T: Tension as Agent for Changedreamimages (9)No doubt there will have been tense moments while in the bush these last several days. Because of no wi-fi I’ve prescheduled my posts but I can’t help wondering as I write this before leaving so that this post goes up this 23rd day of the A-Z what sort of tension there may be. Have I packed everything that is required? I haven’t even checked the check list as I write this, late at night, leaving early tomorrow morning (every one else sleeping peacefully). Coming across a lion facing us in the bush? Hippos too close for comfort? An unseen snake dangling in the tree just overhead? It happened to me once. I was almost no more …

We’re a group of 6, 3 Susans, one Frederic, one Lisa, one Richard. My husband is not with us on this trip as he is too wary of malaria. 

Many years ago we were the same three Susans while hiking the Amalfi coast. There were plenty tense moments … getting lost and taking forever to wind our way down the mountain. Myself, Susan and Frederic. The other three went the right way though Richard hammered his knee ..

But for this post, I’m writing of the necessity of tension in our lives. While I may yearn for peace and perfect balance I know that this is not realistic and that there is value in tension. It gets us going. Like the arrow on the bow achieving the perfect still point and necessary tension before release, so too these opposites come into play. 

Of course there are different kinds of tension, those times when we hold our breath too long out of anxiety, or we tense up in certain situations and muscles go into spasm. And just the busyness of the day makes me tense… the rush rush rush. I know then that I must release it and not hold onto it. 

“But there is no energy unless there is a tension of opposites; hence it is necessary to discover the opposite to the attitude of the conscious mind.”
C.G. Jung, The Essential Jung: Selected Writings

As I write, I’m imagining perfect peace and harmony in the bush. Who knows – the bush has its own kind of tension, necessary for it to be what it is …

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  1. Tension of the opposites is always with us, as I learned from Jung and recognized clearly around 1970. I still want it to go away, imagining a perfect impossible peace that would require stasis. I also remember learning this through Buddhism. I seem to have to learn it again and again, so thank you for bringing the message today. I know you made it back from the bush–I hope without major mishaps. I’ll keep reading.

    • Thanks for coming by Elaine … I also imagine perfect peace within and without. But, holding that tension is what’s important at the time …

  2. Susan, Tension on a sewing machine, when balanced, evenly distributed the stitches between the top and bottom of the fabric. Let’s find that type.


  3. I see tension as the motivating factor to be prepared for anything in advance… I can get tensed when I have not remitted the EMI (Equated monthly instalment) for my house loan. but i see that as positive, because it helps me to have some financial discipline, similarly the tension that comes before I take a session… I see that as an important signal to prepare well in advance and be ready for the session… nice to see two posts on the letter T Great going Susan 🙂

    • Thanks Genevive! Preparation in good time really
      does help 🙂 Right now I’m tense with the busyness of everything and catching up with things that need attention from my absence 🙂

  4. Hi Susan – tension when it comes as a surprise can have a negative effect – unless one can quickly adjust … I certainly seem to take tension more in my stride – and don’t let things worry me so much …

    I had a snake in the latrine once – wound through the bamboo .. I did move quickly! But elephants – i treat with respect … love the thought of the bush .. cheers and welcome back – Hilary

    • Thanks Hilary for welcome back! Will post some photos in due course … many elephants. One morning at 4.00 am I heard them outside my tent – it was tense. I thought for a moment I may be past tense …

    • Thanks Stephanie, we’re back in one piece. There were tense times, but right now I’m tense because computer is on go slow …

  5. I think tension can be useful, but it’s important not to overdo it. I sort of got addicted to stress and tension, because I associated them with the need to move forward. I thought I might become complacent and relax without it. Now undoing the lifetime of tension is taking time. I can’t wait to read about your adventures.

    • Thanks Gulara for coming by. I have the same history, sort of! I have much catching up to do on my side and look forward to getting to your posts soon.

  6. Ok, I’m laughing… while you are out there in the bush seeking tension, with my tension I’m seeking a VACATION!!! 😉 Oh MAN would I love to win the lottery about now!! 😉

    • Vacation would be a lovely V word Gwynn! We’re just back from being away; I look forward to catching up on your earlier posts but meantime thank you for coming by 🙂

    • I look forward to re-seeing your post Marian; we’re JUST back from the bush, alive and in one piece. Thank you for coming by! Enjoy the peace and quiet!

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