort of title to a previous dream. I ask my unconscious to provide a dream, knowing that this can’t be predicted.

I know that decoding my dreams takes practice and that the more attention I give to them, the more will be yielded. 

The dream is your guide, helpful in showing possible paths

own photo of Plettenberg Bay, Southern Cape.

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  1. Pregnancy is a lovely metaphor for the waiting the dreamer must do. My notebook is next to my bed with a pen clipped to it…and I wait. Sometimes I receive familiar dreams with familiar themes but, occasionally , an archetypal visitation of a full apricot moon or a giant white bear rising out of water. Often just the waiting for precious messages from the night with a sadness when they don’t come to show me the way.

    • Thank you Elaine; the waiting is a tough one – I also get sad when my dream life is barren and nothing comes. I’m thinking of using ‘waiting’ for the W of this A-Z, prompted by your saying…I have other w words, watching, walking, way, wisdom, wilderness etc etc etc but the waiting is very real and needs to be acknowledged. It can be a long wait … but always worth it especially when something quite beautiful and archetypal arises as you say …

  2. You are a lovely writer – your posts are pregnant with possibilities and like good dreams I store some of them away to ponder later. Thank you.

  3. Hi Susan .. a lot of people sleep on a problem and it resolves itself, or clarity comes .. the mind working and affecting our thoughts … pregnancy is a good word in this correlation .. cheers Hilary

  4. Love the concept of “the pregnancy of the dream.” The image is so apt.
    I have the notebook and the pen, I’m just missing the flashlight which I suspect is the critical element. If I have to maneuver myself into a position where I can turn on the light, the dream disappears. Thanks for the suggestion.

  5. How interesting – I do have paper and a pencil beside my bed in case I think of a poem or a line at night – but without question every time I look at what I have written the next morning it is complete gibberish. I can never recall my dreams, though…

  6. Great post Susan… its a pleasure to read your post… I try to keep recalling my dreams to see the link.. this post has convinced me that I must seriously write it down; and keep a pen and notebook at my bedside…. thanks for sharing

    • Thank you Genevive. It’s a good idea to write them down and bring it UP so to speak. It concretises it in a way and gives you the opportunity to reflect on them at any time of the day or night.

  7. Dreams must have a purpose otherwise why dream? Decoding however is a different matter altogether. I like the idea of looking for patterns.

  8. Most–or all the time, the dream presents a puzzle. Good post, Susan. Mostly, I don’t care to decode my dreams. I wake up like my hair’s on fire and plunge forward. Maybe in a few years…

  9. I do look at previous dreams, too, Susan, for a pattern or a thread.

    I can best reply to this post with an allegory (or would it be a koan): My former neighbor was adopted by a big tuxedo cat, Bootsie. She had never had a cat before. She had a partially finished puzzle laid out on a glass table. Noticing that Bootsie was sitting under the table, intrigued, she managed to slide a white cloth under the puzzle and wrap the cloth around it.

    She was in the other room blowing her hair dry when she heard the crash. Bootsie had jumped onto the table and pulled the whole thing to the floor. There he sat, gazing at his work and looking, well, puzzled.

  10. Another excellent post, Susan. At night, I sleep with my iPad on the end table near my bed. It always help to be prepared because you never know when a piece of enlightenment about a dream will come or when you will dream something.


    • Thanks for coming by Pat – having something close by to note the dream is essential I agree. You never know … be prepared for the unexpected! ‘Chance favours the prepared mind’ – Louis Pasteur.
      Shalom to you,

  11. Susan, I so love the way in which you put words together. There is so much goodness in what you wrote, and depth, and also a certain lyricism in the language. The dream is our guide, indeed.

  12. I played with your words a little and came up with this: Dreams, though puzzling, may be pregnant with possibility with predictable patterns or paradoxes. You’re moving right along, Susan!

  13. I’ve always been blessed with renewing my dream experience when I awake and return to the same dream. Until adulthood I thought it was normal. Then, about twenty years ago, I discovered, in an ESP class, I could request answers in a dream. At times I thought it worked. Thanks Susan! Now I know it can be done although it has occurred. I was doubtful. You have proven it wasn’t my imagination. I’m getting so much out of your dream subject and appreciate it so much!

    • What a wonderful way of putting it Marsha thank you .. ‘renewing my dream experience … and return to the same dream’. I think you proved it to yourself: ask and you shall receive. The dream, or the inner world, is very giving when attention is given to it.

      I so appreciate your comment, thank you again.

  14. I truly wish I could plan a dream… carry on a conversation with my unconscious mind to sort life out. However, I believe I have to step out of my box in order for my unconscious to talk to me. So, like a pregnancy my dream arrives when it is fully developed.

    Thank you for the imagery and the interesting post.

    • Thanks for coming by dear Gwynn. Your dreams are spontaneous and cannot really be planned. What you could plan to do is ask your unconscious for a dream before turning in for the night in a manner of intent and let it speak to you in any way it emerges, note it and then wonder about it. As Elaine commented in an earlier post, ‘you can’t nail it down, it opens and reveals’ ..

  15. I have a journal in my bedside table. Perhaps I need to take it out, set a pen next to it, and start writing in the mornings. I think being able to look back over dreams over the passing years could be illuminating. I think the only reason I haven’t so far is because morning time is so… odd for me. Not a morning person. 😉

    • Thanks Sara for coming by – it sounds like it may progress from inside your bedside table to having it more handy! In the morning I rarely remember my dreams which is why I write them at whatever time they wake me. It could be 02.53 a.m; 03.21 a.m; 05.42 a.m. I go back to sleep quite easily, probably because I know I have recorded it/them.

  16. Alas, Alack, I Plotted this morning to Perfect my Presentation of my Perception of my dream, and then, Poof! it is now Phlown away!


    • Alas and Alack indeed Beth … you have to remember the dream before you can work on your perceptions of it. And remember, you do not have to present it in this thread. This is not the thread’s purpose. 🙂

  17. Like Rosie, your title intrigued me. I also interpret my dreams and have done for years. I tend to take positive happy dreams at face value but disturbing dreams require analysis. The best dream unveiling I’ve learned is to write out your dream. Then list all the key nouns, persons – places – things. Record a reply to the question “What do you represent in this dream?” Next “How do you want to help the dreamer?” and/or “What is your message to the dreamer?” Finally, rewrite the dream, inserting all the replies into the dream. For example “I dreamed my mother was in a car accident.” Mother. Car. Accident. Mother is nurturing, Car is travel, Accident is synchronicity. So the final result might read “Nuture yourself with new horizons when the opportunity presents itself.” I love how this method takes even nightmares and makes them positives:)

    • Thank you cindy for coming by. Your approach is a very useful one. I find that letting them cook for a while is particularly important, always asking those questions that you itemise.

      It’s always important to bear in mind the uniqueness of the dream as it relates to the individual. I haven’t had such a dream as you note in your example but I doubt I would have put the interpretation that you did on Mother Car Accident.

  18. Your A-Z posts, Susan, are definitely a path to follow… to find soul’s message to the heart. Thank you for another interesting read, and beautiful photograph. I hope you have a nice weekend 🙂

    • Thank you Sharon. I know you’ve said before that sometimes your inspiration for your writing comes from your dreams and yes, that’s what they can do : ‘ find soul’s message from the heart’. Thanks also for saying about the photograph! Hope you have a great weekend too! 🙂

  19. Gillian, synchronistic to my post, you have presented a colorful and imaginative bouquet. I have visited Italy not very long ago, and your post makes your comment more vivid for me. Sculptured works can frequently be seen in Europe are poetries in stone that were dreams and ideals in the past and are “alive” in the present

  20. Comment: The pregnancy of synchronicity is relevant here to the travel lecture of Udo Avery recently returned northern Italy Milan. preparation is essential to the journey, plan the priorities and purpose; the goals of what the city provides. Pause, patiently gather information before embarkation. The nearest coastal cities Genoa and Turin.Prepare for the predicted plan and be ready for the unpredicted discovery. Consult the expert [G.C.Jung] the Tourist Bureau for potentials to reservations, passenger tickets to places of interest and the patterns of discounts provided for ploggers prepared to give extra time and patience for a ticket to La Scala at one quarter the price. Likewise pointers are provided for commuting tickets on bus and metro fares that will save you three quarters of the price. Penetrate the potential to discover the creative beauty of reality in cities pulsing with life with fountains, gardens, churches and cathedrals resplendent in art and poetry from the Renaissance of Northern Italy’s Milano, through Monza and Genoa, and see dreams that once were left behind for present day passengers reality. The dream is a journey.Well said, Susan, be prepared for the unpredictable along with the predictable.

    • Thanks Gillian – I love the analogy of travel to the dream! So pertinent! Thank you for your lovely descriptions – ah! Explorations and discoveries await – and I feel as if I want to get on a plane tomorrow or next week – I love also that you remind us off being prepared for both the predictable and the unpredictable, thank you.

  21. Comments and replies are busily teleporting themselves in cyberspace toward the finish line.

    Pondering, Preparing, Pursuing and Perceiving will reveal a COLORFUL BOUQUET OF RESULTS at the end.

  22. I like the idea of preparation and planning, plus the pregnancy of the dream, I did wonder where you would be going with that post title.

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