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I was out walking early this morning. We’ve had a very welcome break from the heat in the last few days. This recent coolth is from the Drakensberg mountains, south east of Johannesburg 500 kms or so away, which are covered in snow. In winter those grand mountains are always snow-covered; parts of South Africa do sometimes get snow, but snow in November anywhere in South Africa is extremely unusual.

We know that the weather patterns are extreme throughout the world.  We hear it on the news. Mud slides, tremors. A friend of mine in Canada was saying how the the trees were still so beautiful, adorned in oranges and reds ..

Here in South Africa we’re in drought. I wrote a post or two back about The Rain Queen. Up here on the highveld, we have summer rains and they usually begin in the first week of October. We’ve had precisely two rains in October, none this month – and no rain is in sight or forecast. Meanwhile, down in Cape Town, 1600 kms away, they’ve had floods. There is talk about water restrictions. Farmers are desperate, the animals too. I water my garden only after 6.00 p.m. So far it still looks pretty and vibrant though my orchids are now kaput.

I was on the main road on the last leg of my walk this morning. The traffic was intense as it always is. People get to wherever they’re going, early. A red car pulled up onto the verge ahead of me, helpfully pushed by another man who, when the car was at standstill walked on, on his way. The number plate of the car was interesting … THEIS, then the numbers, then GP (GP stands for Gauteng Province or, as we joke, Gangsters Paradise). I wondered idly about ‘the’ and ‘is’. Theistic? A young man got out of the car.

Can I help? I asked. He’d run out of petrol. I pointed – there’s a garage just there. I noticed yesterday, he said, that I needed petrol and that’s where I was headed. I was on my way to fill up he said –

Walking home, on my way, I wondered about being on one’s way and then – too much has happened within my personal sphere just lately. An unexpected and tragic death of a lovely woman I knew from the complex where I live, from an embolism while recuperating in hospital from a back op. The suicide of the husband of a very dear friend of mine in the U.S.. Illness of one kind or another of dear friends. Tremors all about. Not only within my personal sphere but in the world on all levels. 

http://mindfunda.com is a lovely site hosted by Susanne van Doorn in Holland. I wish I had more time to absorb many more of Susanne’s contributions, of such value. I listened to a few of Susanne’s interviews last evening, two brief ones of Anne Baring, British Jungian Analyst. Baring makes a strong plea for us all to hear the call that comes from within, to pay attention to what is going on within and without not only for ourselves but for Mother Earth.

She also put up my article on Eve as Goddess on Wednesday … http://mindfunda.com/eve. I hope you pop by and check it out.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!

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  1. Beautiful post as always, Susan. I’m sorry to hear of the losses you’ve suffered, and of the drought. Droughts can be terrifying.

    Scary things happening in the world these days, but even scarier for me is the heartlessness I’m seeing all around me.

    There is hope in my country, though – one bright light. We have a new leader who has pledged to undo all the environmental, social, and international damage of the previous PM, who was a distinctly evil man. So far, he is keeping his promises, and that gives me hope.

    • Thanks for coming by J.H. You will be speaking of Trudeau who is truly inspirational – a light amongst all presidents and prime ministers! May he keep the hope alive for Canada and all who live in it and provide an example to the rest of the world.

      We’ve had rains three days and nights in a row – hopefully it will not be too late for the farmers and animals.

      Keep safe J.H. It is a scary world, but hope, heart and goodwill must prevail.

  2. Ah, the world climate–physical and psychological. Thanks for your article at Mindfunda, Susan. I enjoyed reading you there and will write something for the site in December. I also have lots to read at the site, too.

    It is remarkably warm, sunny, and green here. It feels great, except it’s November when I should have a wood stove going and snow. Everyone I know is dealing with out of balance weather patterns.

    And the world psychological climate? You wrote this piece before the French catastrophe. The shadow is unleashed. It has happened before in many places, but the tools of warfare and communication are alarmingly easy for anyone to use. I wonder how we will find our way through the mess we’re in on so many levels. We are all linked together in weather and human catastrophe. And the violence reflects my Shadow gone mad in a way I can’t consciously imagine.

    • Thanks Elaine for coming by – and for reading the mindfunda.com 🙂 I look forward to yours in December.

      It’s pretty troubling what’s going on in the world – as you so well say, the shadow rearing its ugly head. Which will stay ugly until we really truly recognise it on an individual level and do the transformation necessary so that it is felt collectively too …

      Yes the weather also is very strange here – very fortunately, we had good soaking rains last night, and a thunder and lightning storm yesterday afternoon. Things have cooled down today thankfully with more, much needed rain, always a blessing, forecast this week. Unsure it will be sufficient to break the crippling drought …

  3. The unrest, sickness, death and devastation around the world is mind numbing. Hope there’s peace and happiness all around. Sounds Utopian, but we truly need it, more than ever!

    • Mind-numbing is how it is, yet at the same time we cannot become numbed. Difficult times Shilpa indeed.Thank you for coming by. Keep safe.

  4. I’m reading this as Paris burns. Beirut burned yesterday, and Japan is waiting for a tsunami. A lot seems to be wrong with this world. Sending out positive energies to theplanet,a nd to my friends.

    Hope things are a little better for you when you read this, Susan.

    • I am joining your positive energy force projection Damyanti and Susan.

      I agree with a previous comment. Your writings strike cords so often and I have to re and reread your posts. I wish you well dear lady.

    • Damyanti, it’s all pretty dreadful, tragic and extremely disturbing. Take care dear friend. Also keeping the planet and all on it in thoughts and prayers.

  5. Your posts are always so thought-provoking, Susan. I feel like I need to sit quietly for a moment and let it sink in. Much turbulence, both within oneself and out in the world. I hope your tremors soon calm, and that you get some much needed rain.

    • Thank you Sara, I really appreciate your coming by 🙂 It’s hard to sit in the turbulence but sometimes we just have to, and not jump out of it.

      Thank you for your good wishes re rain and personal tremors – if I’ve learned anything is this world, it’s to expect the unexpected, and somehow live with uncertainty …

  6. I was feeling sad about all those situations you have mentioned about, death, illness, suicide etc… it is painful to go through. I have not been in touch with the on line blogs and even not written for some time now…. due to a change in my health scenario… not been well and feeling low energy and trying to keep commitments both at home and workplace has been tough choice…. today I was feeling better so catching up with what ever I have missed so far… nice to connect with you Susan and yes I would like to check the mindfunda.com thank you for sharing !

    • Hello Genevive, I’m really sorry to hear that you’ve been feeling low. Outside events can be a cause, trying to juggle all the demands made on us. When our health is compromised, it’s time to take a break and listen to what your body is saying to you. I wish you well, and glad to hear that you’re feeling a bit better today 🙂

  7. I’m so sorry for all the hardship you are dealing with lately, Susan. Things like this always remind me that as much as we’d like to have control, there truly is very little to be had, so we must enjoy each moment and praise God for each gift of breath and beauty in our world. We are here for such a short time. We leave behind memories, hope and a wake of untold other things. Then we look at the snow that shouldn’t be there, part of the journey we are taking, and how is it some things never make sense, touching our hearts in ways we may never fully understand?

    • Thank you M.J. and for coming by. How we love to be in control and how we learn, sometimes tragically, that this is not how it is. You’re right – appreciate and be grateful for what is, and do what we can in our way to make the world and ourselves better, by being more conscious of what is going within and without, even though we’re mystified much of the time …

      • For whatever reason, many of my reading has focused on death, dying and the art of living fully. My own writing also seems to be reflecting some of this, perhaps not as much by chance, as by a willingness to learn the lessons my reading is trying to teach me. Many of your words in this post struck a chord with me for various reasons. It is a beautiful post that gives one pause and allows one to reflect on so many important things.

        • Thank you M.J. for adding your comment. I’ve noticed this depth in your writing, always written so beautifully. Reflection is so important to all of us. Somehow that sacred time must be found – and made.

          • I notice the same in your writing, Susan, which is only one reason I enjoy visiting your blog so much 🙂 Yes, writing time must be made. Without it, I’m not sure how I’d survive 🙂

            • It’s an interesting thought – if I didn’t write, what then? What would I be, or do .. I can’t begin to imagine! 🙂 Have a lovely weekend M.J.

  8. Susan, Life has its cycles…Resonating with others when there is trouble helps bring balance, awareness that this, too shall pass. Thanks for reminding us.

  9. Hi Susan – the weather is certainly causing a lot of problems around the world. We may be wet and grey, but at least it rains … having had worries about drought a few years ago – the recent years’ rains will have replenished the lands.

    Tremors of life – so sad to read of your sadnesses – they always come as shocks to our systems … with thoughts in those directions. We never know what happens next … we need to be as balanced as possible to absorb the shocks – and sadly so many of us go from pillar to post … which makes life not so easy.

    I’ve been over to Susanne’s and read your Eve as Goddess .. so well written and so helpful in understanding so many things. Thank you and with thoughts and cheers – Hilary

    • Thank you Hilary for coming by. Yes, rain is always a blessing. Replenishing – and a reminder of the blessed tears that fall from the sky.

      Yes, we never know what is around the corner. Life asks much of one’s self .. and we are the ones who answer.

      Thank you for your kind words Hilary re Eve as Goddess. Strictly speaking, she wasn’t really a goddess as she was human … but her divineness was nevertheless there. But that is another story.

      Hope you’re having a good weekend. Please send some of yr rain this way wards.

  10. Lovely, thoughtful post. I hope the tremors on your end ease, or bring about new wonders in their wake.
    It’s been beautiful here this week–spring like temperatures but with shorter days and brilliantly colored leaves. I hope you get rain soon.

    • Thank you Merri for your hope – that is so lovely.
      How lovely that Nature is still showing off her beauty … it sounds like you have the best of both worlds at the moment… 🙂
      Yes, thank you, here’s hoping for rain – it’s time for a rain dance ..

  11. Beautifully written as always, Susan. I’m sorry to hear about your friends’ passing. Tremors all about, indeed. Sometimes the world seems to be too much, as the highs and lows move us through each and every day.

    • So kind thank you Silvia. And for your condolences. The world is too much at times, we can only be grateful for the highs when they happen and mourn when it is otherwise … and pay attention.

  12. Yes, walks around town can provide thoughts and awareness about life. You write such interesting articles. I read your mindfunda story, as I believe it is part of your book. You have described the issues of the world so well… aging, sickness, death… but that talks about the earth as well as mankind. Hugs to you for your thoughtful reminders about the issues of the world and life. Thank you. Well done!

    • Thank you dear Gwynn! I know that you love walking and also contemplate about life death the whole catastrophe while appreciating the beauty and humour that abounds in this crazy mixed up world. Hugs to you dear friend.

  13. Wonderful article Susan! I think all the ‘great’ stories are discovered … ‘on the way’ … whilst circumambulating the Self. Loved your article on ‘Eve’ on mindfunda, deeply fascinating and impressive writing. in sharp relief it’s been non-stop, bitter cold rain here today in England, winter fast approaches yet ‘in my heart it’s spring’ … or so the song goes. Inside, outside, two weeks on and still learning to hold the tension of the opposites … thanks again for the nudge on that one!

    • You got it Deborah – ‘on the way’ while circumambulating the Self – thank you for saying so!
      Thank you for enjoying the mindfunda Eve article – Susanne’s website is great and it was an honour for me to be invited. I was so pleased that the Jung quote resonated so deeply with you, from two weeks ago in Jean Raffa’s post. No doubt your winter in the UK (I thought you lived in the US) will allow for more inward turning knowing that spring is not far behind.

  14. Your writing is, as always, so interesting and involving. And I walked beside you, seeing South Africa through your eyes and experience. I must bring up however, the experience of a vehicle pulling over in front of someone walking, in the states. We take down the tag number on our cell phone, dial 911 for the police, and turn the walk into a run in the opposite direction. Especially a white van. I did appreciate the reference to the planet’s environmental issues. Love you!

    • Thank you Marsha for your lovely comment. I don’t walk with my cell phone – though there are times I wish I did have it on me, especially when I want to photograph something … a tree or a flower. 🙂 What is it with white vans – are these usually the not so well intentioned people? And a walk turns into a run? It’s a graphic image! Love to you too 🙂

  15. I’m sorry to hear about the extremes of weather condition in South Africa. Hope the rain arrives to you soon. I’m also sorry to hear about tremors you experienced with people you know…
    I’m delighted to hear from you and I loved your guest article! What a treat – might need to reread it over the week-end.
    Have a lovely week-end.

    • Thank you Gulara for your empathy re lack of rain and tremors re people. I appreciate this. And for reading the Eve article. May your weekend be a good one …

  16. We’re in conservation mode here in California too. You can use tons of water, but the monetary cost is stunning. I’m taking shorter showers and quicker dish washing. I think our drought is as much about California’s lousy water management as anything else. Where neighboring Arizona collects 70% of rainwater, we collect only 17%. I need to move.

    • Thanks Jacqui – so necessary to make these small steps in an individual yet meaningful way in conserving water. Sadly our infrastructure is also up the spout (pun intended). I heard that California has banned the sale of water in plastic bottles. A good move this one … wish we would too ..

      • I haven’t seen that. They are still readily available in stores. Another lousy decision–selling water in plastic containers. Another thing I do: I have my hair dresser and doctors text me with my next appt time rather than take those little paper cards. Besides saving paper, I find I like it better.

        • mmmm, I’m surprised to hear that – there were jubilations a few months back… a good idea re: those appointments cards i.e. not using them. I save/recycle paper but hadn’t thought of that one .. thank you ..

  17. Susan, I clicked on your Mindfunda link, read your post about Eve, and am overwhelmed by its power. You’ve summarized so many pertinent elements of her story in such a clear, concise, and meaningful way. I, too, see it as a metaphor for the birth of consciousness in humanity, and am constantly amazed at how patriarchal authorities continue to be so successful at repressing this liberating truth.

    With kudos and gratitude, Jeanie

    • Thank you Jeanie for reading the Mindfunda Eve and I’m so pleased you thought it of value. May the patriarchal and matriarchal energies come into balance sometimes soon … so desperately needed.

  18. I am happy to hear you have had a break in the heat. Although it’s not hot, hot here in Florida, it’s still unseasonably warm for November. I’m waiting for cooler temps; I think our bodies operate better in a more moderate setting. Besides, less use of air conditioning too.

    Here’s hoping the Rain Queen will pay a visit to your part of the world very soon. I’m sorry to hear about the personal losses in your life recently. My condolences to you and the families affected, Susan.

    • Thank you Marian. Yes it’s pleasant when there is less extreme temperature and the need for air con lessens, lessening its effects on everything ..

      Thank you for your wishes re the Rain Queen’s visit … though she’s been dead since 2005 if I remember correctly. And thank you for your condolences too – life seems so tenuous sometimes.

  19. Susan, whether I like it or not, beginning recently I am being confronted by tragic events and loss suffered by near and dear friends and being made poignantly aware of needless tragedies and environmental concerns around the world. All the suffering. All while I am on my way, they are on theirs. Fortuitously, often these sad turns of events bring us to new and better roads.

    It so happens — synchrony(?) — that as I read your post and write my comment, on my iTunes Sarah Brightman sings “Tu quieres volver” — “You want to return,” but it will be the same; [therefore] we will go on our ways.

    • It is so extraordinary and uplifting in its way when synchronicity happens Samantha. Goose-bump making! We can hope that the wheel turns towards better paths and maybe we will all return to harmony in time. Thank you for coming by.

  20. Susan, a thought-provoking post and beautifully written, as usual. Thank you! I hope things improve all around the globe, we deserve it. With love from Mira in Arunachala.

    • Thank you Mira very much! A lovely thought for everything to improve around the globe – do we deserve it? I’m not sure? With Love dear Mira …

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