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Pesach – Passover is a Jewish holiday celebrating the Hebrews’ escape from Egyptian enslavement (celebrated in April this year, beginning tomorrow evening at sundown). Passover begins with an elaborate meal, called Seder, and continues for seven days in celebration of their freedom from the Pharoah’s cruel ways. And on Friday, Jesus was having his Last Supper with his disciples; it was Passover.

Chag Sameach to my Jewish friends

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There are so many P words I could use for this post on Freedom, eg the paradox and parameters of freedom, political freedom, psychological freedom, the philosophy of freedom et al but to do it justice would take forever, so I’m relying on a few quotes – 🙂

Erich Fromm: Modern man, freed from the bonds of pre-individualistic society, which simultaneously gave him security and limited him, has not gained freedom in the positive sense of the realization of his individual self; that is, the expression of his intellectual, emotional and sensuous potentialities. Freedom, though it has brought him independence and rationality, has made him isolated and, thereby, anxious and powerless. This isolation is unbearable and the alternatives he is confronted with are either to escape from the burden of his freedom into new dependencies and submission, or to advance to the full realization of positive freedom which is based upon the uniqueness and individuality of man. (Escape from Freedom).

Margot: (from Henry de Montherlant): It is difficult to be truly free when we dig our heels in and decide to love people and places. (yet) To be truly unattached and ‘free’ could rob us of the joys that make life worth living.

Thank you for reading! I so appreciate your comments.

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  1. Nelson Mandela was probably the only true statesman we had in the modern world. I’m a huge admirer.

    • This Saturday 27th is Freedom Day, the day 25 years ago that Nelson was elected as president in our first democratic election ..

      Thanks for coming by Nilanjana 🙂

  2. I love your quotes from Nelson Mandela. His wisdom is so grounded in life and lofty at the same time. I also like being reminded that the Last Supper was a Passover meal. It’s important to honor and remember our interconnected religious roots–and the freedom to practice or not practice a religion. Passover Blessings to you.

    • Passover and Easter always are at the same time I think Elaine – at full moon. I’ll check that out but I think so .. sometimes early or late in April, sometimes late March as I think it was last year – dependent on the moon! It’s lovely that they coincide as a reminder also of our Judeo-Christian roots. Easter and Passover blessings to you.

  3. A thought-provoking post, Susan. Especially that last quote. While reading your post today, I was reminded of the movie “Jack Reacher” (starring Tom Cruise). He raises similar questions about whether any of us is really free today. Especially with all this technology in our lives.

    Find my P post @ Adventure in The Chemistry Lab: Playing With Acid!

    • I haven’t seen the film but I do like the Lee Child books – and I agree he does bring up some existential question! Thanks Kaddu!

  4. Thank you for sending your quote regarding Passover. It truly is an inspiring and sad time especially since I was forwarded a story about a woman who worked to smuggle Jewish children out before the Germans caught and took them from their parents. The Jewish people have suffered enormously in attempts to receive Freedom.

    • There are many stories of heroes and heroines who assisted in the protection of Jewish children even during the holocaust. They are soooo inspiring and wonderful examples of courage and humanity in action in the face of severe punishments for their efforts. Glad you got to hear about this particular woman Gwynn and thank you for coming by 🙂

    • Thanks Donna, glad to hear 🙂 Freedom Day (public holiday) is on the 27th April, the date of Mr. Manadela’s democratic election 25 years ago!

  5. “In the Garden of the Cross
    let us learn to levitate
    and realign with the Divine.”

    As I read your post today Susan, these poetical lines mysteriously descended! Such was the inspiration I guess that I received whilst reading all about Passover, Pesach and how we’re now entering the “Season of Liberation”. Many people call this period of time “Holy Week” and I tend to agree, as Easter weekend (for me) is often a time to contemplate on what must die within, in order for another part (of me) to live. Much to reflect and levitate on here!

    Mandela’s wise words on how much freedom a small garden evokes was wonderful and Eisenhower’s prison quote so true! Love and light, Deborah.

    • what a wonderful descension Deborah! What beautiful words! In line with ascension – and, as above so below. What a special time this is, Passover and Easter at the time of the full moon, already glowing, almost full last evening. Such meaning in this time – from so long ago and still so very relevant. The Season of Liberation ..

      Thank you for saying about your reflection about what must die within for another part to be born. Always in motion but perhaps more so at this time of year

      My bibles are in Plett – a neighbour here in Johannesburg loaned me one, so I’m reading the gospels, John at the moment.

      Love and Light to you too, Susan

    • And thus so worthwhile being celebrated if one, or a country or a people had previously been in bondage … may the day come that we all can celebrate being out of bondage, whether by ourselves or by others or circumstances. Thanks Susan.

  6. Another thoughtful post, Susan.
    I like Mandela’s words about the garden. Interesting that he was allowed to have one in prison, but I imagine it was a special joy for him.
    We are not religious, but my husband and I will have our own “Seder” tomorrow night, and then we’ll have a big family dinner at the end of the holiday.

    • Thanks Merril – Mr. Mandela grew up in Qunu in the Eastern Cape where he writes about the joy (and freedom I suppose) of being in Nature and tending to the cows and sheep. I can imagine him tending to his little patch for 27 years on Robben Island and being reminded of the idea of freedom ..

      Will you ask the 4 questions tomorrow night? Oooh I can imagine the feast next week!

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