D Death, Denial of Freedom

Are our freedoms being taken away from us? I’ll explore this in further posts – eg freedom of expression/speech; political freedom inter alia.

The more I prepare my posts in readiness for the day, the more I realise what a huge task I’ve set for myself. I want to keep my posts short, sharp and punchy and avoid preaching at any costs. At the same time, with the encroaching threat of the death of freedom in its MANY and prolific forms, it gives me an opportunity to question this concept, which is more than just a concept. It is surely the life blood of an individual, a culture, a country, a nation – and for those who wish to retain political power the danger of the individual recognising his or her right to freedom, voicing it, demanding it, is a real one –

Is globalism a threat to our freedom? Does it lead to the erosion of national sovereignty?

“What sort of political freedom will be left to the ordinary man on the street when all government and all power are centralized in global bodies? What voice will he have? Who will hear it?” (excerpted from theimaginativeconservative.org).

β€œI am not ready to die,
But I am learning to trust death
As I have trusted life.
I am moving
Toward a new freedom”.

May Sarton

Christopher F: Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose –

Lesley C: what immediately came to mind for me was sleepovers with my kids (as extreme as that sounds, it was the best thing after being denied that right) –

Thank you for reading! I value your comments –

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  1. I have also decided to keep my posts short πŸ™‚ to manage with my time and at the same time to be able to respond to whats happening around me – the word i chose was also Death in a different context; today I attended a funeral of a 15 year old girl, who is suspected for having committed suicide, it is still not clear; it disturbs me to find such a small child dying so early in life call it a premature death. Death, they say is not the end of life but a change of life… hoping for changes to happen

  2. Whew! You’re quotes are stirring. We may be witnessing the death of democracy and are certainly witnessing the death of many freedoms in the United States. Computers (and social media and cell phones) have made it possible for others to know so much about our private lives–from our telephone to what kind of chocolate we prefer. I experience so much less of this because I’m genetically from Northern Europe. It has nothing to do with whether or not I deserve freedom. So much is chosen by circumstances of birth.

    • Thanks Elaine … hopefully democracy in it’s present form is undergoing change for the better. Let’s see what happens – many of us have risen from the circumstances our birth if they are dire.

  3. Love this, Susan. I have been listening to Hamilton on repeat for months and months now and I wonder how amazing it would have been to be alive then, but then I think, then is now!

  4. I left a comment that I don’t see. Funny since you brought that up in your comment on my blog.

  5. A lot of heavy stuff here and it’s been on my mind. I don’t talk about it much though because I don’t want to offend anybody. I’ve tried to stop being controversial to any degree on my blog. There seems to be a sort of general accepted societal suppression of expressing opinions unless they are those of a certain sort.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    • Hi Arlee, just back from some serious travelling – and picked up your comment now that I’m on my computer. I suspect it didn’t initially show because of your adding your URL … so it went into approval, which of course I can’t do while driving or on my phone with any ease. No matter, thank you for coming by! Yip, Freedom is tooo big a topic to do it any justice bit I’ll plod on!

    • Hi Donna, yes that worries me, not only for myself but for readers – but at least readers don’t have to read or respond πŸ™‚ Have a great weekend!

  6. 2nd try to comment here…

    I didn’t realize you were doing the A To Z Challenge this year. That being said, denial of freedom is a timely topic. And it’s slowly creeping into all of our lives. Not thrilled with this knowledge, but aware that times are a’changing at a pace faster than we can keep up with. What’s next I wonder?

    • Lovely to see you here Ally Bean thanks for coming by. Just as well I checked my spam folder – because that’s where you were. Yes, it’s a bit scary – maybe that’s why it’s timely –

  7. This is another great post Susan, loving the comments and replies too! Hot chocolate and the A to Z Challenge, perfect mix this afternoon! I guess sometimes a part of us “must” die, in order for another part of us to “live”. I feel in many ways I’ve probably died and been reborn several times already. I love the May Sarton’s excerpt (and her poetry!) that you’ve used, her words resonate deeply with this poet! Love and light, Deborah.

    • Thanks Deborah for coming by. I’m on the road (again) so am overnighting in Graaf Reinet en route back to Johannesburg – if I stand on the verandah of my room at the BnB, the Valley of Desolation looms large – a magnificent testament to Nature ..

      Yes, I feel same, the value of the old within and without, dying, for the new to be born – or the old to be reborn? Love & Light to you …

  8. I have been living in another culture 12 years and perhaps as an immigrant and a social scientists can see the concept of freedom in Europe/EU different to my own country. But your post is excellent. I learnt when studing my Degree little late, was early 40s and had not written anything but a letter before University there were two types of Freedom – Positive and Negative. Positive I feel having lived in another culture of a socialist power and now 40 years – where the individual needs more government, control and taxes and whereas Negative Freedom would desire less government, control, taxes and it was from the latter most positive solutions in freedom have been obtained. When living in another culture you always remain an immigrant, i.e. you are restricted you need to follow values and ideology of that country to obtain the benefits it allows. However it also means that you are the beck of the government and a less individual As come from Uk and Brexit is paramount, it feels that UK is doing the right thing and the immense costs of the Eu bureaucratic empire and monies paid to its members cannot continue as all Empires have fallen, even the British one.

    • That’s interesting Anthony about positive and negative Freedoms – I hadn’t heard of that. Negative freedom SOUNDS beneficial if it means less government and taxes etc –
      That Brexit story is so muddling – honestly I can hardly make any sense of it ..

    • We can hope Susan – for sure the old has to die for the new to be born, or destruction gives way to creation – it would be wonderful if things got wider instead of narrower –

  9. Boy, your post absolutely hits the nail on the head. The events in politics these days seems to work at denying our freedom of choice. I do worry about the world my grandchildren will have to deal with when they are grown.

    • It’s the same here Gwyn – maybe we’re waking up though and realising the gravity of the situation – I means it’s laughable (actually tragic) that money one puts away for health care pension etc etc then has benefits removed????

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