M – Moon

These are very short extracts from Susan E. Schwartz and my recently released book “Aging & Becoming ~ A Reflective Enquiry”. Susan E. Schwartz is represented as SES, my words as SS – italicised. From the chapter: Moon, Mourning & Mystery.

SS: We could look to the moon when it is waxing or waning and know that we also experience those cycles of dark and light, fullness and emptiness, brightness and dimness, visibility and visibility. pg 85

SES: The moon has been associated with the feminine. Like the moon, our older time of life includes its waning side as it moves towards the darkness and the end of the moonlight. More than other planets it influences the earth through the tides, women’s periods, weather, moods. Its force is diffuse, less direct, less definite. May be part of the enchantment with the moon is that we can easily project onto it. pg.85

Yes, in the obscured sky a moon does float, newly, a wishing moon, a sliver of ancient rock, a goddess, a wink.

Margaret Attwood

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  1. I enjoy this extract about the moon. Full moon time is reflection time for us, I make my 10 year old daughter write down her gaols and wishes and then tell them to the moon. Next full moon is time to revisit those goals and see how far she is from them. Thanks both for your thoughtful writing. Blessings!

    • Thanks for coming by Patience! Is this Thandi who writes down her goals and wishes at full moon? So lovely of you to pass that on to her! Blessings to you too xx

  2. I often share sunsets from my hill, but the very best thing is watching the phases of the moon every night and morning. It’s a gift to feel the illumination of lunar consciousness. I also love the lunar goddesses. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and the beautiful image of the full moon.

    • I love the moon and it’s phases. It’s always a thrill to me to see it at various times and from different places/vantage points. High or low in the sky, at night, and in the day too, sometimes not visible, other times just beautiful. Thanks Elaine for coming by and sharing your thoughts.

  3. We do seem to fluctuate between fullness and emptiness over our life. Thank goodness it’s cyclic. It makes life interesting and gives us hope.

  4. I love the moon susan and its such a pleasure to look up for the moon and the stars. I recall my mom trimming my hair saying, this will grow with the moon:)

    • I remember my mother saying when it’s full moon, hold your wallet in your hand and turn around 3 times – your money will be increased! Love that story about the your hair growing Genevive!

  5. Moon certainly has a lot of impact in our lives. That’s a gorgeous moon click, Susan!

  6. Love the Atwood quote. I absolutely believe paying attention to lunar cycles is a brilliant opportunity to understand life and come to deeper comfort with the ebb and flow.

    • Thanks Deborah for coming by. Attention to the ebb and flow of the moon and seasons contributes to our well being on many levels.

  7. The moon is a truly a powerful influence. My emotions and energy, my Introvert and extrovert selves rise and fall with the moons tides.

    • Thanks Toni for coming by. How lovely that you are in touch with her influence. The full moon used to mean no sleep for me on that night but I seem to have relaxed more into it, now that I think about it ..

    • Thanks Jacqui – I would get lost in reading about the moon, including the planting of herbs, veg and so on on the phases …

  8. My daughter has been entranced with the moon for a long time; was going to name her child LUNA if it had been a girl. She’s also had the Hebrew word for moon tattooed under her arm. It’s a strong connection.

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