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‘Sometimes I forget completely 

What companionship is.

Unconscious and insane, I spill sad 

energy everywhere’

Rumi: ‘Sometimes I Forget’

Energy: it’s never lost – it’s always present while its’ manifestations are expressed in infinite ways and forms – I just have to look out at my autumnal garden to see evidence of that. The energy while always there, has changed the outward appearance of the plants and trees as they begin their slow hibernation in preparation for winter.

For those of you entering Spring it must be a joyous time of change!

Energy is motion and therefore change must always be a significant by-product. Change means creation – of something new and different –

As we age we use our energy to keep writing a life script which keeps changing as we know only too well. Sometimes our energy levels are down, sometimes they seem wonderfully up! Sometimes they remain pretty static. Low energy levels are not always the result of aging – there could be different causes.

But always, the life-force, Eros. Without that connection we are lessened. As long as we are alive we cannot eliminate energy or Eros. It begs the question, what to do with the energy available to us as we age, or at any age? In what way can it serve us, in becoming more of who we are? Can we express ourselves in previously unused ways which yearn to be more known to us? Can we hear that faint echo – and answer its call? Can we engage creatively in it? Can we put more effort into knowing ourselves better? I’m reminded of the Oracle at Delphi – Know Thyself.

And Rumi’s words above: sad energy spilling everywhere – it makes me think of depression and the way it has my family member in a fast grip, and his family also, including me as a bystander – I wonder always how to effect that energy, transform it somehow – with my own effort yes, while knowing that he must make this huge effort.

Creation – the big bang – around 14 billion years ago signalling the beginning of the universe as we know it, dark energy always emerging, evolving, always expanding, always echoing – in space – and within us in a sort of a way as well – as above so below –

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  1. Susan you chosen a power packed word – Energy… I just love this word, for it gives me a feeling of thrill, positivity and enthusiasm. I recall the younger days of my life wherein my energy level was quite high till the end of the day, had more capacity to accomplish so much in less time… Now I have begun to experience energy getting drained and going low… I try my best to keep my energy level high… listen to the teachers who inspire and speak about how to keep the energy at optimum level. I hear about depression in the family, the feeling of helplessness is something one cannot explain… only pray and hope that all be well with the person who is depressed. Your posts makes me think and am happy not only to read your post, but also the comments…. thanks for inspiring 🙂

    • Hi Genevive, have come by your response only now as I tidy up my computer and attend to much left undone! Thank you do much for coming by 🙂 My energy levels are quite good this Saturday morning – almost a month later – it’s a sunny warm autumnal day here in South Africa. Thank you for your kind words about my brother – always an up and down, most often more down. xx

  2. I’ve had a series of dreams recently where the object of my erotic energy is a slender dark Asian-Indian woman. She is a protector, an energizer. She’s helping me and she cares about me, She is concerned with passion for life, enthusiasm, creative spirit, and deep connection. I need more of those things, please. With that Erotic Surge comes renewed energy, even in this old body, even when I’m tired or ill.

    • How lovely Elaine! This is so affirming and she is clearly active in inner and outer way no matter how tired or enervated you may feel …thank you for sharing this.

  3. It mystifies me that a plan for my life’s direction was already in executive force from my infancy onwards, an Eros or Logos force depending on my gender, as Jung thought about it! It required a force or energy to propel my life hither and yon. I thought I was the one who was in control! We are, in a sense, ignorant about these things from the day of our birth until the day of our exit off this theatrical stage of life.

    • Thanks Joseph, interesting to look at that from this perspective which seems extremely plausible! ‘Theatrical stage of life’ – that it surely is.

  4. To read Rumi is to allow my sad and tender heart some real estate on this continuum. If I pay attention to the energy and eros as it flows and flowers, instead of trying to capture, own and control it, my time is richer. My heart goes to you, bystander, as you see your one suffer.

    • Thank you Jan, I was thinking of you last night and made a note to try to find you today, and here you are … 🙂

      I love what you say about paying attention to the eros and energy ‘…as it flows and flowers, instead of trying to capture, own and control it, my time is richer’.

      And thank you for your heart-felt acknowledgment of my brother …

  5. Powerful post, Susan. I hope your efforts and that of your relative’s will help him change the dark energy that surrounds him.

    I’ve noticed that both negative and positive things seem to happen in clusters.

    • Thanks J.H. for your good wishes – yes dark and light do seem to come in clusters, waves of positive energising and also negative enervating energies.

  6. Great post! Energy is a constant, but it manifests itself in various ways.
    I think about how being in a gathering with supportive people energizes one, while “sad energy” of someone also seems to spread and overtake a group.

    I forgot what else I was going to write. My energy is going, as it’s past my bedtime, but I’m trying to catch up with posts. 🙂

    • I hope you slept well Merril in spite of late night and have awoken energetic and refreshed!

      Thank you for coming by – in spite of 🙂

  7. It’s mystical, mysterious, isn’t it, Susan, this phenomenon of energy and its never leaving the universe(s).

    I love Rumi’s words about sad energy. I love Rumi’s thoughts and words, in general.

    I think Joseph is right (yesterday), according to what brain studies show, about your brother needing both guidance and medication, and that you feel helpless, but really you’re doing all you can and more.

    • Thanks Samantha – that mystical, mysterious energy …

      I agree re: Joseph’s thoughtful response …glad you picked up on that.

  8. I always love your posts.

    Apologies for not having been responsive. I’m in transit between countries & travelling through realities with my dying dad.

    • Thank you Ashen – and I wish you well on yours and your father’s journey … may he travel well as the line between this and the other reality approaches …

  9. Susan, I’ve been aware of interactions that drain both my eros and energy. I am trying to lesson my reaction to those times and be aware of what’s happening, before I get sucked into the drama. I think I am getting better!

    • Thanks Beth for coming by – how well you put your response to energy draining interactions! Hopefully we all get better at doing this!

  10. If we view everything as energy (which it is), it’d be so much easier to navigate life. Some of the emotions we experience are not personal. They are stuck energy trying to find a release. This is how your post resonated in me, Susan.

  11. Thank you for the Rumi quote. It’s so affirming to know that even he occasionally spilled sad energy everywhere! 🙂

  12. I agree with Trisha that this is an EXCELLENT post. Energy is extremely valuable as we age, as we have less and less. Learning to recharge our energy is critical too.

    Where we are not responsible for what another does with his/her energy, a positive word or a pat on the back can help with the flow of their energy.

    I am sending lots of POSITIVE VIBRATIONS your way for your brother!! Hugs to you!!

    • Thank you dear Gwynn! Energy is valuable at any stage of our lives; but I agree we have a different relationship with it as we age and more keenly realise it as we face life’s challenges. Learning to recharge, CRITICAL!

      You’re right, a kind word, a pat on the back can do wonders for their energy flow – so, I’m sending you a loving hug, a pat on your back. Thank you for the positive vibrations for my brother – I know they all help in one way or the other xx

  13. EXCELLENT post! I’m leaving this up to re-read again later today. My word of the year that I’m working on is energy. Love this!!

    • That’s wonderful that this is your word for the year Trisha! Your writings have a wonderful energy about them – and I can tell that they come from your heart and esoteric knowledge of energy ..

      So happy to hear that you loved this! Synchronicity has such a special energy!

  14. Love that quote from Rumi, more so because, my energies are so low today. I need to come out of these dark and draining thoughts. Some days are just like that! *Sigh*

    • Sorry Shilpa, hope those energy levels rise soon or whenever they need to … sitting in them can help by way of getting properly in touch with those ‘dark and draining thoughts’ before releasing them – thank you for coming by .. all good thoughts coming your way.

  15. Hi Susan – that dark energy does affect some people so badly … and is so difficult to help others …

    I need energy now for Change – but all will be well … thankfully I live on the bright side … I feel for you – but have experienced it with a great friend and with my father … it’s just we so often learn too late …

    All the best – and thoughts – Hilary

    • May the energy come your way Hilary and manifest in the way you wish! Being optimistic or living on the bright side helps ENORMOUSLY – and that you have in spades!

      All best to you and thank you for coming by! Susan

  16. Spring and Fall particularly around their Equinox are such powerful times of change on the mind, body and soul. I hope the colors of fall bring energy to your depressed family member. I was very taken with what you wrote about continuously refreshing our life script. Thank you for the wisdom to start my day thoughtfully.

    • Thank you dear Stephanie for your wishes for my brother. Maybe the changing seasons and colours may be beneficial to him. He has a beautiful garden where he lives, orchids and azaleas and I don’t know what else, as well as a highly decorated peacock who comes visiting, and, as regular as clockwork at 2,00 pm ish, some eagles fly by – and a view over the gorge –

      I like that you like about refreshing our life script – and thank you for coming by.

  17. You don’t appreciate how important ‘energy’ is until you’ve lost it. I love those days when I feel like I can go on forever. What a glorious feeling!

    • It does go AWOL sometimes! Not lost but in HIDING! Indeed what a glorious feeling when she returns – I’m feeling uplifted just reading this thank you Jacqui! 🙂

  18. I truly believe energy results or comes out of accepting Change. There is something about the feeling of expectancy, of moving forward that makes you want to stand up and do something.
    Patricia @ EverythingMustChange

    • Lovely Pat thank you! Energy can definitely change for the better! yes, stand up and do – something –

      Shalom to you too Pat, Susan

  19. Energy is never lost, but it can be misplaced. Today is a beautiful one in Florida, but I have been feeling frustrated about some of my online challenges.

    Thanks for the prompt to funnel my energy where it counts. Great post!

    • If my post has REALLY helped you to funnel your energies where it counts Marian then I will have done a good job!

      On-line, non-stop it also seems for me, especially because of the A-Z, BUT also especially because there are so many fabulous blogs I’m visiting – plus the usual everyday things to be done etc plus making new prescheduled posts and editing inter alia … whoops I’m exhausted just writing about it. Time for me to focus and funnel 🙂

      Thank you for coming by!

  20. Susan, I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy reading and resonating with your blogs. Eros is a theme I have explored, in many ways, through sexuality/sensuality and more in the past decades in intimate communion with the plants in my garden as the life-force within Creation. Companionship is available everywhere… if not with human beings at times, with some ‘voice’ in creation calling out to us, gently and sweetly.. come, my beloved… come and sit with me. Listen… I have secrets to whisper.

    • Thank you Andrea very much, as do I enjoy yours. I know that I would so love to be in your active circle of web meetings. And plants – alive and communing – Have you ever read Lyall Watson?

      Such beautiful words ‘…some ‘voice’ in creation calling out to us, gently and sweetly.. come, my beloved… come and sit with me. Listen… I have secrets to whisper’.

      Yes, listen… and, just to mention it, the word ‘listen’ has the same letters as ‘silent’.

      Thank you for coming by.

      • Susan, I can’t believe that I never noticed Listen has the same letters as Silent! Thank you for this… Though we are geographically far distant, I feel the strange attractor of heart-proximity! Thank you for your work too.

        • Ha! Glad to have passed it on Andrea! It IS lovely isn’t it!!

          Yes there is a connection, a real one and I am grateful for it, thank you, and a thank you also for the work that you do ..

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