Thank you all who help so much and so well in making the April A-Z blog challenge the success that it is … and for those of you whose reveal themes I’ve peeked at, I’ll be getting to your posts in due course. I’m looking forward to reading them more thoroughly in the next few days – 

I haven’t decided yet! I wrote up on ‘A’ & ‘B’ a few weeks ago while I was able and without many distractions eg my son’s wedding this last Saturday and finding something to wear. ‘B’ is a brief on Botswana which is where I’m going mid-April (the 16th April back on 23rd) on safari! Ideally I’d like to have posts on this adventure from about M onwards (actually I haven’t worked this out, I’m guessing) but it will be difficult I think to have up to date posts using that particular letter for that particular day – but if I can post something on safari while away I certainly will! A picture of a croc or elephants, or lions and rhinos – I have no idea – hopefully photographs while on the Okavango Delta –

At this stage I have no real clue as to my theme – I know/hope it will come to me.

Maybe I’ll do something on heroes & heroines & heroic acts … . I have much research to do, and once home this weekend I hope to get them lined up and scheduled in the next week. But I’ll keep them brief (I hope) …

Happy writing! Always a great idea to have written and scheduled them – time moveth so fast! Good luck everyone!

full moonFull moon tonight – from my balcony in Plett –

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  1. Hi, It is me the mythical creature gal at Annette’s place! I am on board for your theme and Journey! I just looked at B and I am glad I came! Thanks for sharing and I am following! I am sure we will be fast blogging friends!

    • Thank you Annette! What a lovely thought! Today is the letter for C and I changed my mind about my theme though I hope to put up something while in Botswana!

  2. Whatever your theme, Susan, you will do great with it! Will come back soon in a short while to read your A post. Cheers ♥

  3. I’m just glad you’re participating – I travelled during last years challenge and it added to the ‘challenge’ I am sure whatever you write about will give your readers inspiration. Ida
    Reflex Reactions

  4. I definitely look forward to your posts Susan. I have been without a computer for a week so I’m trying to catch up. I haven’t even registered my theme for the A to Z Challenge. I think it will be about Caregiving. Also, we may be moving in April so I don’t know whether I will be able to complete the Challenge. April, one way or another WILL be a challenge for me!

    • My dear Gwynn, we’ve been so out of touch – moving as a possibility in April?- that is a HUGE something – it’s only a few days away. I wish I could be there to lend you a hand … May it go well Gwynn and don’t worry about the A-Z – next year is another year though I will be sorry to miss yours. Perhaps you could make them really short. I’m aiming for 350 words max xx

  5. Whatever you choose will be terrific. Hard part is keeping up, so if there are days with only photos, that’s OK with me. I’ll do my best–and so will you.

    I love the full moon image. Thank you, Susan.

    • Thanks Elaine! I’ve changed my theme! Heroes and heroines for another time! Am very busy with them and scheduling them. Only 25% of the way through. Where are you on the list?

      • Now I’m curious. I’m not working on a A-Z list, although I’m writing more articles to submit. One due in a few days. I need to spend less time at my computer not more, so a daily blog feels beyond reach. Instead, I’ll look for apple blossoms, bluebirds, cucumber seeds, dragonflies, elephants in my dreams… You get the picture. Good luck on your 26 day adventure. I’ll try to keep up.

        • Good luck on upcoming articles Elaine! You write with such ease! In between spotting beautiful blossoms and birds & remembering dreams, the computer always calls …I am giving a talk to a group of ‘elderly’ artists on Thursday evening at an opening of an art exhibition by invitation of Dr Marguerite Prins, an artist herself and art historian on ‘The Art of Ageing’ so I have this to work on as well – as well as notification only today from son Davey returning from their Mauritius honeymoon tomorrow night and stopping over here at home in Johannesburg for a few days before returning to Cape Town, their home – so the pressure is on a bit! I’ll be hard at it all tomorrow, in between shopping for food for the newly weds!

  6. Hi Susan, love the full moon picture. your posts are always inspiring and gives a lot of inputs to me to think and reflect about. I am sure you will come up with something meaningful and intresting. Hope you a great Easter !! and I look forward to reading your posts.. love and hugs to you 🙂

    • Thanks Genevive! We’re back home now … good luck with yours, I know they’ll be wonderful! Have a happy Easter! Love 🙂

  7. Oh my! That’s such a beautiful full-moon image! Whatever you decide to write about Susan will be inspiring as ever. I just know it! Have a wonderful Easter, Pesach, and Equinox weekend. Already looking forward to your next post! Bright spring wishes, Deborah.

    • Thanks for your confidence Deborah! You too have a blessed Easter weekend – I’m afraid I messed up badly about Pesach which begins on April 22. The moon last night back home here in Johannesburg looked ever so slightly less full but as bright and beautiful.?

  8. Hi Susan – your posts will be amazing … you have O for Okavango! I’m going to love them ..

    So glad you’re getting organised – and then I’d just relax and enjoy the Safari – it’s a real treat … I loved it there … such an amazing country … and you have D for Delta …

    Ah well – you know me … I’ll leave off now … and of course Z for Zambezi … you’re cruising! Happy return to Jhb … cheers Hilary

    • Hi and ha! Hilary! And thank you! Darn good ideas there! We’re back in Jhbg as of last night, still to unpack etc. And of course to start thinking plotting planning …. Good luck to you too!

  9. Lucky for you that you have a safari holiday coming up in April. Living in the Detroit Metropolitan Area, I used to take my kids to the Detroit Zoo, a medium sized park area with most animals enduring a boring existence in smallish confinements.

    I am looking forward to your excellent A to Z posts of 2016! You never fail to come out at the top.

  10. Gorgeous image. Whatever you write for the challenge is going to be great, I’m sure. I only have an a and b as well, so the pressure is mounting. 🙂

    • Thanks Silvia! Glad to know it’s not just me with an a and a b … that pressure when April hits is something else …why o why do we commit?

  11. I just finished Tony Park’s The Delta about the Okavango Delta. I was entranced by its naturalness and soul. I can’t wait to read your impressions.

  12. Safari posts and pics would be wonderful — like Hilary’s Cornwall posts last year — so exotic and full of adventure for most of us around the world. To have someone I know tell me about it brings it to my front yard.

    But, whatever you write about, Susan, I know your many readers and I will find it interesting.

    Love the photo of full moon light over the sea in Plett. Stunning.

    • I’ll do my best Samantha – my concern though is lack of internet facilities in the wild.

      The full moon invariably brings about a drastic change of weather – this morning is overcast, damp –

      • No Internet IS a concern — so, then, lots of photos saved for a later series. That would be fun to read.

        Yes, our weather has changed after the full moon — an unseasonably warm 75 F today (normal temp late March is high 50s).

        • Thursday morning we woke to wet and misty weather after clear skies and full moon. And plenty rain during the day. I wasn’t surprised… The full moon socks it to everything.

    • Thanks Gulara! I’m trying to catch up with mails, theme reveals and so on – have you put yours up??? I think so – will check later – tomorrow. Late here already!

  13. Soon the inspiration will hit you right! The wedding – how did it go. Have you posted any photos, I have missed? Facebook is for the birds these days. I can’t seem to follow anyone. That is one gorgeous view, Susan. Wow.

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