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These are very short excerpts from Susan E. Schwartz and my recently released book ‘Aging & Becoming ~ A Reflective Enquiry’. Susan E. Schwartz is SES, I am SS, Susan Scott and my writings are italicized. Page numbers are given. This is from the Chapter ”Heart & Hope.”

SS: The call of the heart is always there. We feel the plaintive ache of it when sadness and despair is a shadow accompanying our every step; we feel the effervescent joy of it in simple pleasures when we see the beauty in a sunrise, or find a pansy shell. And that familiar sense of satisfaction when imbibing a delicious cup of coffee, or reaching one’s destination after travelling and returning home, These are more precious to me now, more than before. pg 63

SES: You refer to hiding the heart, emotions and and the damage that does to our whole being. As the heart grows, we can forgive, but do not need to forget. We are able to work it out, from the heart. This might mean that the world of feelings takes precedence and we lead from the emotions. Giving, compassion and empathy may be what enlivens the older years. Continuing the heart approach would keep us vibrant. pg 64

‘Those who don’t know how to weep with their whole heart, don’t know how to laugh either”.

Golda Meir

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  1. I do appreciate that when we don’t fully experience our emotions, it will apply to both positive and negative feelings. A flat affect does not bring joy.

  2. I’ve often thought that heart-listening is a skill and an art that ought to be literally taught and encouraged throughout our life. When you see someone with a truly open heart, the light that shines through is astonishing.

    • Thank you Deborah – imagine if it became a natural skill! We probably have it from birth until it gets tamped down for whatever reason or cause. But it can be re-ignited – imagine that glowing heart!

  3. Well said. Continuing the heart approach would keep us vibrant. If only we’d follow it.

    • Thank you Shilpa … not the easiest thing to take the heart route when our heads have ruled for so long … as Susan Schwartz said in an earlier comment, there is a brain in our heart.

  4. Hi Susan – my mother had sadness in her heart, and so did I on hearing her thoughts, when she said I can’t look after you any more, as I was meant to … I just said my turn had come – and she was so grateful that we switched roles so effortlessly.

    Today I’ve just had a discussion with a pharmacist – who said you’re young at heart … that shows up. I keep a positive and upbeat front and often if I grump and groan it’s with a smile on my face and a twinkle in my eye …

    The heart is an amazing organ – keeps us alive, and stirs our emotions … cheers toone and all – Hilary


  5. I just finished reading Genevive’s review of this book on her blog, and I realized it’s the same book I’ve opened up in another tab! 😀
    Loved Golda Meir’s quote, as well as all the other quotes she’s shared from your book in her review.
    Happy AtoZing!
    Chicky @ http://www.mysteriouskaddu.com

  6. This reminds me of my sister who was ten years older than me. In her last years, in spite of poor health, she offered me a wealth of compassion and empathy when I needed it most.

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