April A-Z Blog Challenge -Theme Reveal! 


I’m sure for many of us the excitement is mounting! I hope for all of you it is going well! Thank you to all our hosts, co-hosts, minions, encouragers, helpers, gnomes, fairies, those seen and unseen – it makes a huge difference! 

OK, onto theme reveal. It took me ages to decide on a theme. Once I started I nearly gave up and changed direction because the task was too big to do it justice. I even thought of quitting! 

I’ll be posting on Dreams as I believe the gift of them is much unrecognised and undervalued. As above, so below. Those dreams we have come from our own inner being. They are a direct expression of the unconscious, of the psyche, and therefore my approach will be a psychological one that explores the treasure house of dreams, capable of revealing its jewels if we pay attention and persevere.

I’m keeping them short (under MAXIMUM 300 words). Most are around the 250 word mark.  I won’t be analysing my or any other dreams per se but will hopefully provide pointers and an incentive to you to take your dreams a little more seriously. Like an explorer setting out with trepidation on a journey to unknown lands and places, the dream world offers just as exciting a journey, inwards –

I hope you’ll join me ..

The dream is always on your side, as guide, even it appears otherwise.

There is time to join the April A-Z Blog Challenge: http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/p/a-to-z-challenge-sign-uplist-2015.html

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  1. Thank you for coming by Elaine. I remember reading one of your posts about working with Marian Woodman and Robert Bosnak. That must have been extra powerful. I remember too reading about the Green Man. I know from reading your posts how much you treasure your dreams and give them the honour they deserve. I don’t think you’ve posted recently – I would have received them.

    I hope all is well, and that you’re having a restful weekend. I so appreciate your coming by thank you.

  2. I depend on my dreams and have journals full of them many years back. They were my most reliable guide during acute grief. Did illuminating dreamwork with Marian Woodman and Robert Bosnak. I look forward to this series, but not sure I can keep up my end. I’m just beginning to consider dreams that began eight days after my husband’s death. First was the Green Man and the promise I would live in His house for a year.

  3. Susan, I still remember an interesting and important dream I had when I was 4 years old.

    May your dreams prove with certainty that fantastic well-being will be coming your way!

    • How come I never responded to this Joseph, I am so sorry. It is only now that I’m about to respond to Elaine’s below that I see yours. My apologies. But I’m glad I’ve now seen it. Thank you. Amazing about remembering your dream when you were 4! I get the sense it was very powerful.

  4. Hi…This sounds really interesting. Have tried a dream journal in the past….and always wondered how to interpret. I’m doing Inventions by Women A-Z

  5. Interesting theme! I saw on one of Arlee Bird’s blogs for the challenge (A Faraway View I think is the name of the blog) that he will be talking about dreams too. Have fun with the challenge!


  6. wow what a reveal what a class act coming to the stage near us that ultra lush stage setting with the perfectly draped folds of the red curtains and the hush of the expectant audience …
    all waiting all dreaming all agog for your wisdom.
    an absolute interest of mine – looking forward to your touch with it…

    • Thank you Sandra! The curtains are a lovely image aren’t they! I can’t say they’re mine, they’re used by those who’ve revealed their theme and who are taking part in A-Z.

      So pleased to hear of your interest. Hope you enjoy the posts!

  7. Dreams! I can’t think of a blogger I’d rather read on the subject of dreams, Susan. *rubs palms together in anticipation* I’m so very much looking forward to seeing where you take this.

    I’m probably doing the challenge this year, but I haven’t quite made the final commitment. I have a few more days to make up my mind…

    • Thanks Kern! I hope I live up to your anticipation! The posts will be brief …

      I truly hope you make the commitment – yours were always a breath of fresh air – so in anticipation … 🙂

    • Thanks for coming by S.L. ‘Decoding’ is a great word .. I think I’ve used it for ‘D’ post, if not I certainly will!

  8. What an interesting theme! I find dreams fascinating and, as a writer, a source of inspiration. I look forward to your posts, and good luck with the challenge! 🙂

    • Thank you Sara for coming by! They’re definitely a source of inspiration if we only knew! It sounds like you use them in your writing? Many artists writers scientists have used the dream as muse. I’ll be saying about a few of them further on in the posts.

  9. My dreams are often as vivid as movies, Susan. I’ve even composed music and danced in them. Dreams fascinate me. So, I am looking forward to your A-Z posts. So glad you chose this subject, bringing your abundant knowledge of the dream world to it.

    • Thanks for coming by Samantha!How wonderful those dreams of yours sound! I hope to show the abundance of dreams in my some way – thank you for your confidence!

    • Thanks Beth! Will you be doing it this year? I remember your animal guides posts and how delightful they were – I hope so!

  10. Congratulations on picking a theme. Your theme is PERFECT and I truly look forward to reading your posts.

    I thought about writing about the various aspects of the volunteer work I have done over the years. But now I’m in a cloud of utter frustration with my physical therapy because of my pain.. So it seems I won’t have a theme as I’ll write about whatever I’m experiencing at the moment. I truly PRAYING that I survive the Challenge! I can’t believe it is nearly here! Good Luck, Dear Susan! You will do GREAT!!

    • Thanks Gwynn!

      Whatever you put up in the A-Z will be a delight. I’m sorry about the pain. It always makes things more difficult. You WILL survive it! Rest up, listen to your dreams, may the pain lessen.

      • I have to be able to sleep soundly in order to dream. I have difficulty sleeping because of the pain. I’ll have to learn to make-up something! 😉

  11. I can’t believe how many of my online efriends are doing this A to Z Challenge. You-all make it sound like so much fun!

    Next year…

    • Fun it is Jacqui! It would be great if you took part! Writing tips and much much more! The link is at the bottom of my blog post. Thank you for coming by!

  12. It sounds so interesting. Marian Beaman told me about your blog and post because coincidentally I just wrote about dreams. I look forward to reading your posts on this theme.

    • Thank you Merril. I popped by your blog which I much enjoyed, and commented. If this isn’t evidence of synchronicity then I don’t know what is …

    • How lovely Sammy D thank you! You are always so supportive. I remember that you’re not doing it this time round … can you be persuaded otherwise?

    • Thanks for coming by Tasha – well, I would note that synchronicity in the light of your recent weird dreams. Perhaps write down what you remember?

    • Thank you Jeanie! I so hope that you will comment when they appear so that others will have access to your wisdom on the dream and your link. Anyone reading this now, can access yours.

  13. A new adventure – very admirable, Susan. I have always loved the topic of dreams and wrote about it in a high school term paper with a Jungian twist.

    Looking forward to your exploration here!

    • Thank you Marian very much and for saying about the theme-reveal to Merril – hers was a lovely post. I must still respond to her comment on mine. A spot of synchronicity is in the air for sure!

  14. Great choice, and quite a brave one too. Knowing only a smidgeon of what rich material dreams offer us, the posts will be very insightful.
    Good luck with this Susan.

    • Thank you Di. Brave? Foolhardy perhaps – hopefully the material will provide some food for thought and encouragement along the way and a smidgeon of insight gained. I can only dream!

  15. Sounds fascinating, Susan. I remember my mom talking about dreams when I was growing up. I will be following with interest. See you along the Challenge.

    • I’ll be putting up the blog posts written by me from Wed 1st April as part of the April 2015 Blog Challenge. No, I do not wish for readers to post their dreams. Hopefully my 26 posts, each corresponding to the 26 letters of the alphabet, will inspire readers to pay attention to their dreams and take them more seriously. I’ll be providing I hope some pointers and encouragement along the way, detailing the richness of the soil of the dream

      Thank you for coming by Debora.

  16. Hi Susan,

    Dreams I like the sound of that. It would be an interesting daily read for sure. One am looking forward to read. Good luck with the challenge.

  17. Dear Susan;
    All best on this next challenge and the writing with a goal of expounding shortly on the dream world. it is a place rich with the tales of our personal and collective lives…

    • Thank you Susan – they have of necessity to be short expositions. It’s a challenge to say something about the germ and gold of them in not many words per post – my goal to hopefully inspire others to take their dreams, a treasure house, more seriously. Thank you.

  18. Hi Susan – sounds an ideal choice .. and I look forward to reading your thoughts – great theme … cheers Hilary

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