A-Z Blog Challenge V: Vision for Change

vision quote Eleanor Roosevelt

I often think of Madame Thuli Madonsela our public protector who battled for many years to have our current president acknowledge his shady dealings in using tax payers money for his own private purposes and who was finally (recently) vindicated against all odds. Her vision was clear, to rid our country of corruption and to make it known explicitly that no-one stands above the law. Mr. Nelson Mandela, past president of our country – in fact tomorrow is the 22nd anniversary of our first democratic election in South Africa – whose vision was also clear in his ongoing striving for equality and peace in our land between its peoples. Martin Luther King who had a dream …

Β I wonder about my vision and whether I have a clear sense of purpose and meaning in my life. Sometimes I do, sometimes not – my vision gets blurry with a sense of helplessness about this world in which we live. But, I pull myself away from this kind of questioning as I realise that the important question for me, is what is the meaning of my life. And then it becomes a struggle; why should I wonder about my own little life? And the questions become more urgent as I think and feel about this. I know that I must look more deeply, more probingly even if I don’t want to or don’t care to. I recognise my resistance; my wish to remain on the comfortable surface of my life has a strong attraction. Yet I do know that I have to do the personal work required of me, inter alia to recognise the negative and positive qualities of my shadow; to be able to recognise when I am projecting these qualities onto others and thereby have the wherewithal to withdraw them; to be more aware of when I act unconsciously; to know the whys and wherefores of why some of my complexes get tweaked every now and then; to take my dreams seriously for the messages they portray; to use the creative abilities I have elsewise they will wither … and on it goes … lighting a candle in the darkness for new visions to awaken to more of who I am and will yet become. I owe it to myself if I wish to lay a claim to my own authenticity in my version of my life.

Β Carl Jung: Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.

My post tomorrow will be on the Wilderness, where I was in Botswana. With photographs and hopefully a short video of elephants gallumphing about in the water, playing, trumpeting, splashing; with hippos in the background and a fish eagle on a tree …


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  1. My vision feels obscured at the moment. Outside my windows, there is thick fog. This happens when someone we love dies, especially someone who had visions of me in his last days. My brother is the last of the strong animus figures who have accompanied me throughout this life–husband, brother, father, male teachers. My vision for the future is blurry as I wonder how this loss will transform my psyche. There is no doubt it will.

    • He and others were wonderful animus figures Elaine who will continue to inspire you. I can only imagine the blurry-ness and the fog right now … may you come through it in good time. My thoughts are with you …

  2. Ditto what Hilary and Patricia say, Susan. I find, too, that, personally I don’t think it’s good to be too busy. For some, I think they don’t want to face themselves. I like to have the time and space, and the lighted candle, to get clear and see what’s really going on with me, my dreams, feelings, my path, how I relate with others.

    I found that already with a full schedule, I took on the A-Zs knowing I didn’t have time. But I took up the challenge. And that kept me so busy I didn’t have time to think about myself. So, sitting out on the porch last evening watching the camels after completing my Z post, pictures and feelings began coming to me — glimpses, but better than the none I had experienced all month. So, now to give them more time. Thanks. πŸ™‚

    • I try to do schedule quiet time, like you, and not wait for things to reach crisis point in terms of too much to handle … the A-Z left little or no time for own time (except for the bush adventure) – but now, as we have actually reached the end of the A-Z and I’m catching up with comments on this overcast and cool Sunday, there WILL be time to catch my breath and look up at the stars. Thanks for coming Samantha and for your ongoing support πŸ™‚

  3. Susan, I went journeying with a shamaic group last night and was very supported by the vision I was given. they come from all sources.

    • This is excellent and hopeful news Beth – keep the vision in mind.Thank you for coming by and saying – you’re in my thoughts.

  4. What a beautiful post susan, yes it does resonates a little about my life; sometimes everything looks so clear and nice and at other times, I am not clear I get caught up with the little things forgetting the larger vision of life. I simply loved the examples of Nelson Mandela and also your public prosecutor… the last quote was very good by Carl Jung …. need to look inside to be awake. Thanks for inspiring me today !!

    • Thanks Genevive for coming by – I agree sometimes life is very muddled and other times clearer. We’re nearly done – with the A-Z πŸ™‚

  5. Jung’s “Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes” has given me much to think about. So I assume that means the difference between ‘declaring’ and ‘becoming’.

    Looking forward to your W post!

  6. This is such a thoughful and thought provoking post, Susan. We all have a special purpose for being here. We need to introspect and realize our unique potential inside us.
    Finally, have been able to access your blog πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Shilpa! It seems there’ve been one or 2 glitches in people making comments, and thank you for persevering and for your lovely comment!

  7. You have so much thoughtful reflection in this post. Who ever knows what the meaning of life, even our own lives, is? All we can do is fight the good fight, and be the best person we can be. Every day we interact with others, in person, through our words and actions. We are making a difference. One small act of kindness can ripple out into more and more good deeds.
    Love that Carl Jung quote. And, I’m looking forward to seeing photos of your trip!

    • What a lovely comment Mary thank you – fight the good fight and be the best we can be. And that small act of kindness, a smile, helping someone across the road, whatever it is, means so much to the receiver.

  8. Hi Susan – it’s essential that we make the effort to realise the vision, to dedicate our lives to our passion and the ultimate outcome we want to get to … something I need to settle down to.

    So looking forward to tomorrow’s post … cheers Hilary

    • I remember putting up a quote by Oscar Wilde about whatever is realised is right, and you’ve said this in similar vein Hilary, thank you.
      Botswana coming up this afternoon!

  9. I think the only problem is that very often the “rulers” as you called them the other day, have a totally different vision of how the place should look in the future… always ensure that their personal visions put their own desires above those who they should be serving!
    I’m looking forward to seeing a bit of the Okavango! πŸ˜‰

    • Most often visions are not in accord with the collective I agree AJ. As you say above πŸ™
      A few photos are in this afternoon’s post .. Have you been to Botswana?

  10. To add to my earlier comment, the book exercise which I am on today emphasizes not trying today to define by myself my purpose, so that in time, it will become clear to me.

    Susan, I applaud your willingness to do the work, and admire your quest for authenticity.

    • That is pretty profound Marilyn .. I read it twice because I first thought, don’t define one’s self by one’s purpose, but then I read it in the way that I think you meant. I see it that we need to co-create with God, and not do it alone …

  11. My vision is not often clear, but for the rare time when I seem know which way to go with some purpose. But … that’s rare. Carl Jung’s quote says a lot — need to consult the heart more and more.
    Look froward to your Wilderness post, Susan.

  12. I agree that God has a purpose for our lives. And that he gives us talents and abilities, and it is important to use them.

    I am going through the exercises in a book, “Steps to Knowledge – the Book of Inner Knowing”, and today’s excercise involves tuning in and experiencing that sense of purpose. For some reason, I decided to come and visit your blog today. What a happy coincidence. πŸ™‚

    Nice post today, Susan. I hope all of us can sense and fulfill the purpose that God gives us.

    • Thanks for coming by Marilyn. How lovely that you came by today, a bit of synchronicity πŸ™‚
      May you continue to fulfil your divine purpose,

  13. Vision for life is definitely interesting as I believe that vision changes as we grow older. I look to help others, as it makes me happy. I have always enjoyed service to people all my life… the people I serve vary though! πŸ˜‰ Great thought process! I hope your vision clears.

  14. I think anyone who feels a divine purpose and has decided to walk out whatever that purpose is has moments of helplessness. We see the vision but everything around us seems to scream out no way or impossible.
    Hang in there Kiddo. You’re experiencing change and it is not always beautiful.

    Visiting from the A to Z Blog Challenge.

    Patricia @ EverythingMustChange

    • Thanks Pat … often the vision seems near nigh impossible. Keep the focus though. Thank you for coming by. Shalom to you, Susan

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