Day 3 of 5 Photos Five StoriesDavey and JuteDavid Scott & Jute Dorfling

This is the photo Davey sent me on what’s app last week when they were in Namibia with the caption ‘Jute & I are engaged!’ It must be a selfie! At first I thought Jute was drinking a cup of tea (because I’ve seen her in her pyjamas before) and was clueless as to what Davey was holding. But when I enlarged it I saw that Davey was holding a small bottle of local sparkling wine and that the tea cup was holding contents of the celebratory wine! And I can view the ring!

We are truly happy and so is Jute’s family. They’ve had a long relationship and met when they were both waitering at The Surf Cafe in Plettenberg Bay 3 1/2 years ago. They are a delight to observe in their interactions with each other. Kind, caring, loving, respectful, amusing –
davey jute

This one was taken in our garden in April this year. They were up from Cape Town to attend a wedding of a school friend of Davey’s (David wearing his father’s wedding jacket). Tomorrow I’ll post a photograph of an orchid Jute gave me in April which is still looking lovely. (Jute’s name has two dots above the ‘u’ but I’m clueless as to how to put them up/on).

Gulara of (whose posts I always enjoy) nominated me for this challenge. She’s been posting beautiful photos of Nature just recently – for the next few days I’ll be doing the same.

Guilie at “Quiet Laughter’ in Curacao may I nominate you to pick up this 5 day 5 Photo 5 Story challenge?

Rules below:

1) post a photo each day for 5 consecutive days

2) attach a story to the photo. It can be fiction, non fiction, poetry, a paragraph – all entirely up to you!

3) Nominate another blogger to carry on the challenge. Your nominee is free to accept or decline the invitation! This is fun, not a command performance!

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  1. Dear Sis. I’ve at last been able to view these photos – haven’t had my computer for a week – it’s been “cleaned up” and now I must adjust to new settings etc. Yes, many congratulations to you and Neil. It was a pleasure to have had Davey and Jute in our home in Wilderness a few weeks ago before they went to Namibia. And they were indeed very mindul of each other. She is such a sweet young lady, and I too am pleased that you and Neil will have a daughter to shower with your love and kindness. Much happiness to both families.

    • Thank you dear Sis. And a daughter! I hadn’t thought of her like that but yes, maybe not ‘in law’ but as a daughter … I forgot too about being a mother-in-law …

    • That’s a lovely message thank you Stephanie. ‘Nothing better than a warm family full of love’. I so hope my son reads all horse lovely messages!

  2. Hi,
    I remember you talking about Davy wearing his father’s jacket to a wedding in our Roo group. How wonderful to see two lovely people expanding their commitment to each other. They look lovely.
    Congratulations dear heart. I am happy for you.

  3. Wishing Jute and Davey all the best. They look like a beautiful couple. Congratulations on getting a daughter you really like. T

    • Thank you T! Yes, welcoming a daughter into the family will be a treat. I popped over to your ‘silentkim’ and there many posts I would like to check out and will in due course, and am following you.

  4. Ditto Hilary’s loving your comment “kind, caring, loving, amusing.” Such sweet pictures. Davey and Jute definitely belong together.

    Thank you, Susan, for sharing the photos and congratulations to all.

    How is Jute pronounced? –Yute, Yutie? 🙂

    • Jûte is pronounced Yoota! Note: the umlaut! Someone on FB said ‘just hold down the ‘u’ for a second or two – and UP it popped!

      • Rats. I typed a whole comment, copied it to save it, left the page a moment, came back and the whole thing’s gone.

        So, to try again — It is common to find on the Internet text wherein the accent mark or the umlaut is understood, because it’s not readily typed. The same goes for newspaper typeface print. Italics won’t print, so quotation marks are substituted (AP Stylebook). I tried all the methods listed above and more to get the umlaut to show over the u. Did not work with this notebook/tablet I’m using. Then I googled umlaut and got this formula for Windows: alt+0252 using the numbers keypad, not the numbers over the letters on the keyboard: Jüte. Sometimes I go onto the Internet and find a word with an accent or an umlaut over the vowel and copy and paste. One day, I hope and pray, I will get my Mac back.

        • May that Mac come back as quick as a quack or mac the knife Samantha. It’s too long already.

          You’ve got me there on the numbers keyboard – I know only the numbers above the letters. Büt, I nøw knôw that all I need to do is hold down the vowęl (I think it’s only vowels that have accents and umlauts?) and up come several choįcęs!

          Thank you for trying to edify me!

  5. Hi Susan .. how wonderful to see them – yes the tea cup threw me .. and sparking wine looked briefly more like beer! Arent they great … and I love her name – Swedish I think. Love the garden .. gosh it looks green – I guess it was before the cold winter ….

    I’ve just read a book on Namibia … a novel, but boy did it take me back to the Skeleton Coast and a trip I had with my mother 25+ years ago (did I say that?!) – taught me loads too.

    Wonderful and I’m so pleased for all of you and them … many happy years ahead … and I love your comment “They are a delight to observe in their interactions with each other. Kind, caring, loving, respectful, amusing –”

    Fabulous .. lovely and cheering to share with you .. thanks so much – Hilary

    • Thank you Hilary! I’ll try to upload the photo Davey sent driving back from Namibia and the Skeleton Coast but the caption that attended it read ‘There are no words to describe the vastness of this place. And there are no words to describe the vastness of my one day old fiancé talking about the wedding’. Words to that effect!

  6. Love emanates from two sets of eyes in the photo, one of which may possibly resemble yours, Susan. I am so happy for them and for you, who obviously approve the match. And I can’t think of a better way to string pearls on the necklace of your 5-day challenge. Wow!

    I will add to the suggestions I see above about registering an umlaut. In the WordPress toolbar when you are in the “edit” mode, there is a symbol that looks like an upside down horse-shoe. It represents special characters. If you click on that, there are accent marks of all kinds, including the umlaut. One way or another, you’ll get it!

    • Thank you so much Marian! Yes Davey does resemble me. ‘Strings on the pearl of the necklace of this challenge..’ That is wow! Thank you.

      Thank you too for added suggestion re umlaut. I tried both Jacqui and Ashen’s suggestions but I was rushing as I am now and almost deleted my post – reading gp (Jung) at someone’s home this evening. But I will persevere again tomorrow and try to find that horseshoe! Not only representative of special characters methinks but of other special lucky things!

      Thank you again!

  7. Such a gorgeous couple. They look so happy together. May their lives flourish and enrich each other’s. You must be so proud, Susan.

  8. Wow Susan ! the pictures are beautiful; and congrats again, this looks like a happiness post, glad for all that is happening in your life, wishing you many more blessings in your life…

  9. What an adorable couple! I know you and Neil are thrilled… CONGRATULATIONS!!! Have they announced a wedding date yet?

    This is a delightful post and I loved seeing these pictures. You have LOTS of fun that will be following in the coming years.

  10. Congrats to you! They both look wonderful–and sound like adventurous spirits.

    I’ll weigh in on the Umlaute also: Turn the Numlock on; hold down the Alt key; type 0252 or 129– ü ü

    There you go!

    • Thank you Jacqui for the congrats and for the umlaut – and now I remember the word. I’m sure I’ll know forever how to do this now! I’ll try to fix it tomorrow!

  11. They are a sweet couple and sweet pictures and seem to have a mutual respect and deep caring love for each other. I know this from your pictures and from being in their presence…

    • Thank you Susan, yes you have seen them together! Hopefully before the wedding and I’ve fantasised you being here – again – for the wedding!

  12. Congratulations to you and your husband on the occasion of the engagement of David and Jute!

    I wish you many wonderful family events to come, and be posted on your blog-site, that will include weddings and grandchildren, and more!

  13. Lovely couple. You must feel so pleased and happy for them.

    Re: the Umlaute. I have the same problem and sometimes won’t bother, but here are some short digit codes:
    Alt+132 ä ä
    Alt+137 ë
    Alt+148 ö ö
    Alt+129 ü ü

    On a Mac, hold down the alt-key and type u, then type the letter you want under the Umlaut.

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