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Toko M is an old school friend of my elder son Mike. They were at prep school together and overlapped again at university. We’ve maintained contact over all the years. This is his response to my what’s app request –

Toko M: Well, my name means Freedom so that’s a good start. Tokoloho is freedom in Sotho –

My friend Nicki S sent me this – including this photo of Freedom D who works in the guest house in Johannesburg that she does too (permission to use photo). He does some transfers (airport) and tours for a few guests that stay.

Freedom D: So in the period during apartheid all native children had to have Christian names (English names basically). One of the reasons behind this was for a native person to have a name that would be easy to pronounce. As a way of protesting against apartheid some of our parents gave us names such as mine Freedom. There are also some children who are named Justice, Peace and so on. Also I was born in the year 1976. If you would recall that is when we had the Soweto uprisings. Freedom was a buzzword at the time. It is common in different and in most African communities to name children after a memorable event.

I could write more about eg Freedom from fear, the fear of freedom, the fight and flight for and from freedom but I’m keeping this short. I am now in Johannesburg; drove up from Plettenberg Bay on Thursday, overnighting en-route. I’ll be here for a few days. On Tuesday 9th April I’ll be flying with Kgakgamatso (Jane) my housekeeper for the last 36 years from Johannesburg down to George airport, and from there we’ll drive to Plettenberg Bay. She’ll stay in our home for about 4 days, then we’ll fly back! Tuesday will be her first flight! I’ve booked window seats for the aircraft …

Thank you for reading! I’d love to hear from you in the comments –

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  1. Freedom to travel. I imagine that wasn’t always guaranteed in South Africa not long ago. Have a wonderful journey with Kgakgamatso. Maybe we’ll hear more about her and your trip when you get to K. I love hearing from someone from South Africa with the excellent name of Freedom.

    • I can’t remember if there were bannings on travel Elaine – I don’t think there were. Look out for the K post – I’ve added her siblings names and their meanings.

  2. So interesting susan, I remember the early days, being part of a charismatic group and I found a young girl who was named liberty, she was then a student of journalism, I used to wonder how come they named her liberty. My name Genevive Angela was given to me by the nuns of sisters of charity – in the catholic church those days the nuns would be so close to our families, infact all my brother and sisters 8 of them were named by the nuns according the the catholic calendar:) Nice to know you have such loyal housekeeper who has stayed with you for long and I am glad, you have given her the window seat.

    • That’s so interesting Genevive – about the young journalist named Liberty and you and your siblings being named by nuns! Both of your names are beautiful and you are an angel .. thank you for coming by xx

  3. Love the Camus quote. I feel as though my life has become one long, albeit somewhat subtle, act of rebellion. We do what we can do, eh, Susan? xo

  4. It’s always interesting to hear about the stories behind people’s names. I was named Kadambari after a Bollywood movie whose songs were favorites of both my Dad & Mom.

    Anyway, hopped over from AtoZ. I remember seeing you around in previous rounds. Enjoy your travels!
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  5. Thank you for sharing more inspiring Freedom quotes and stories, especially why Freedom was given his amazing name … what an incredible legacy! Re one’s name, I’ve always found it interesting how all the other “Deborah’s” have inspired me in my life, most especially the biblical “Deborah” who in modern day would’ve probably been a therapist and a poem too!

    My mother named me when she was eight months pregnant, in a church allegedly, when the light of a stained glass window depicting a biblical “Deborah” scene fell upon her and the rest as we say is poetry! I digress I know but there’s something in this naming malarkey that feels predestined to me … as my name gifts me a freedom I can’t even begin to describe.

    Have a lovely weekend Susan, and I look to hearing more about how Kgakgamatso’s visit goes. Ah, window seats, just perfect! And how exciting to be flying with your much-loved housekeeper for her very first flight! Love and light, Deborah.

    • What a lovely story about the circumstances of your naming Deborah – blessed indeed! A month before your birth – and from then on – well the rest is history as they say πŸ˜€

      Kgakgamatso is pretty excited and I’ll keep you posted – love light and laughter to you Susan

  6. What a fascinating story Freedom shares with the world. Plus, it is very heart-felt as people around the world and especially from certain countries truly express their desire for events they wish for themselves and the people around them. Thank you Freedom for sharing your story.

  7. It is so interesting to hear from a person who lives in South Africa – and to hear about his name and the names of peers and how names come about in that area of the world. The names truly reflect a peoples sincere desire for things like freedom, justice, peace.

    • Thanks Elaine – I’ve let Toko and Nicki S (to let Freedom D) know that this post is up – I hope they come by it and comment πŸ™‚

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