Y: Yes to Change

‘I imagine that yes is the only living thing’ – e.e. cummings

I returned home from Botswana this past Saturday; my US friends began their return home on Wednesday night. Only yesterday did I note that my orchids on my patio are beginning to bud and a few are showing blossoms (I’m sure it’s way too early). They weren’t showing any signs when I left on the 16th April. I went walking yesterday afternoon around my neighbourhood and delighted in the magnificent trees of rich and vibrant colour.

magnoliaThe seasons are changing from summer to autumn to winter, and nature keeps on showing us her beauty. Yes! I say, and thank you!

Yes! that I could take another photo of the fish eagle on a dead branch at sunset.

sunset fish eagle

Β And in the first days of our bundu bashing I snapped a photo of a different baobab in all her glory in the pulsating sunlight.


Another photo of an elephant taken while I was sitting outside my tent, on my side of the river .. I heard nothing, suddenly it was there …ellie2

I wish I knew how to upload some of the videos I took of elephant and hippo in the water gallumphing, wallowing, spouting, playing.Β 

Yes! to all the different views of nature, changing all the time. Yes! to my beautiful orchid buds, photo taken this morning, even if it is too soon. Yes! to the bee who’s buzzing around in my study –

Aprilorchid buds

And Yes! to all of you who’ve accompanied me in this A-Z blog challenge, I’ve so appreciated it. Thank you!

Z tomorrow – I have some lovely photos of zebra which I’ll put up. They all look the same but they really are different to each other.Β 

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  1. I love the fish eagle and even more the elephant in the wild. Thank you for sharing them and the glory of the word “Yes!” to life and “Yes!” to change which also means “Yes” to death.

  2. I loved the pictures, they are so beautiful, pink flowers look so pleasant and the second one is also very sweet, the eagle sitting on the dead branch; the huge tree looks awesome:) not to miss the amazing orchid buds.. thanks for sharing !!

  3. A bauhinia tree, Hilary says. It is glorious. A tree that blooms in autumn?

    Thanks for all these lovely pictures, Susan. Can’t wait to see your orchids open. My mother would have especially appreciated them.

    • I should add, yes to change. Some changes have occurred here, unexpectedly. Shocking, but I say yes; I look forward to the positive that comes.

      • I’ll post some pictures as they bloom – I know I did last year, but it’s always lovely to check their progress. The weather has turned cold overnight, snow in some parts of the country. I hope this doesn’t impede their growth.

        You mentioned about shocking news Samantha, I think in my post on uncertainty – I am sorry to hear. And that it holds the positive within.

        Thank you for coming by πŸ™‚

  4. Thank you, Susan. I love this post. True change starts with us saying Yes to life in all its forms and manifestations.

    • Thanks Gulara! Am busy with Z as I write – can you believe it is almost over???? Will be popping over to yours shortly –

  5. Your moving to winter looks like our spring with the pink flowering trees. Yes indeed to change. Life would be terribly boring if nothing ever changed, wouldn’t it? And I do love the change of seasons. Spring after a cold and dreary winter is particularly wonderful. (Although right now in NJ we’re experiencing some cold, dreary days.) πŸ™‚

    What an amazing trip you’ve been on!

    • I also love the change of seasons Merril. Reminds me of the continuity of life in amongst it all! I’ve heard about the cold in your neck of the woods … golly, Spring can take forever to finally arrive. But she will!

  6. Susan, I would love to see your video as well. Perhaps you could have someone there upload it to YouTube. Then you can embed the video on your blog.

    However, the photos and words do tell a very nice story as well. I especially like the elephant picture and your story. In my mind, I can almost see them playing in the water.

    Here is more information, on using videos in a blog: “https://en.support.wordpress.com/videos/youtube/”

    • Thanks Marilyn for coming by and for the link on how to embed! My son has done this for me on a few occasions but right now he is away on AfrikaBurn, like your Burning Man in the US. I may give it a try while composing my Z post – but it may make me nuts (more than I am right now as my Z post seems to have frozen) …

  7. Hi Susan – wonderful to see the range of photos – that tree is magnificent – is it a bauhinia … love the colour – pink ice-cream colour!

    The Baobab – they are extraordinary trees … I love the fish eagle and its cry, while those elebums just appear – that I completely agree on …

    While your orchids … they look as though they will be amazing … it’s freezing here and we have snow in the north – not nice!!

    Cheers and look after yourself – now you’re home … Hilary

    • I think it is a bauhinia Hilary, thank you for saying the name. I was trying to think of it, magnolia? But I didn’t think so and truly couldn’t remember. That fish eagle’s cry – it makes my skin prickle …

      I’m amazed at the early budding of my orchids – I’ll have to go back and see when last photos of them in full bloom were taken. I thought August, in the depths of our winter. Speaking of which there is snow in the eastern Cape and I can feel the winter chill settling in … while the days are still lovely, bright and warm.

      Good luck with the moving and happy settling in … All best, Susan

  8. I’m loving these photos! Baobab are such fascinating trees – they all seem like they have endless stories to tell. And how envious I am of your elephant sightings – such magical creatures.

    Here’s to the ever-changing beauty that surrounds us. May we always appreciate it.

    • Thanks Deborah! Yes to Mother Nature and all her beauty. I love baobabs and all trees really – they do have stories to tell. Wish I could put up a short video I have of elephants and hippos frolicking in the waters!

  9. Nature does have glorious transformations in change. Plus, it is interesting to see plant life that we don’t have here in the U.S. You also have amazing animals. Thanks for the tour! We are nearly done! YEAAAA!! πŸ˜‰

    • Nearly done, and almost done in! And you Gwynn, keeping up with moving and an ill husband – things will change, for the better, and soon πŸ™‚

  10. paraphrasing e e cummings, a huge yes to all the comments and responses that have been tossed out and about in our garden of eden blog a to z challenge 2016 life is good living

  11. I’ve heard stories of how quiet elephants are. I’d say you agree. You just returned from one of my dream trips.

    • Thanks Jacqui – make your dream come true. I’m just at the other end of the rainbow, always up for an adventure! Research maybe? Baine’s Baobab? In Botswana?

    • Thanks Kathleen, I’m not sure there anything as lovely as flowering trees! When our jacarandas come out in bloom I swoon … usually October.

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